Emerson MP3 MUSIC & VIDEO PLAYER EMP517-2 User Manual: Troubleshooting

Mp3 music & video player 2gb.
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If you have problems while operating your player, please check the points below before sending it to the service center.
Can not power on
 The battery may be exhausted. Please recharge the battery.
Files can not be downloaded
 Check the connection between the player and PC.
No sound from the earphones
 Please ensure the volume is turned up, and the earphones are properly connected.
 Check if the format of music file is supported by the player.
Can not record
 Check if there is enough memory and battery capacity.
Display is in the wrong language
 Please ensure you selected the correct language from the "SETTINGS" menu.
When I switch off the MP3 video player with the [Power on/off switch], the brightness or the song I was listening to is not stored
 For the MP3 video player to successfully store the last settings, you have to switch it off with the [PLAY] button.
My computer is not detecting the MP3 video player with Windows Vista
 There is a USB mass storage devices recognition issue with Windows Vista acknowledged by Microsoft. A solution is expected in the
upcoming Service Pack 1.
I cannot display my .jpg files
 Many digital cameras and image edition software add hidden data to the .jpg files. This data can prevent your MP3 from loading the images.
Try to eliminate them by saving the file with another name.

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