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Toshiba RS232C User Manual

Rs232c/rs485 multi-drop adapter
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T1 connection cable
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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba RS232C

  • Page 1 PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER PROSEC RS232C/RS485 MULTI-DROP ADAPTER CU111 nUSER’S MANUAL T1 connection cable T1 side connector Type identification Status LEDs RS485 Terminal block...
  • Page 2 Precaution and Checks Thank you for purchasing a TOSHIBA product. Please confirm the product has arrived in good condition and use it according to this guide. This guide has been prepared for users who have general knowledge of the programmable controllers and control systems.
  • Page 3 CU111 Specifications 1.Overview Connecting the RS232C/RS485 multi-drop adapter (CU111) to the T1’s programmer port, you can use the RS485 computer link function. By this function, long-distance and one -to- N communications become available. 2.Specifications (1)Function specification Item Specification Connection RS232C DIN - 8pin (T1 programmer port connector) RS485 Removable terminal block 6pin...
  • Page 4 CU111 Installation 3.Installation 1.Installing the adapter Either DIN rail or screw mounting is available. The length of the T1 connection cable is 30cm. Consider the cable length when installing the multi-drop adapter. Please read the installation section of the T1 user’s manual. Mounting (Mounting on a DIN rail) (1)Hang the adapter on the DIN rail at first.
  • Page 5 CU111 Configuration 4.System configuration example [ one-to-one configuration ] RS232C RS485 CU111 PROSEC TOSHIBA MDR16 Operator interface unit T1 main unit : T1-16/28/40 [ one-to-N configuration RS232C ADP- 6237B RS485 CU111 CU111 RS232C RS232C PROSEC PROSEC TOSHIBA MDR16 TOSHIBA MDR16...
  • Page 6 CU111 connection 6.Computer Link (RS485) interface (1)Computer Link (RS485) signal name and pin assignment Pin No. Signal Name Function CU111 RS485 (In phase signal) CU111 RS485 (Reverse signal) CU111 RS485 (In phase signal) Termination CU111 RS485 (Reverse signal) Signal Ground (2)Computer Link (RS485) interface connection Sheilded twisted-paired cable...
  • Page 7 [ one-to-one configuration ] RS485 RS232C CU111 RS232C PROSEC TOSHIBA MDR16 TERM T1 main unit : T1-16/28/40 HOST Connect cables according to the above diagram. Short between RXA and TRM(TERM) for termination at the end of both CU111 and ADP- 6237B.
  • Page 8 TOSHIBA INTERNATIONAL (EUROPE) LTD. TOSHIBA INTERNATIONAL 1 Roundwood Avenue CORPORATION PTY. LTD. Stockley Park, Uxbridge 2 Morton Street, Parramatta Middlesex, ENGLAND UB11 1AR N.S.W. 2150, AUSTRALIA Tel: 0181-756-6000 Fax: 0181-848 4969 Tel: 02-9768-6600 Fax: 02-9890-7542 TOSHIBA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION TOSHIBA CORPORATION...

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