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Electrolux 2223 208-81 User Manual page 18

Electrolux fridge-freezer user manual
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Place guide (Ha) on the inside part of the furniture
door, up and down as shown in the figure and mark
the position of external holes. After having drilled
holes, fix the guide with the screws supplied.
Fix cover (Hc) on guide (Ha) until it clips into place
Open the appliance door and the furniture door at
90°. Insert the small square (Hb) into guide (Ha).
Put together the appliance door and the furniture
door and mark the holes as indicated in the figure. .
Remove the brackets and mark a distance of 8 mm
from the outer edge of the door where the nail must
be fitted (K).
Place the small square on the guide again and fix it
with the screws supplied.
Should the lining up of the furniture door be
necessary, use the clearance of slots.
At the end of operations, it is necessary to check if
the door of the furniture closes properly.


Table of Contents

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