Sabbath Mode - Electrolux EI24WC75HS0 Use & Care Manual

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on off
air filter
Manually activates the lights, regardless of
whether the door is closed. Eachsucces-
sive keypress will advancethe interior lights
from "Off" to "Low Intensity" to "Maximum
Intensity" then to "Off" again. Interior lighting
is automatically disabled after 120 minutes,
at which point the lights may be manually
activated again if desired.
Pressing and holding for three (3) seconds
allows the user to turn off the cooling system.
The temperature display will display "OFF".
After six months of use the display will show
AF. This is a reminder that it is time to change
the PureAdvantage
air filter. The product will
continue to function normally. Pressing any
key will reset the reminder for 10 minutes.
Once the PureAdvantage
air filter is replaced,
Sabbath mode disables portions of the unit and its controls in accordance with the
observed within the Orthodox Jewish community.
will blink. The mute sounds
blink. Pressing the mute sounds key will
acknowledgethe alarm and disablethe audible
portion. All other modes are turned off until the
alarm is acknowledged. The high tempera-
ture indicatorand "HI" will stay illuminated until
a normal safe rangeoperatingtemperature has
been reached,at which time the temperature
display will show the actual temperature.
In the eventof a powerfailure or initial power-up,
an audible alarm will soundand the power fail
indicatoron the right side of the displaywill blink.
The mute sounds indicatorwill blink. Pressing
the mute sounds keywill acknowledge the
alarm and disablethe audible portion. All other
functions aredisabled until the alarm is acknowl-
edged,at which pointthe power fail indicator
is turned off andthe unit will resumenormal
operation. The high temp alarm (beverage
centeronly) may also be illuminateduntil a safe
temperature has beenreached.
weekly Sabbath and religious holidays
Sabbath mode is enabled and disabled by pressing and holding the vacation mode key for five (5) seconds.
Temperature display shows "Sb" while in Sabbath mode.
The customer may open or close the door at any time without concern of directly turning on or off any lights,
digital readouts, solenoids, fans, valves, compressor, icons, tones or alarms. After power failure, the unit will
immediately return to Sabbath mode.
While in Sabbath mode, alarm indicators will not illuminate, nor be accompanied
by audible alarms.
For further assistance, guidelines for proper usage and a complete list of models with the Sabbath feature, please visit the
web at http:\\


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents