For Adjustable Down Travel Stops; Parts Ordering - Emerson 1051 Instruction Manual

Sizes 40, 60 and 70 styles h and j rotary actuators
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Instruction Manual
Form 5587
November 2006
assemblies, the cotter pen and slotted nut
(keys 247 and 54, figure 15) will have to be
removed so that the handwheel (key 51,
figure 15) and locknut can be taken off the stem
e. Remove and inspect the O-rings (keys 138
and 139, figures 15 and 16); replace them if
f. To complete disassembly for sizes 40 and 60,
drive out the groove pin (key 140, figures 15
and 16), and slide the pusher (key 135, figures 15
and 16) off the stem. The pusher of a size 70 unit
is held to the stem by a retaining screw (key 174,
figures 15 and 16). Removing the retaining screw
and pusher exposes the thrust bearing (key 175,
figures 15 and 16) for inspection.

For Adjustable Down Travel Stops

Refer to figure 17 for appropriate key numbers
unless otherwise stated.
a. Remove the closing cap (key 187), and
unscrew the jam nut and hex nut (keys 189
and 63 for sizes 40, and 70 actuators; or
keys 189 and 54 for size 60 actuators) off the
stem (key 133).
b. Remove the upper diaphragm casing (key 1,
figures 12 and 13) and travel stop body (key 142)
by following steps 1, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 12 of the
Disassembly portion of the Maintenance section.
c. Unscrew cap screws (key 141), and remove
the body from the diaphragm case.
d. Check the condition of the O-ring (key 139),
and replace it if necessary.
e. Loosen the hex nut (key 54), and then
unscrew the travel stop stem (key 133) out of the
actuator stem. The lower diaphragm plate
(key 82) can now be removed and the rest of the
actuator disassembled.
4. Reassemble by reversing the order of the steps
you took to disassemble, being sure to apply
1051 & 1052 H & J
lubricant as previously mentioned and as shown by
the lubrication boxes (key 241) in figures 15 and 16.
For size 70 handwheels or up travel stop
assemblies, coat the threads of the retaining screws
(key 174, figures 15 and 16) with thread-locking
adhesive (high strength) (key 242).
5. Adjust the spring to obtain the appropriate travel
stop restriction by following the procedures
presented in the introductory portion of this section,
and then return the unit to operation.

Parts Ordering

When corresponding with your Emerson Process
Management sales office about this equipment, refer
to the serial number found on the actuator
nameplate (key 41, figure 12). Also, specify the
complete 11-character part number from the
following parts list when ordering replacement parts.
Use only genuine Fisher replacement
parts. Components that are not
supplied by Emerson Process
Management should not, under any
circumstances, be used in any Fisher
valve, because they will void your
warranty, might adversely affect the
performance of the valve, and could
give rise to personal injury and
property damage.
Neither Emerson, Emerson Process
Management, nor any of their affiliated
entities assumes responsibility for the
selection, use and maintenance of any
product. Responsibility for the
selection, use, and maintenance of any
product remains with the purchaser
and end-user.

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Table of Contents

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