RCA RP-9380 User Manual

Rca audio system user's guide
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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Fcc Information

    According to some state laws, and in the event that service should be required, you may need both the model number and the serial number. In the space below, record the date and place of purchase, and the serial number: Model No. RP-9380 Remote Control No. CRK67A...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents FIRST THINGS FIRST ... 2 Unpack the System ... 2 Check for Moisture ... 2 Choose a Location ... 2 SETTING UP THE SYSTEM ... 3 Connecting, placing and balancing the speakers ... 3 connecting the antennas ... 5 connecting auxiliary components ...
  • Page 4: First Things First

    RCA Universal remote control (CRK67A); • an FM wire antenna; • an AM loop antenna; • one video cable (single wire) with RCA connector; • one audio cable (two wires) with RCA connector; • and Important Safeguards literature. CHECK FOR MOISTURE...
  • Page 5: Setting Up The System

    Setting up the system Connecting, Placing and balanc- ing The speakers Connecting the wires Each speaker - the two main, two surround and one central - has a designated set of terminals on the back panel of the central unit. Uncoil the speaker wires and locate the bare ends.
  • Page 6 Setting up the system SUBWOOFERS If you choose to add a subwoofer to your system, it is not necessary to concern yourself so much with its placement. For the most part, a subwoofer can be hidden behind furniture or draperies without affecting its performance.
  • Page 7: Connecting The Antennas

    Setting up the system A SAMPLE SET UP FOR SURROUND SOUND ENJOYMENT Main Center Main Left Right (45 degree angle) Rear Rear < surround speakers > Right Left Connecting the antennas (ohm) The AM and FM antennas connect to the AM and FM terminals on the FM ANTENNA system’s back panel.
  • Page 8: Connecting Auxiliary Components

    If your camcorder or video camera does not have an RCA-type terminal for audio/video, you can purchase an adapter from an RCA dealer or electronic parts store. If the video connection is being used when you try to hook up your video recorder or camcorder, connect the component through any other available video output.
  • Page 9: Tuner Controls And Operations

    Tuner controls and operations STAND BY TUNING POWER PRESETS BAND FM MODE MEMORY PHONES GENERAL CONTROLS STAND BY The STAND BY indicator light stays on as long as the system is plugged in and the power is turned on and off by the remote control.
  • Page 10: Center Level

    Tuner controls and operations Memory The MEMORY button allows you to store 24 preset radio stations. CENTER LEVEL The CENTER LEVEL UP ( ) and DOWN ( ) buttons control the volume of the center speaker only when the system is in Dolby Pro Logic or Dolby 3 Stereo modes.
  • Page 11: Display Messages

    Tuner controls and operations EQ MODE The EQ button scrolls between the four preset electronic equalizer frequencies - Custom, Rock, Classic or Pop. In CUSTOM mode you can adjust the sound effect by using the BASS and TREBLE knobs on the front of the unit. REAR LEVEL The REAR LEVEL UP ( ) and DOWN ( ) buttons control the volume of the surround speakers only when the system is in Dolby Pro Logic, Hall or Simulated modes.
  • Page 12: Choosing A Radio Station

    Tuner controls and operations Choosing A Radio Station 1. Choose the Tuner function. The system will default to the last station the tuner was set to before power was removed. 2. Use the BAND button to choose AM, FM 1 or 2. 3.
  • Page 13: Cd Controls And Operations

    CD controls and operations SEARCH REPEAT PROGRAM RANDOM GENERAL CONTROLS search The SEARCH forward and reverse • Search the current track while disc is playing. • Search the current track while the Repeat mode is active for that track. The Search mode works in two different speeds - normal and fast. To activate normal speed, simply press the SEARCH button and release.
  • Page 14: Display Messages

    CD controls and operations play The PLAY button can be activated when the system is in the Normal, Random, Repeat or Stop mode. If in the Normal mode, the system will attempt to play the next disc in the tray when it has finished all the tracks on the current disc. When a disc is playing, the display will show the number of the running track, its remaining time and flash the number of the disc selected for play.
  • Page 15: Loading Discs

    cd controls and operations LOADING DISCS 1. Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to open the CD compartment door. 2. Place a CD in an open spot in the tray. 3. Press DISC SKIP to rotate the tray to the next open spot. Place disc. Repeat as necessary. 4.
  • Page 16: Cassette Deck Controls And Operations

    Cassette deck controls and operations PUSH OPEN TAPE PLAY / REC RECORD PLAY General controls RECORD Press to enter Record mode from the radio, CD, TV, VCR 1 or VCR2•LD, and then press PLAY to start recording. You can only record on Deck 1. PLAY Press to play a tape.
  • Page 17: Recording From The Radio

    Cassette deck controls and operations Recording from the Radio 1. Insert a cassette tape into Deck 1. 2. Choose the Tuner function. Press the BAND button to chose a frequency. Use the TUNING UP (+) or DOWN (-) buttons to select a station.
  • Page 18: Recording From The Tv, Vcr Or Video

    Cassette deck controls and operations RECORDING FROM the TV, VCR or VIDEO Your system is capable of recording audio from a TV program, VCR tape or videotape. 1. Insert a cassette into Deck 1. 2. Choose the function - TV, VCR or Video. 3.
  • Page 19: Using The Universal Remote Control

    Pressing POWER again turns off all components. VOL up (>) and down (<) — Increases or decreases the volume. AUX — If programmed, turns on an audio or video component brand other than RCA. TV Controls + —...
  • Page 21 Using the universal remote control CD Player Controls CD — Puts the remote in CD mode. Press twice to go to the next disc. FF — Allows you to search up. PROGRAM — Programs the CD changer to play up to 20 tracks in any order you choose. PAUSE —...
  • Page 22 Using the universal remote control Receiver Controls AM•FM — Activates the tuner and toggles between the AM band and the FM bands. CTR MODE — Changes the Center mode when using Dolby Pro-Logic Surround or Dolby 3 Stereo surround modes. Press to change the mode. SURROUND —...
  • Page 23: Programming The Universal Remote

    You can program the universal remote to control most brands of remote controllable TVs, VCRs and cable boxes. If you have an RCA, GE or ProScan VCR, you may not need to program the remote at all. Other manufacturer’s brands need to be programmed.
  • Page 24 If it doesn’t, press AUX, then POWER again. 6. Repeat steps 3 through 6 using the next code listed for the brand of your component until the component responds to the remote commands. LASERDISC PLAYER CODES Pioneer...033, 037 ProScan...033, 037 RCA...033, 037...
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting Tips

    Troubleshooting tips Problem System doesn’t turn on No sound Poor radio reception CD doesn’t play CD sound skips Distorted or noisy recordings Remote control doesn’t work Solution • Make sure power cord is securely plugged into the AC power outlet. •...
  • Page 26: Appendix A: Universal Remote Tv Codes

    Proton ... 011, 027, 037, 072 Quasar ... 012, 038, 092 Radio Shack ... 000, 021, 025, 036, 037, 059, 064, 078 RCA ... 000, 006, 011, 019, 027, 034, 038, 044, 046, 088, 100, 101, 109 Realistic ... 021 Sampo ...
  • Page 27: Appendix B: Universal Remote Vcr Codes

    Pioneer ... 005, 016, 050 Portland ... 044, 045, 052 ProScan ... 000 Quartz ... 002 Quasar ... 008, 053 RCA ... 000, 005, 007, 008, 028, 035, 037, 054, 069 Radio Shack/Realistic ... 002, 006, 008, 009, 012, 015, 019, 027, 043, 053 Samsung ...
  • Page 28: Appendix C: Universal Remote Cable Codes

    Philips ... 007, 008, 019, 021, 026, 028, 029, 032, 033, 040, 041 Pioneer ... 018, 020, 044 Randtek ... 007, 008 RCA ... 000, 027 Regal ... 003, 012, 013 Regency ... 002, 033 Samsung ... 044 Scientific Atlanta ... 003, 022, 035, 063, 064 Signature ...
  • Page 29: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance Cleaning the Exterior • Disconnect the system from AC power before cleaning the exterior of the system with a soft dust cloth. Handling Compact Discs • Do not touch their signal surfaces. Hold by the edges, or by one edge and the hole.
  • Page 30 Index Antennas Appendix A: Remote TV codes 24 Appendix B: Remote VCR codes Appendix C: Remote cable codes Auxiliary components 6 Balancing the speakers BALANCE/BASS/TREBLE BAND 7 Battery installation Bypass 8 Cable codes Care and maintenance Cassette Deck Controls and Operations Cassette deck controls (remote) CENTER LEVEL 8 Center speakers...
  • Page 31: Index

    Programming the AUX button (remote) Programming the universal remote for use with your TV/VCR for use with your cable box for use with other components laserdisc RCA brand Digital Satellite Receiver Pro Logic RANDOM Random play REAR LEVEL Receiver controls (remote)
  • Page 32: Limited Warranty

    This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. If you purchased your product outside the USA: • This warranty does not apply. Contact your dealer for warranty information. Model RP-9380 20731350 97-10 Printed in China P.O.

Table of Contents