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CRAFTSMAN 358.350380 Instruction Manual

Gasoline chain saw.
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Model No.
- 18 in. Bar
Parts List
For Occasional
Use Only
Read and follow all Safety
Rules and Operating
before first use of this product.
For answers
to your questions
about this product:
Call 7 am-7
pm, Mon-Sat;
Sun, 10 am-7
_Hours listed are Central Time)
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179 U.S.A.

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    Instruction Manual I CRRFTSMRN°I 2.6 2-Cycle GASOLINE CHAIN SAW Model No. 358.350380 - 18 in. Bar Safety Assembly Operation Maintenance Parts List Espa_ol For Occasional Use Only WARNING: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before first use of this product. For answers to your questions about this product:...

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    Parts & Ordering Back Cover FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN _ GAS CHAIN SAW For one year from the date of purchase, when this Craftsman Gas Chain Saw is maintained, lubricated and tuned up according to the instruction manual, Sears will repair, free of charge, any defect in material or workmanship.

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    ._,:f.¢' Kickback Path nents or the removal of safety devices may cause damage to the unit and possible injury to the operator or by- standers. Use only Craftsman acces- sories and replacement parts as rec- _t.._ <_2_ Avoid Obstructions ommended.

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    increase the chance of kickback. Fol- LI_ WARNING: Avoid kickback which low manufacturer's chain sharpening can result in serious injury. Kickback and maintenance instructions. Check is the backward, upward or sudden for- tension at regular intervals, but never with engine running. Make sure chain ward motion of the guide bar occurring brake nuts are securely tightened.

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    keep y our body f rom being i nadirect CHAIN BRAKE line with the cutting chain. • Chain Brake: designed to stop the • Stand with your weight evenly bal- chain in the event of kickback. anced onboth f eet. •...

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    joints, discontinue the use ofthis tool est l and a nd the states ofCalifornia, Ida- and seek m edical attention. Ananti-vi- ho, M aine, Minnesota, New Jersey, bration system d oes n ot g uarantee Oregon, and Washington require bylaw avoidance ofthese p roblems.

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    KNOW YOUR SAW READ THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR CHAIN SAW. Compare the illustrations with your unit to familiarize yourself with the location of the various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. Chain Front Hand Guard ''_ _/,_ Handle...

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    Craftsman ward t he front h andle asfaraspos- chain s aw bar o il. I fCraftsman bar o il sible.

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    IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER DIFFICULT STARTING (or starting flooded engine) When pulling the starter rope, do not The engine may be flooded if it has not use the full extent of the rope as this started after 10 pulls. can cause the rope to break. Do not Flooded engines can be cleared of ex- let starter rope snap back.

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    the hand g uard w ithout releasing your TREE FELLING TECHNIQUES grip around the front handle. The chain WARNING: Check for broken or should stop immediately. dead branches which can fall while cut- Inertia activating function control ting causing serious injury. Do not cut near buildings or electrical wires if you _WARNING: When performing...

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    NOTE: Iftree has large b uttress roots, saw aside and pull down the tree remove them before making the notch. with a cable winch, block and tackle, Ifusing s aw toremove buttress roots, or tractor. keep s aw chain f rom contacting CUTTING A FALLEN TREE...

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    use light u pward pressure. Hold s aw Using a support stand firmly a nd maintain control. The saw will t end topush b ack t oward you. _WARNING: N ever turn saw up- side down t oundercut. The saw can- not b econtrolled inthis position.

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    • Always use anovercut tocut s mall • Finish the pruning operation byusing and freely h anging limbs. Undercut- anovercut sothat t he stump o fthe limb )rotrudes 1to2 inches from the ting could c ause l imbs t ofall a nd trunk o fthe tree.

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    gine stops. Donot c onfuse this with a leaking oil t ank. • ON/STOP Switch - Ensure ON/STOP switch functions properly bymoving the switch tothe STOP position. Make s ure engine stops; then restart engine and continue. • Fuel Tank - Do not u se saw iffuel tank s hows signs o fdamage orleaks.

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    Tomaintain guide b ar: CLEAN AIR FILTER • Move O N/STOP switch toSTOR A dirty air filter decreases the life and • Loosen and remove chain b rake performance of the engine and in- nuts and chain b rake. Remove bar creases fuel consumption and harmful and chain f rom saw.

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    CLEANING THE SPARK 1. Loosen 3screws oncylinder ARRESTING SCREEN cover. Cleaning isrequired every 2 5hours o f 2. Remove the cylinder cover. 3. Pull off t he spark p lug boot. operation orannually, whichever comes first. 4. Remove spark plug from cylinder and discard.

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    Old fuel, a dirty air filter, dirty fuel filter, or flooding may give the impression an improperly adjusted carburetor. Check these conditions before adjust- ing the carburetor. The carburetor has been carefully Tensioning Rack at the factory. Adjustments may be necessary if you notice any of the fol- Slide guide bar behind clutch drum...

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    Run engine at least 5 min- ventilated area where fuel vapors utes after adding stabilizer. cannot reach sparks or open flames Craftsman 40:1,2-cycle engine oil (air from water heaters, electric motors or cooled) is especially blended with fuel switches, furnaces, etc.

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    TROUBLESHOOTING TABLE WARNING: Always stop unit a nd disconnect spark p lug b efore perform- ing allofthe recommended remedies below except remedies that r equire operation of the unit. REMEDY TROUBLE CAUSE 1. Move ON/STOP switch to ON. Engine will not 1.

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    TROUBLESHOOTING TABLE - Continued TROUBLE CAUSE REMEDY Oil inadequate 1. Oil tank empty. 1. Fill oil tank. for bar and 2. Oil pump or oil filter 2. Contact Sears Service. chain clogged. lubrication. 3. Guide bar oil hole 3. Remove bar and clean.

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    MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY vice center or call Sears at 1-800-469-4663. WARRANTY COVERAGE: If any emissions related part on your engine (as listed under RIOD: Any warranted part which is not Emissions Control Warranty Parts List) scheduled for replacement as required is defective or a defect in the materials maintenance, or which is scheduled or workmanship...

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