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Replacing The I,Ight Gull)S - GE PSS25MGMBBB Owner's Manual And Installation

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Replacing the light bulbs,
Setting either or both controls to 0 does not remove power to the light circuit.
Refrigerator Compartment--Upper Light
Unplug tile refrigerator.
The bulbs me locamd at the top of the
inside the light shieM.
Rem{)ve the screw at the fiont of the
light shieM.
To remove
tile light shieM, press in on
the tabs on the sides of the shield and
slide fox,yard and out.
After replacing the bulb with an
appliance bulb of the same or lower
wattage, replace the light shieM and
screw. When repladng
the light shieM,
make sure that the labs at the back of
the shieM fit into the slots at the back of
the light shieM h{)using.
Plug tlle refrigerator back in.
Refrigerator Compartment--Lower Light
Thislight is located abovethe top drawe_
Unplug tile refrigerator. tile light shieM up and pull it out.
After replacing tlle bulb xdth an
appliance bulb oftim same or h)wer
wattage, repla(e tlle shieM.
Plug the refligerator
back in.
Freezer Compartment
Unplug tile refrigerator.
Remove the sheltjust above the light
shieM. (The shelf will be easier to
remove if it is emptied first.) Remove
tile screw at tile top of tile light shieM.
To remove tile light shieM, press in on
tile sides, and lift up and out.
Replace the bulb with an appliance
bulb of tile same or lower wattage,
and reinstall the light shield. When
the light shield, make
sure the top tabs snap securely
into place. Replace the screw.
Reinstall the shelf and plug the
back in.
Unplug tile refrigerator.
Tile bulb is located on tlle dispenser
under the (onuol panel.
Remove the light bulb by turning
it (ounter( hx kxfise.
Replace tile bulb with a bulb of the
Plug the refligerator
back in.



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