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Emerson RP6248 Owner's Manual

Am/fm/tv bands instant weather portable radio with clock.
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AM / FM / TV Bands
Instant Weather
Portable Radio with Clock
(Dark Grey)
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27/6/2005, 11:56

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  • Page 1

    AM / FM / TV Bands Instant Weather Portable Radio with Clock OWNER'S MANUAL RP6248 (White) RP6249 (Dark Grey) Visit our web site at RP6248-49_062705.p65 27/6/2005, 11:56...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    17.) The product may be mounted to a wall only if recommended by the manufacturer. 18.) Upon completion of any service or repairs to this product, ask the service technician to perform safety checks. RP6248-49_062705.p65 CAUT I ON C AU T I O N...

  • Page 3

    This product was manufactured using the highest quality components and standards of workmanship. It was tested by Emerson inspectors and found to be in perfect working order before it left our factory. However, there is always the chance that some problem may occur because of rough handling during shipment to the retail store or to the final consumer.

  • Page 4: Fcc Information

    (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. RP6248-49_062705.p65 • Operate controls and switches as described in the manual. • Before turning on the power, make certain that the power cord is properly installed.

  • Page 5

    The AC power cord is located inside the battery compartment. It is permanently attached to the radio to prevent loss. • Open the battery compartment by pressing on the “ and sliding it downward in the direction of the arrows. RP6248-49_062705.p65 OPEN ” marks on the cover OPEN...

  • Page 6

    AC outlet. Do not defeat the safety feature by trying to file the wider blade, or replacing the plug. Contact an electrician to replace your outdated outlet. RP6248-49_062705.p65 OPEN AC Outlet AC Plug 27/6/2005, 11:56...

  • Page 7: Battery Operation

    • Only batteries of the equivalent type are to be used. • Batteries are to be inserted with the correct polarity. • Dispose of batteries properly. Do not dispose of batteries in fire. The batteries may explode or leak. RP6248-49_062705.p65 OPEN OPEN Battery Precautions 27/6/2005, 11:56 ”...

  • Page 8

    'feet' before you place the product on fine wooden furniture. RP6248-49_062705.p65 27/6/2005, 11:56...

  • Page 9: Top View, Front View

    3.) WEATHER BAND FINE TUNING Control. 4.) Battery & AC Cord Compartment. 5.) Carrying Handle. 6.) VOLUME/Power “On/Off” Control. RP6248-49_062705.p65 7.) PHONES Jack. 8.) Speaker. 9.) Clock SET Button. 10.) Back LIGHT Button. 11.) Clock MODE Button. 12.) LCD Clock.

  • Page 10: Radio Operation

    AM/FM or TV bands. This is normal and not an indication of any trouble with your unit. Adjust the volume when listening to the Weather Band if necessary. RP6248-49_062705.p65 27/6/2005, 11:56...

  • Page 11

    If reception is weak, turn the unit to improve reception. FM, TV, WEATHER BAND – The telescopic antenna on the top of the unit is for these bands only. If reception is weak, adjust the length of the antenna. RP6248-49_062705.p65 27/6/2005, 11:56...

  • Page 12: Setting The Date And Time

    SET button. The clock begins to run. To see the date at any time, press the SET button. The display will change from time to month/date for a few seconds and then change back to time display automatically. RP6248-49_062705.p65 is displayed as “2 28”. 27/6/2005, 11:56...

  • Page 13

    Plug in the earphone (not included) and adjust the volume to a comfortable level. The internal speaker is disconnected when the earphone is plugged into the radio. RP6248-49_062705.p65 27/6/2005, 11:56...

  • Page 14

    TO FIND THE LOCATION AND PHONE NUMBER OF Y OUR NEA RES T SERVI CE CE NT ER PERMITTED TO PERFORM WARRANTY... CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-695-0098 PLEASE CALL: 1-800-898-9020 Emerson Radio Corp., Consumer Affairs Dept., 5101 Statesman Drive, Irving, TX 75063. 27/6/2005, 11:56...

  • Page 15

    For repair or replacement, pack your unit in a padded box, enclose your check or money order payable to Emerson Radio Corp. in the amount of $5.00 (not required by California residents) to cover shipping and handling costs, and enclose a copy of your proof of purchase.

  • Page 16

    EMERSON Part No. 16-2900 Printed in China 506-04 RP6248-49_062705.p65 27/6/2005, 11:56...

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