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Color Television
Operating Instructions
CT-36SX12 U
For assistance, please call: 1-800-211-PANA
(7262) or
send e-mail to:
(USA only)


   Summary of Contents for Panasonic CT-36SX12U

  • Page 1

    Color Television Operating Instructions CT-32SX12 CT-36SX12 CT-32SX12U CT-36SX12 U TQB2AA0383-0 20404 For assistance, please call: 1-800-211-PANA (7262) or PRINTED IN USA send e-mail to: (USA only)

  • Page 2

    WARNING: To reduceme riskofelectricshockdo notremovecoveror back. No user-serviceable p artsinside.Referservicing to qualified service personnel. The exclamaUon point within a The lightning flash with arrow triangle is intended to tell the head within tdengle intended to tell the user that user that important operating and servicing instructions are pads inside the product are a...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents Congratulations ............Customer Record ..............Care and Cleaning ..............Specifications ................Installation ..............Television Location ..............Optional Cable Connections ............AC Power Supply Cord .............. Cable / Antenna Connection ............Feature Chart ............Auto Set Up Menu ............Optional Equipment Connections...

  • Page 4: Congratulations

    The model and serial number of this product are located on the back of the television. You should note the model and serial number in the space provided and retain as a permanent record of your purchase. This will aid in identification in the event of theft or loss. Product registration for U.S. customers is available at Model...

  • Page 5: Installation

    CT-32SX12, CT-32SX12U: CAUTION: These television receivers for use only with PANASONIC TY-32SX31P stand. Use with other carts (or stands) is capa- ble of resulting in instability causing possible injury.

  • Page 6: Feature Chart


  • Page 7: Auto Set Up Menu

    AUTO UP MENU Auto Set Up Menu For your convenience, Auto Set up menu will be displayed on screen when the set is turned on for the first time. if needed, follow the menus and procedures for setting up the features. £3 IDIOMA/LANGUE - To change menu language to ENGLISH, SPANISH or FRENCH.

  • Page 8: Optional Equipment Connections

    OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT CONNECTIONS Optional Equipment Connections VCR Connection VCRs, video disc players, video game equipment, and DSS equipment can also be connected to the video inputs. See the optional equipment manual for more information. Note: Input 1 is a dual-purpose input. It is primarily intended for connection with 480i devices such as a DVD player using the Y PB PR component video jacks and Audio L &...

  • Page 9: Cable Box Connection

    OP_ONAL EQUIPMENT CONNEC_ONS Cable Box Connection Follow this diagram when connecting your television to a cable box only. TERMINALS ON RACK OF THE TV CABLE BOX iNPtr_ 1 S-VIDEO nDEO INPUTS ANT_N Incoming Cable I ANT OUT L ^u_o_I CABLES NOT SUPPLIED Note: The remote control must be programmed with supplied codes to operate the cable box.

  • Page 10: Program Out Connection (prog Out)

    OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT CONNECTIONS Program Out Connection (PROG OUT) To use the television audio and video with optional equipment, connect the PROG OUT and TO AUDIO AMP connections on the back of the television. Notes: When a component input video signal is connected to Video t (Y, PB, PR ) terminals, and the 73/main picture is Component, the Program output video will be luminance signal (no color).

  • Page 11: Digital Tv - Set-top Box Or Dvd Player Connection

    Digital TV - Set-Top Box (DTV-STB) or DVD Player Connection Use this diagram to connect the Panasonic DTV-STB (Digital W-Set-Top Box) to the back of your "IV. TERMINALS ON BACK OF DTV-S'rB OR DVD pLAYER CABLES NOT SUPPLIED TERMINALS ON BACK OF TV...

  • Page 12: Remote Control Operation

    REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION Remote Control Operation POWER Press to access second audio program. Press to turn ON and OFF. • VOL VOLI_ |Press to mute sound-_._-ress to display Press to ad j-_tT-V--eo un dan----_avigate _cencel CC (Closed Caption). menus` Press to select remote operation. Press to select next or previous channel and navigate in menus.

  • Page 13: Mode Operational Key Chart

    REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION Mode Operational Key Chart This chart defines the keys that are operational in the selected component modes (TV, VCR, DBS, CABLE or DVD) after programming (if needed), KEY NAME POWER POWER POWER POWER POWER POWER SAP ON/OFF TV MUTE TV MUTE MUTE...

  • Page 14: Programming The Remote

    VCR, DVD, CABLE or DBS. Follow the procedures for programming your Remote Control with or without a code for the component. Default Modes For Remote Control Panasonic TV Codes "IV (Panasonic Only) Panasonic VCR Codes VCR (Preset)

  • Page 15: Component Codes

    The Universal Remote Control does not control all features found in each model. CABLE Codes For VCR ml IId;_-'J_]a [R_.n Orion 320, 326 Admiral Panasonic 321,322, 323, 324 Aiwa 300,305, 310, 311,324, 339, 345 J.C_ Penney Akal 314, 315, 316, 329 Pentax 300,311,345...

  • Page 16

    206, 207, 228, 229, 230 ;ateliite Pioneer 201,216 Pulsar 205.232 Codes for DVD Denon Saba Ferguson Samsung Sharp Mitsubishi Sony Nordmende Techn_s Panasonic Thomson Philips Toshiba Pioneer Yamaha Zen_h Codes for DBS Panasonic )ish Network 105, 115. 116 Echostar) Philips 101,102 EchoStar Pdmestar Express VU 105.

  • Page 17: Icon Menu Navigation

    ICON MENU NAVIGATION Icon Menu Navigation Press to display the Icons. to select desired icon. Press Press to display selected Icon features. to select feature. Press to adjust or activate feature. Press BRIGHTNESS 32 - - - I - - - Press repeatedly to exit menus.

  • Page 18: Main Menu Icons

    MAIN MENU ICONS Main Menu Icons Icon Menus These charts list all menus under each Icon and which pages to refer to for menus description. IDIOMA/LANGUE MODE - (ENGLISH, FRAN(_AIS, ESPAI_OL) PROG CHAN OTHER ADJ. MODE - ('IV or CABLE) AI SOUND AUTO PROGRAM MANUAL PROGRAM...

  • Page 19: Icon Menu Operation

    ICON MENU OPERATION Icon Menu Operation SET UP Note: Refer topage 15 for Icon Menu Navigation procedures. IDIOMA/LANGUE (Menu Languages) MODE - In SET UP Menu, select IDIOMA/LANGUE to change menu language to ENGLISH, ESPAI_IOL (Spanish) or FRAN(_AIS (French). Press VOL • to select English, Spanish or French. Prog Chan (Program Channels) MODE - To select TV (antenna) or CABLE mode depending on the signal source.

  • Page 20

    ICON MENU OPERATION (Closed Captioning) This television contains a built-in decoder that displays _ (Closed Captioned) text across the screen (white or colored letters on black background). It allows the viewer to read the dialogue of a television program or other information. The program viewed must include Closed Captioning for the feature to work.

  • Page 21: Picture

    ICON MENU OPERATION Other Adjustments (contd.) TILT CORRECTION - This feature is used to adjust the tilt of the picture due to earth's magnetic field in the area. 11LT CORRECTION Press VOL • to display adjustment menu. 0 ..i ..£3 Press<...

  • Page 22: Timer

    ICON MENU OPERATION TIMER Note: Refer to page 15 for Icon Menu Navigation procedures. Clock Set TIME and DAY - Set the time and the day of the week. Press • VOL or VOL • to select hours AM or PM. Press CH •...

  • Page 23: Audio

    ICON MENU OPERATION AUDIO Note: Refer topage 15 for Icon Menu Navigationprocedures. Audio ADJ. MODE - Select STEREO, SAP (Second Audio Program) or MONO. (Use MONO when stereo signal is weak). Press VOL • to select STEREO, SAP or MONO. BASS, TREBLE, BALANCE and NORMAL Press .d VOL or VOL •...

  • Page 24: Channels

    ICON MENU OPERATION CHANNELS Note: Refer to page 15 for Icon Menu Navigation procedures. Caption MANUAL CAPTION - Enter channel numbers and captions manually. Press VOL • to display next menu. remote numeric keypad to select desired channel (refer to your local TV guide). Press CH •...

  • Page 25: Lock

    ICON MENU OPERATION LOCK Note: Refer to page 15 for Icon Menu Navigation procedures. Mode LOCK SET - To prevent video games, VCR tapes or all channels from being viewed. Use the remote numeric keypad to enter a four-digit secret code (Use a code that is easy to remember and record it in a safe place). Notes: If you do not remember your code, LOCK will unlock in 12, 24, or 48 hours, depending on the current setup.

  • Page 26: V-chip Menu Operation

    V-CHIP MENU OPERATION V-CHIP Menu Operation Note: Refer to page 15 for Icon Menu Navigation procedures. BLOCKING MESSAGE If V-Chip is enabled and the program exceeds the rating limit set by you, the blocking message will appear and the audio will be muted.

  • Page 27

    V-CHIP MENU OPERATION U.S. TV Programs Menu Chart (contd.) Press CHA or CH • to move between different ratings. Use • VOL or VOL • to select ratings you want to block (RED) and unblock (GREEN). Note: See the U.S. "IV PROGRAMS RATINGS CHART. ACTION Press twice to return to MODE in Lock menu.

  • Page 28

    V-CHIP MENU OPERATION U.S. Movies Menu (contd,) £3 Press VOL • to select U.S. MOVIES ON or OFF. Press CH • to select VIEW NR PROGRAMS? Press VOL • to select VIEW NR PROGRAMS? YES or NO. Note: Some movies are not rated for a vadely of reasons. Old movies and foreign films are usually not rated.

  • Page 29

    V-CHIP MENU OPERATION Rating Systems for Canada Canadian English The V-CHIP used in this "IV model allows you to block various types of movies and television programs based on the two rating systems used in Canada. Use the numeric keypad to enter your four digit code. (Use a code that is easy to remember and record it in a safe place.) Press OH •...

  • Page 30

    V-CHIP MENU OPERATION Canadian French The V-CHIP used in this "IV model also lets you block or unblock Canadian French programs according to vadous ratings categories. Use the numeric keypad to enter your four digit code. (Use a code that is easy to remember and record it in a safe place.) Press CH •...

  • Page 31: Troubleshooting Chart

    TROUBLESHOO_NG CHART Troubleshooting Chart Before calling for service, determine the symptoms and follow suggested solutions. Adjust Antenna Location and Connection Snowy Video Noisy Audio Adjust Antenna Location and Connection .__) Check Antenna Lead-in Wire Noisy Audio Multiple Image Move television from Electrical Appliances, Lights, Vehicles and Medical Equipment Interference Noisy Audio...

  • Page 32: Limited Warranty


  • Page 33

    LIMITED WARRANTY Limited Warranty continued from previous page Limited Warranty Limits And Exclusions This warranty ONLY COVERS failures due to defects in materials or workmanship, and DOES NOT COVER normal wear and tear or cosmetic damage, nor does it cover markings or retained images on the picture tube resulting from viewing fixed images (including, among other things, letterbox pictures on standard 4:3 screen...

  • Page 34: Customer Services Directory

    CUSTOMER SERVICES DIRECTORY 1-800-332-5368 (Customer Orders Only) Panasonic Services Company 20421 84th Avenue South, Kent, WA 98032 (6 am to 5 pm Monday - Friday; 6 am to 10:30 am Saturday; PST) (Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, Check) 32 •...

  • Page 35: Index

    INDEX Index Congratulations Prog Chan 17 Customer Record 2 Program Out Connection 8 AC Power Supply Cord 3 Customer Services Directory 32 AI Sound 21 Programming The Remote 12 Programming With a Code 12 Amplifier Connection 8 Antenna Connection 3 Programming Without A Code 12 Digital TV - Set-Top Box (DTV-STB) Audio 21...

  • Page 36

    Division of Ma_sushita Elect rk; Electric Corporation of America of Puerto Rico Inc. (=PSC") Ave. 65 de Infanterla, Km 9,5 One Panasonic Way San Gabriel Industrial Park Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 Carolina, Puerto Rico 00985 w_,panas0nlc,c0m Tel, (787) 750-4300 FaX (787) 768-2910...

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