Handwheel And Travel Stop Maintenance; For Top-Mounted Handwheels And Adjustable Up Travel Stops - Emerson 1051 Instruction Manual

Sizes 40, 60 and 70 styles h and j rotary actuators
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1051 & 1052 H & J
Handwheel and Travel Stop
Avoid personal injury or property
damage from sudden release of
process pressure or uncontrolled
movement of parts. Before performing
any maintenance operations:
D Always wear protective gloves,
clothing, and eyewear when
performing any maintenance
operations to avoid personal injury.
D Disconnect any operating lines
providing air pressure, electric power,
or a control signal to the actuator. Be
sure the actuator cannot suddenly
open or close the valve.
D Use bypass valves or completely
shut off the process to isolate the
valve from process pressure. Relieve
process pressure from both sides of
the valve. Drain the process media
from both sides of the valve.
D Vent the power actuator loading
pressure and relieve any actuator
spring precompression.
D Use lock-out procedures to be
sure that the above measures stay in
effect while you work on the
D The valve packing box may
contain process fluids that are
pressurized, even when the valve has
been removed from the pipeline.
Process fluids may spray out under
pressure when removing the packing
hardware or packing rings, or when
loosening the packing box pipe plug.
D Check with your process or safety
engineer for any additional measures
that must be taken to protect against
process media.
If loading pressure seems to be leaking from either
the handwheel or adjustable up stop, the O-rings
(key 138 and 139, figures 15 and 16) may need
replacement. If the adjustable down stop leaks, the
O-ring (key 139, figure 17) may need replacement or
possibly the closing cap, (key 187, figure 17) is not
tight. To tighten the closing cap, apply a good grade
of thread sealant to the closing cap threads.
For ease of operation, the stem (key 133,
figures 15, 16, and 17) threads may need an
occasional application of lithium grease. A grease
fitting (key 169, figures 15 and 16) is provided for
this purpose in the size 70. The size 70 may also
need to have the thrust bearing (key 175, figures 15
and 16) packed with lithium grease. Travel stops for
the smaller casings can be lubricated between the
stem and pusher (key 135, figures 15 and 16) with
lithium grease.
1. Bypass the control valve, reduce loading
pressure to atmospheric, and remove the tubing or
pipe from the body (key 142, figures 15, 16, and 17).
To avoid personal injury from the
precompressed spring force thrusting
the upper diaphragm casing (key 1,
figures 12 and 13) away from the
actuator, either relieve Type 1052
spring compression, or carefully
remove Type 1051 casing cap screws
by following the instructions that are
referenced in the steps below before
removing the casing.
2. Relieve all actuator spring compression by
following the procedures presented in the
Disassembly portion of the Maintenance section.
Then, rotate either the handwheel (key 51, figure 15)
or the travel stop stem (key 133, figures 16 and 17)
counterclockwise until the handwheel or travel stop
assembly is no longer compressing the spring.
3. Proceed as appropriate:
For Top-Mounted Handwheels and
Adjustable Up Travel Stops
a. Remove the upper diaphragm casing (key 1,
figures 12 and 13) by following steps 1, 3, 6, 7, 9,
11, and 12 of the Disassembly portion of the
Maintenance section.
b. Remove the cap screws (key 141, figures 15
and 16, and separate the assembly from the
upper casing.
c. Loosen the locknut (key 137, figure 15) or
remove the closing cap (key 187, figure 16).
d. Turn the stem (key 133, figures 15 and 16)
clockwise out of the body. On handwheel
Instruction Manual
Form 5587
November 2006

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents