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GE 27GT530YX51 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for GE 27GT530YX51

  • Page 1 TV User'sGuide...
  • Page 2 To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove _ WARNING cover (or back). No user serviceable parts inside. To reduce the risk of fire or Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. shock hazard, do not expose this TV to rain or moisture. This symbol indicates This symbol...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Setup Connections ............Step 1: Unpack the TV ..............Step 2: Connect Your TV ..............TV Only ..................The Basic Connection ..............Advanced Connections .............. Step 3: Plug in the TV ..............Step 4: Place Batteries in Remote ..........Step 5: Turn On the TV ..............Step 6: Program the TV ..............
  • Page 4 Using the Menu System ............Menus and Control Panels ............. Menus ..................Control Panels ................Audio Menu ..................Using the Remote to Select an Audio Processor ......27 Picture Quality Menu ..............Screen Menu ................... Using Closed Captioning ............Channel Menu ................Time Menu ..................
  • Page 5: Setup And Connections

    Getting Started SETUP AND CONNECTIONS This manual is designed to get you started quickly. The first five sections of the manual show you how to get your TV setup connected, run the interactive setup, program the remote, and use all of the menus, features, and controls of your TV.
  • Page 6: Step 1: Unpack The Tv

    Step 1: Unpack the TV Important Stand Information Make sure to locate the remote control. CAUTION: Choose the location for your TV carefully. Take precautions that the stand or other furniture on Step 2: Connect Your TV which the TV is placed is properly located (see Important Safeguards sheet) and of adequate size and There are three types of connections...
  • Page 7: The Basic Connection

    The Basic Connection The basic connection below (TV and VCR) is the most common connection and is therefore used to illustrate a single component connection with your TV. For better sound and picture quality and multiple component connection information refer to the description of Advanced Connections, later in this...
  • Page 8: Advanced Connections

    Advanced Connections Once you have made your connections you will need to Advanced connections give you better sound and video by program the TV to tune to the separating the audio and video signals and enabling you to correct video input channel in order connect multiple components.
  • Page 9 Sample Connections Cautions: The following are sample connection scenarios you may Position Cables to Avoid Audio Hum encounter when connecting components to your TV. or Interference Cables i Insert all cables firmly into jacks. Place the audio/video cables to the You will use the following types of cables to make your sides of the TV's back panel...
  • Page 10 TV and Stereo VCR Compared to the basic connection, using Audio/Video cables will enhance the sound and picture quality from a component. to View Your VCR CABLE, CABLE BOX, OR ANTENNA To watch the VCR in this connection, press TV to put the remote control into TV mode, then press WHO.INPUT VCR1...
  • Page 11 Stereo, Satellite Receiver CABLE, CABLE BOX, OR ANTENNA SATELLITE SIGNAL SATELLITE RECEIVER IN F_M _/CH3_i to View Your Components To watch the satellite receiver in this connection, press TV to put the remote control into TV mode, then press WHO*INPUT to scroll to the VID input.
  • Page 12: Step 3: Plug In The Tv

    Step 3: Plug in the TV Plug the end into the wall outlet, matching the wide blade of the plug with the wide slot in the outlet. Be sure to insert the plug completely. Step 4: Place Batteries in Remote Remove the battery compartment cover from the back of the remote.
  • Page 13: Interactive Setup

    There's an On-Screen Setup Routine The interactive setup routine helps you through steps needed to configure the TV: INTERACTIVE SETUP Select a menu language Search for available channels Set the time Set the VCR1 channel Set the VCR2 channel Set the DVD channel Set the SAT/CABLE channel Make the channel...
  • Page 14: Using Point And Select

    Using Point and Select You only need to know one rule when using the remote to access on-screen menus and control panels: point and select. The point and select method has two steps. Point to a menu item using the MOVE arrows on the remote. To point up or down, press the up or down arrows.
  • Page 15: Selecting A Language

    Point to Begin setup now and press MENU or OK. Selecting a Language The first part of the setup routine asks you to select your preferred language for the menu system. Point to your preferred language for the menu system. Press MENU or OK to select that language.
  • Page 16: Setting The Time

    Setting the Time The next step in the Interactive Setup lets you set the time of day. Press MENU or OK to bring up the Set Time control panel. Use the left and right arrows to point to the hour and minutes spaces.
  • Page 17: Setting The Vcr2 Channel (Auto Tuning)

    Setting the VCR2 Channel (Auto Tuning) The next step lets you set the VCR2 channel. When you set the VCR2 channel, you're telling the TV what channel to tune to when you press the VCR2 button on the remote. Indicate which input you used to connect a second VCR. If you don't have a second VCR component connected to the TV, skip...
  • Page 18: Setting The Sat/Cable Channel (Auto Tuning)

    Setting the SAT/CABLE Channel (Auto Tuning) The next step lets you set the SAT/CABLE channel. When you set the SAT/CABLE channel, you're telling the TV what channel to tune to when you press the SAT.CABLE button on the remote. Indicate which input you used to connect a satellite receiver or a cable box.
  • Page 19: Using The Remote

    VCRs, satellite receivers, and cable boxes. you have an RCA, GE, or PROSCAN USING THE REMOTE component, you probably don't need to program it at all. Modes of Operation Because this universal remote can control several different components (DVD player, VCR, cable box, etc.), it...
  • Page 20: Remote Buttons

    Also displays when a valid remote button is pressed. MENU CLEAR When pressed, will turn on the RCA, GE, or PROSCAN 10 20 30 component you have programmed it to control. Also turns on 'O 50 60 the TV if Auto Tuning is enabled and the remote is programmed to control a TV.
  • Page 21: Using The Who. Input Button

    GUIDE In SAT.CABLE mode, brings up available on-screen guides. INFO Brings up channel information. MOVE (Arrows) Used to point to different items in the menu system. OK When in the menu system, selects highlighted items or returns you to the previous menu.
  • Page 22: Programming The Remote

    The universal remote can be programmed to control most brands of remote controllable VCRs, receivers, etc. The remote is already programmed to control most RCA, GE and PR©SCAN TVs, VCRs, DVD players, laserdisc players and satellite receivers. Testing the Remote...
  • Page 23: Using The Remote To Control A Device

    Using Direct Entry Modes of Operation 1. Turn on the component to be programmed. Because this universal remote can Look up the brand and code number(s) for the component control several different components on the code list on the last page of this section. (DVD player, VCR, cable box, etc.), it Press and hold the button on the remote...
  • Page 24 2026 Sharp ....2 002, 2017, 2029, 2094, 2095, 2096, 2131 Tusa ..................5018 GE ..2000, 2001, 2013, 2021, 2022, 2053, 2115, 2120 Shintom .......... 2004, 2056, 2061, 2098 TV86 ..................5027 Goldstar ......2009, 2014, 2018, 2054, 2121 Shogun ................
  • Page 25: Using The Menu System

    The Menu System This section explores the menus of your TV--beginning with some information on using menus and control panels. Each menu is then outlined and special features are detailed to help you get the most from your TV. USING THE MENU SYSTEM...
  • Page 26: Menus And Control Panels

    Menus and Control Panels Using the buttons on both the remote and front panel enable you to access and make changes to the menus, control panels, and choice lists. Menus and choice lists use the point and select rule to navigate, but control panels use a variety of methods to adjust features on your TV.
  • Page 27: Control Panels

    Control Panels VCR_ O_OFF Control panels allow you to adjust the default settings on many features of your TV. You can choose a setting, enter a number, or VCR2 AU× SAT. CABL_ &&°&& adjust a level such as tint or brightness. There are three types of MUTE S_IP...
  • Page 28: Audio Menu

    Press the right arrow to move to the next column, then use the digits to enter a number. When you have finished entering information, press MENU or OK. Choice Lists Choice lists are used to choose a particular setting from a list. When the choice list appears, the highlighted item is the one that is currently...
  • Page 29: Using The Remote To Select An Audio Processor

    Sound Logic Stereo Reduces the annoying blasts in volume during commercial breaks, and also amplifies softer sounds in program material. Eliminates the need to constantly adjust volume control. Second Audio Program (SAP) Plays the program's audio in a second language, if one is available.
  • Page 30: Picture Quality Menu

    Picture Quality Menu Basic Picture Controls Displays the five slider controls adjusting the way the picture looks. Contrast Adjusts the difference between the light and dark areas of the picture. Color Adjusts the richness of the color. "13nt Adjusts the balance between the red and green levels.
  • Page 31: Screen Menu

    Screen Menu Closed-Caption Display Displays a choice list that lets you choose the way closed captioning information is shown on the screen. No captioning information is displayed. On Captioning information is shown always, when available. On When Sound is Muted Captioning information shown, when available, whenever...
  • Page 32: Using Closed Captioning

    Using Closed Captioning Many programs are encoded with closed captioning information, which lets you display the audio portion of a program as text on the TV screen. Closed captioning is not available on all channels at all times. Only specific programs encoded with closed captioning information are applicable.
  • Page 33: Channel Menu

    Channel Menu Signal Type Lets you select the current antenna type. UHFIVHF Antenna Choose this if you are currently using an off-air antenna for TV signals. Cable TV Choose this if you are currently using cable or a cable box forTV signals.
  • Page 34: Time Menu

    The choices for each screen are: Not connected Choose this if you do not have a component connected to an antenna or video input on the back of the TV, or if you don't want the TV to tune to a channel when the particular component button is pressed.
  • Page 35: Features And Controls

    How to use the Features Controls This section introduces you to the features controls with which your TV is equipped. In this section, you will learn how to use: • The Channel Marker • Parental controls, including V-Chip rating limits J5 FEATURES_D CONTROLS...
  • Page 36 Channel Marker You can program the TV to tune to a specific channel when you press the There are several indicators that may come up when you press VCR1, SAT.CABLE, DVD and VCR2 the TV, channel up or down, or INFO buttons. This display is buttons.
  • Page 37 Parental Controls and V-Chip The Parental Controls menu allows you to program your TV so children cannot see certain programs, channels, or use the front panel controls. The first three choices in the Parental Controls menu involve software inside your TV (dubbed V-Chip) which allows you to "block" programs and movies based on violence, sex, or other content...
  • Page 38 V-Chip Rating Limit The V-Chip TV Rating Limit lets you decide what TV programs can and cannot be viewed. To set TV programming limits: Choose Parental Controlsfrom the Main menu. If Parental Controls have previously been locked, you must enter your password.
  • Page 39 Blocking Age-Based Ratings You can automatically block all program ratings above a specified age-based rating level. For example, if you only to Block, the system will automatically| want your child to watch programs that have a TV-G rating block higher ratings and all IWhen you change status...
  • Page 40 Viewing Age-Based Ratings Rating status field After you block age-based ratings, you have the option changin 9 some of the ratings backto View. Content Determine which blocked rating you want to view. fields Use the left and right arrows to highlight the Ratin 9 Field.
  • Page 41 status field Parental Controls for rating -- Content themes Rating You must remember to lock 1 -- Content status fields limits to take effect. Press MENU or OK to return to the menu or exit the screen. Viewing Specific Content Themes If you block specific content themes, you have the option of going back and changing...
  • Page 42: V-Chip Movie Rating Limit

    V-Chip Movie Rating Limit Set movie rating limits by blocking ratings above a specified level. Blocking Movie Ratings If you only want your child to watch movies that have a PG rating and lower (in other words, movies rated PG and G), then you could automatically block out all other movies with higher ratings:...
  • Page 43: V-Chip Unrated Program Block

    Rating field Rating status field Viewing Movie Ratings After you block movie ratings, you have the option of changing some of the rating status buttons back to View: Highlight the rating field and press the up and down arrows to find the rating you want to view.
  • Page 44: Front Panel Block

    Front Panel Block Selecting this option lets you block (disable) or view (enable) the TV's front panel. The remote still tunes to any channel. Front Panel Block can keep children from watching TV when the parent is not present, or keep them from playing with the buttons.
  • Page 45: Reference

    Troubleshooting Troubles sometimes are caused by simple "faults" that you can correct without the help of a service technician. If you experience any difficulty with your TV, check a few basic remedies before calling your service technician. will not turn Checkto make sure it is plugged Check the wall receptacle...
  • Page 46 Turns off while playing You may have scheduled the TV to turn off via the Schedule function. Electronic protection circuit may have been activated because of a power surge. Wait 30 seconds and then turn on again. If this happens frequently, the voltage in your house may be abnormally high or low.
  • Page 47: Care And Cleaning

    Black box appears on the screen Captioning may be turned on and in text mode. Check the Closed-Caption Display control panel in the Channel menu. Care and Cleaning CAUTION: Turn OFF your TV before cleaning. You can clean the TV as required, using a soft lint-free cloth.
  • Page 48 How you get service: For screen sizes of 26" and smaller: Take your GE television to any Authorized Television Service Center and pick up when repairs are complete. For screens sizes larger than 26": Request home service from any Authorized...
  • Page 49: Warranty

    What your warranty does not cover: Customer instruction. (Your Owner's Manual clearly describes how to install, adjust, and operate your television. Any additional information should be obtained from your dealer.) Installation and related adjustments. Signal reception problems not caused by your television. Damage from misuse or neglect.
  • Page 50: Accessory Information

    Accessory Information The following accessories are available from most dealers and electronics supply stores in case you want to position your components farther apart or need additional cables. Flat 300.ahm twin-lead cable Cable attaches to the round antenna connectors (called 75-ohm type) on the back of your VCR or TV.
  • Page 51 Remote Control This Accessory Order Form is the remote control Description that came packed with Screw-on antenna cable (3_ft) <]_L> your TV. Replacements _crew-on antenna cable (6-ft) VH82 $5.95 or spares can be ordered as needed. $5.95 )ush*on antenna cable (8_ft) VH89 $5.95 Vlonaural...
  • Page 52 Placing an Order Charge your order on your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card To place your order by phone, have your Visa, filling in below YOUR CREDIT CARD MasterCard or Discover Card ready and call the toll- VISA free number listed below.
  • Page 53: Index

    Mode 29, 30 Coaxial Cable 4, 5, 7 Accessories Color Warmth Advanced Connections 4, 6 Connections Age*Based Advanced 4, 6 Ratings 37 Basic 4, 5 Audio TV and Stereo VCR 8 AudioNideo Cables 7 7V Only Menu Content Themes 35, 38 Processor 26 Contrast Auto...
  • Page 54 Parental Controls Time Channel Block 41 Current Front Panel Block Menu Set Time 14 Locking, Unlocking Menu Tint Tone Controls Movie Rating Limits 40 TV Program Limits Troubleshooting V-Chip 35 TV Only Connection Picture Presets 28 Quality Menu UHF/VHF Antenna Point and Select Universal Remote...
  • Page 55 Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. The following materials were used in printing this publication: _ "n'IOMSON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS RECYCLED PAPER 10330 North Meridian...