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Kenmore 642911 Use, Care, Safety Manual

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Range and Its Fe_zlures ..............
CookZop CoolUng
Oven Co.tmls
Oven Coo_g
Se1(-Cle_n Cycle .......
Cle_ning Tips,
Fl_lmovable Range Pazls .....
Whal to Do Before Camn 9 for Service ......
Thermostat Adjustments
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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 642911

  • Page 1 CONTENTS SAFETY USE AND CARE Range and Its Fe_zlures ....TO START THINGS COOKING CookZop CoolUng ..Oven Co.tmls ..Oven Coo_g ..Broiling Se1(-Cle_n Cycle ..Cle_ning Tips, Fl_lmovable Range Pazls ..10-12 BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE Whal to Do Before Camn 9 for Service ..13,14 Thermostat Adjustments ..
  • Page 2 SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Read atl! instructions before using th_s appliance. When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions shoul_d be followed, including follow_ng: Teach children not to play with range knobs or any other part of the range. Never leave children alone or unattended where a range is in...
  • Page 3 Always keep the range area clear and free from things that will burn. Never use your range for warming or CAUTION: heating a room. You could be burned or seriously injured. Such misuse Never store things in an oven or could also cause damage to the range.
  • Page 4 SAFETY Never block free airflow through the oven vent. Keep this book for later use° Be sure your range is installed and grounded properly Never try to move a pan of hot fat, especially a deep fat by a qualified technician. fryer.
  • Page 5 YOUR RANGE IMPORTANT= The model and serial number of your range can be found on a tag, behind the storage drawer panel, on the left side of the range front frame. . COOKTOP CONTROL OVEN SELECTOR COOKTOP CLEAN OVEN LIGHT KNOB INDICATOR SWITCH...
  • Page 6 COOKTOP COOKING The sign near each cooktop control knob shows which element is turned on by that knob. ®0 O® ® 0 O® Left Left Right Right Front Rear Rear Front To operate cooktop controls: 1. Push to turn. 2. Set on or between marks for desired heat. An indicator light will glow when any cooktop element is on, OVEN CONTROL...
  • Page 7 AUTOMATIC OVEN OFF: 1. Turn the SELECTOR KNOB to TIME BAKE (oven Always turn oven to OFF before removing food. indicator light will glow). During baking, avoid frequent door openings. Keep 2. Push in and turn STOP TIME KNOB to set time when oven door open as short a time as possible.
  • Page 8 BROILING Do not cover the entire broiler Broiling is cooking by direct heat from the broil grid with foill, Poor drainage burner. Tender cuts of meat or marinated meat of hot fat may cause a broiler should be selected for broiling. For best results fire.
  • Page 9 THE SELF=CLEAN CYCLE 1. Set START TIME knob to the present time of day° 2. Set the STOP TIME knob to the time of day when you BEFORE A CLEAN CYCLE want the clean cycle to end. 1o Remove the broil pan and grid,oven racks, all utensils Here-"...
  • Page 10 TO SET DELAYED CLEAN CYCLE: 1, Turn SELECTOR KNOB to CLEAN. 4, Turn OVEN CONTROL KNOB to CLEAN, Turn the knob all the way until it stops. 2. Set the Start Time Knob to the time of day when you want cfeanlng to begin.
  • Page 11 ANTi-TIP DEVICE OUTSIDE EDGE OF ADJACENT CABINET BRACKET TO BE FLUSH OR FINAL LOCATION OF_ Bfyour range Bsremoved for cBeaning_ RANGE SIDE device re-engaged properly servicing or any reason_ be sure ae_ti. when the range is replaced. Failure to take this precaution couDd result in tipping of f_e range...
  • Page 12 REMOVABLE KNOBS All control knobs may be removed for easy cleaning by pulling the knob straight off the stem. Be sure that the knob is In the OFF position before removal. MOLDED Hint: Slip a thin cloth (such as a handkerchief)ore piece of string under and around the knob edge and pull upo Caution:...
  • Page 13 REMOVABL OV H RACKS NOTE: For best performance remove oven racks during a clean cycle. H oven racks are left In the Be careful not to scratch oven [_nish when range during a self.clean cycle, they will darken, instaUiing or removing oven racks.
  • Page 14 BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE Save time and money -- Check this list before you call for service. To eliminate unnecessary service calls, first, read all the instructions in this manual carefully° Then, if you have a problem, always check this list of common problems and possible solutions before you call for service. If yc_ do have a problem you cannot fix yourself, call your nearest Sears Store or Service Center for help.
  • Page 15 BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE (continued) PROBLEM POSSgE_LE CAUSE DON'T CALL FOR SERVBCE UNTBL YOU CHECK See self-clean Instructions. Oven will not self-clean Controls set Incorrectly or poor self-cleaning Clean cycle Interrupted too Heavily soiled ovens require a 3 1/2 hour results soon clean cycle.
  • Page 16 "We Service What We Sell" is our assurance to you that you can depend on Sears for service because Sears service is nationwide. Your Kenmore Range has added value when you consider that Sears has a service unit near you staffed by Sears trained technicians.., professional technicians specifically trained on Sears appliances, having the parts, tools and equipment to ensure that we meet our pledge to you m "We Service What We Sell!"...

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