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Before you can use the machine, you must set up the hardware and install the software.
Please read this Quick Setup Guide for the correct setup procedure and installation instructions.
Installing the Driver & Software
Keep this Quick Setup Guide, the User's Guide and the supplied CD-ROM in a convenient place for
quick and easy reference at all times.
Setting Up the Machine
Setup is Complete!


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Brother DCP-135C

  • Page 1 DCP-135C DCP-150C DCP-153C DCP-157C Before you can use the machine, you must set up the hardware and install the software. Please read this Quick Setup Guide for the correct setup procedure and installation instructions. STEP 1 Setting Up the Machine STEP 2 Installing the Driver &...
  • Page 2: Symbols Used In This Guide

    Symbols used in this guide Warning Caution Improper Setup Warnings tell you what to do to prevent Cautions specify procedures you must Improper Setup icons alert you to possible personal injury. follow or avoid to prevent possible devices and operations that are not damage to the machine or other objects.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting Started Carton components ............................2 Control panel..............................3 STEP 1 – Setting Up the Machine Removing the protective parts ........................4 Loading paper .............................. 4 Connecting the power cord .......................... 6 Choosing your language ..........................6 Installing the ink cartridges...........................
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Getting Started Carton components Carton components may vary from one country to another. Save all packing materials and the carton in case for any reason you must ship your machine. Quick Setup Guide CD-ROM User’s Guide Power Cord Black (LC970BK) Yellow (LC970Y) Cyan (LC970C) Magenta (LC970M)
  • Page 5: Control Panel

    Getting Started Control panel 1 Copy keys 6 Ink Management key 2 Menu keys 7 Scan key 3 Stop/Exit key 8 PhotoCapture key 4 Start keys 9 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) 5 On/Off key 10 Warning LED For the details of the control panel, see Control panel overview in Chapter 1 of the User’s Guide. Note 1 Current Enlarge/Reduce setting 2 Current Copy Quality setting...
  • Page 6: Step 1 Setting Up The Machine

    STEP 1 Setting Up the Machine Removing the protective Loading paper parts You can load up to 100 sheets of 80 g/m Remove the protective tape and film covering paper. the scanner glass. For details, see Acceptable paper and other media in Chapter 2 of the User’s Guide.
  • Page 7 Setting Up the Machine Fan the stack of paper well to avoid paper jams Gently adjust the paper side guides with both and misfeeds. hands to fit the paper. Make sure that the paper guides touch the edges of the paper. Gently put the paper into the paper tray print side down and top edge first.
  • Page 8: Connecting The Power Cord

    STEP 1 Setting Up the Machine While holding the paper tray in place, pull out Choosing your language the paper support until it clicks, and then unfold the paper support flap After connecting the power cord, the LCD shows: Select Language Press OK Key Press OK.
  • Page 9: Installing The Ink Cartridges

    Setting Up the Machine Take out the ink cartridge. Installing the ink cartridges Warning If ink gets in your eyes, wash them out with water at once, and if irritation occurs consult a doctor. Make sure that the power is turned on. The LCD shows: No Cartridge Carefully remove the protective yellow cap (1).
  • Page 10 Note cartridge. If the LCD shows Install Black, • Brother multifunction machines are designed to Install Yellow, Install Cyan or work with ink of a particular specification and will Install Magenta after you install the ink...
  • Page 11: Print Quality Check

    Setting Up the Machine The LCD asks you if the print quality is OK for Print quality check black and colour. Press a (Yes) or b (No). Black OK? After the cleaning cycle is finished, the LCD shows: a Yes b No Set Paper and Color OK? Press Start...
  • Page 12: Setting The Lcd Contrast

    STEP 1 Setting Up the Machine Setting the LCD contrast Setting the date and time You can adjust the LCD contrast for a sharper and Setting the date and time allows the machine to clean more vivid display. If you are having difficulty seeing the print head regularly and maintain optimum print the LCD from your position, we recommend the quality.
  • Page 13 Setting Up the Machine Press Stop/Exit. Note If you make a mistake and want to start again, press Stop/Exit to go back to step 1. To confirm the current date and time, print out the User Settings report. (See Printing Reports in Chapter 1 of the User's Guide.) Now go to Supplied CD-ROM ‘MFL-Pro Suite’...
  • Page 14 View the Software User’s Guide in HTML format. You Brother Solutions Center can also view the manuals in PDF format by Access the Brother Solutions Center for FAQs, User’s accessing the Brother Solutions Center. The Guides, driver updates and tips for using your Software User’s Guide includes instructions for...
  • Page 15: Step 2 Installing The Driver & Software

    Follow the instructions on this page for your operating system and interface. For the latest drivers, documentation, and to find the best solution for your problem, access the Brother Solution Center directly from the CD-ROM / Driver or visit
  • Page 16: Windows

    Windows Service Pack before installing MFL-Pro Explorer to run the start.exe program from the Suite. root folder of the Brother CD-ROM. • Please close any applications running before installing MFL-Pro Suite. Note • Make sure there are no memory cards or a USB •...
  • Page 17 You will find the the installation of MFL-Pro Suite. USB socket inside the machine as shown below. When the Brother MFL-Pro Suite Software License Agreement window appears, click Yes if you agree to the Software License Agreement. Carefully guide the USB cable into the trench as shown below, following the trench around Choose Standard, and then click Next.
  • Page 18 If the Diagnostics shows a failure, please follow the on-screen instructions or The installation of the Brother drivers will read the on-line help and FAQ’s in automatically start. The installation screens Start/All Programs /Brother/DCP-XXXX.
  • Page 19: Installing Facefilter Studio

    Important Before you launch FaceFilter Studio for the first time, you must confirm MFL-Pro Suite is installed, your Brother machine is turned ON and connected to your computer. Open the main menu again by ejecting and then reinserting the CD-ROM disc or by double-clicking the start.exe program from the...
  • Page 20: Macintosh

    Improper Setup • DO NOT connect the machine to a USB port on a keyboard or a non-powered USB hub. Brother recommends that you connect the ® machine directly to your Macintosh • Make sure that the cable does not restrict the cover from closing, or an error may occur.
  • Page 21 Please wait, it will take a few seconds for the software to install. After the installation, click Restart to finish installing the software. The Brother software will search for the Brother device. During this time the following screen will appear.
  • Page 22 Brother Solutions Center web site. Note ® ® When Presto! PageManager is installed OCR capability is added to the Brother ControlCenter2. You can easily scan, share and organize photos ® ® and documents using Presto! PageManager ® ®...
  • Page 23: Installing Facefilter Studio Help

    Installing FaceFilter Studio Help Instructions on how to install FaceFilter Studio Help ® (For Windows users) To get instructions on how to use FaceFilter Studio, download and install FaceFilter Studio Help. Your computer must be connected to the internet. Installing FaceFilter Studio Help To run FaceFilter Studio, go to Start/All Programs/FaceFilter Studio in the Start menu.
  • Page 24: Consumables

    Consumables Replacement consumables When the time comes to replace ink cartridges, an error message will be indicated on the LCD. For more information about the ink cartridges for your machine, visit or contact your local Brother re-seller. Ink cartridge...
  • Page 25 The contents of this manual and the specifications of this product are subject to change without notice. Brother reserves the right to make changes without notice in the specifications and materials contained herein and shall not be responsible for any damages (including consequential) caused by reliance on the materials presented, including but not limited to typographical and other errors relating to the publication.
  • Page 26 UK/IRE/SAF...

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