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Hints And Tips - Electrolux 2223 208-81 User Manual

Electrolux fridge-freezer user manual
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Food Storage
To obtain the best results from your appliance,
neither hot foods nor liquids which may
evaporate, should be placed in the larder
Keep the time between buying chilled food and
placing it in your fridge as short as possible.
Do not push food together too much, try to allow
air to circulate around each item.
Do not store uncovered food.
Remove suspect food from your refrigerator and
clean, refer to 'Maintenance and Cleaning'.
Ensure that food placed in the freezer is dated
and labelled and used in date order to ensure
that food is consumed at its best.
Avoid buying frozen food if you cannot store it
straight away. The use of an insulated container is
advisable. When you arrive home place the frozen
food in the freezer immediately.
The symbols on the drawers show different types
of frozen goods. The numbers indicate storage
times in months for the appropriate types of
frozen goods. Whether the upper or lower value of
the indicated storage time is valid depends on the
quality of the foods and pre-treating before
Energy Saving Advice
Do not install the cabinet close to sources of
heat, i.e. boiler or radiator.
Locate the appliance in a cool well ventilated
room and make sure that the air openings of the
cabinet are not obstructed.
Avoid unnecessary frosting in the cabinet by
packing all foodstuffs into airtight packages
before placing them in the freezer.
Always leave warm food to cool down to room
temperature before placing in the fridge or
Food which is to be frozen (when cool) should be
placed in the fridge before being transferred to
the freezer.
Thaw frozen food in the fridge. This will ensure
safer defrosting of foods and reduce the work of
the refrigeration unit.
Try to avoid keeping the door open for long
periods, or opening the door too frequently as
warm air will enter the cabinet, and cause the
compressor to often switch on unnecessarily.
Ensure there are no obstructions preventing the
door from closing properly.
In the Event of a Power Failure
If there is a power failure during the storage of frozen
foods, keep the door closed. If the temperature within
your freezer should rise do not refreeze the food
without checking it's condition. The following guide-
lines should assist you.
Ice Cream:
Once thawed should be discarded.
Fruit and Vegetables:
If soft should be cooked and used up.
Bread and Cakes:
Can be refrozen without danger.
Should be refrigerated and used up quickly.
Cooked Dishes:
i.e. casseroles, should be refrigerated and used up.
Large Pieces of Meat:
Can be re-frozen providing there are ice crystals
remaining within them.
Small Joints:
Should be cooked and then re-frozen as cooked
Should be cooked and re-frozen as a fresh dish.



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