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Kenmore 911.42675 Use & Care Manual

30" radiant electric cooktop
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30" Radiant
Models 911.42675,
42676, 42679
229C4020P 1 85-1
Seam, Roebuck and Co.,
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.



  Summary of Contents for Kenmore 911.42675

  • Page 1 30" Radiant Electric Cooktop Models 911.42675, 42676, 42679 229C4020P 1 85-1 Seam, Roebuck and Co., (SR-10393) Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ELECTRIC RADIANTCOOKTOP ® Tableof Contents Appliance Safety ..Glass-Ceramic Cooktop . . . 9 Daily Cleaning ..Special Care .... General Information ..Precautions .... Protecting the Cooktop ..Removable Knobs ..Features of Your Cooktop .. 6 Removal of Packaging Tape ....
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY ® INSTRUCTIONS SAVETHESE INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. When using gas or electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the following. ALWAYS KEEP cooking zones free from things that will burn. Food, wooden utensils, and grease buildup could catch fire.
  • Page 4 UNDERSTAND READ IMPORTANT SAFETY THIS INFORMATION INSTRUCTIONS NOW! Should you ever need it, you will not have time for reading. Be sure everyone in your home • ONLY SOME kinds of (heat proof) knows what to do in case of glass or ceramic cookware can be fire.
  • Page 5: Protecting The Cooktop

    OPERATION Protecting the Cooktop CAUTION: When the surface controls are turned off, the Hot Surface indicator light will remain lit until the cooktop surface has cooled to approximately 150°1. The glass • DO NOT slide cookware across ceramic surface will retain heat your cooktop.
  • Page 6: Featuresof Yourcooktop

    OPERATION FEATURESOF YOURCOOKTOP Cook_g zones Coo_op con_o_ Cooktop indicator Glass cooktop Hot surface Dual cooking indicator light zone light (Glows when any cooking zone is activated.) • ", '" To remove the adhesive left from packaging tape, use household dishwashing liquid, mineral oil or cooking oil.
  • Page 7: Radiant Cooktop Cooking

    If you don't know if OPERATION your cookware is flat on the bottom, try this Radiant Cooktop Cooking test. Turn your pan upside down on the countertop and Before you use the cooktop for the place the edge of a ruler flat against first time, clean it with cooktop the surface of the pan.
  • Page 8: Cooking Zones

    The Limiters will turn the radiant coils on and off while cooking or canning. This procedure helps maintain an even cooking temperature without OPERATION allowing the cooking zones to overheat. Radiant Cooktop Cooking Used for quick starts, such as bringing water to a boil. Water-bath or pressure canners and Used for slow boil and large diameter pots extending more...
  • Page 9: Glass-Ceramic Cooktop

    CAREAND CLEANING Glass-Ceramic C ooktop IMPORTANT: Using a Cleaning razor scraper will not damage the surface if Cleaning a glass-ceramic cooktop is the 45 ° angle is different from cleaning a standard maintained. Do not use a dull or porcelain cooktop. To maintain and nicked razor blade on your protect your glass-ceramic cooktop...
  • Page 10 ® All control knobs may be removed CARE ANDCLEANING for easy cleaning by pulling the knob straight off the stem. Be sure that the Glass-CeramicCooktop Cleaning knob is in the OFF position before removal. HINT: Slip a thin cloth (such as a handkerchief) or a piece of string •...
  • Page 11: Beforecallingforservice

    BEFORECALLINGFORSERVICE To save you time and money, before making a service call, check the list below for any problem you may feel you have with the performance of your cooktop. [f the problem is something you cannot repair, use the Consumer Service Numbers located at the back of this manual.
  • Page 12 NOTES...
  • Page 13: Warranty

    MA J Check at your request - Warranty MA - Maintenance Agmmnt Kenmore Appliances are designed, manufactured andtested f oryears ofdependable operation. Yet, anyappliance mayrequire service f romtimetotime.The Sears Maintenance Agreement offers you anoutstanding service program foryourproduct. Thetable above s hows the additional benefits a Sears Maintenance Agreement offers compared toa Sears W arranty.
  • Page 14 For in-home major brand repair service: Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-4-MY-HOME _ (1-800-469-4663) Para pedir servicio de reparaci6n - 1-800-676-5811 Au Canada pour tout le service - 1-877-LE-FOYER s" (1-877-533-6937) For the repair or replacement parts you need: Call 6 a.m.

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