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Casio PV-750 Plus Technical Reference Manual

16. technical reference
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Technical Reference
This section contains technical information about the PV Unit.

Date Formats

The following describes the date formats that can be set for the system (page 176).

Time Formats

The following describes the time formats that can be set for the system (page 176).

Tool Bars

The PV Unit uses standard tool bars for data input and display. The following
shows typical examples of these toolbars, and describes the items that can appear
in each.
Month/Day/Year. Example: Jan/31/2000
Day/Month/Year. Example: 31/Jan/2000
Year/Month/Day. Example: 2000/1/31
Represents time in two blocks, from midnight to 11:59am,
and from noon to 11:59pm.
Represents time as a single block, from 0:00 to 23:59. This
format is often referred to as "military time."



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  Summary of Contents for Casio PV-750 Plus

  • Page 1: Date Formats

    Chapter Technical Reference This section contains technical information about the PV Unit. Date Formats The following describes the date formats that can be set for the system (page 176). Format Description M/D/Y Month/Day/Year. Example: Jan/31/2000 D/M/Y Day/Month/Year. Example: 31/Jan/2000 Y/M/D Year/Month/Day.
  • Page 2: Chapter 16 Technical Reference

    Chapter 16 Technical Reference Data Input Tool Bar Mode icon Button Description Mode icon Indicates the mode you are currently in. Clears all characters in the entry (field) where the cursor is located. In the Contacts and Mail modes, pressing this button clears the data from all the input fields for the data item (record) you are inputting.
  • Page 3 Data Display Tool Bar Mode icon Description Button Indicates the mode you are currently in. Mode icon Displays a menu of other views that can be used to display data. In the Scheduler and Expense Manager modes, jumps to today’s date as kept by the PV Unit’s built-in clock. Advances to the next item.
  • Page 4: Keyboard Formats

    Chapter 16 Technical Reference Keyboard Formats The PV Unit provides you with a selection of keyboard formats. QWERTY This format is automatically selected when English, Spanish, or Italian is set as the system language. AZERTY This format is automatically selected when French is set as the system language.
  • Page 5: Input Limits

    Input Limits The following table shows the maximum number of characters that can be input into various fields. Mode Entry (Field) Maximum Number of Characters Schedule Description 2,046 To Do Description 2,046 Category Reminder Description 2,046 Contacts – 2,036 Category Item Memo Description...
  • Page 6: Resetting The Pv Unit

    Chapter 16 Technical Reference Resetting the PV Unit Warning! The following procedure erases all data stored in the memory of the PV Unit. Perform this operation only when you want to delete all data and initialize the settings of the PV Unit. Remember - you should always keep copies of important data by writing it down, or by transferring it to a personal computer.
  • Page 7 4. Tap H or J to adjust the contrast of the display, and then tap OK. 5. In response to the message that appears, tap Yes to reset the PV Unit and clear all memory contents, or No to abort the reset procedure without doing anything.
  • Page 8: Euro Conversion Rate Presets

    Chapter 16 Technical Reference Euro Conversion Rate Presets Country Currency Code Rate (for 1 euro) Decimal Places Germany 1.95583 France 6.55957 Italy 1936.27 Spain 166.386 Netherlands 2.20371 Belgium 40.3399 Portugal 200.482 Austria 13.7603 Finland 5.94573 Ireland 0.787564 Luxembourg 40.3399...
  • Page 9: Storage Capacity

    Storage Capacity The memory capacity of the PV-750Plus is 2-Mbyte. The following shows the number of items that can be stored. Scheduler Approximately 24,400 items with 20-character description. Approximately 12,200 items with 60-character description. Contacts Approximately 24,400 items, under the following conditions. 8-character name 10-character home phone number 10-character home fax number...
  • Page 10 Chapter 16 Technical Reference Approximately 8,130 queued messages, each with the amount of data shown below. To: 20 characters Name: 10 characters Message: 100 characters Quick-Memo Approximately 580 items.
  • Page 11: Auto Sort Sequence

    Auto Sort Sequence The following table shows the sequence used for alphabetical data sorts. (space) Ú Ã À Õ ” È Ñ Ì Ò Æ Ù Ç & Â Å ’ Ê Î ß Ô ¶ Û ¢ ¡ ä á...
  • Page 12: City Name List

    Chapter 16 Technical Reference City Name List Time Time Time City Name City Name City Name Difference Difference Difference Abidjan 0:00 Brisbane +10:00 + 1:00 Frankfurt Abu Dhabi + 4:00 Broken Hill + 9:30 0:00 Freetown Acapulco – 6:00 Brussels + 1:00 0:00 G.M.T.
  • Page 13 Time Time Time City Name City Name City Name Difference Difference Difference Lagos + 1:00 New York – 5:00 San Jose – 6:00 Las Palmas 0:00 Niamey + 1:00 San Juan – 4:00 Lilongwe + 2:00 Norfolk – 5:00 San Salvador –...
  • Page 14: Mail Mode Glossary

    Chapter 16 Technical Reference Mail Mode Glossary access point The contact point you call in order to access the Internet. address bit mask This is a value that is used to calculate a subnet address. Domain Name System, which controls the way that computers can contact each other, exchange e-mail, and display Web pages.
  • Page 15 SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. A client/server based protocol for systems where someone uses a mail client to create mail and read mail, while servers do the actual processing and delivery of the mail. TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol. Protocols for exchanging information on the Internet.
  • Page 16: Message Table

    Chapter 16 Technical Reference Message Table Note Whenever an error message appears during a mail send or receive operation, first check to make sure your access point settings are correct. 100 alarms are already set! Cause: The maximum allowable Action: Wait until some of the limit of 100 alarms are already set.
  • Page 17 Cannot connect! Cause: 1. Light is not reaching the Action: 1. Remove the obstruction infrared ports. that is blocking the light and try again. 2. Surrounding light or 2. Change to a different noise is causing location, or change the communication position of the phone, problems.
  • Page 18 Chapter 16 Technical Reference Data item not found! Cause: None of the data in memory Action: Check the characters you matches the characters you specified specified to make sure you did not for a search operation. make a mistake, or try searching for different characters.
  • Page 19 Make sure you are inputting the time correctly. Cause: You are inputting invalid Action: Input proper values for the values for a time setting. time. Memory is full! Cause: You are trying to input data Action: First try performing the or receive data while memory is memory management operation to already full.
  • Page 20 Chapter 16 Technical Reference That alarm time is already used! Cause: The time you are setting for Action: Change the alarm time to an alarm is already used. one that is not yet used. That date is outside of the specified period. Cause: You are specifying a Action: Check the specified period Reminder date that is outside the...
  • Page 21 You cannot specify more than 60 repeats! Cause: You specified more than 60 Action: Shorten the specified period repeats for a Reminder data item. of the Reminder item to reduce the number of repeats. Wrong password! Cause: The password you input Action: Input the correct password.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    Chapter 16 Technical Reference Troubleshooting Power Supply Problem: The PV Unit does not operate normally after batteries are replaced. Possible Cause Recommended Action Problem with PV Unit operational Perform the following procedure. settings 1. Slide the battery switch to the REPLACE BATTERIES position, and remove the battery compartment cover.
  • Page 23: Display Contrast

    Problem: Nothing appears on the display when power is turned on. Possible Causes Recommended Actions 1. The battery switch on the back of the 1. Slide the battery switch to NORMAL unit is set to REPLACE BATTERIES. OPERATION. 2. Battery power is low. 2.
  • Page 24 RESET button. See procedure above. proper operation. 3. The touch screen must be replaced. 3. The touch screen is damaged. Contact your nearest CASIO dealer to have the touch screen replaced. You will be charged for this replacement. Problem: Power suddenly turns off or contrast adjustment screen suddenly appears.
  • Page 25: Data Communication

    2. Clean the contacts on the bottom of the PV Unit and inside the cradle by wiping them with a cotton swab. • If any of the above does not restore your PV Unit to normal operation, contact your nearest CASIO dealer for servicing.
  • Page 26: Specifications

    Chapter 16 Technical Reference Specifications Model: PV-750Plus Main Modes: Scheduler (Schedule, To Do, Reminder); Contacts; Memo; Expense Manager; Currency Converter; Quick-Memo; E-Mail; Pop Up Tools (Clock, Calendar, Calculator); Game Data storage: Storage and recall of Schedule, To Do, Reminder, Contacts, Memo, Expense Manager, Quick-Memo, E-Mail, SMS data;...
  • Page 27 Battery life: (Ambient Temperature: 20 C) • Approximately 160 hours of continuous display only in the Contacts Mode • Approximately 110 hours with 55 minutes of continuous display only and 5 minutes of processing operation per hour in the Contacts Mode •...

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