Craftsman 358.350060 Operator's Manual

Craftsman 358.350060 Operator's Manual

2.2 cu. in./36cc 2-cycle gasoline chain saw


Operator's Manual
2.2 cu. in./36cc 2-Cycle
Model No.
358.350060 - 16 in. Bar
Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating
Instructions before first use of this product.
For answers to your questions about this product:
Call 7 am-7 pm, Mon.--Sat., or 10 am-7 pm, Sun.
_ars, Roebuck and Co., HoffmanEstates,IL 60179 USA
530087821 07/17/98


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  • Page 1 Operator's Manual CRRFTSMRN 2.2 cu. in./36cc 2-Cycle GASOLINE CHAIN SAW Model No. 358.350060 - 16 in. Bar Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating WARNING: Instructions before first use of this product. For answers to your questions about this product: Call 7 am-7 pm, Mon.--Sat., or 10 am-7 pm, Sun.
  • Page 2: Plan Ahead

    ON CRAFTSMAN ® GAS CHAIN SAW For one year from the date of purchase, when this Craftsman Gas Chain Saw is maintained, lubricated and tuned up accordingto the owner's manual, Sears will repair, free of charge, any defect in matodai or workmanship.
  • Page 3 • Keep cape and fasteners securely tightened. and causes the saw to move in the op- • Use only Craftsman accassodss and posite direction of the chain rotation. replacement parts as recommended. Pinch-Kickback drivesthe saw straight Never modify your saw.
  • Page 4: Maintain Control

    increase the chance of kickback. Fol- keep your body from being in a direct line with the cutting chain. low manufacturer's chain sharpening end maintenance Instructlons. Check • Stand with your weight evenly bal- armed on'both feet. tension st regular Intervals, but never •...
  • Page 5: Carton Contents

    muffler and spark arresting screen prone to clmuledlon dbgrdem or abnormal swalling. Prolonged use m masts the requirements of cold weather has been linked to blood Cal,fom,a Codes 4442 and 4443. All vessel i_arnagein otherwise healthy U.S. forest land and the states of people.
  • Page 6 KNOW YOUR SAW READ THIS OPERATOR'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULE8 BEFORE OPERAT- ING YOUR CHAIN SAW. Compare the Illustrationswith your unit to famllladze yourselfwith the location of the vadous controlsand adjustments. Save thls manual for future reference. Bar Tool Front Handle Starter Rope ON/STOP Pdmer...
  • Page 7: Before Starting Engine

    • Fill bar oil tank with bar oil.. we recommend you use Craftsman • Prime engine by pressing pnmar bulb chain saw bar oil. If Craftsman bar oil Is six times. not available, you may use a good • Move On/Stop switchto ON.
  • Page 8 NOTE:Whenpullingthe starterrope, OPERATING TIPS do not usethe full extentofthe rope. • Check chain tension before first use Do notlet starter rope snap beck. Hold and after J minute of operation. See Chain Tension in the Maintenance handle. Let rope rewind slowly. section.
  • Page 9 plumbor levelto determine the di- This hingewill helppreventthetree rectionof treelean. fromfallingin the wrongdirection. • Weight and branches on one side. '_._._ Hingeholds treeon • Surroundingtrees and obstacles. _\'_'% stump and helps • Look for decay and rot. If the trunk is .aL'__'_'_control fall rotted, it can snap and fall toward the...
  • Page 10 or woodinto the cut untilthe saw can be Usinga log easily. Restartsaw and carefully for _mppo_ reenter the cut. Do not usa a metal wedgs. Donotattempt torsmrt your saw when it is pinchedor hung In a log. Use s wedge to remove pinchedsaw £.
  • Page 11: Customer Responsibilities

    LIMBING branches are higherthanyourshoul- • Limba tree onlyafterit is cutdown. def.Geta professional to do thejob. • Leave the larger limbs undemsath the • Make your first cut 1/3 of the way felled tree to supportthe tree as you through the bottom of the limb. work.
  • Page 12: Check Chain Tension

    CHECK FOR DAMAGED OR Adjusting S crew- 1/4 Turn WORN PARTS Replacement of demaged/wom parts should be referred to your Sears Set- vice Center, • Lift up tip of guide berto check for NOTE: It Is normal for a small amount sag, Release tip of gulde bar, then turn adjusting screw 1/4 turn clock- of oHto appear under the saw after en-...
  • Page 13: Clean Air Filter

    INSPECT MUFFLER AND SPARK • Addlubricant t osprocketholeafter eachuse. ARRESTOR SCREEN • Burringof guide bar rails is a normal As the unit is used, carbon deposits process of rail wear. Remove these build up on the muffler and spark burrs with a flat file. arrestor screen, and must be removed •...
  • Page 14: Chain Replacement

    • Replace with Champion RCJTY spark C_indar Cover plug and tlghten.lv_hth a 3/4 Inch socket wrench (10-12 ft Ibe). Spark pluggap should be .025 in. ; Reinstall the spark plug boot. Reinstall the cylinder cover and 3 screws (15-20 in-lbs). Plug CHAIN REPLACEMENT Cutters...
  • Page 15: Clean Fuel Filter

    CLEAN FUEL FILTER Start motor,let it runfor 3 minutes, and Tocleanfuelfilter,drainyourunitby proceed to.the adjustment section. If engine does not start, refer to trouble- runningdry offuel, removefuelcap/re- tainerassembly fromtank.Pulltilter shootingchart or call 1-800-235-5878. fromtankandremovefromllne.Clean if engine performance is acceptable at withmilddetergent the pmsst positionsand them is no a nd rinse.
  • Page 16: External Surfaces

    Run engine at least 5 minutes after the unit before stodng or transporting. i Allow the engine to cool, and secure adding stabilizer. Store chain saw and fual in a well CRAFTSMAN 40:1, 2-cycle engine oil ventilated area where fuelvapors (aircooled)is espedallyblendedwith cannotreachsparksoropenflames fuelstabilizer.
  • Page 17: Troubleshooting Chart

    TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART TROUBLE CAUSE REMEDY Enginewillnot • Move Ignitionswitch to ON. startor will run Engine flooded. • See "Starting Instructions." onlya few Ignitionswitch off. Fael tank empty. • Ril tank with correct fuel mixture. secondsafter Spark plug not fidng. •...
  • Page 18: Warranty

    TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART- Continued TROUBLE CAUSE REMEOY Chain moves * idle speed requires • See "CarburotorAdjustments." at Idle speed, adjustmanL J"Clutch requires repair. • Contact Sears Service. Chain does • Chain tension too • See "ChainTension." • _ght: ..- " " Jnot move •...
  • Page 19: Warranty Period

    gine owner,you are responsible for the shailbewarrant . ed. f or thepedod performance of the required mainte- of time up to the first scheduled replace- nonce listed in your Owner's Manual. ment paint for that pair. SEARS recommends that you retain all DIAGNOSIS receipts covedng maintenance on your lawn end garden equipment engine, but The owner shall not be charged for diag- SEARS cannot deny warranty solelyfor nostic labor which leads to the deter-...
  • Page 20: Repair Parts

    • REPAIR PARTS Part No. m,=crl_on _Otl 49. 53001Sg40 OilPump Kit ,_few 60. 6,.._0_748S S_t_ Handle Oral aO,$1 &4S) O,1_ Vllve _OOlOe4_ Rope 530_6119 Screw 52. _3001_)2 S_lw S300_/I_I Wlm- 11vottle 28. _160oo Clutoh Cover 530053711 SCIIW F_ Hous_ 84111 Block 54.
  • Page 21 REPAIR PARTS 14 12 13 17 lS 19 20 1_26 Part No, Description Ref. Pan No. Ouc_rlpUon 530031163 ,_S000779_ 530016101 53OO9?6O4 530060"/0_ En0k_Guket _ W_re Hameu As_'y. iL._0018610 I_.q0040700 HeatInsulator 530O16187 Muter Gaskut 53001610_ B_ Plate 53006,310,t, M.mer_ss_. l1300_OalO 6300_8317 Muffler D iffuser 83004G_.44 SparkArresto_ S_een...
  • Page 22 REPAIR PARTS _rb_or Am_A_ t_ t_M_e IPS,.qOO41g_ KIT* Ref.
  • Page 24 For the repair or replacement parts you need delivered directly to your home Call 7 am - 7 pm, 7 days a week 1-800-366-PART .(1-800-366-7278) Para ordenar piezaa con entrega a domiclllo - 1-800-659-7084 For in-house major brand repair service Call 24 hoursa day, 7 days a week 1-800-4-REPAIR (1-800-473-7247)

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