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Operation - Craftsman 113.177778 Owner's Manual

16 gallon full blowing wet/dry vac
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To reduce the risk of fire or explosion,
do not operate this vac In areas with
gases, vapors or explosive dust In the air. Flammable
gases or
vapors Include but are not limited to; lighter fluid, solvent type cleaners, oil-
base paints, gasoline,
alcohol or aerosol sprays. Explosive dusts Include but
are not limited to; coal, magnesium,
grain or gun powder. Do not vacuum
dust, flammable
or combustible
liquids or hot ashes. Do not use
this vac as a sprayer. To reduce the risk of health hazards from vapors or
dusts, do not vacuum toxic materials.
To reduce risk of hearing
damage wear ear protectors
using the vac for extended
hours or
when using It In e noisy area. The
operation of any utility vac can
result in foreign objects being
blown into the eyes, which can
result In severe eye damage. Always
wear safety goggles complying
ANSI Z87.1 (shown on Package)
before commencing
Safety Goggles are available at
Sears retail stores.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, this
appliance has a polarized plug (one blade
is wider than the other). This plug will fit in
a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug
does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the
plug. If it still does not fit, contact a quali-
fied electrician to install the proper outlet.
Do not change the plug in any way.
After you plug the power cord into the out-
let, turn the unit on by pushing the switch
from position "O" to position "1".The sym-
bols used on the motor cover are interna-
tional "On & Off" symbols. "O" is the
symbol for "OFF" and "1" is the symbol for
0 =OFF I
Dry Materials
1. The filter must always be in correct
position to reduce the risk of leaks and
possible damage to vac.
2. When using your vac to pick up very
fine dust, it will be necessary for you to
empty the drum and clean the filter at
more frequent intervals to maintain
peak vac performance.
NOTE: A dry filter is necessary to pick up
dry material. If you use your vac to pick up
dust when the filter is wet, the filter will
clog quickly and be very difficult to clean.
3. If your filter is wet but you need to use
the vac to pick up dry material, you can
quickly dry the filter by running the vac
without hose attached for about 10 min-
utes. The clean air rushing through the
vac will help dry the filter.
The optional Craftsman
High Efficiency
Filter, stock number 9-17918 will do a bet-
ter job stopping the very fine particles
than the 9-17816 filter.
Vacuuming Liquids
1. When picking up small amounts of liq-
uid the filter may be left in place.
2. When picking up large amounts of liq-
uid we recommend that the filter be
removed. If the filter is not removed, it
will become saturated and misting may
appear in the exhaust.
3. After using the vac to pick up liquids,
the filter must be dried to reduce the
risk of possible mildew and damage to
the filter.
4. When the liquid in the drum reaches a
predetermined level, the float mecha-
nism will rise automatically to cut off air-
flow. When this happens, turn off the
vac, unplug the power cord, and empty
the drum. You will know that the float
has risen because vac airflow ceases
and the motor noise will become higher
in pitch, due to increased motor speed.
To reduce the risk of dam-
age to the vac do not run motor with float
in raised positign_



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