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Hitachi 61HDX98B User Manual

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  • Page 2 CAUTION: Adjust only those controls that are covered in the instructions, as improper changes or modifications not expressly approved by HITACHI could void the user's authority to operate the TV. POWER SOURCE This projection television is designed to operate on 120 volts 60Hz, AC current.
  • Page 3: Important

    • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/television technician for help. Modifications The FCC requires the user to be notified that any changes or modifications made to this device that are not expressly approved by Hitachi America, Ltd. Home Electronics Division may void the user's authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 4: Safety Tips

    Please read it carefully and apply the knowledge you obtain from it to the proper operation of your HITACHI television. Please fill out your warranty card and mail it to HITACHI. This will enable HITACHI to notify you promptly in the improbable event that a safety problem should be discovered in your product model.
  • Page 5 Continuous on-screen displays such as video games, stock market quotations, computer generated graphics, and other fixed (non- moving) patterns can cause permanent damage to projection television receivers. Such "PATTERN BURNS" constitute misuse and are NOT COVERED by your Hitachi Factory Warranty. When using Picture-in-Picture function, the sub-picture should not be left permanently in one corner of the screen or a "PATTERN...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANT ....................FCC Registration Information ..............Safety Tips ....................WELCOME TO HDTV ................Getting Started ................... SETUP AND CONNECTIONS ..............Step I: Unpack the System ............... Step 2: Connect Your TV to Other Components ........Things to Know Before Connecting Components ........... Jacks and Cables ....................
  • Page 7 TABLE OF CONTENTS Anatomy of the DIRECTV Program Guide ..........Getting Around in the Guides ..............Tuning to a Program ................. Using the GUIDE Button ................The Other Guides Item ................Exiting A Program Guide ................Sorting the DIRECTV ® Programming Guide ..........
  • Page 8 Information ..............The Select Dish Menu Screen ..............Using the On-Screen Signal Meter ..............Your New Access Card ................Running the System Test ................REFERENCE ....................Troubleshooting ..................Care and Cleaning ................... Hitachi Service Hotline ................Accessory Information ................Index ......................
  • Page 9: Welcome To Hdtv

    WELCOME TO HDTV High Definition refers to a new way of sending programming information over the airwaves and into your TV. There are two types of TV display formats available. One is ATSC format, which originated from the Advanced Television Systems Committee.
  • Page 10: Setup And Connections

    SETUP AND CONNECTIONS This section tells Xou how to get your SETUP CONNECTIONS HDTV set up and connected. It describes the cables 7ou will need, explains the front and back panels, and walks 7ou through the steps needed to start using your_ USING REMOTE ¥...
  • Page 11: Step I: Unpack The System

    SETUP AND CONNECTIONS BII_I _o__.° L STEP 1" UNPACK THE SYSTEM Make sure to locate the remote control and power cord. STEP 2: CONNECT YOUR TV TO OTHER COMPONENTS Remote Control Power Cord During the satellite dish antenna installation, the TV may have been connected with just a coaxial cable for the system test.
  • Page 12: Jacks And Cables

    SETUP AND CONNECTIONS JACKS AND CABLES Below is a description of the jacks and cables you can use to make connections. Note that not all cables come with your television unit. S-Video Jack and Cable ® The S-Video jack provides the best picture quality for your system. S-VideoJack This jack is available on this TV and is used in conjunction with audio cables.
  • Page 13: Front Ofthetv

    SETUP AND CONNECTIONS FRONT OFTHETV The diagrams below describe the front panel and front input jacks on the TV. If you cannot find your remote control, you can use the front panel of the TV to operate many of the TV's features. pOWEH S_LECr POWER Turns theTV on and off.
  • Page 14 SETUP AND CONNECTIONS Making Connections to the Front Panel You can connect one of many types of devices to the TV's front panel, such as a video game or camcorder for playback. To connect a device to the front panel: Open the small front panel door protecting the INPUT 4 jacks.
  • Page 15: Back Ofthetv

    SETUP AND CONNECTIONS BACK OFTHETV The diagram below describes each of the back panel jacks found on the TV. When connecting A/V cables, be sure to connect corresponding outputs and inputs (video to video, right audio to right audio, etc.). ",,,, SATELLITE DIGITAL...
  • Page 16 SETUP AND CONNECTIONS FRONT and REARSPEAKERTerminals Use to connect external speakers for I TAKE°I front sound and rear surround sound. FRONT SPEAKERINT. / EXT. (switch) Set to INT. if you want to use the internal TV speakers only or the internal TV speakers plus separate rear speakers.
  • Page 17: The Basic Connection

    SETUP AND CONNECTIONS How to view THE BASIC CONNECTION programming: • To watch cableTV or off-air TV and VCR TV programs from an antenna in this connection, press DTV/SAT on the remote control until ANTENNA A is displayed in the channel banner.
  • Page 18: The Advanced Connection

    SETUP AND CONNECTIONS THE ADVANCED CONNECTION • After you have made you/' connections, program the TV to tune to the correct TV, VCR, and DVD Player With Amplifier video input channel to see and hear audio and video from the attached component (VCR, DVD player, etc.).
  • Page 19: Connecting Speakersto The Tv

    SETUP AND CONNECTIONS CONNECTING SPEAKERSTO THE TV You can connect up to four additional speakers to the TV: two to the FRONT SPEAKERterminal, and two to the REAR SPEAKERterminal. If necessary, remove the vinyl covering from the ends of the speaker wire and twist the wire core.
  • Page 20 SETUP AND CONNECTIONS Connecting a Subwoofer To connect a subwoofer to the TV: Connect the subwoofer's audio input to the LFE/SUBWOOFER OUT jack. Connecting a Wireless Transmitter To connect a wireless transmitter (for wireless speakers, wireless headphones, etc.): Connect the transmitter's audio input to the TRANSMITTER OUT jack. Make sure to connect the right audio cable to the right audio jack and the left audio cable to the left audio jack.
  • Page 21: Step 3: Place Batteries In The Remote Control

    SETUP AND CONNECTIONS STEP 3: PLACE BATTERIES IN THE REMOTE CONTROL Follow these steps whenever you need to install or change the batteries in your TV's remote control. Remove the cover from the battery compartment. Insert batteries into the battery compartment, matching the + and - end of each battery.
  • Page 22: Using The Remote

    USING THE REMOTE SETUP AND CONNECTIONS In this section you will find out how to use your universal remote control.This section: defines the buttons on the remote control. USINGTHE REMOTE describes how you toggle betweenTV "mode" and SAT "mode." shows you how to change between BASICTV OPERATION analog terrestrial, digital terrestrial, and...
  • Page 23: Remote Control Buttons

    MUTE Reduces the TV's volume to its minimum level. Press again to restore volume. HITACHI CH UPIDOWN Scrolls up or down through the current channel list. Press once CLU-614MP to change the channel up or down; press and hold to continue changing channels.
  • Page 24 USING THE REMOTE INFO Brings up channel and viewing information via the channel banner. Press again "Don't worry about getting • to bring up an extended channel banner. Press when in the program guides to get more stuck inside a menu. information on the highlighted program or channel.
  • Page 25: Using The Remote To Control A Cable Box/External Satellite Receiver

    1. If your cable box or external sateilite receiver cannot be operated after performing the above procedures, your code has not been precoded into the remote. HITACHI GLU.6_4MI o 2. In the unlikely event that your cable box or external satellite receiver cannot be operated after performing the above procedures, please consult your operating guide.
  • Page 26: Using The Remote To Control A Vcr

    CHANNEL UP function. CLU.614Mp 5. The MENU button will act as the VCR MENU button for HITACHI VCRs. 6. The LAST button will act as your VCR ENTER button if required. 7. The REC button must be pressed two times to begin VCR recording. This buttor...
  • Page 27: Using The Remote To Control Audio Equipment

    • If your audio equipment cannot b e operated after performing the above procedures, your audio component code has not been precoded into the remote. 2. In the unlikely event that your audio component cannot be operated after HITACHI CLU.BI4Mp performing the above procedures, please consult your audio components operating guide.
  • Page 28: Remote Control Codes

    Pdcoh ..............21 _enexxa ............Brandi ..............43 Runco ............Die Ryung ............. 2 1 Hitachi ......26, 32. 33. 34, 35, 36, 37 Broksoni¢ ........3 3, 34, 42, SI. $2 Eastern ..............IS jvc ................ 3 8 Samsunl ..........16, 45 Calix ..............23...
  • Page 29: Basic Tv Operation

    BASIC TV OPERATION SETUP AND CONNECTIONS This section tells you about the channel banner, which appears when you change channels or press INFO on the remote. It also describes how to change channels and modes and how to use PIP (picture-in- USING THE REMOTE picture), This section gives you a broad, clear view...
  • Page 30: About The Channel Banner

    BASIC TV OPERATION ABOUTTHE CHANNEL BANNER The channel banner appears whenever you tune to a channel or press INFO on the remote control. Use the arrow buttons and SELECTto choose an item in the channel banner. On-screen items represent frequently-used features. Some items also change appearance to show the item's status.
  • Page 31 BASIC TV OPERATION Main When selected, takes you to the main menu. Press INFO on the remote TV/SAT Toggles between TV and SAZ nlode. The highlight indicates the current control twice t(} view an mode. expanded channel banner that shows a program Temp Unlocked Indicates that the system is unlocked.
  • Page 32: Changing Between Directv And Tv Mode

    BASIC TV OPERATION CHANGING BETWEEN DIRECTV AND TV MODE When you change channels by entering numbers with the remote control, you tune to programming that can come from one of three different sources: the DIRECTV satellite/if you have DIRECTV service), a terrestrial off-air antenna, or cable TV.
  • Page 33: Changing Channels

    BASIC TV OPERATION CHANGING CHANNELS To change channels by entering numbers with the remote control, the television needs to be in the correct "mode": either SAT mode (if you subscribe to DIRECTV'_ programming) or TV mode. Additionally, the remote must be in TV mode. You can set the remote to TV mode by pressing the TV button.
  • Page 34: Operation

    When watching an analog channel, follow these steps. Press the PIP button on the remote control. The PIP window appears on the screen. HITACHI CLU-614MP Use the channel up and down or digit buttons to change the PIP channel.
  • Page 35 BASIC TV OPERATION PIP PROBLEMS? If you are channel surfing and the PIP disappears, you may have tuned to a digital channel. To view PIP and the main picture, make sure that both the main and PIP channels are analog inputs, or signals. Continue changing tile channel until you find an analog (NTSC Iormat) channel.
  • Page 36: Using The Input Button

    See the section in this book, "System Options and Preferences" for information on Auto Link. HITACHI oJJ414_p After pressing INPUT on the remote, enter the digits 1, 2, 3, (}r 4 then press SELECTto tune to (S)INP1, 2, 3, or 4, respectively.
  • Page 37: Using The Program Guides

    USING THE PROGRAM GUIDES SETUP AND CONNECTIONS What m a program guide? A program guide is an on-screen programming schedule. It is a list of the current and future programs,There separate guides forTV programs and USING THE REMOTE ©IRECTV programs (available if you subscribe to DlRECTV ®...
  • Page 38: Bringing Upthe Program Guides

    C_CD_ button, you will view theTV program guide. If you are viewing the TV program guide and would like to view the DIRECTV guide, press DTV/SAT on the remote control to change "modes" and view the other guide. HITACHI CLt_e_4Mp...
  • Page 39: Anatomy Of The Tv Program Guide

    USING THE PROGRAM GUIDES ANATOMY OF THE TV PROGRAM GUIDE To access the TV program guide, press the DTV/SAT button on the remote control until ANTENNA A or ANTENNA B is displayed in the channel banner, then press GUIDE on the remote control. The following diagram shows you the kind of information you will see in theTV program guide.
  • Page 40: Anatomy Of The Directv Program Guide

    USING THE PROGRAM GUIDES ANATOMY OF THE DIRECTV ® PROGRAMMING GUIDE To access the DIRECTV guide, you must subscribe to DIRECTV service. Press the DTV/SAT button until DIRECTV is highlighted in the channel banner, then press GUIDE on the remote control. The following diagram shows you the kind of information you will see in the DIRECTV program guide.
  • Page 41: Getting Around In The Guides

    USING THE PROGRAM GUIDES GETTING AROUND IN THE GUIDES There are several ways to change channels and move around the TV and DIRECTV program guides. Point to channels with the number buttons (0-9) You can quickly highlight any channel in the program guides by entering the channel number with the number buttons (0-9).
  • Page 42: Using The Guide Button

    USING THE PROGRAM GUIDES USING THE GUIDE BUTTON Each press of the GUIDE button on the remote control takes you to an alternate type of TV or DIRECTV'_ programming guide: Detail Guide, SurfGuide {DIRECTV only}, or Grid Guide. By default, the Detail Guide appears when you press GUIDE on the remote control. You can (hange the default guide from the Detail Guide to tile Grid Guide or SurfGuide {DIRECTV only) using the following steps: Select Preferences...
  • Page 43: Exiting A Program Guide

    USING THE PROGRAM GUIDES Guide Data Shows you the future guides that are available and lets you select one You can highlight any to view in either the DIRECTV ®or TV programming guide. program then tune to that channel or get more information by pressing the SELECT or INFO buttons.
  • Page 44: Sorting The Directv ® Programming Guide

    USING THE PROGRAM GUIDES SORTING THE DIRECTV ® PROGRAMMING GUIDE Sorting the guide is a way of organizing the DIRECTV programming guide to show only the types of programs that interest you. There are several on-screen buttons that sort the DIRECTV programming guide in different ways. The Sortingitems appear at the bottom of the Grid Guideand Detail Guide.
  • Page 45 USING THE PROGRAM GUIDES SORTINGTHE DIRECIX ,_ PROGRAMMING GUIDE BY MOVIES Select the movies sort item to tell the DIRECTV programming guide to list only DIRECTV movies. Select the movies sort item to sort the guide to list movies by type, such as comedies or musicals.
  • Page 46: The Other Items

    USING THE PROGRAM GUIDES THE OTHER ITEMS These items are located on both the DIRECTV_ and TV programming guides. Exit Exits the guide and returns you to normal viewing on the current channel. Press SELECT to continue. Help Brings up additional information about the guide. Press SELECTto continue. Down Arrow The arrow icon allows you to scroll down through other channels in the guide.
  • Page 47: Adjusting Tv Controls

    ADJUSTING TV CONTROLS SETUP AND CONNECTIONS The following section tells you how to adjust the picture quality and audio quality of yourT_ The Picture Quality menu contarns the controls that let you adjust the picture. USING THE REMOTE The Audio menu contains the controls that tet you adjust the way the audio sounds.
  • Page 48: Picture Quality Controls

    ADJUSTING TV CONTROLS PICTURE QUALITY CONTROLS The Picture Quality menu contains all of the TV's video configuration controls. To access the Picture Quality menu, press MENU on the remote control to go to the main menu, then select Picture Quality. PICTURE SETTINGS The Picture Settings menu displays the controls for adjusting the way the picture looks.
  • Page 49: Auto Color

    ADJUSTING TV CONTROLS Then press menu. Depending upon which Select Picture Quality, and then select Picture Settings to set picture settings for the Screen Format you desired input. select, it may be necessary to activate Magic Focus twice. If Magic Focus is activated AUTO COLOR while in Normal/Full/Fill...
  • Page 50: Audio Controls

    ADJUSTING TV CONTROLS AUDIO CONTROLS The Audio menu lets you adjust the controls that involve the TV's audio outputs. To access the Audio menu, press MENU on the remote, then select Audio from tile main menu. MUTE Turn Mute on (select Sound Off) to set the TV's volume to its minimum level. The same can be accomplished by pressing MUTE on the remote control.
  • Page 51 ADJUSTING TV CONTROLS Internal TV Only Choose this option if you do not want to use any external speakers and want all the sound to come from the TV's internal speakers. Make sure to turn the back panel's INT./EXT. Front Speaker switch to INT. Inrernal TVOnly InternalTV and Rear...
  • Page 52 ADJUSTING TV CONTROLS External Front wl Amp wlTV Center Choose this option if you would like to use When you select Sound external front speakers and a separate amplifier you have connected to the TV Check, you will hear a and would also like to use the internal center speaker in the TV.
  • Page 53: Special Audio

    ADJUSTING TV CONTROLS Audio Output Displays a choice list of available audio output modes, which For more information on determine how volume will be controlled through the output jacks. the variable and fixed Fixed Output Fixed audio mode provides a fixed output control level from audio jacks, see the the TV's audio output jacks to an external device such an external sound section "Setup and...
  • Page 54: Loudness

    ADJUSTING TV CONTROLS Optical Output Select Auto Select if your TV is connected to a Dolby Digital and r When the TV is PCM decoder. Select Dolby Digital if the TV is connected to a Dolby Digital only connected to an decoder;...
  • Page 55: Using The Profiles

    USING THE PROFILES This section describes the user profiles SETUP AND CONNECTIONS feature. It includes information about: creating a profile'sTV and DIRECTV viewing lists. BASICTV OPERATION setting spending limits. setting DIRECTV ® programming,TV, and movie rating limits, USING THE REMOTE blocking unrated TV programs, locking and unlocking a profile.
  • Page 56: About Profiles

    USING THE PROFILES ABOUT PROFILES Use the MENU button on the remote control to When you select Profiles from the main menu, you can create four different profiles bring up the main menu, in addition to the default "Family" profile. You can set up specific channels, rating use the arrows to limits, and spending limits for each profile.
  • Page 57: Selecting Or Deleting All Directv Channels

    USING THE PROFILES Check_e channels y ou wantto includein _e list. Use the arrow buttons to point to a DIRECTV channel, and press SELECTto remove (or replace) the check mark. Checkmarked items appear in the DIRECTV channel list. In other words, when you select that profile and begin surfing through DIRECTV channels with the channel up and down buttons, only the checkmarked channels will appear as you surf.
  • Page 58: Setting The Directv Rating Limit

    USING THE PROFILES Lock the system. See "Locking the System" near the end of this section for Important! details. You need to lock the After a spending limit is set and the system is locked, you must enter a password to system in order for rating purchase a pay per view program that costs more than your spending limit allows.
  • Page 59: The Tv Setup

    USING THE PROFILES THE TV SETUP You can establish TV channel lists, set spending limits, and set rating limits for TV programs using the TV Setup menu. EDITING CHANNELS IN ATV LIST You should create a TV channel list to establish which TV channels (including both analog and digital) the selected profile can access.
  • Page 60: Setting Thetv Rating

    USING THE PROFILES SETTING THE TV RATING The Set TV Rating menu enables you to program your TV so children cannot see certain programs or channels. The last three choices in the TV Setup menu involve software inside your TV (often called V-Chip) which allows you to "block"...
  • Page 61: The Rating Limit Screen

    USING THE PROFILES To set'IV programming limits: From the main menu, select Profiles. Select the user name you would like to set limits for through the Profiles menu. Select TV Setup from the next menu. Select Set TV Rating. Remember you are only blocking TV programs and movies for the one Profile you select in the...
  • Page 62: Blocking Age-Based Ratings

    USING THE PROFILES BLOCKING AGE-BASED RATINGS t" • When you change the status of a rating to Block, You can automatically block all program ratings above a specified age based rating the system will level. For example, if you only want your child to watch programs that have a automatically block TV-G rating and lower (in other words, you want the child to watch only TV-G,...
  • Page 63 USING THE PROFILES Blocking Specific Content Themes You can block programs based on their content. (Content is represented by the D, L, S, V, and FV on your screen. See "Setting theTV Rating" for details.) When you block a content theme for a particular rating, you automatically block that content theme for higher rated programs as well.
  • Page 64: Setting The Movie Rating

    USING THE PROFILES SETTING THE MOVIE RATING Please note that the rating limits you set You set movie rating limits by blocking movies rated above a specified level. To while in the TV Setup access the Set Movie Rating menu; menu apply only toTV programs--they do not...
  • Page 65: Blocking Unrated Tv Shows

    USING THE PROFILES Viewing Moving Ratings Some movies may he After you block movie ratings, you have the option of going back and changing some given a "Not Rated" of the rating status buttons back to View: rating. After blocking Determine the movie ratings you want to change to View (V}.
  • Page 66: Choosing Your Profile

    USING THE PROFILES CHOOSING YOUR PROFILE Each time you turn on the TV, the Family profile is selected by default. To select a different profile: Press the USER button to scroll through the profiles in the channel banner. The WHO button toggles through the profiles. When your profile appears, enter your four-digit personal password to access your profile.
  • Page 67: Locking And Unlockinga User Profile

    USING THE PROFILES LOCKING AND UNLOCKING A USER PROFILE Don't Forget Your Password When you lock a profile, you prevent anyone who does not know the user password from accessing the locked profile. This applies only when they press If you forget a USER USER on the remote control.
  • Page 68: Locking The System

    USING THE PROFILES LOCKING THE SYSTEM itit LOCKED/UNLOCKED When you lock the system, all limits set up for all profiles are put into effect, the channel banner are an regardless of whether the profile is locked or unlocked. Unlocked profiles easy way to lock or unlock require no user password to access their channel list if the system is locked.
  • Page 69: System Options And Preferences

    SYSTEM OPTIONS AND PREFERENCES SETUP AND CONNECTIONS This chapter describes the other options available to you such as: selecting a signal source and type • auto link to tune to the VCR I ,VCR2, or USINGTHE REMOTE DVD channel searching for all available channels BASICTV OPERATION checking your mailbox...
  • Page 70: Changing The Signal Source

    SYSTEM OPTIONS AND PREFERENCES CHANGING THE SIGNAL SOURCE The Signal Source menu allows you to choose the source from which you would like the signal to come: Antenna A, Antenna B, or SATor Video Inputs. The same can be accomplished using the DTV/SAT, ANT, and INPUT buttons on your remote control.
  • Page 71: Auto Link

    SYSTEM OPTIONS AND PREFERENCES AUTO LINK This menu displays the various components you have connected to your TV. It lets you set up the TV to automatically turn on and tune to the correct input channel, when a VIDEO input is selected. Use the arrow keys on the remote control to highlight Disable or Enable.
  • Page 72: Auto Chan Set

    SYSTEM OPTIONS AND PREFERENCES AUTO CHAN !ist and remove Engaging in a channel search tells theTV to search automatically for all the unwanted channels You can edit the channel terrestrial TV channels available through the Antenna A and B inputs. When the TV using the Profiles menu.
  • Page 73: Purchases: Pay Perview Programs

    SYSTEM OPTIONS AND PREFERENCES PURCHASES: PAY PERVIEW PROGRAMS Pay per view* (PPV) programs are DIRECTV programs that you purchase--like a movie ticket---on an event-by-event basis if you subscribe to DIRECTV® programming. Pay per view programs are labeled "PPV" in the DIRECTV program guide. A channel labeled PPV could run nothing but previews for movies.
  • Page 74: Using The Program Guide For Pay Per View Programs

    SYSTEM OPTIONS AND PREFERENCES USING THE PROGRAM GUIDE FOR PAY PER VIEW PROGRAMS Another way to get to the Program Details screen is by using the DIRECTV programming guide (if you subscribe to DIRECTV). Press DTV/SAT on the remote control until SAT is highlighted in the channel banner, then press GUIDE.
  • Page 75 SYSTEM OPTIONS AND PREFERENCES USING THE ATTRACTIONS GUIDE Your program providers may offer future programming events not currently listed in your DIRECTV program guide. These events are called "coming attractions" and can be previewed in the Attractions Guide. To access the Attractions Guide: Press the DTV/SAT button on the remote control until SAT is highlighted...
  • Page 76: Reviewing And Canceling An Upcoming Purchase

    SYSTEM OPTIONS PREFERENCES USING THE PURCHASES MENU The Purchases menu allows you to review upcoming and past DIRECTV pay-per-view purchases. ThePurchases m enushowsyou upcomingor past DIRECTV purchasesand spending limits. The list of purchases may be longer than one screen; use the down arrow button on the remote control to see more items.
  • Page 77: Setting Thetime And Date

    SYSTEM OPTIONS AND PREFERENCES SETTING THE TIME AND DATE You can set the current time and day, the current date, the time zone, and whether or not you observe daylight saving time. Indicatethe settJngs f aryourarea. Use the arrow buttons to move around the menu screen, SELECTto select an item, and the digit buttons on your remote control to enter numbers.
  • Page 78 SYSTEM OPTIONS AND PREFERENCES DEFAULT GUIDE By default, the Detail Guide appears when you press GUIDE on the remote control, no Formore information matter if you access the DIRECTV®programming guide or the TV guide. You can change about the three types of the default guide from the Detail Guide to the Grid Guide or SuffGuide (DIRECTV only).
  • Page 79 SYSTEM OPTIONS PREFERENCES CAPTION DISPLAY The Caption Display menu displays a choice list that lets you choose when closed captioning information is shown on the screen. No captioning information is displayed. Captioning information is shown always, when available. On When Muted Captioning information is only shown when the TV's sound is muted, when available.
  • Page 80: Getting Assistance

    GETTING ASSISTANCE SETUP AND CONNECTIONS If you run across any problems or need to rely on the system to give you feedback, ¥ you should use the Assistance menu to get information.This section explains the USING THE REMOTE different types of assistance your system is capable of giving you.
  • Page 81: Running The System Setup

    GETTING ASSISTANCE RUNNING THE SYSTEM SETUP You should have completed the system setup the first time you plugged in your TV. However, if you need to access the system setup again, you can access it through the Assistance menu. Press MENU on the remote control to access the main menu. Select Assistance from the main menu.
  • Page 82: The Select Dish Menu Screen

    GETTING ASSISTANCE When getting antenna information, the screen lists: • the channel number, Note that if you highlight • the station name, if available, a channel in the Antenna Info menu, you tune to • whether the channel is digital or analog, the channel and, if •...
  • Page 83: Using The On-Screen Signal Meter

    GETTING ASSISTANCE USING THE ON-SCREEN SIGNAL METER The signal strength meter is used to determine whether you are receiving the DIRECTV signal; it also indicates the strength of the DIRECTV signal once the signal Peak Signal is acquired. Follow these steps to bring up the on-screen signal meter: The "Peak Signal"...
  • Page 84: Reference

  • Page 85: Troubleshooting

    REFERENCE TROUBLESHOOTING Can't select certain channel • Channel may be blocked or not approved in the Profiles menu. • If using a VCR, check to make sure the TV/VCR button on the VCR is in the correct "mode." Noisy stereo reception •...
  • Page 86: Care And Cleaning

    REFERENCE Blank screen • Maybe the component (VCR, DVD, etc.) connected to the irrput jacks is not on. • Try another channel, because there may just not be any programming on at that time. • Cables in back may be disconnected. TV will not turn on •...
  • Page 87: Hitachi Service Hotline

    Home Electronics Division Hitachi has made every effort to assure you hours of trouble free operation from your unit. However, should you require service, a network of Hitachi Authorized Service Facilities has been established in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Each facility will provide you with convenient and expedient assistance.
  • Page 88: Accessory Information

    REFERENCE ACCESSORY INFORMATION The following accessories are available from most dealers connectors on each end for and electronics supply stores in case you want to position -Video Cable has multi-pro connecting S-V deo comp(}nent_ I_ your components farther apart or need additional cables. your TV.
  • Page 89 REFERENCE Remote Control This is the remote control that came packed with your TV. Replacements or spares can be ordered as needed. 2-way Signal Splitter, 4-way Signal Splitter* helps you connect to other component. 2-way Splitter 4-way Splitter Amplified VHF/UHF/FM Antenna allows you to easily switch from the...
  • Page 90: Index

    REFERENCE INDEX Jacks 12 3 sound 53 Camcorder Digital Receiver 12 Access card 15, 83 Canceling purchases Number DTV/SAT button .Caption Accessories Dynamic bass 54 Display Mode 79 Age-based ratings Blocking Care and cleaning Viewing Center volume Editing Alternate audio 31, 54 Changing Channels 56 Amplifier...
  • Page 91 REFERENCE Program guides Anatomy Hall Surround Sound Naming profiles Default guide 78 New access card Detail guide 42 Help DIRECTV 38 Noise reduction button 24 Down arrow 46 Not rated Exiting 43 Movies 65 Grid guide 42 Programs 60, 65 INFO button 13, 24, 41 Help 46...
  • Page 92 REFERENCE Text Second Audio Program {SAP) 54 Closed caption SELECT button Theatre Weak reception Time and date Wireless Movie ratings 64 Tint 48 Fransmitler, c{mnecling Rating limit 58 Time and date 77 Translucency TRANSMITTER Sharpness Audio 54 Signal Meter B3 lack 16, 20 Peak Signal 83 Troubleshooting...
  • Page 93 NOTES:...
  • Page 94 NOTES:...
  • Page 95 NOTES:...
  • Page 96 HITACHI Trademark(s)® Registered Marca(s) Registrada(s) DIRECTV is a trademark of DIRECTV, Inc., a unit of Hughes Electronics Corp., and is used with permission. QR27342...