Craftsman 315.114232 Operator's Manual page 16

5-1/2 in., 18 volt cordless trim saw
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See Figures 15 - 16.
Always support the workpiece near the cut,
Support the workpiece so the cut will be on your left.
Clamp the workpiece so it will not move during the cut.
Place the workpiece with its good side down.
NOTE: The good side is the side on which appearance is
Before beginning a cut, draw a guideline along the desired
line of cut.Then place front edge of base on that part of
the workpiece that is solidly supported.
Never place the saw on that part of the workpiece that
will fall off when the cut is made.
Hold the saw firmly with both hands.
Depress the lock-off button and squeeze the switch trigger
to start the saw. Always let the blade reach full speed,
then guide the saw into the workpiece.
Fig. 15
Fig. 16
The blade coming in contact with the
workpiece before it reaches full speed could cause
the saw to "kickback" towards you resulting in serious
When making a cut use steady, even pressure. Forcing
causes rough cuts, could shorten the life of the saw and
could cause "kickback,"
REMEMBER: When sawing through work, the lower
blade guard does not cover the blade, exposing it on the
underside of work, Keep the hands and fingers away from
cutting area. Any part of your body coming in contact with
the moving blade will result in serious injury.
After you complete the cut release the trigger and allow
the blade to come to a complete stop. Do not remove the
saw from workpiece while the blade is moving.
CAUTION: When lifting the saw from the workpiece,
the blade is exposed on the underside of the saw until
the lower blade guard closes. Make sure lower blade
guard is closed before setting the saw down on work

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents