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Mitsubishi Electric MAM-AM20 Instruction Manual

Mam series alarm modems
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Mitsubishi MAM series
Alarm Modems
Instruction Manual
MAM-GM6, GM20, GM24
MAM-AM6, AM20, AM24
Art.-No.: 165590
26 10 2005
Version A



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  • Page 1 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Mitsubishi MAM series Alarm Modems Instruction Manual Draft MAM-GM6, GM20, GM24 MAM-AM6, AM20, AM24 Art.-No.: 165590 26 10 2005 INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Version A...
  • Page 3: About This Manual

    You can also obtain information and answers to frequently asked questions from our Mitsubishi website under MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC reserves the right to change the specifications of its products and/or the contents of this manual at any time and without prior notice.
  • Page 5 Instruction Manual Alarm Modems AM and GM series Art-No.: 165590 Version Changes / Additions / Corrections 09/2005 pdp-ck First Edition Mitsubishi Alarm Modem...
  • Page 7 Proper use Mitsubishi Alarm Modems are only designed for use in the application fields described in this manual. Ensure that all the specifications stated in this manual are observed. Unqualified inter- ventions in the hardware or software, and failure to observe the warnings stated in this manual or on the product may lead to serious injury or material damage.
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    COM2 – RS232 (Plug)..........4-1 Mitsubishi Alpha XL and Mitsubishi FX at RS232 ......4-2 4.3.1...
  • Page 10 MX Mitsubishi Alarm Editor MX-MAE ........8-1...
  • Page 11: Mitsubishi Alarm Modems At A Glance

    AT commands can now be forgotten at last. The wide range of functions available on the Mitsubishi Alarm Modems provide solutions for a number of applications such as the monitoring of temperature, pressures, levels, or the activa- tion of motors, fans, pumps slide valves and flaps.
  • Page 12: Function Overview

    Mitsubishi System Q (in preperation) Alarming with acknowledgment Mitsubishi Alarm Modems are fully automatic and can send status and fault mes- sages to any recipient via SMS, fax, e-mail or Express E-Mail. Messages can be triggered by PLC variables.
  • Page 13: Teleservice Via Pc

    All dial-in and dial-in attempts are recorded. Pump alarm application example The following example shows how you can use the wide range of functions of the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem to handle complex tasks automatically:...
  • Page 14: Installation And Mounting

    RS 485/422 with MAM-GM24 COM2 (RS485/RS422) 5-pin screw terminal configurable over DIP switch (only MAM-GM24) Tab. 3-1: Description of the connectors of the Alarm Modem GSM You find the outline of the respective variant in chapter 10. 3 - 1 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC...
  • Page 15: Alarm Modem 56K

    RS 485/422 with MAM-AM24 COM2 (RS485/RS422) 5-pin screw terminal configurable over DIP switch (only MAM-AM24) Tab. 3-2: Description of the connectors of the Alarm Modem 56k You find the outline of the respective variant in chapter 10. Mitsubishi Alarm Modem 3 - 2...
  • Page 16: Meaning Of The Leds

    Message ready to send waits inside the device Data Out (yellow) No message in outbox TiXML Mode standard mode for the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem. Modem Mode Modem Mode (device usable as generic modem via COM1) (red) Transparent Mode (device provides transparent connection) Tab.
  • Page 17: Mounting

    The device must only be used in rooms that are dry and clean. Protect the device from humidity, water splashes or heat. b Do not subject the device to severe vibration. DANGER: b The device must not be used in environments containing flammable gases, fumes or dust. Mitsubishi Alarm Modem 3 - 4...
  • Page 18: Connecting The Gsm Antenna (Only Gm Series)

    First of all find a suitable location for mounting the GSM antenna outside of the control cabinet. In order to find a suitable location with a good reception quality you may use the software MX Mitsubishi Alarm Editor to display the signal quality. Screw the antenna plug into the antenna socket on the front of the modem.
  • Page 19: Inserting The Sim Card (Only Gm Series)

    Inserting the SIM card (only GM series) To insert the SIM card in the modem, open the SIM card holder on the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem by pressing the small button on the right of the holder with a pen or a pointed object.
  • Page 20: Connection To The Telephone Network (Only Am Series)

    If the calling number is shown at the called partys end, the CLIP feature is supported. If this is the case, your Mitsubishi Alarm Modem may send messages via phone, may be called for remote connections or even may trigger events by the calling number transmitted.
  • Page 21: Interfaces

    (see section 2.6 and 10.6). COM1 – RS232 (Jack) The RS232 interface COM1 (9-pole D-Sub socket) is provided on all Mitsubishi Alarm Modem models. It is primarily used as a programming interface for connecting a PC. A standard 1:1 serial cable can be used for this (not supplied) Fig.
  • Page 22: Mitsubishi Alpha Xl And Mitsubishi Fx At Rs232

    Mitsubishi Alpha XL and Mitsubishi FX at RS232 4.3.1 Alpha XL The Mitsubishi Alpha XL is to be connected to the COM ports of the Mitsubishi Alarm Modems (MAM): b directly by the “AL2-GSM-CAB” cable to COM1 b by the “AL2-GSM-CAB” cable and the “Red Adapter” (see chapter 10.3) to COM2 4.3.2...
  • Page 23 The terminal cover snaps off from the case with an audible click and may be removed. Process Line Data out SIM-Card i t s Fig. 4-6: Position of the DIP switches under the terminal cover Mitsubishi Alarm Modem 4 - 3...
  • Page 24 RS485 2-wire connection (2-wire bus system, half-duplex) In this operating mode, transmit cables and receive cables are interconnected. If the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem is installed at the beginning (first station) or end (last station) of the bus system, the bus system must be terminated by setting the DIP switches accordingly.
  • Page 25: Mitsubishi Fx At Rs485/422

    Incorrect or missing termination may give rise to communication faults. Mitsubishi FX at RS485/422 The Mitsubishi FX is to be connected via the optional RS485-BD or RS422-BD to the optional COM2 of the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem, using 5-wire twisted pair cable. The Alarm Modems DIP switches 3 and 4 must be set to OFF therefore.
  • Page 26: Power Supply

    Power supply Power supply After all installation steps are completed, switch on the power supply to the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem. The modem got two power supply connectors: Two screw terminals and a power sup- ply jack (pin diameter 2,1 mm, inner diameter 6 mm).
  • Page 27: Operation

    Operation Operation Once all installation steps have been completed, you can start operating the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem. Self-test after power up The Mitsubishi Alarm Modem carries out an extensive self-test after the power supply is switched on. All the LEDs will switch on for test purposes and all three types of memory are checked.
  • Page 28 The device is operational once the self-test is completed and it has “started working”. Line-LED when functioning correctly (only GM series) The Mitsubishi Alarm Modem GSM is logged in if the green Line LED flashes at regular intervals. NOTE If the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem is being commissioned for the first time or after a complete delete operation (Factory Reset, section 10.2.3), a...
  • Page 29: Configuration And Projects

    Configuration and projects Initial configuration You can regard a Mitsubishi Alarm Modem (MAM) in the same way as you would consider a PC with an operating system and many communication programs. After the initial power up, the task memory is empty and the MAM “doesn’t know” what it is meant to do. It has to be configured first of all and assigned a task.
  • Page 30: Pin Ok, No Network, Mam Not Logged In

    Additionally, use a mobile phone to check if the SMSC (Short Message Service Center) number ist stored on the SIM card. If not so, sending SMS from the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem will not be possible. In that case, contact your mobile service provider for details on how to store this num- ber on the SIM card.
  • Page 31: Operating Modes: Modem Mode And Tixml Mode

    7.5.1 Alarm Editor MX-MAE activates the correct mode If you always configure the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem with the MX-MAE software, you do not have to worry about the two modes, as this tool will automatically activate the correct mode (TiXML Mode). You can skip the rest of this section and continue reading at the chapter 8 "Software".
  • Page 32: Activating/Deactivating Modem Mode

    MAM will continue processing the tasks, message jobs cannot be execu- ted until the modem is free again and the Modem Mode LED is off. NOTE AT commands are only processed by Mitsubishi Alarm Modems in Modem Mode. TiXML commands are only recognized in TiXML Mode. 7.5.6...
  • Page 33: Software

    Mitsubishi Alarm Editor MX-MAE Secure Login: Access Protection Mitsubishi Alarm Modems can be protected against unauthorized access. To do this, the names and passwords of authorized users are defined in the software tool (MX-MAE) during the config- uration. In this way, only authorized users are able to modify or read the MAM configuration or access the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem locally or remotely.
  • Page 34: Remote Access

    MX-MAE. To do this, the PLC must be connected to a serial interface on the MAM. MX-MAE establishes a connection to the remote Mitsubishi Alarm Modem and uses its RS232 interface to the PLC as a virtual local COM interface for your PC. This transparent modem con- nection allows you to access your PLC using your standard software as if it was connected directly to your PC.
  • Page 35: Communication With A Plc

    PLC concerned. They then have direct access to all variables, markers and I/O on the PLCs. The Alarm Modem can easily be set with parameters using the software MX-Mitsubishi Alarm Editor.
  • Page 36: Appendix

    Remote switching Remote switching of outputs or changing of variable values of the connected PLCs by sending switch commands as SMS or Express E-Mail to the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem. Switching also by dialing with caller identification (CLIP) without connection estab- lishment, i.e.
  • Page 37 5-pole screw terminal for T+, T-, R+, R-, 0 V max 1.5 Mb/s, not isolated RS485/422 COM2 Termination integrated, activated via DIP switches Transmission distance max.1200 m depending on the transmission rate, bus system and cable type Tab. 10-6: Serial interfaces Mitsubishi Alarm Modem 10 - 2...
  • Page 38 5 to 95 % relative humidity, non-condensing air humidity Degree of protection IP20 Degree of pollution Pollution degree 2 Dimensions Width: 88 mm x Height: 57 mm x Depth: 91 mm (without antenna connection) Weight 240g Tab. 10-7: General data 10 - 3 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC...
  • Page 39: Leds, Reset, Update, Error Diagnostics

    Tab. 10-9: LEDs in the event of faults 10.2.3 Factory Reset A factory reset deletes all the data stored in the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem and overwrites them with factory settings. Your GSM settings (PIN) are retained. Procedure: Switch off the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem...
  • Page 40 Tab. 10-11: LEDs during Factory Reset and restart 10.2.4 Firmware-Update A new firmware can be loaded onto the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem using an upload tool. In this case the LEDs of the Mitsubishi Alarm Modem will light up as follows: Power...
  • Page 41 Appendix Accessories 10.3 Accessories The following parts can be obtained via Mitsubishi for equipping your Mitsubishi Alarm Modem. Accessories Description MAM-ANT-5A GSM magnetic rod antenna 900/1800MHz 5dB (only GM series) GSM bending antenna 900/1800MHz 0 dB (only GM series) MAM-ANT-ANGLE...
  • Page 42 Dimensions Appendix 10.5 Dimensions 10.5.1 GM series Antenna Service Power Process Line Data out Modem Mode SIM-Card Push DC 10...30V COM2 (RS232) COM1 (RS232) Fig. 10-1: Dimensions GM series 10 - 7 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC...
  • Page 43 Appendix Dimensions 10.5.2 AM series Line Service Power Process Line Data out Modem Mode DC 10...30V COM2 (RS232) COM1 (RS232) Fig. 10-2: Dimensions AM series Mitsubishi Alarm Modem 10 - 8...
  • Page 44 COM1 (RS232) COM2 (RS232) COM1 (RS232) MAM-GM24 Antenna Service Power Process Line Data out Modem Mode SIM-Card Push 10...30 V DC +T (0V) COM1 (RS232) Fig. 10-3: MAM-GMx: Mitsubishi Alarm Modems GSM with RS232 and RS485 10 - 9 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC...
  • Page 45 COM1 (RS232) COM2 (RS232) COM1 (RS232) MAM-AM24 Line Service Power Process Line Data out Modem Mode 10...30 V DC +T (0V) COM1 (RS232) Abb. 10-4: MAM-AMx: Mitsubishi Alarm Modems 56k with RS232 and RS485 Mitsubishi Alarm Modem 10 - 10...
  • Page 46 Terminals · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 3-1,10-8 TiXML Mode· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 7-3 Mitsubishi Alarm Modem...
  • Page 47 Index Mitsubishi Alarm Modem...

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