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Electrolux E30EC65ESS1 Use & Care Manual page 6

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o UtensilHandles Should Be Turned inward and Not Extend Over Adjacent Surface
Units, To reduce the risk of burns, ignition of fiammabHe materiaHs, and spHHagedue to
unintentionaH contact with the utensil,
Never Leave Surface Units Unattended.
BoHovers cause smoking and greasy spHHovers
that may ignite, or a pan that has boiled dry may merit,
Liners. Do not use aHuminum foil to Hne any part of the appliance, OnHy use
aHuminumfoil as recommended for baking if used as a cover pHacedon the food, Any other use
of protective Hinersor aHuminum foiH may resuHtin a risk of eHectric shock or fire or short circuit,
GJazed Cooking
OnHy certain
of gHass, gHass/ceramic,
earthenware, or other gHazedutensiHs are suitabHefor range top service without breaking due
to the sudden change in temperature,
Check the manufacturer's
cooktop use,
Do Not Use Decorative
Surface Element Covers. if an element is accidentally turned on,
the decorative cover will become hot and possibly melt, Bums will occur if the hot covers are
touched, Damage may also be done to the appliance,
• Ventilating
hood. The ventilating hood above your cooking surface should be cleaned
frequently, so the grease from cooking vapors does not accumulate on the hood or filter,
Do Not Clean or Operate a Broken Cooktop.
Hf c ooktop shouHd break, cHeaning soHutions
and spiHHovers may penetrate the broken cooktop and create a risk of eHectricshock, Contact
a quaHified technician immediateHy,
CJean Cooktop with Caution. if a wet sponge or cloth is used to wipe spills on a hot cooking
area, be careful to avoid a steam burn, Some cleaners can produce harmful fumes if applied
to a hot surface,
Do Not Place Hot Cookware
on Cold Cooktop
Glass. This couHd cause gHassto break,
Do not slide pan across the cooktop
surface. They may scratch the cooktop surface,
, Do Not Let Pans Boll Dry. This may cause permanent damage in the form of breakage,
fusion, or marking that can affect the ceramic=gHass cooktop, (This type of damage is not
covered by your warranty).



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