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Safety Instructions
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Care and Cleaning
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Light; Bulb Replacement
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Contents Aluminum _bil 4, 18 Vent Duct Anti-Tip Bracket 3, 5 Problem Solver Appliance Registration Repair Service Canning Tips Safety Instructions 3, 4 Care and Cleaning 22-25 Surface Cooking Clock/Timer Control Settings Energy-Saving Tips Cookware Tips 10, 11 Features 6, 7 Warranty Back Cover Installation...

  • Page 2

    These numbers are also on the (_nncHrt_a*r ProPHet f)x_n_rchin Registration Card that came with your range. Before sending in this card, please write these numbers here: Model Number Serial Number [ Ire. the, ge nurnhexg in any ......correspondence or service calls concerning your range.

  • Page 3

    Read aR instructions befbre using this appliance. ® Do not leave children alone-- * Do not let cooking grease When using electrical appliances, children should not be left alone or other flammable materials basic safbty precautions should accumuhte in or near the or unattended in an area where be fol!owed, including the following:...

  • Page 4

    xMP©RTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTgONS (continued) Surface Cooking UniN * Keep an eye on foods being Oven Use proper pan size--This Stand away from range when HIGH heats. appliance is equipped with one opening oven doon Hot air or or more surface units of different * TOavoid the possibility steam which escapes can cause of a burn or electric shock,...

  • Page 5

    _(bur range, like many other i_tllrll_ll2_ %00Nlng household items, is heavy and * Preheat oven only when Use cookware of medium weight aluminum, with tight-fitting covers, necessary. Most foods will cook such as cushionedvinyl or satisfactorily without preheating. and flat bottoms which completely carpeting.

  • Page 6

    _atures o[ _our KaHge Model JBP22K Mode! JBP26K, _P26GK Mode! .H_P24GK...

  • Page 7: Model And Serial Numbers

    Models Explained Model Model Model Model JBP26K Feature Index JBP22K JBP22GK _P23K JBP24GK ,_P26GK I on page 1 Model and Serial Numbers 2 Surface Unit Controls ® 3 "ON" Indicator Light/Lights for Surface Units 4 Oven Set Contro! ® L)V_II l_lllp LOllt[_dA ®...

  • Page 8: Surface Cooking

    Surface Cooking See Surface Cooking Guide on pages 10 and 11. How to Set the Controls Surface Cooking with Cooking Guide Infinite Heat Controls for Using Heats Your surface units and comro!s Quick start for cooking; are designed to give you an infinite bring water to boil.

  • Page 9

    Questions & Answers iQ. May I can foods and preserves Q. Can I use special cooking Q. Why does my cookware tilt _ilw, fo.-_ Hrdf9 on any surface units? A. Because the surface unit is not A. Yes, but only use cookware A_ Cookware without flat surfaces fl,_.

  • Page 10: Cookware Tips

    _UI'E_ _UUKaI_ _JUIU_ Cookware Tips ",_ra_rlna '_ [_na hoirlln_ r,r_t-_€_ cookware. Aluminum cookware energy, pans should be fiat on the porcelain, and discoloration conducts heat thster than other ranging from blue to dark gray on bottom, have straight sides and tight metals.

  • Page 11

    RIGHT . Deep Fat Frying. Do not overfill ettle with fat that may spill over wl!_ll _LIUIIIg IUUU, _lO_ty IOOUi:i bubble vigorously. Watch foods frying at HIGH temperatures keep range and hood clean from accumulated grease. UV t" I't I'" Directions and Setting Setting to Complete Comments...

  • Page 12

    Automatic Timer and Clock Questions and Answers fme Bake Uses The Automatic Timer and Clock on your range are n_lplUl u_vl_:_b L-IJkU LUI!_ lffl::U+l_ 111111lllt1_1 Q. How can I use my Minute serve several purposes. Timer to make my surface Usin_g Aut_omaticTimer, you can TIME BAKE wltla the oven starting...

  • Page 13

    Using Your Oven Before Using YourOven Oven Light PREHEATING the oven, even to h;ah t_,mnarntnro _ttincr¢ ;c cno_dxt !. Look at the controls. Be sure --rarely more than about 10 minutes. you understand how to set them Preheat the oven only when _I'J[./_,IJ.cY.

  • Page 14

    Bakinz !6' II_II UUOKIII_ _1 IUUU lt,_l lll_,t 1.11_11. yUU bl_t. l_htllll])l_b lll,lllll,AllOD._ Rtart tnrn_ nn now VI311 (nvon set it to turn off automatically) given on recipes as a guide. Oven Delay Start and Stop (setting the thermostats, over a period of years, oven to turn on automatically at a may "drift"...

  • Page 15

    3. Preheating the oven is not always 2. Dark or non-shiny finishes and 1. Aluminum pans conduct heat necessary, especially for foods glass cookware generally absorb quickly. For most conventional _xzhir'h ondk "41"1 ' to ._0 l.,_oe ,_,hl,-.h r,ooxz r,_,m,H" ";ta Arw or;_ Innoor than minutes.

  • Page 16

    Roasting i s cooking bydryheat. Questions and Answers Tender meat o r poultrycanbe Qo _s it necessary to check for doneness with a meat thermometer? Roasting t emperatures, which should belowandsteady, keep A. Checking the finished internal spattering t oaminimum. W hen temperature at the completion roasting, it isnotnecessary to...

  • Page 17

    Koasung ulae Roasting 5. Frozen roasts can be a. t_emove mt anu unppmgs i"USIUOII OV_I1 S[I_II small-size roasts (3 to 7 lbs.) and necessary. Baste as desired. conventionally roasted by adding at A for larger roasts. 10 to 25 minutes per pound more 4.

  • Page 18

    Broiling Questions & Answers Broiling is cooking lbod by intense radiant heat from the upper unit in Q. Why should I leave the door the oven. Most fish and tender cuts closed when broiling chicken? of meat can be broiled. Follow A.

  • Page 19

    Broiling Guide Broiling 6. Broiler does not need to be To slash, cut crosswise through outer fat surface just to the edge of preheated. However, for very thin 1. Always use broiler pan and rack the meat. Use tongs to turn meat foods, or to increase browning, that comes with your oven.

  • Page 20

    Operating the Self-Cleaning Oven Before Setting Oven Step 2: Step 5: Comrois, Check These 111_ _IUlIIIIIUlII [.)01 _igllll- right as far as it will go. enameled drip pans that came Things: with your range can be cleaned automatically in the self-cleaning Step 1: oven, but the aluminum pans may...

  • Page 21

    Questions and Answers Follow These Steps after oven to cool for at least one hour Self-Cleaning before opening the door. Wipe up Q. Why won't my oven clean the excess soil and reset the clean immediately even though I set After cleaning is complete, all the time and clean knobs door will stay Iocked until the oven...

  • Page 22

    C re and Cl nln (See Cleaning Guide, pages 24 and 25) _v_* _14_ _la_as important so your range will give Your range is vented through a duct you efficient and satisfactory located under the right rear surface service. Follow these directions unit.

  • Page 23

    Adjusthag Oven Thermostat Tilt-Lock (stand-up) Units Repeated lifting of the p|ug-in e._ARAAL AgltT_FS L_V[Aal _AIA.F_.FYQ_ _Al_k_ l,lSA Use time given on recipe when ring can permanently damage cooking first time. Oven thermostats, the receptacle, LIIII_) llli_[ff UIIIt tlUIII tllU factory setting and differences timing between an old and a new oven of 5 to 10 minutes are not TUt-Lock units cannot be removed.

  • Page 24

    Cleaning Guide NOTE: Let range/oven parts cool before touching or handling. M,A_EPJA!_ _ GENE__AL DLR.ECT!ONS Z,_AIA Bake Unit and Do not clean the bake unit or broil unit. Any soil will burn off when the unit is heated. Broil Unit Nc, J I'I_: liae I_al_eunit is nmgeo ano can De llt'Ie0 gently to clean me oven Iloor.

  • Page 25

    PART MATERIALS TO USE GE_RAL DIRECTIONS CBIrnd® _nri'ac_ DO NOT USE a dishwasher Spatters and spills burn away when the coils are heated. At the end of a meal, remove all utensils from the Calrod ®unit Unit Coils to clean the surface unit and heat the soiled units at HI.

  • Page 26

    .-:-,+_a+_ ++--+ Questions? POSSIBLE CAUSE AND REMEDY PROBLEM OVEN WILL NOT WORK Plug on range is not completely inse_ed in the electrical outlet. in your house has been tnppea, or a luse nas teen mown. 1 The circuit breaker ....... t Oven controls not properly Door left in locked position after cleaning.

  • Page 27

    To obtain service, see your warranty on the back page of this book. We're proud of our service and want you to be pleased. If for some reason you are not happy wi_h the service you receive, here are three steps to follow for further help.

  • Page 28: Warranty

    Consumer Affairs office at the Damage to product caused address below, or call, toil free: by accident, fire, floods or acts of God. GE Answer Center ® 800.626,2000 WARRANTOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE consumer information service FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

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