Bosch Remote Control User Manual

For: gwh-635-es/635-eso/250sx/250sxo/ 2400e/2400eo/2400es/2700es/715es/c800es
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Bosch Remote Control
for: GWH-635-ES/635-ESO/250SX/250SXO/



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  • Page 1 Bosch Remote Control for: GWH-635-ES/635-ESO/250SX/250SXO/ 2400E/2400EO/2400ES/2700ES/715ES/C800ES...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Remote control installation for: FCC Declaration of conformity 3 GWH C 950 ES/GWH C800 ES/ GWH 715 ES/ GWH 2700 ES/ GWH2400ES Remote control data Remote control transceiver PCB installation Remote control activation11 Remote control Kit Parts supplied Remote control Description of the LCD Remote control installation...
  • Page 3: Fcc Declaration Of Conformity

    Safety instructions Safety instructions FCC Declaration of conformity B Read the following instructions very carefully to ensure correct This device meets the requirements of operation. FCC Directives. B Follow safety instructions. Caution: Any changes or modifications not Caution: The expressly approved by remote control can the party responsible be used only in the...
  • Page 4: Remote Control Data

    Remote control data Remote control data Remote control Kit Remote control temperature Parts supplied adjustment of Bosch water heaters. Technical Data: Alkaline AA LR 6 Battery power supply 2 x 1.5V Frequency 915 MHz Type of IP X6 protection 98 ft (30 m)
  • Page 5: Remote Control Installation

    Remote control installation B Lift front cover upward and remove. Remote control installation for: GWH- 635-ES/GWH-635- ESO/250SX/250SXO/ 2400E/2400EO Remote control transceiver PCB installation Warning: For safety reasons, disconnect Fig. 2 the power supply to B Remove the 5 screws on the front the water heater retaining bar (see Fig.
  • Page 6: Remote Control Transceiver Pcb

    Remote control installation and attach it to the main PCB as shown in Fig. 4. Once auxiliary cover is off, pull off the two electrical strip connectors from the board. Once off, the wiring harness can be removed from the case by pulling their rubber seals outward.
  • Page 7 Remote control installation B Replace the control unit cover with the 4 Philips head screws (Fig. 3, pos. 1). B Slide control unit back into heater. B Plug 2 yellow electrode wires from the top of the control unit back onto the ignition electrodes.
  • Page 8: Remote Control Activation

    Remote control installation B On heater control panel press and Remote control hold Program key activation while turning on the power switch (I). Before remote Release program key when LCD control will work, it must displays “188”. be activated using the LCD shows “P2”.
  • Page 9: 4.2.2 Su Board

    Remote control installation B Switch power switch simultaneously press remote control appliance to the "OFF" (0) position buttons until the and then back "ON" (I). temperature indication is shown on the remote control LCD. B Press buttons in order B Switch ON/OFF switch to “OFF” to reach desired temperature.
  • Page 10: Remote Control Installation For

    Remote control installation B Remove the 6 screws from the back Remote control cover of the control unit, to access installation for: GWH the electronic board (PCB) (Fig. 7, C 950 ES/GWH C800 pos.2). ES/GWH 715 ES/ GWH 2700 ES/ GWH2400ES Remote control transceiver PCB...
  • Page 11: Remote Control Transceiver Pcb

    Remote control installation Remote control transceiver PCB remote control PCB as shown in Fig. installation B Place the remote control PCB in the back cover of the control unit as shown in Fig. 8. Fig. 9 B Reassemble all parts in the reverse order.
  • Page 12 Remote control installation B On heater control panel, press and B Press ON / OFF button on the hold Program key while appliance to OFF position and then pressing the ON/OFF button to ON. back ON. Release program key when LCD B Press buttons to reach displays “188”.
  • Page 13: Remote Control

    Remote control Remote control appears on the remote control dis- play (Fig. 11, pos. 1). Description of the LCD B When the required temperature is displayed, turn on the hot water tap. B The required temperature will flash on the remote control display. B The flashing will stop when the required temperature is reached (tolerance from selected set point +/...
  • Page 14 Remote control control (Fig. 12, pos. 3) for 3 Up to six addition remote seconds. controls can be used to memorize a temperature Note: Previously saved for each remote control. temperature may show on the display when first pushing the program Using "Program"...
  • Page 15: Priority" Function

    Remote control "Priority" function The priority device will not have the symbol " ". Temperature cannot be To clear a device that is locked out with memorized or changed the " " symbol (with no hot water using the heater's running) simply: control panel buttons or a second remote control...
  • Page 16: Error Messages

    Troubleshooting "Priority" cannot Verify that the rubber acquired while the hot seal is correctly fitted water tap is open. between both plastic housing parts. Error messages B Close the battery housing using the This device has an error message two screws. system.
  • Page 17 Troubleshooting B Verify there is proper voltage to the If not used for a few water heater (120VAC/60Htz). minutes, the remote's B Verify the remote is within the display will go blank to maximum distance from the water save the batteries. heater of 98 feet.
  • Page 18 Troubleshooting • If an error code is generated immedi- 6. Priority " " symbol will not ately after the installation of the clear remote control transceiver PCB, B Verify no hot water is being used ensure that the two large electrical when trying to clear "priority"...
  • Page 19: Notes

    Notes Notes 6 720 606 990...
  • Page 20 BBT NORTH AMERICA Bosch Group Bosch Water Heating 340 Mad River Park Waitsfield, Vermont 05673 800 642-3111 802 426-6924 For service, see contact information listed on the back of the water heater’s installation manual.