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Electric D_er


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    Electric D_er S@cheoJinge Genesis Secad@ra £J@¢trica...

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    iiiii!!i:l!! WARNING - To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or iniury to persons when using your appliance, follow the basic precautions, including the following: Read all of the instructions before using this applianceo Don't dry articles that have been previously cleaned in, washed in, soaked in, or spotted with gasoline, dry clean solvents or other flammable explosive sub stains as they give off vapors which could ignite or explode.

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    16.This dryermust b eproperly i nstalled in accordance withthe installation i nstructions before it is used. S ee grounding instructions in theinstallations sections. 17.Proper grounding mustbeensured t o reduce t heriskofelectric s hock andforce.Check w itha qualified electrician or service personnel if youarein doubtasto whether thedryeris properly g rounded.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    PAGE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..............|NSTALLATIION |NSTRUCT|ONS ..........4-12 Tools and Materials Required ..............Electrical Requirements ................ Unpacking Your Dryer ................ Exhaust System Connections ..............Requirements and Instructions .............. Materials .................... Location of Your Dryer ................ Installation in Mobile Home ..............Electrical Connections ................

  • Page 5: Tools And Materials Required

    Select a suitable location for the dryer on a hard even surface away from direct sunlight or heat sources, baseboard heaters, cooking appliances etc. Any floor unevenness should be corrected with leveling legs located on the bottom of the dryer. Tooms and materi ls required...

  • Page 6: Requirements And Instructions

    Requirements |nstructions The fol|owing specific requirements for proper and safe operation of your dryer. Failure to follow these instructions can create excessive drying times and fire hazards. 1. Do not use plastic flexible duct to exhaust the dryer_ Excessive lint can build up inside exhaust system and create a fire hazard and restrict air flow.

  • Page 7

    Materla|s Use only 4 inch (t0.2cm) diameter (minimum) rigid of flexible metal duct and approved vent hood which has a swing-out damper hat open when the dryer is in operation. When the dryer stops, the dampers automatically dose to prevent drafts and the entrance of insects and rodents.

  • Page 8

    Do Not Install Your Dryer: • In an area exposed to dripping water or outside weather conditions. , In an area where it will come in contact with curtains, thick carpet,or any thing that will obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air. •...

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    Corr_t _ncorrect _rr_:t _ncorrect Corr Incorrect...

  • Page 10: Requirements And Instructions

    Requirements instructions The foffowing specific requirements for proper safe electrical insta||ation of your dryer. Faffure to foffow these instructions can create electrical shock and/or fire hazard. 1. This appliance must be properly grounded. Electrical shock can result if the dryer is not properly grounded. Follow the instructions in this manual for proper grounding.

  • Page 11: 3-wire Cord Connections

    3-Wire Cord Connections (USA only) 1. Remove the screws securing the terminal block access cover and the strain relief mounting bracket located on the back of the dryer upper corner. 2. Install a U.L. approved strain relief into the power cord entry hole of the mounting bracket.

  • Page 12: 4-wire Cord Connections

    4-Wire Cord Connections Brass Terminal Green Ground Green PowerCord Screw Ground Wire Terminal Block Block Tighten Nut to ..__ These Threads Power Cord Strain Relief Mounting Bracket 1. Remove the screws securing the terminal block access cover and the strain relief mounting bracket located on the back of the dryer upper corner.

  • Page 13: Materials

    Thread a U.L. approved 30 Amp power cord. NEMA 14u30 type ST or SRDT through the strain relief. Attach the green power cord ground wire to the cabinet with green ground screw, Attach the white (neutral) power cord conductors to the outer cord and the green ground wire from the dryer harness to the brass-colored center terminal on the terminal block.

  • Page 14: Understanding The Control Panel

    Understanding the Control Panel @ @@ @ @©@@@ @¢> Note: Features may vary per model. Start/Pause Button: , Pressthe button to turn the dryer ON. Pressthis button once to start the dry process. Press this button once again to pause the activity during the dry cycle.

  • Page 15: Auto Dry Cycle

    More Time & Less Time Button: - Set time from 0 to 180 minutes when Timed Dry or Rack Dry cycle selected. Timed-Dry Cycles Button: (8) " "Timed-Dry Cycles" button will let you select your desired dry mode. Timed Dry: You can set status of "Temp'*, "Signal" and dry time with "More Time" and "Less Time"...

  • Page 16

    * Sort theclothes ofthesame kind(cotton, synthetics, woden) todry. * Dark andlightcolored c lothes should b e separately dried. Fabrics prone to losing lint and those prone to adhering lint shall be separately dried. Clothes prone to falling lint should be turned inside out before putting into the dryer. Make sure buttons and ornaments on the clothes are high temperature resistant and won't damage drum surface.

  • Page 17: Rack Dry Cycle

    ° The appropriate load shall be 1/3 - 1/2 of the drum volume. Avoid too much load, space is needed to allow clothes free rotation for uniform and wrinkle proof drying. o When drying big articles, only 2-3 pieces shall be loaded at a time and supplemented with small and medium sized articles.

  • Page 18

    Cycle Signal Softer Wrinkle Care Cycles Normal LED display Indicate current program remaining time Temp High Sensor Dry Level More Dry Timed/Cycles Auto-program 2. Press "Auto-Dry Cycles" button to select a suitable full automatic cycle. * The Normal program will be automatically selected after powering on.

  • Page 19

    4. Press "Temp" button to set a suitable drying temperature. o After switching on, the dryer sets corresponding temperature adapting to different program selected, if other drying temperature is wanted, press "Temp" button to enable such a selection. 5. Press "Signal" button, a buzzer will sound upon end of a cycle. •...

  • Page 20

    ® Press any button except "Off" button to power on. Press "Timed-Dry Cycles" button and select "Timed Dry" cycle. • After powering on, press "Timed-Dry Cycle" button to select "Timed Dry" program. Press "More Time" And "Less Time" buttons to set a suitable time.

  • Page 21: Other Features

    @® © Press any button except "OFF"button to power on. Press "Timed-Dry Cycles" button and select "Rack Dry" cycle. • After powering on, press "Timed-Dry Cycle" button to select "Rack Dry" program. Press"More Time" And "Less Time" buttons to set a suitable time. •...

  • Page 22: Tips

    The following s ounds arenormal during theoperation ofthedryer. • Tumbling sound: this is normal as the heavy wet clothes in the dryer are continuously being tossed around. " Air rushing noise: this happens as the dryer drum spins at very high RPM and the air is rushing through the dryer drum.

  • Page 23: Normal Operating Sounds

    Dryer does not operate: * Check if unit is plugged in. The plug may hove come loose. - Check if the electrical wall receptacle is of proper voltage. * Check if the circuit breaker needs to be reset or if the fuse needs to be replaced.

  • Page 24

    For ] 2 months from the date of original retail A product whose original seriam number purchase, Haier will repair or replace any part been removed or altered. free of charge including labor that fails due to Any service charges...

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