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For Reference - Craftsman 183.172540 Owner's Manual

All-in-one cutting tool
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Tool service must be performed
only by qualified
Service or maintenance
performed by
unqualified personnel could result in risk of injury.
When servicing a tool, use only identical
parts. Follow instructions
in the
section of this manual.
Use of
parts or failure to follow Maintenance
may create a dsk of electric shock or injury.
Hold tool by insulated
gripping surfaces when
an operation where the cutting tool may
contact hidden wiring or its own cord. Contact with a
"live" wire will make exposed metal parts of the tool "live"
and shock the operator.
Always make sure the work surface is free from nails
and other foreign objects, Cutting into a nail can cause
the bit and the tool to jump and damage t_e bit.
Never hold the workpiece
in one hand and the tool in
the other hand when in use. Never place the hands
near or below the cutting surface. Clamping the
mateda[ and guiding the tool with both hands is much
Never lay workpiece
on hard surfaces like concrete,
stone, etc. Protruding cutting bit may cause tool to jump.
Always wear safety goggles, hearing protection
dust mask. Use only in well ventilated
area. Using
personal safety devices and working in a safe
environment reduces risk of injury.
After changing the bits or making adjustments,
sure the collet nut end any other adjustment
are securely tightened.
Loose adjustment devices will
be violently thrown.
Never use dull or damaged bits. Sharp bits must be
handled with care, Damaged bits can snap during use.
Dull bits require more force to push the tool, possibly
causing the bit to break.
Never touch the bit during or Immediately
after use.
After use the bit is too hot to be touched by hare hands.
L=' wAr.J.G I
Always wear safety goggles with side shields or a
face mask when using the angle grinder attachment.
High speed grinding and sanding will throw hot
sparks and dust particles that could cause serious
injury to your eyes.
Always wear hearing protection
when using the angle
grinder attachment.
use appropriate
dust mask when using the
angle grinder attachment.
Use ONLY grinding wheels and sanding discs rated
for speeds greater than 18,000 RPM, as the angle
grinder attachment
runs st speeds from 12,000 -
18,000 RPM.
Inspect the grinding wheel before each use to make
sure it is tightly fastened and free from cracks or any
other damages.
Rotate the guard to a position where it will protect the
operator from sparks and dust. The guard should be
positioned immediately
in front of the side handle to
protect the operator's hand.
Do not over tighten the nut holding the grinding
wheel in place. Excessive tightening may cause the
grinding wheel to crack and possibly shatter dudng
Do not clamp the angle grinder attachment in a vice
or usa as a fixed grinder.
Hold the angle grinder attachment
securely with two
hands at ell times while it is running.
Never turn the motor switch ON with the grinding
wheel or sanding disc touching the work surface.
When using the flexible shaft accessory,
hang the motor unit on a hook using the hanging loop
at the top of the motor housing.
Always use safety glasses,
hearing protection and a
dust mask.
Never hold the workplace
with your hand while using
a cutting biL Clamp the wofkpiece in a vice or to a
workbench to permit using two hands on the flex shaft.
Never place hands in the path of the cutter or under
the wod(piece.
Do not store or operate the flex shaft with a bend
radius of less than g" (150 ram).



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