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KitchenAid KTT221 Instructions Manual

KitchenAid KTT221 Instructions Manual

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  • Page 1 tche Toaster :Instructions L....KTT220 KTT221 KTT240 KTT241 KTT251 KTT261(shown)
  • Page 2: Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty

    Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty We're so confident the If you reside in the United States quality of our products/_ - _..,_"_ and your KitchenAid" toaster sho_a_'l_i exacting //-_ _ rt -,,,_\\ wilhin year of ownenski.u..:_ lhe fil,'st rnt,'t;ls lh(; standards of {[_.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    If You Need Service or Assistance ................7 Product Registration Card ..................Electrical Requirements ................... Toaster Features ....................... Using Your KitchenAid Toaster ................11 To Toast Bagels................... To Toast Frozen Bagels ................To Toast Frozen Breads, Waffles or Pastries ..........12 To Reheat Toast ..................
  • Page 4: Important Safeguards

    IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: Read all instructions. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs. To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse cord, plugs, or toaster in water or other liquid.
  • Page 5 Your safety and the safety of others is very important. We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance. Always read and obey all safety messages. This symbol alerts you to hazards that can kill or hurt you and others.
  • Page 6: Warranty

    50 United States and the District of Columbia. For units operaled in Puerto Rico, the Standard First Year Warranty applies (see page 7) and is a Limited Warranty because you must pay to ship the toaster to an Authorized KitchenAid Service Center.
  • Page 7: Standard First Year Warranty

    Call toll-free: 1-800-541-6390. HowToArrangeFor Service- OutsideThe USA To arrange for service, consult your local KitchenAid dealer or the store where you purchased the toaster for information on how to obtain service locally. If YouNeed Service or Assistance KEEP A COPY OF THE SALES...
  • Page 8: Product Registration Card

    Product Registration Card Before you use your toaster, please fill Keep a copy of the sales receipt showing the date of purchase of your toaster. out and mail your product registration PROOF OF PURCHASE WILL card packed with the unit. This .card ASSURE YOU OF IN-WARRANTY will enable us to contact you in the SERVICE.
  • Page 9: Toaster Features

    Toaster Features MODEL KTT261 Even Heat" System Accn-Sense" Toasting Advanced-design heating elements ensure Heat sensor and microprocessor ensure even even toasting. Heavy-gauge wire elements toasting every time. promote long-term dependability. Extra Lift Lever Self-Centering Bread Rack Extra-Long, Extra-Wide Raises small breads above slot Adjusts automatically to hold thick Slot or thin breads.
  • Page 10 Toaster Features MODELS KTT251(shown), KTT241, KTT240, KTT221, KTT220 Even Heat" System Accu-Sense °"Toasting Advanced-design heating elements ensure Heat sensor and electronic control ensure even toasting. Heavy-gauge wire"elements even toasting every time. promote long-term dependability. (Except KTI'220 & KTT221) Extra Lift Lever Self-Centering Bread Rack Extra-Long,...
  • Page 11: Using Your Kitchenaid Toaster

    Using Your KitchenAid" Toaster Before using your toaster, check the darkness settings. For example, dry Extra-Wide, Extra-Long Slot and bread will brown more rapidly than moist bread and so will be toasted to remove any packing or printed material that may have fallen inside during your taste at a lighter setting.
  • Page 12: Usingyourkitchenaid

    Note: Do not place bread with butter or WAFFLES OR PASTRIES: any other topping in the toaster. Use Your KitchenAid" Toaster will toast REHEAT for dry bread and bagels only. frozen breads, waffles or pastries just the 2. Push the lift lever down until it locks.

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