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Room air conditioner
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This USE &CARE M ANUAL provides specific operating instructions foryourmodel. Use theroom airconditioner onlyas
instructed inthisUSE & CARE M ANUAL.
These i nstructions arenotmeant tocover e very possible condition andsituation t hat
may occur. Common sense a ndcaution m ust b epracticed when installing, operating, andmaintaining anyappliance.
The power supply cord with
this air conditioner
contains a current
detection device designed to reduce the risk
of fire.
Please refer to the section 'Operation of
Current Device' for details.
tn the event that the power supply cord is
damaged, it cannot be repaired, tt must be
replaced with a cord from the product
Avoid fire hazard or electric shock. Do not
use an extension cord or an adaptor plug. Do
not remove any prong from the power cord.
type wall
Power supply cord
with 3-prong grounding
plug and current
detection device
For Your Safety
Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any
other appliance. Read product labels for flammability
and other warnings.
Prevent Accidents
To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury to persons when using your air conditioner,
follow basic precautions,
including the following:
Be sure the electrical service is adequate for the model you have chosen. This information
can be found on the serial plate, which is located on the side of the cabinet and behind the
If the air conditioner is to be installed in a window, you will probably want to clean both
sides of the glass first, tf the window is a triple-track
type with a screen panel included,
remove the screen completely before installation.
Be sure the air conditioner
has been securely and correctly installed according to the
separate installation
provided with this manual. Save this manual and the
installation instructions
for possible future use in removing or reinstalling this unit.
When handling the air conditioner, be careful to avoid cuts from sharp metal fins on front
and rear coils.
Electrical Information
The complete electrical rating of your new room air conditioner
is stated on the serial plate.
Refer to the rating when checking the electrical requirements.
Be sure the air conditioner
is properly grounded.
To minimize shock and fire hazards,
proper grounding is important. The power cord is equipped with a three-prong
plug for protection against shock hazards.
Your air conditioner
must be used in a properly grounded wall receptacle. If the wall
receptacle you intend to use is not adequately grounded or protected by a time delay fuse
or circuit breaker, have a qualified electrician install the proper receptacle.
Do not run air conditioner
without outside protective cover in place. This could result in
mechanical damage within the air conditioner.
Do not use an extension
cord or an adapter
PlUg- ....................................................................................................
Unit must be upright
for one hour prior to operating.
Operation of Current
Plug in &
press RESET
The power
cord contains
a current
device that senses damage
to the power cord. To test
your power
cord do the following:
1. Plug in the Air Conditioner.
The power
cord will have TWO buttons
on the plug head. Press the TEST button.
You will
notice a click as the RESET button
pops out.
Press the RESET button.
Again you will notice a click as the button
The power
cord is now supplying
to the unit. (On some products
this is also indi-
by a light on the plug head).
, Do not use this device to turn the unit on or off.
• Always make sure the RESETbutton is pushed in for correct operation.
• The power supply cord must be replaced if it fails to reset when either the TEST button is pushed,
or it cannot be reset. A new one can be obtained from the product manufacturer.
, If power supply cord is damaged, it CANNOT be repaired. It MUST be replaced by one obtained
from the product manufacturer.
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