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GE 19GT356 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for GE 19GT356

  • Page 2 • WARNING |'A'/_"q;]_,ll_,[rll To reduce the risk of electric shock, do To reduce the risk RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK_ not remove cover (or back). No user OONOTOPEN I serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing of fire or shock to qualified service personnel.
  • Page 3 TV to the stand so that it cannot be easily pushed off, pulled off, or tipped over. Your GE dealer can help you choose the appropriate stand for your Caution= If you choose to use the stand recommended...
  • Page 4 STEP 2: Connect your TV. This is a basic connection from an antenna, cable box, or VCR to your TV. Connect cable from your cable system or off-air antenna to the cable-in jack on the back of the TV, as shown. STEP Plug in the TV.
  • Page 5 The setup routine walks you through the steps needed to configure the TV. These steps allow you to select a menu language, complete the auto channel search, which puts available cable TV or antenna signals into the TV's memory, label the channels and set the parental controls.
  • Page 6: Tv Main Menu

    TV Main Menu The Main menu is your gateway to controlling the TV. It lets you adjust the TV's audio, picture quality, screen, time functions and channel settings. To select any other menu item: Press MENU to bring up the TV's Main menu. Point to any menu item by pressing the up and down arrows...
  • Page 7 Tl'i6Pic ture Quali :Menu The Picture Quality menu contains the controls that adjust the TV's picture. There are five slider controls for adjusting the way the picture looks. Use the left and right arrow buttons to adjust the controls. Contrast Adjusts the difference between...
  • Page 8: The Channel Menu

    The Channel Menu The Chsnnel menu Contains all the commands used to control your channels, including custom-building your channel list and setting parental controls. Channel Signal Type Displays a choice list that lets you select the current antenna type. Antenna Choose this if you are currently using an off-air antenna for UHF/VHF TV signals.
  • Page 9: The Time Menu

    THE TIME MENU The Time menu contains the controls that let you set the time and schedule the turn off and on at specific times. Time Sleep Timer Displays a control panel that lets you select the amount of time you want to give the TV before it shuts itself off.
  • Page 10 There are several indicators that come up when you change channels or press the DISPLAY button. This display is called the Channel Marker. The Channel Marker shown below is just an example of what your screen may look like. 08:59 Displays the current time.
  • Page 11 REMOTE BUTTONS POWER Turns the TV on and off. DISPLAY Brings up channel information. Press repeatedly to see detailed program information, POWER if available. MUTE Turns off the TV's sound. Press again to restore the sound. MUTE PREV CH PREV CH Returns you to the previous channel.
  • Page 12: Tour Of The Tv

    TOUR OF THE TV FRONT PANEL < Decreases the volume. When in the MENU V0L > pOWER CHAN menu system, VOL < is used to point left to items and adjust menu controls. > Increases the volume. When in the menu system, VOL >...
  • Page 13 ON-SCREEN PROGRAM DETAILS Program providers have the option of sending information through airwaves along their programs. If this information is available, the TV can display it up when you press DISPLAY on the remote. To display the on-screen program details: Press DISPLAY once to bring up the channel...
  • Page 14: Warranty

    Pay any Authorized GE Television Servicenter the labor charges to repair your television. • Pay any Authorized GE Television Servicenter for the new or, at our option, refurbished replacement parts and picture tube required to repair your television. HOW YOU GET SERVICE: •...
  • Page 15 Troubles sometimes are caused by simple "faults" that you can correct without the help of a service technician. If you experience any difficulty with your TV, check a few basic remedies before calling your service technician. TV WILL TURN CONTROLS DON'T WORK •...
  • Page 16 SOUND, PICTURE ARE WEAK Check antenna connections. Try.adjusting sharpness function to improve weak signals. You can clean the TV as required, using a soft cloth or the dusting attachment foi'=_;0ur vacuum cleaner. Be sure to occasionally vacuum the ventilation slots in the cabinet to help assure adequate ventilation.
  • Page 17 Creating a greener future At Thomson Consumer Electronics we are dedicated to the preservation of our natural heritage to a healthy safe of life current future generations. This is a global effort which encompasses every THOMSON facility throughout world. We believe that clean air, clean...

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