Install The Base Grille; Care And Cleaning - Whirlpool SKT60S Instructions Manual

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5. Push the refrigerator and freezer fully into the opening.

Install the Base Grille

Install the Bracket onto the Cabinets
1. Remove the plastic base grille from each appliance.
2. Remove the two
" hex head screws located on the
opposite side from the bottom hinge on each cabinet. These
will be used to fasten the bracket.
3. Insert one screw through the lower bracket and thread it into
the cabinet.
NOTE: Do not completely tighten the screw.
4. Align the bracket holes with the holes in the appliances and
install the remaining three screws.
NOTE: Do not completely tighten the screws.
5. Make sure the appliances are still level. Completely tighten all
four bracket screws.
Install the Bottom Grille Assembly
1. Align the four clips on the bottom grille assembly with the
square holes in the base of the cabinets.
2. Push and snap all the grille clips in place.
NOTE: Make sure the grille clips are fully engaged and that
the base grille's side caps are situated outside the hinge
bracket on each appliance.
Install the Gap Filler Assembly
1. Place the magnetic gap filler assembly between the
refrigerator and freezer to fill in the gap between the
NOTE: The gap filler should be flush with the tops of the
appliance cabinets.

Care and Cleaning

Clean the trim and grille surfaces with a cotton cloth dampened
with a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. Do not use
harsh or abrasive cleaners because they will damage the metal
surface of the grille and trim.

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Table of Contents

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