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Electric Dryer
User Manual
Model # HLF11PC
Guide de l'Utilisateur
Modéle # HLF11PC


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   Summary of Contents for HAIER HLF11PC - 06-04

  • Page 1: Electric Dryer

    Electric Dryer Seche-Linge User Manual Model # HLF11PC Guide de l’Utilisateur Modéle # HLF11PC Quality Innovation Style...

  • Page 2: Important Safeguards

    5. Do not reach into the appliance if the drum is moving. 6. Do not install or store this appliance where it will be exposed to water and/or to the weather. 7. Do not tamper with controls.

  • Page 3: Save These Instructions

    Disconnect power cord by grasping the plug, not the cord. 20. Replace worn power cords and/or loose plugs. 21. To reduce the risk of electric shock or fire, do not use extension cords or adapters to connect dryer to electrical power source.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Installation in Mobile Home WARRANTY Thank you for using our Haier prod- uct. This easy-to-use manual will Model number guide you in getting the best use of your dryer. Serial number Remember to record the model and Date of purchase serial number.

  • Page 5: Operating Instructions

    English Operating Instructions Power On/Off Button: (1) • Press the button once to operate the dryer. Press the button once again to turn the dryer “OFF”. Start/Pause Button: (2) • Press this button once to start the dry process. Press this button once again to pause during the dry cycle.

  • Page 6

    • If setting “Delay Start” is in standby status, the digital display indicates 3 hr, which will increase by 1 hr with each pressing (until 24 and return to 3) of the button. If it is pressed for 1.5 seconds, the display indicated value will increase continuously.

  • Page 7: Preparations Before Drying

    • Make sure exhaust duct has been connected with extension pipe. • Make sure lint filter is clean and then assemble it properly. If lint filter is not in place, tumbling items could enter the exhaust system and cause damage to the dryer.

  • Page 8: Load Clothes Into Dryer

    Load Clothes into Dryer Auto Dry Cycle and Timed Dry Cycle • The appropriate load is 1/3 to 1/2 of the drum volume. Avoid to overload the dryer, as space is needed to allow clothes to tumble for uniform and wrinkle proof drying.

  • Page 9

    • To select your desired settings the “Customized” function should be chosen. • It can memorize programs defined by user and display the previous program upon next application of this function. Use details are as follows: After powering on, press “Cycles”...

  • Page 10

    If other drying temperature is required, press “Temp” button to enable such a selection. 5. Press “Cycle Signal” button, you will be reminded up upon end of a cycle. • After switching on, the dryer automatically sets a buzzer at “Softer,” while the user may choose from three prompt sound conditions “Louder,”...

  • Page 11: Timed Dry Cycle

    1. Press “Power On/Off” button to power on. 2. Press “Timed/Cycles” button and select “Timed Dry” cycle. 3. Press “More Time” and “Less Time” buttons to set a suitable dry time. 4-7. Press buttons “Temp,” “Cycle Signal,” “Delay Start,” and “Wrinkle Care,”...

  • Page 12: Rack Dry Cycle

    Other Features Your dryer also has the following features for your convenience: Lint Filter: • All dryers come with a lint filter that needs to be cleaned before or after every use (read Care and Cleaning Guide Section). Leveling Legs: •...

  • Page 13: Normal Operating Sounds

    Normal Operating Sounds Following sounds are normally heard during the operation of the dryer. • Tumbling sounds. This is normal as the heavy wet clothes in the dryer are continuously being tossed around. • Air rushing noise. This happens as the dryer drum spins at very high RPM and the air is rushing through the dryer drum.

  • Page 14: Care And Cleaning Guide

    • Lint filter needs to be cleaned before or after each use for your unit to operate at optimum efficiency. The filter can be slid out, by pulling on the tab located on the inside of the dryer door. The fil- ter may be washed or vacuumed. Remove the excess water from the filter by gently shaking the filter.

  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    • Check if unit is plugged in. The plug may have come loose. • Check if the electrical wall receptacle is of proper voltage. • Check if the circuit breaker needs to be reset or if the fuse needs to be replaced.

  • Page 16: Electrical Requirements

    Check with a qualified electrician or service representative or personnel if you are in doubt as to whether the dryer is 4-Wire receptacle 14-30R properly grouded. Do not modify the plug pro-...

  • Page 17: Installation Instructions

    English INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Select a suitable location for the dryer on a hard even surface away from direct sunlight or heat source e.g. radiators, baseboard heaters, cooking appliances etc. Any floor unevenness should be corrected with the leveling legs located on bottom of the dryer.

  • Page 18: Exhaust System Connections

    Restricted air flow will increase dryer times. If your present system is made up of plastic duct or metal foil duct, replace it with a rigid or flexible metal duct. Ensure present duct is free of any lint prior to installing dryer duct.

  • Page 19: Materials

    To avoid restricting the outlet, maintain a minimum of 12 inches (30.5 cm) clearance between the vent hood and the ground or any other obstruction. The vent flap should be able to move freely.

  • Page 20

    The exhaust system should be inspected and cleaned a minimum of every 18 months with normal usage. The more the dryer is used, the more often you should check the exhaust system and vent hood for...

  • Page 21: Location Of Your Dryer

    Do Not Install Your Dryer: • In an area exposed to dripping water or outside weather conditions. • In an area where it will come in contact with curtains, drapes, or anything that will obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air.

  • Page 22: Installation In Mobile Home

    Metal ducting must be 4 inches (10.16 cm) in diameter with no obstructions. Rigid metal duct is preferred. • If dryer is exhausted through the floor and area beneath the mobile home is enclosed, the exhaust system must terminate outside the enclosure with the termination securely fastened to the mobile home structure.

  • Page 23: Warranty

    Damage to clothing workmanship. Haier is responsible solely Damage incurred in shipping for the cost of the part.

  • Page 24

    DATED PROOF OF PURCHASE REQUIRED FOR WARRANTY SERVICE IMPORTANT Ne pas Réexpédier ce Produit au Magasin Pour tout problème concernant ce produit, veuillez contacter le service des consommateurs "Haier Customer Satisfaction Center" au 1-877-337-3639. UNE PREUVE D’ACHAT DATEE EST REQUISE POUR BENEFICIER DE LA GARANTIE.

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