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GE TX808 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for GE TX808

  • Page 2 To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove kVlVl_ fl _11_[el WARNING RISK OF ELECTRIC cover (or back). No user serviceable parts inside. To reduce the risk of fire or shock SHOCK DO NOT OPEN Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    GETTING STARTED ..............Setup and Connection ..............Dipole Antenna Connection ............Using the Optional DC Source ........... Channel Marker ................Front Panel Controls ..............Front Panel Lock ................. Remote Control Buttons ............THE MENU SYSTEM ..............TV Main Menu ................The Picture Quality Menu ............
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Setup and Connection ANTENNA, CABLE, CABLE BOX OR VCR Your TV can be used with an AC power or DC power source, and it ..comes packed with two separate power cords. Connecting your TV to AC power is discussed in this section.
  • Page 5: Dipole Antenna Connection

    Dipole Antenna Connection Follow the steps to connect the indoor antenna supplied with your TV (only if you do not connect an outdoor antenna or a cable-TV system). Insert the antenna base into the pocketed slot on the back of your set. Stand at the back of your set with the antenna twin-lead facing you, and press the base of the antenna...
  • Page 6: Using The Optional Dc Source

    Using the Optional DC Source You can power your TV from a 12-volt car, truck, or RV battery by using the optional DC power cord. The DC power cord is designed for use only in cars with negative (-) ground (negative terminal of car battery is connected...
  • Page 7: Channel Marker

    Channel Marker The Channel Marker comes up when you first turn on the TV, change channels, or press the DISPLAY button. 01:30 Displayed to count down time left on the commercial skip timer. 13 Displays the current channel. 7:17 Displays the current time. Displayed when Closed Captioning is available.
  • Page 8: Remote Control Buttons

    Remote Control Buttons POWER When operating the remote, point it directly at the front of the TV. Objects between the remote and the remote sensor can block the signal to the TV. POWER Button Press to turn the TV on or off. MUTE PREV PREV OH Button...
  • Page 9: Tv Main Menu

    TV Main Menu The TVMain Menu is your gateway to controlling the TV. It lets you adjust the TV's picture quality, screen, channel settings, parental controls, time functions. To select a menu item: 1. Press MENU to bring up the TVMain Menu.
  • Page 10: The Channel Menu

    The Channel Menu The Channelmenu contains all the commands used to control your channels, including custom-building your channel list. Signal Type Displays a toggle that lets you select the current antenna type: The Channel menu Antenna Choose this if you are currently using an off air antenna for UHF/VHF TV signals.
  • Page 11: V-Chip Movie Rating Limit

    V-Chip Movie Rating Limit V-Chip Parental Controls With the Movie Rating Limityou can set movie-viewing limits. Blocking Movie Ratings You can automatically block all movie ratings above a specified rating using Movie Ratings Limitin the Parental Controls menu. Selecting Movie Rating Limit •...
  • Page 12: The Tv Rating Limit Screen

    TV Rating Limit Screen Below is an example of where items are located within the TV Rating Limits screen. You can always press MENU to exit back to the previous screen while in the Rating Limit menus. Content Themes Rating field Lets you select from a list of Lists the content themes you...
  • Page 13: Blocking Age-Based Ratings And Content Themes

    Blocking Age-Based Ratings Content Themes Rating field Content Themes You can automatically block all program ratings or content above a specified age-based rating level using the V-Chip TVRating Limitscreen. Refer to the chart at the beginning of this section to learn about each age- based rating and its associated content ratings.
  • Page 14: V-Chip Unrated Program Block

    V-Chip Unrated Program Block " Unrated" vs. "Not Rated" Selecting this option lets you decide if programs that the V-Chip recognizes All movies are assigned a rating. as "unrated" can be viewed. Some movies are given a rating of View All unrated programs are available.
  • Page 15: Commercial Skip

    Commercial Skip As its name suggests, Commercial Skip allows you to bypass commercials during normal TV viewing. When a commercial comes on, you can activate the Commercial Skip timer to run from 30 seconds to 4 minutes. While the timer is counting down, you are free to watch other channels.
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    If you experience any difficulty with your TV, check these basic remedies before calling your service technician. TV will not turn on or controls don't work • Check to make sure it is plugged • Check the wall receptacle (or extension cord) to make sure it is "live"...
  • Page 17: Accessories

    Remote Control This is the remote that came Accessory Order Form packed with your TV. You can use the order form to order it direct by mail if desired. 'total Description Transformer VH54 $ 2.95 Cleaner/Polisher AHO35 $ 6.95 $ 3.95 Screw on Antenna Cable (3 ft) VH8I...
  • Page 18 Placing An Order Charge your order on your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card by To place your order by phone, have your Visa, MasterCard filling in below or Discover Card ready and call the toll-free number listed USE YOUR CREDIT CARD below.
  • Page 19: Limited Warranty

    • For screen sizes of 26" and smaller: Take your GE television to any Authorized GE Television Service Center and pick up when repairs are conq plete.
  • Page 20 Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. _ "n'IOMSON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS 10330 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 @2000 Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc.