Craftsman 247.795890 Owner's Manual

9 horsepower 3 cutting stage mulching and bagging chipper-shredder
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Read andFollow
Before Operating
Serviceand Adjustment
SEARS, R 0EBucK ANDCO.,Hoffman Estates,iL 60179U.S.A.
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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 247.795890

  • Page 1 ° 247.795890 ® 9 HORSEPOWER 3 CUTTING STAGE Caution: MULCHING AND BAGGING Read andFollow CHIPPER=SHREDDER AllSafetyRules andInstructions Before Operating Assembly ThisEquipment Operation CustomerResponsibilities Serviceand Adjustment RepairParts SEARS, R 0EBucK ANDCO.,Hoffman Estates,iL 60179U.S.A. = = =,,H,HIH= 'H :::::::::::::::::::::: Printed in U.S,A. 770-8902K 1t95...
  • Page 2: Safety Rules

    ..............i ..i i, ,,, i, i,,i SAFETY RULES SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH "THE INSTRUCTIONS RESULT WARNING: TO REDUCE POTENTIAL FOR ANY tNJURY_ COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING PERSONAL INJURY. If the cutting mechanism strikes any foreign object or if TRAINING your machine should start making an unusual noise or ®...
  • Page 3: Product Specifications

    Owner's through your nearest Sears Authorized Service Center (See Manual, the REPAIR PARTS section of this manual) FULL ONEYEAR WARRANTYON CRAFTSMANGAS CHIPPER-SHREDDER For one year from the date of purchase, when this Craftsman chipper-shredder is maintained, lubricated, tuned up according...
  • Page 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES ........ 11, 12 SAFETY RULES .............. STO RAG E ..............PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS ........... SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENT ........13-I5 WARRANTY ................TROUBLE SHOOTING ..........INDEX ....................ACCESSORIES ................REPAIR PARTS--CHIPPER-SHREDDER ..17, 18 REPAIR PARTS--ENGINE ........19-23 ASSEMBLY ................
  • Page 5: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY iNSTRUCTIONS i ,11 iiii ,11,1,1 i i1,11,11,111111 .......... N,IIIIII,II,II IMPORTANT: This unit is shipped WITHOUT GASO- LINE or OIL in the engine. After assembly, see opera- tion section of this manual for proper fuet and engine oil recommendations NOTE: To determine right and left hand sides of your Flat ---__ chipper-shredder, stand behind and face the hopper...
  • Page 6: Chute Deflector

    Housing Spacers HOW TOSET-UP YOURCHIPPER-SHREDDER Assembly WARNING: MAKE CERTAIN SPARK Bolt ENGINE) DISCONNECTED PLUG WIRE (LOCATED ON TOP OF Chute MOVED AWAY FROM SPARK PLUG Deflector BEFORE ASSEMBLING THE CHIPPER- SHREDDER° +.<-ATTACHING THE CHUTE DEFLECTOR e Remove the hand knobs and cupped washers from Hand each side of the discharge opening on the left side Knob...
  • Page 7: Operation

    • To attachthe bag,placethe openingof the bag string,andpull on the drawstring untilthe bagis overthechutedeflector s oit completely c oversthe tightaround thechuteopeningRelease plunger t o chuteopening,Depress the plunger o n the draw- lockit intopositionSeefigure5. OPERATION KNOWYOUR CHIPPER-SHREDDER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR CHIPPER-SHREDDER, Compare the illustrations with your chipper-shredder to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments.
  • Page 8 TO STOP ENGINE No Larger Than 1/2" Diameter * Move throttle control lever to OFF position. (Recommended) figure 6+ Or 1" Diameter (Maximum) o Disconnect spark plug wire and move away from spark plug to prevent accidental starting while equipment is unattended, HOW TO USE YOUR CHIPPER-SHREDDER Do not attempt to shred or chip any material other than vegetation found in a normal yard (i .e, branches,...
  • Page 9: Fuel

    GASAND OIL FILL-UP To lower the hopper assembly, use one hand to grasp the handle at the top of the hopper assembly and lift slightly. Pull up on the release bar, and Only use high quality detergent oil rated with API service classification SG or SH Select the oil's vis- lower the hopper assembly to the ground..
  • Page 10: Starting

    Check the fuel level periodically to avoid running out o Move choke lever down to CHOKE position. of gasoline while operating the chipper-shredder If the Grasp starter handle (see figure 13) end pull rope unit runs out of gas as it is shredding or chipping, it out slowly until engine reaches start of compres_ may be necessary to unclog the unit before it can be sion cycle...
  • Page 11: Lubrication

    ......=H='H=I," "= ..=" =,,,= CUSTOMER RESPONSIBIMTBES MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE FILL IN DATES AS YOU COMPLETE o 2" sERvicE OATES REGULAR SERVICE Oil Pivot Points Clean Shredder Check Engine Oil ",J Change Engine Oil Service Air Cleaner Clean Engine Cylinder Spark Plug Muffler _/ CHECK...
  • Page 12: Engine ............................................................... 1

    AIRCLEANER Yearly or every 25 hours, whichever occurs first, The air cleanerpreventsdamagingdirt, dust,etc, remove the blower housing and clean the areas fromentering the carburetor andbeingforcedintothe shown in figure 16 to avoid overspeeding, overheating engine and is important to engine life and per- and engine damage.
  • Page 13: Storage

    STORAGE Prepare your chipper-shredder for storage at the end e Drain the fuel tank, of the season or if the unit wilt not be used for 30 days o Start the engine and let it run until the fuel lines and or more.
  • Page 14 Replace or sharpen blades. If sharpening, make cer- tain to remove an equal amount from each blade Reassemble in reverse order. Make certain blades are reassembled with the sharp edge facing the direction shown in figure 18 (sharp edge is assembled toward the slotted opening in the impeller assembly).r SHREDDING BLADE The shredding blade may be removed for sharpening...
  • Page 15: Engine Speed

    NOTE: U secaution whenremoving thebladetoavoid The carburetor has been pre-set at the factory and contacting t heweldboltsonthehousing, should not require adjustment However, if your engine does not operate properly due to suspected o Whensharpeningthe blade, fotlowthe original carburetor problems, take your chipper-shredder angleofgrindas a guide,it is extremely i mportant your nearest SEARS Service Center.
  • Page 16: Throttle

    ....Jill TROUBLE SHOOTING i,,u,,nl, ::::::::::::::::::::::::: PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE(S) CORRECTIVE ACTION Engine fails to start = Fuel tank empty, or stale fuel. • Fill tank with clean, fresh fuel. = Connect wire to spark p_ug Spark plug wire disconnected Faulty spark plug = Clean, adjust gap or replace.
  • Page 17 SEARS CRAFTSMAN 9 H.P. CHIPPER-SHREDDER MODEL NO, 247.795890 Repair Parts...
  • Page 18 SEARS CRAFTSMAN 9 H.P. CHIPPER-SHREDDER MODEL NO. 247.795890 Repair Parts KEYI PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION NO,, i ._i-i+ 4O I Blade 710-0442 Hex Bolt 5/16-18 x 15" Lg.* 742-0571 Hex Patch Bolt 3/8-24 x 681-0004 Flail Housing Ass'y.--L 710-1254 42 I 781-0474A Flail Housing Ass'y.--RoH.
  • Page 19 SEARS CRAFTSMAN 9 H.P. ENGINE MODEL NO. 143.95900'! Repair Parts 370B,, 757' ,308 /110 :;03 _173...
  • Page 20 SEARS CRAFTSMAN 9 H.P. ENGINE MODEL NO. 143.959001 Repair Parts PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 35385 Cylinder (lncl 2 & 20) 650872 Solid State Mounting Stud 27852 Dowet Pin 650814 Screw, Torx %15, 10-24 x 1" 34171 Oit Drain Extension 35187...
  • Page 21 SEARS CRAFTSMAN 9 H.P. ENGINE MODEL NO. 143.959001 Repair Parts PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 29752 30063 Nut & Lock Washer, I/4-28 Screw, Torx T-30, 1/4-20 x 1/2" 30962 Fuel Line 36261 Instruction Decal 26460 370A 35703 Throttle Decat Fuel Line Clamp 650665 Screw, 1/4-15 x 3/4"...
  • Page 22 SEARS CRAFTSMAN 9 H.P. ENGINE MODEL NO. 143.95900'1 Repair Parts PARTS LIST FOR CARBURETOR KEYI PART DESCRIPTION NO. 1 632689 Carburetor (Incl. 184 of Engine Parts List) 632243 Throttle Shaft & Lever Assembly 632244 Throttle Return Spring Dust Seal Washer...
  • Page 23 SEARS CRAFTSMAN 9 H.P. ENGINE MODEL NO. 143.959001 Repair Parts PARTS LIST FOR RECOIL STARTER PART DESCRIPTION 590671 Recoil Starter 590599A Spring Pin (Incl_ 4) 590600 Washer 590679 Retainer 590601 Washer 590678 Brake Spring 590680 Starter Dog 590412 Dog Spring 590681 Pulley &...
  • Page 24 ® 9 HORSEPOWER 3 CUTTING STAGE MULCHING AND BAGGING CHIPPER-SHREDDER Each chipper-shredder has its own model number_ Each engine has its own model number° The model number for your chipper-shredder will be found on a label attached to the frame. The model number for the engine...