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CD Player
About the area code
The area code of the location in which you purchased the CD player
is shown on upper left of the bar code label on the package.
For accessories supplied with your CD player, check the area code
of your model and see "Accessories
"WALKMAN" is a trademark ol
Sony Colpt_ration.
D-S J301
© 2002 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for SONY Walkman D-SJ301

  • Page 1 For accessories supplied with your CD player, check the area code of your model and see "Accessories (supplied/optiona!)." eljl_e i_l]_]_ "WALKMAN" is a trademark ol .m._A.n,. _Lll_Jl_W_rl Sony Colpt_ration. D-S J301 © 2002 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 Please register this pi_oduct on line at space provided below. Ret?r to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony <hit p://> dealer regarding this product. Model No. D-S J301 Proper registrtaion will enable us to send you periodic...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Using the rechargeable batteries ....16 Locating the controls ........Using dry batteries ........Notes on the power source ......1. Connect your CD player ......2. Insert a CD ..........Precautions ..........3. Play a CD ..........Maintenance ..........
  • Page 4: Locating The Controls

    Locating the controls For details, see pages in parentheses. CD player (front) {_] PLAY MODE button [_ HOLD switch (pages 9 - 11) (page 13) [] 3-way control key "[_ REPEAT/ENTER bulton (see below) (pages 9 - I I) SOUND button control (pages 12, 13) (page 7)
  • Page 5 CD piayer (inside) [] G-PROTECTION switch (page 12) (page Using hand strap Duiing active uses, use the supplied hand strap. t Pass the strap through the hooks. ® 2 Put your hand between the player and the strap, then adjust the length of the strap and fix it using the Velcro tapes.
  • Page 6: Connect Your Cd Player

    You can also use rechargeable batteries and dry batteries as a power source. to an AC outlet 3-way control ACpower (D_,_/II_I_I) adaptor __to Q (headphones) Headphones d.SV O Fit _he CD on file piw}_ and close the lid. O Unlhsten the buckle. While holding the lid closed,...
  • Page 7: Play A Cd

    Push h e 3-wa 3comro] -- Adjust the volume. ke3 toward D,'_/_I_t. Do this Play (from the point you stopped) Push the 3- way control key reward ll.-/l_l. Playback starts from lhe point you stopped. Play (f_'oin the first lrack) Push the control key toward la,_/l_l,t...
  • Page 8 About display • When you push the 3- way control key toward D_'_/IM_Ia_er changing the CD or turning off and on the player, the total number of tracks in the CD and total playing time appear tk_rabout two seconds. • During play, the track number and the elapsed playing time of the current track appear. If the volume level...
  • Page 9 You c an e njoy various ways ofplayback using PLAY M ODE and R EPEAT/ENTER. Each time y ou p ress the bu_ton, you can change the playback mode. NOindication _k. (Normalplay) (Play a singletrack) "SHUF" (Pla'_tracks in randomorder) You can repeat p!ay that is selected using PLAY MODE, "PGM ENTER...
  • Page 10: Playing Tracks Repeatedly (repeat Play)

    Playing tracks repeatedly (Repeat play) You can play tracks repeatedly in normal, single, shuffle and PGM play modes. During playback, press REPEAT/ENTER. Playing a single track (single play) During playback, press PLAY MODE repeatedly until "1" appears. Playing tracks in random order (Shuffle p lay) During playback, press PLAY MODE...
  • Page 11: Playing Tracks In Your Favorite Order (pgm Play)

    Playing tracks in your favorite order (PGM play) You can program the CD playe_ )o play up to 64 tracks in your favorite orde_ During playback, press PLAY MODE repeatedly until "PGM" appears. Push the 3-way control key toward I<l<l or I),-/I).1)4 to select a track. _"_, _ _-_-_- Tracknumber...
  • Page 12: G-protection Function

    l* Available features G-PROTECTION Emphasizing bass function sound (SOUND) The G-PROTECTION function h_s been You can emphasize the bass-boosted somld. developed to provide excellent protection against sound skipping during many active Press SOUND to select "BASS m" uses. "BASS ." When you set the G-PROTECTION switch...
  • Page 13: Protecting Your Hearing (avls)

    Protecting your hearing Locking controls (AVLS) (HOLD) You can lock the controls on you_ CD player The AVLS (Automatic Volume Limiter to prevent accidental button presses. System) function keeps down the maximum volume to protect your hearing. Slide HOLD in the direction of the Hold down SOUND until "AVLS"...
  • Page 14: Turning Off The Operation Beep Sound

    Turning off the operation beep sound You can turn off the beep sound that is heard from your headphones/earphones when you operate your CD player. Remove the power source (AC power adaptor, rechargeable batteries or dry batteries) from the CD player. Connect the power source while pressing II/CHG.
  • Page 15: Connecting A Stereo System

    )_ Connecting your CD player Connecting a stereo • BeR_re you play a CD, turn dowl_ the volume of system the connected device to avoid damaging the connected speakers. • Use the AC power adaptor tbr recording. If you You can listen to CDs through a stereo use the rechargeable batteries or dly batteries as a system and record CDs on a cassette tape.
  • Page 16: Using The Rechargeable Batteries

    )_ Connecting to a power source You can use the f_!lowing power sources: Connect the AC power adaptor to • Rechargeable batteries the DC IN 4.5 V jack of your CD • AC power adaptor (see "Playing a CD') player and an AC outlet, then •...
  • Page 17 To remove the rechargeable batteries When to replace the rechargeable batteries Remove the batteries as illustrated below. If' the battery life becomes shorter by about halt_ replace the batteries with new rechargeable batteries. Note on the rechargeable batteries is new or has not been used _\_r If' the battery a long time, it may not be charged...
  • Page 18: Using Dry Batteries

    Using dry batteries Notes on the power source Use only the fk_llowing dry battery type for your CD player: Disconnect all power sources when the CD • LR6 (sizeAA) alkaline batteries player is not used. On AC power adaptor Be sure to i_lnove the AC pawer adaptur when using the dry batteries.
  • Page 19: Precautions

    • Additional information • Do not expose the CD to direct sunlight Precautions heat sources such as hot air ducts. Do not leave the CD in a car parked under direct On safety sunlight. • Should any solid objects or liquid fhll into •...
  • Page 20: Maintenance

    This happens when the ulfit is transported on a plaice or moved from a optionally at an authorized Sony service warm place to a cold place. Ii_this case, open the facility.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Should any problem persist after you have checked these symptoms, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Symptom Cause and/or corrective actions The volume does net increase If "AVLS" appears in the display, hold down SOUND until even if the VOL control is "AVLS"...
  • Page 22 Troubleshooting Symptom Causeand/orcorrective actions Playbackstads f_om the --> The resume t'unction is working. To start pl_y frozn _he first _rack, point youstopped.(resume push the 3-way control key _oward lz,_/IHI_ and hold it ]_r 2 ft_nctJon) seconds or more, or open the lid of the CD player. Or remove al! power sources, then insert the bat[eries or connect the AC power adaptor again.
  • Page 23: Specifications

    Continuous (charged Laser output: Less than 44.6 _W about 5 hours**) (This output is the value measured at a distance Two Sony alkaline of 200 mm from the objective lens surf;ace on batteries LR6(SG) the optical pick-up block with 7 mm aperture.)
  • Page 24: Accessories (supplied/optional)

    MDR-EX7OLP _nction in its intended manne_ during the warranty MDR-A44L period, the adaptor should be _turned to your MDR-A 110LP nearest Sony Service Center or Sony Authorized Repair Center I_r i_placement, or al_er warranty When using optional headphones, use only period, it should be disca_ed.
  • Page 25 1. LABOR: F orR1=odod o f _ daysfrom 61eda_ of pur¢hue, ffffi[= product b _[n_ _ _ _ Sony will repairorraplace_e Pmdu¢_, a t t_ optfon, a t no charge,or paythe lalbor¢ha[gu 10any Sony auffic- dmd =er,._8fa=lity. Ar_r theWm_nty PerkxLyou mint ply _or =11 I d0ordlargu.

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