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Casio PV-750 Getting Aquainted Manual

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Getting Acquainted

Read this first!

Be sure to read this part of the User's Guide before doing anything else! It
includes important information that you need to know in order to use the
PV-750 (hereinafter referred to as the "PV Unit") correctly.
You can find more detailed information about other PV Unit operations in
"Chapter 14 – General Operations" on page 142 and "Chapter 16 – Technical
Reference" on page 165.
Please keep this User's Guide and all information handy for future reference.

Make backup copies of important data!

Your PV Unit employs flash memory, which makes it possible to store large
volumes of data and to recall data quickly and easily. Data is retained when power
is turned off and even when batteries go dead, but it can be corrupted or lost
entirely due to operational mistakes or malfunction. Data contents can also be
corrupted or lost due to strong electrostatic charge, strong impact, or extremes in
temperature and humidity. All of this means that you should always keep back-
up copies of important data by transferring it to a personal computer or by writing
it down somewhere.



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  Summary of Contents for Casio PV-750

  • Page 1: Getting Acquainted

    Chapter Getting Acquainted Read this first! • Be sure to read this part of the User’s Guide before doing anything else! It includes important information that you need to know in order to use the PV-750 (hereinafter referred to as the “PV Unit”) correctly. •...
  • Page 2: Important Precautions

    • The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice. • CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. assumes no responsibility for any loss or claims by third parties that may arise from the use of this product.
  • Page 3: Data Errors

    You can then re-input the data after clearing PV Unit memory. Continued problems after performing the RESET operation can indicate a serious hardware problem. Consult with your nearest CASIO dealer if problems persist. To reset after viewing data 1. After the Data error message appears, tap Yes.
  • Page 4: General Guide

    General Guide Action control Stylus Touch screen Infrared port Cradle contacts RESET button Battery switch P button Battery compartment cover...
  • Page 5: Power Supply

    Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted Power Supply Your PV Unit can be powered by two AAA-size alkaline batteries. Important! • Normally the flash memory of the PV Unit retains its data even when power is turned off and when batteries go dead. Mis-operation or other problems, however, can cause data to become corrupted or lost.
  • Page 6 • Never mix old batteries and new ones. • Do not expose batteries to direct heat, let them become shorted, or try to take them apart. • Never leave dead batteries in the battery compartment. • Remove the batteries if you do not plan to use the PV Unit for a long time.
  • Page 7: Using The Backlight

    Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted To replace the batteries Important! • Always make sure the battery switch is in the NORMAL OPERATION position at all times, except when replacing batteries. 1. Turn off PV Unit power. 2. Remove both of the old batteries and replace them with new ones, referring to the procedure on pages 1 through 3.
  • Page 8: Action Control

    Stylus The stylus takes the place of a computer mouse. You can perform all PV Unit operations with the stylus. In this manual, all data input operations are described using stylus operations. You can perform the following basic operations with the stylus. •...
  • Page 9: Using The Icon Menu

    Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted Using the Icon Menu The PV Unit has an icon menu beneath its display screen. You can tap these icons to perform various functions no matter what mode you are using. Icon Description Turns off PV Unit power. Light Turns on the backlight.
  • Page 10: To Enter A Mode Using The Icon Menu

    Note • All the procedures in this User’s Guide are performed using the icon menu whenever possible. To enter a mode using the icon menu Use the stylus to tap on the icon for the mode you want to enter. To enter a mode using the on-screen icon menu 1.
  • Page 11: Customizing The Appearance Of The Mode Menu

    Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 2. If the mode you want is not on the screen, scroll the menu up and down. • See “Scroll Bars” on page 142 for details on using the scroll bar. 3. Enter the mode you want. •...
  • Page 12 Moving an Icon to a Specific Location Use the following procedure to move an icon to a specific location on the Mode Menu screen. 1. On the Mode Menu, tap the Menu Bar icon to display the menu bar, and then tap Option – Menu edit. 2.