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Fujitsu F9600 Telephone System
LinkPlus Interface Guide
SpectraLink 6000 System
SpectraLink 8000 System
June 2008 Edition
Version E


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  • Page 1 Fujitsu F9600 Telephone System LinkPlus Interface Guide SpectraLink 6000 System SpectraLink 8000 System June 2008 Edition 1725-3634-001 Version E...
  • Page 2 LinkPlus Interface Guide: Fujitsu F9600 Telephone System Trademark Information Notice Polycom® and the logo designs Polycom, Inc. has prepared this document for SpectraLink® use by Polycom personnel and customers. The LinkPlus drawings and specifications contained herein Link are the property of Polycom and shall be neither...
  • Page 3: About This Guide

    About this Guide Polycom is the market leader in multi-cellular wireless telephone systems for the workplace. We manufacture a range of products to suit any size installation. All Polycom products use our LinkPlus digital integration technology to integrate with various digital switch platforms.
  • Page 4: Related Documents

    LinkPlus Interface Guide: Fujitsu F9600 Telephone System Related Documents SpectraLink 6300 MCU : Operator’s Console (1725-36125-001) SpectraLink 6100 MCU: Installation and Operation (1725-36097-001) SpectraLink 6020 Wireless Telephone and Accessories User Guide (1725-36092-001) Available at less/proprietary_wireless.html SpectraLink 8000 Telephony Gateway: Administration Guide for SRP...
  • Page 5: Icons And Conventions

    About this Guide Icons and Conventions This manual uses the following icons and conventions. Caution! Follow these instructions carefully to avoid danger. Note these instructions carefully. Label This typeface indicates a key, label, or button on SpectraLink hardware. PN: 1725-36134-001_E.doc...
  • Page 7: Plan Programming

    Plan the Interface The system administrator programs the telephone system for use with the handset System using the normal administration terminal or procedures. Programming can be done after the handsets are registered. Recommended programming includes assigning extension numbers to the handsets and programming features on the telephone system so they are easily accessible from the handsets.
  • Page 8 LinkPlus Interface Guide: Fujitsu F9600 Telephone System “model” handsets then use the model as a template to program the other handsets. • All handsets are different: All handsets are programmed differently, so each handset will be programmed individually. Before installation, the parameters of the wired phones should be verified to plan the parameters required for the handsets.
  • Page 9: The Wireless Telephone Display

    Plan the Interface The system administrator may use the Extension Assignments Worksheet at the end of this document to track the port numbers, extensions, users, and features assigned to handsets. The Wireless Telephone Display The SpectraLink Wireless Telephone will display the telephone number as it is dialed.
  • Page 10 LinkPlus Interface Guide: Fujitsu F9600 Telephone System Feature Programming Requirements When planning the interface, the following information must be taken into account: Line sequences The handset uses two types of key sequences to access PBX features and multiple lines. sequences are those where the user presses LINE key and then a number key.
  • Page 11 Plan the Interface SpectraLink 6100 MCU For the SpectraLink 6100 MCU, the handset function menu text can only be changed via remote configuration through the services of Polycom’s Customer Support. SpectraLink 8000 Telephony Gateways Function menu text options can be changed in the Administration Console of the SpectraLink 8000 Telephony Gateways.
  • Page 12 LinkPlus Interface Guide: Fujitsu F9600 Telephone System Autodial FAB10 through FAB13 may be used for up to 4 Autodial numbers per handset. Specifics are described later in this document. Ring types Handset ring types (soft, normal, vibrator, etc.) are programmed by the handset user and are not accessible or changeable by the system switch.
  • Page 13 See the Telephone Switch Interface Matrix document for tested configurations. • A trained Fujitsu technician or system administrator will be on site with the SpectraLink installer to program the system. • The SpectraLink 6000 System or SpectraLink 8000 Telephony Gateway is installed and the handsets are available for programming.
  • Page 14 From the Main Menu, choose Gateway Configuration. Scroll to Telephone Switch Type and press enter to change this field, from the Submenu of PBX types, select Fujitsu. Refer to SpectraLink 8000 Telephony Gateway: Administration Guide for SRP for details on configuring the Telephone Switch Type.
  • Page 15 Interface Implementation The FCN +[number] and LINE+[number] labels represent the key sequence on the handset mapped to the corresponding key on the desk set. The handset function menu default settings are shown on each corresponding button in the above diagram; these may be changed as described above in Function Menu Programming.
  • Page 16 Assign Features to Programmable Buttons This assignment assigns selected features to selected buttons. ASS MLPFB,[TNN;0],DNV,BNO,FN,[BNO,FN],,,,,,[BNO,FN] The Fujitsu PBX will reset a phone after you assign a feature to a programmable button. Therefore the phone will be unusable for possibly as long as 20 seconds.
  • Page 17 , and which correspond to Fujitsu Feature Access Buttons FAB10 through FAB13 respectively, as shown on the DT14DS key-map diagram. Programming an Autodial number into the handset will not program the same number into the corresponding key on a desk set because each device is associated with a unique prime line.
  • Page 18 LinkPlus Interface Guide: Fujitsu F9600 Telephone System Using the Autodial feature 1. To use the Autodial feature, perform the following steps: 2. Press on the same handset that was programmed above. START 3. Press the Autodial key sequence for the number to be dialed (...
  • Page 19: Extension Assignments Worksheet

    Extension Assignments Worksheet Shelf: _______ Interface Module: _______ Interface Handset Handset # Ext. # Name Module Comment Serial # Circuit # Handset 1 Handset 2 Handset 3 Handset 4 Handset 5 Handset 6 Handset 7 Handset 8 Handset 9 Handset 10 Handset 11 Handset 12 Handset 13...

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