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CRAFTSMAN 917.276051 Owner's Manual

Garden tractor 22.0 hp, 50" mower electric start 6 speed transaxle.
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Owner's Manual
22.0 HP, 50" Mower
Electric Start
6 Speed Transaxle
Model No.
his product has a low emission engine which operates
from previously
built engines.
Before you start the
engine, read and understand this Owner's Manual.
Read and follow all Safety
Rules and Instructions
operating this equipment.
For answers to your questions about
th_ product, Call:
1 800 659 5917
Help Line
5 am - 5 pm, Mon - Sat
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
Visit our Craftsman website:

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    Call: 1 800 659 5917 Rules and Instructions before Sears Craftsman Help Line operating this equipment. 5 am - 5 pm, Mon - Sat Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. Visit our Craftsman website:

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    Sears Service ......Back Cover LIMITED WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN RIDING EQUIPMENT For two (2) years from the date of purchase, if this Craftsman Riding Equipment maintained, lubricated and tuned up according to the instructions in the owner's manual, Sears will repair or replace...

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    IMPORTANT: This cutting machine is capable of amputating hands and feet and throw- ing objects. Failure to observe the following safety instructions could result in serious injury or death. • Be aware of the mower discharge direc- _,WARNING: In order to prevent tion and do not point it at anyone.

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    • Never carry children. They may fall off and be seriously injured or interfere with • Mow up and down slopes, not across. safe machine operation. • Remove obstacles such as rocks, tree • Never allow children to operate limbs, etc.

  • Page 5

    • Be sure the area is clear of other people • Removeobstaclessuch as rocks,tree before mowing.Stop machineif anyone limbs,etc. enters the area. • Watchfor holes,ruts, or bumps.Uneven terrain could overturnthe machine.Tall • Nevercarry passengersor children evenwith the bladesoff. grasscan hide obstacles. •...

  • Page 6

    3.75 Pints AGREEMENTS Spark Plug: Champion QC12YC Congratulations on making a smart pur- (Gap: .040") chase. Your new Craftsman® product Ground Speed designed and manufactured for years of (MPH): dependable operation. But like all prod- ucts, it may require repair from time to time.

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    Steering Wheel Steering Wheel Steering Steering Sleeve Adapter Wheel Insert Seat (1) Washer 17/32 x 1-3/16 x 12 Gauge _(1) Knob Mower (5) Retainer Springs (2) Flanged Pins % loop) Gauge Wheels © (2) Shoulder Bolts (2) Centerlock Nuts (2) Wheels (2) Washers 3/8 x 3/4 x 14 Ga.

  • Page 8

    Your new tractor has been assembled at the factory with the exception of those parts left unassembled for shipping purposes. To ensure safe and proper operation of your tractor all parts and hardware you assemble must be tightened securely. Use the correct tools as necessary to insure...

  • Page 9

    INSTALL SEAT NOTE: You may now roll or drive your tractor off the skid. Follow the appropriate Adjust seat before tightening adjustment instruction below to remove the tractor knob. from the skid. Remove adjustment knob and flat washer securing seat to cardboard TO ROLL TRACTOR OFF SKID (See...

  • Page 10

    INSTALL MOWER DRIVE Position front plate assembly between front mower brackets. Raise deck and BELT plate assembly to align holes See MOWER AND DRIVE BELT AS- insert flanged pins. Secure pins with SEMBLY Supplement Sheet for additional double loop retainer springs between guidance...

  • Page 11

    ASSEMBLE GAUGE WHEELS AND CHECK MOWER LEVELNESS BRACKETS TO MOWER DECK For best cutting results, mower should be properly leveled. See "TO LEVEL The gauge wheels are designed to keep MOWER HOUSING" in the Service the mower deck in proper position when Adjustments...

  • Page 12

    These symbolsmay appear on your tractor or in literaturesupplied with the product. Learn and understandtheir meaning. I' 1 SLOW IGNITION REVERSE NEUTRAL HIGH CHOKE FAST PARKING BRAKE PARKING BRAKE ENGINE OFF LIGHTS ON ENGINE ON ENGINE START PARKING BRAKE LOCKED UNLOCKED BATTERY REVERSE...

  • Page 13

    KNOW YOUR TRACTOR READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR TRACTOR Compare the illustrations with your tractor to familiarize yourself with the locations various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. Ignition iht Switch Switch Position Ammeter Clutch Switch...

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    The operation of any tractor can result in foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe eye damage. Always wear safety SAFETYGLASSES glasses or eye shields while operating your tractor or performing adjustments or repairs. We recommend standard safety glasses or a...

  • Page 15

    Lower mower with attachment lift con- The cutting height range is approximately trol. 1-1/2" to 4-1/2". The heights are mea- sured from the ground to the blade tip with Start mower blades by engaging tachment clutch control. the engine not running. These heights TO STOP...

  • Page 16

    TOWING CARTS OTHER ATTACH- CAUTION: Alcohol blended fuels (called MENTS gasohol or using ethanol or methanol) attract moisture which leads to separa- Tow only the attachments that are recom- tion and formation of acids during storage. mended by and comply with specifications Acidic gas can damage...

  • Page 17

    • The attachments and ground drive can now be used. If the engine does not accept the load, restart the engine allow it to warm up for one minute using the choke as described above. COLD WEATHER STARTING (50 ° F and below) When engine starts,...

  • Page 18

    MAI.TE.A.OE SO.EOULE F,LL, OATES A S OOOOMPLETE f ZERV'OE DATES REGULAR SERVICE cChh;;kk TBira:; Op:[_;io Check Operator Presence Interlock Systems Check for Loose Fasteners Sharpen/Replace Mower Blades Lubrication Chart Check Battery Level Clean Battery and Terminals Check Transaxle Cooling Check V-Belts Check Engine Oil Level Change Engine Oil (with oil filter) 1_1,2...

  • Page 19

    TRACTOR Reassemble blade bolt, lock washer and flat washer in exact order as Always observe safety rules when per- shown. forming any maintenance. Tighten blade bolt securely (27-35 BRAKE OPERATION Lbs. torque). If tractor requires more than six (6) feet IMPORTANT: Blade bolt is heat treated.

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    NOTE:The originalequipmentbattery on NOTE: Although multi-viscosityoils your tractor is maintenancefree. (5W30, 10W30etc.) improvestarting in coldweather,they will resultin increased Do not attemptto open or removecaps or oil consumptionwhen used above 32°R covers.Adding or checking levelof elec- Checkyour engineoil level more frequent- trolyte is not necessary.

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    ENGINEOIL FILTER Every 100 hours of operation (more often Replacethe engineoil filter under extremely dusty, dirty conditions), every season remove the blower housing and other cool- or every other oil change if the tractor ing shrouds. Clean the cooling fins and used more than 100 hours in one year.

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    WARNING: TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY, BEFORE PERFORMING ANY SER- VICE OR ADJUSTMENTS: Depress clutch/brake pedal fully and set parking brake. Place gearshift lever in neutral (N) position. Place attachment clutch in "DISENGAGED" position. Turn ignition key to "STOP" and remove key.

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    NOTE: Each full turn of nut "G" will • To lower one side of mower, loosen lift link adjustment nut on that side. change distance "F" by approximately 3/8". NOTE: Each full turn of adjustment will change mower height about 3/16". •...

  • Page 24

    11. Roll belt into upper groove of L.H. man- 12. Carefully check belt routing making drel pulley. sure belt is in the grooves correctly inside belt keepers. 13. Reassemble L.H. mandrel cover. Primary Idler Arm Spring Electric Clutch Pulley Bolt in Mower Housing Mower Drive Belt...

  • Page 25

    Mower Blade Drive Belt Idler Pulley L.H. Mandrel Mandrel R.H. Mandrel Cover Screw Secondary Spring Sway Bar Bracket TO ADJUST ATTACHMENT CLUTCH TO CHECK AND ADJUST BRAKE The electric clutch should provide years Your tractor is equipped with an adjustable of service.

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    Clutching Idler Clutching Flat Idler Road test tractor for proper stopping Above Midspan X Belt distance as stated above. Readjust Engine Belt Keeper Keeper if necessary. If stopping distance still greater than five (5) feet in highest Pulley V-Idler gear, further maintenance is neces- sary.

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    TO START ENGINE WITH A WEAK BAT- Disconnect BLACK battery cable TERY then RED battery cable and carefully remove battery from tractor. _WARNING: Lead-acid batteries gen- Install new battery with terminals erate explosive gases. Keep sparks, flame same position as old battery. and smoking materials away from bat-...

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    TO ADJUST CARBURETOR Your carburetor is not adjustable. If your Hood engine does not operate properly due to suspected carburetor problems, take your tractor to an authorized service center repair and/or adjustment. High speed stop is factory adjusted. not adjust - damage may result.

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    blended fuels (called gasohol or using Immediately prepare your tractor for stor- age at the end of the season or if the trac- ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture tor will not be used for 30 days or more. which leads to separation and formation _WARNING:...

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    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART: See appropriate section in manual unless directed to Sears service center PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Will not start Out of fuel. 1. Fill fuel tank. See "TO START ENGINE" Engine not "CHOKED" properly. in Operation section. Wait several minutes Engine flooded.

  • Page 31

    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART: See appropriate section in manual unless directed to Sears service center PROBLEM CAUSE CORRECTION Loss of power Cutting too much grass/too 1. Raise cutting height/reduce fast. speed. Throttle in "CHOKE" Adjust throttle control. position. Clean underside of mower Build-up of grass, leaves...

  • Page 32

    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART: See appropriate section in manual unless directed to Sears service center PROBLEM CORRECTION CAUSE Mower blades will 1. Remove obstruction• Obstruction in clutch not rotate mechanism• Worn/damaged mower Replace mower drive belt. drive belt. Frozen idler pulley• Replace idler pulley•...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 ELECTRICAL /i /...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 ELECTRICAL PART DESCRIPTION 144927 Battery 74760412 Bolt Hex Head 1/4-20 x 3/4 7603J Tray, Battery 145211 Bolt 1/4-20 x 7.5 Zinc 150109 Hold down Battery Dash Mount 145769 Nut Push Nylon 1/4" 176138 Switch Interlock 175688 Harness Socket Light W/4152J 4152J...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 CHASSIS AND ENCLOSURES chassis-stealth 41-vgt...

  • Page 37

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 CHASSIS AND ENCLOSURES PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 19131614 Washer 13/32 x 1 x 14 Ga. 180375 Rail, Frame RH 17490608 Screw Thdr 3/8-16 x 1/2 175282 Drawbar, Gt 156973 73680700 Nut, Crownlock Hex 7/16-14Unc Guide, Belt Gear Drive 17490508 Screw Thdrol.

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 GROUND DRIVE drive 9-vgt...

  • Page 39

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 GROUND DRIVE PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 7563R Washer, Thrust, Axle 74321016 Screw, Fin. #10-24 x 1 17490508 Screw Thdrol 5/16-18 x 3/4 178575 Actuator, Interlock Switch STD541437 Nut, Crownlock 3/8-16 73931000 Locknut #10-24 STD561210 Pin, Cotter 8883R Cover, Pedal...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 STEERING ASSEMBLY PART DESCRIPTION 139768 Wheel, Steering 178557 Axle Asm., Front 183226 Fitting, Grease 161849 Spindle Asm, LH 161848 Spindle Asm., RH 6266H Bearing, Race Thrust Harden 121748X Washer 25/32 x 1-5/8 x 16 Ga. 12000029 Ring Klip #T5304-75 184946X505...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 ENGINE 69 _62 SPARK ARRESTER KIT engine ELS 2-vgt PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 17490636 ScrewTT 3/8-16 x 2-1/4 Unc Engine Briggs, Model No. 40H777-0241 -El 17490664 ScrewTT 3/8-16 x 4 Uric 126197X Washer 1-1/20D x 15/32 ID x .250 (Order parts from engine manuf.) 149723...

  • Page 43

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 SEAT ASSEMBLY seat 5-vgt PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 180597 Seat 134300 Spacer, Split 180166 Bracket Pivot Fender 121250X Spring, Cprsn 140675 Strap, Fender Assy. 123976X Nut, Lock 1/4 Lge Fig Gr. 5 145006 19171912 Washer 17/32 x 1-3/16 x 12 Ga.

  • Page 44

    DESCRIPTION 182168 Decal, Dash Panel 181249 Decal, Clutch/Brake 164085 146047 Decal, V-Belt Drive Schematic Decal, Dash 186316 Decal, Hood, Craftsman, RH 160397 Decal, V-Belt Schematic 186317 Decal, Hood, Craftsman, LH 189253 Decal, Engine 149516 Decal, Battery DNGR/PSN 138047 Decal, Battery...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 LIFT ASSEMBLY 35 73 lift rh 12 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 121006X Rod Asm., Lever 137150 Spring, Compression Inf Hgt 180045 Shaft Asm., Lift Vgt 137167 Rod, Adj Lift 159189 Lever Asm., Lift Rh 138057 Knob, Inf 3/8-16 Unc 12000022...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 MOWER DECK mower deck-50...

  • Page 47

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 MOWER DECK PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 181606 Mower Deck Weldment 50 174375 Pulley, Driven STD541431 STD533107 Bolt 5/16-18 Uric x 3/4 Nut, Crownlock 5/16-18 72110506 136460 Bolt, Carriage 5/16-18 x 3/4 Arm, Idler Secondary 7631J 165723 Runner, Mower LH...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 TRANSAXLE --:-" 84-----= _ 86 -_85 88._._ "87 41 _...

  • Page 49

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 TRANSAXLE PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 4197R Axle Shaft 8119M Needle Bearing 12000034 Thrust Bearing Race Retaining Ring 4220R 4199R Final Drive Gear 4209R 3rd Reduction Pinion, Low Differential Gear 4213R 4th Reduction Gear 4216R 4215R Differential Pinion 4442R...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 40H777, TYPE NUMBER 0241-E1 929A_ _467_ J9 11_ 267 _, '1 265 445_ 265_ I 1058 OWNER'S MANUAL [1036 EMISSION LABEL L1019 LABEL KIT 126301_ °_ L_° 51A Io_o_ 13 _ 89 _ 1017...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 40H777, TYPE NUMBER 0241-E1 102,_ 1029 11oo_ ,_..._T_, 798 _ 118_' 51A@ 1370 276 _ 672_ 150_ 987@ 1123 _ 1124 _ 633 @ A2_40H777=O241=E1...

  • Page 52

    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 40H777, TYPE NUMBER 0241-E1 74i_ 1095 VALVE GASKET SET 153 _ 1022 868_ 526 t' 5Ol _7891 5_3 _ -_._ 1119_ 358 ENGINE GASKET > A3_40H777-O241-EI...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 40H777, TYPE NUMBER 0241-E1 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Kit-Carburetor Overhaul 690231 Cylinder Assembly 499811 Carburetor 499585 Kit-Bushing/Seal (Magneto 499804 Valve-Throttle Side) 690993 Kit-Throttle Shaft 391086 Seal-Oil (Magneto Side) 499805 Float-Carburetor 690069 Sump-Engine...

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    TRACTOR - - MODEL NUMBER 917.276051 BRIGGS & STRATTON ENGINE-MODEL NUMBER 40H777, TYPE NUMBER 0241-E1 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION Cover-Air Guide 697820 Screw (Back Plate) 865A 691014 Cover-Air Guide Plate-Carburetor 865B 691015 690999 •+ Seal-Valve 695667 Filter-Air Cleaner Cartridge 690968 Wire/Connector- Alternator 691003 Screw (Air Guide Cover)

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    SUGGESTED GUIDE FOR SIGHTING SLOPES FOR SAFE OPERATION ONLY RIDE UP AND DOWN HILL, NOT ACROSS HILL 15 DEGREES MAX. down the face of slopes, never across the face. Do not mow WARNING: To avoid serious injury, operate your tractor up and slopes greater than 15 degrees.

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    Your Home For repair- in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances and items like garage door openers and water heaters.

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