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Craftsman 50234 Operator's Manual page 3

3 ton capacity; 2 1/2 ton capacity service jack
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Toavoid personal injury and/or p roperty d amage:
Study, u nderstand, andfollow allinstructions before
operating t hisdevice. D onotexceed ratedcapacity.
Useonlyonhard, l evel s urfaces. Thisisa lifting
device only.Immediately afterlifting, s upport the
vehicle withappropriate m eans suchasjackstands.
Donotmoveordolly thevehicle whileonthejack.
Besurealltoolsandpersonnel areclearbefore
lowering l oad.
1.Verify thattheproduct andtheapplication a re
2.Before using thisproduct, r ead thisowners
manual completely andfamiliarize y ourself
thoroughly w iththeproduct, i tscomponents and
recognize t hehazards associated w ithitsuse.
3.Locate andopen therelease valve
nomore than2fullturns).
4.Withsaddle fullylowered, locate andremove the
oilfillerplug.Insert t hehandle intothehandle
sleeve, t henpump 6 to8fullstrokes. Thiswill
helprelease anypressurized airwhich maybe
trapped w ithin thereservoir. Ensure theoillevel i s
justbelow therimoftheoilfillerplughole.
Reinstall theoilfillerplug.
5.Check toensure thatjackrollsfreelyandthatthe
pump operates s moothly b efore putting into
service. Replace w orn ordamaged p arts and
assemblies withSearsReplacement Parts only
(SeeReplacement Parts section inthismanual).
Lubricate a sinstructed i nMaintenance Section.
6.Inspect before eachuse.Donotuseifbent,
broken orcracked components arenoted.
handle fork
foot pedal
front wheel
oil filler plug
(on reservoir)
Little, if any assembly is required of these jacks.
Always secure the handle to the handle fork by
means of the M12 X 7.5 bolt and lock washer
provided. Tighten securely to prevent accidental
removal of handle while in use. Please familiarize
yourself with the illustrations in the owners manual.
Know your jack and how it operates before
attempting to use.
lifting arm
front wheel
handle fork
Figure 1 - Model 50234 Nomenclature
parts tray
oil filler vent screw
(on reservoir)
Figure 2 - Model 50238 Nomenclature


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