Operating Your Freezer; Thermostat Control; Defrosting Your Freezer; Helpful Hints - Emerson CF450 Owner's Manual

3.5 cubic ft. chest freezer
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Thermostat Control


Defrosting Your Freezer

When to Defrost
For the most efficient operation and minimum energy consumption, defrost the freezer when the frost
on the freezer walls is excessive or 1/4 inch thick.
Chose a time when the stock of frozen food is low.

Helpful Hints

Defrosting usually takes a few hours, give yourself enough time to complete the process and be able
to keep the frozen food at the correct temperature.
Leaving the lid of the freezer open will help speed the melting process.
Pouring warm (not boiling) water on the ice/frost will help speed melting.
Use the ice scraper only when necessary and exercise caution when using as it is very easy to
damage the freezer compartment and void your warranty.
Steps to Defrost
1. Remove all frozen food from the freezer and place in another freezer or cooler to keep cold.
2. Turn the thermostat knob to "OFF".
3. Unplug the freezer from the outlet. The power indicator light should be off (green light out).
4. Remove the interior water drain cap on the inside floor of the freezer by pulling straight out.
5. During defrosting the ice melts into the cabinet and will drain out of the interior water drain to the
exterior drain located on the left side of the unit.
6. Place a shallow pan under the exterior drain outlet and ensure that it is positioned to collect the water.
7. Check the drain pan frequently so the water does not overflow.
8. Clean the interior of the freezer as directed in the cleaning section.
9. Replace the interior water drain cap on the inside floor.
10. Reset the thermostat to desired setting.
11. Operate the freezer without food for at least 2 hours to allow it to cool before placing food back inside.
Interior Water Drain Cap




Table of Contents

Table of Contents