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Nero 9 Manual
Nero 9 Manual 95 pages
Nero 9 Manual
Nero 9 Manual 76 pages

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  Summary of Contents for Nero Nero Express 9

  • Page 1 Manual Nero Express...
  • Page 2 This document and all of its contents are protected by copyright and are the property of Nero AG. All rights reserved. In addition, this document contains material that is protected by internationally valid copyright. This document may not be reproduced, transmitted, or transcribed in whole or in part without the express written permission of Nero AG.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Table of contents Start Successfully About the manual About Nero Express Working with Nero Express Launching the program Start screen Extended area (start screen) Compilation screen Data Disc Compiling data CDs/DVDs Enabling SecurDisc settings Saving Data Tracks...
  • Page 4 Table of contents 11.3 Final Burn Settings screen 11.3.1 Extended area (Burn Settings) 11.4 Burning with Nero Image Recorder – Creating an image file Copying CDs/DVDs 12.1 Copying methods 12.1.1 On-the-fly 12.1.2 Copy image 12.2 Copying CDs/DVDs 12.3 Copy settings...
  • Page 5: Start Successfully

    Start Successfully About the manual This manual is intended for all users who want to learn how to use Nero Express. It is proc- ess-based and explains how to achieve a specific objective on a step-by-step basis. To make best use of this documentation, please note the following conventions: Indicates warnings, preconditions or instructions that have to be pre- cisely followed.
  • Page 6: Working With Nero Express

    Start Successfully Working with Nero Express Basically, the user interface of Nero Express consists of the selection of a compilation me- thod in the start screen. You then complete the task by navigating through the different steps where a separate window is displayed for each individual step. This generally requires four...
  • Page 7: Launching The Program

    Launching the program Launching the program To start Nero Express via Nero StartSmart, proceed as follows: Click the StartSmart icon.  The Nero StartSmart window opens. Click the button.  The list of Nero applications appears. Nero StartSmart window Select the Nero Express entry in the selection list.
  • Page 8: Start Screen

    Start screen Start screen The main screen in Nero Express is the starting point for all actions. Click here on the rele- vant menu icons to go to the desired screen where you can compile and work on your pro- ject.
  • Page 9: Extended Area (Start Screen)

    ROM. This option is only available in the extended area of the start screen. If you decide to create a project with Nero Express, the op- tion Saves the active project is displayed in all of the other win- dows at this point.
  • Page 10 Create Covers and Labels and print labels and booklets for burned CDs/DVDs. Please see the separate Nero CoverDesigner user manual for full instructions on how to make professional looking covers and labels. SecurDisc Set- Defines the settings for burning a SecurDisc disc.
  • Page 11: Compilation Screen

    Compilation screen Compilation screen You can access the Nero Express compilation screens by selecting the compilation method you want in the start screen. You can add data to your projects in the compilation screens and customize the directory structure on the CD/DVD to suit your requirements. The capacity bar near the bottom of the window indicates how much space is being used by the data on the CD/DVD.
  • Page 12 (DVD DL), and if you want to burn files larger than 4483 MB, you DVD9(8152MB) / can select the DVD9 (8152 MB) option from the drop-down menu. DVD5(4483MB) Available for DVD-Videos only. You can find more information on Blu-ray support at See also:  Settings for the compilation 63 Nero Express...
  • Page 13: Data Disc

    Data Disc Compiling data CDs/DVDs Using Nero Express you can compile and burn all types of files and folders. If a DVD re- corder is installed on your computer, you can burn both data CDs, and data DVDs. If you have a CD recorder, you can only burn data CDs and the option for burning a DVD is already grayed out in the start screen.
  • Page 14 The Add files and folders window opens. Add files and folders window Select the files that you want to add to the compilation and click the Add button. Repeat the previous step for all files that you want to add. Nero Express...
  • Page 15: Enabling Securdisc Settings

    Click the Unprotect/Protect button to enable or disable protection.  The protection feature is enabled or disabled for the selected file. Select the Digital signature check box in the extended are a of the compilation screen.  The SecurDisc – Digital Signature dialog box opens. Nero Express...
  • Page 16 The SecurDisc – Key Setting Ended dialog box opens. Enter a file name for the key you have created and click the Finish button.  The SecurDisc – Digital Signature dialog box opens and the selected key is dis- played in the drop-down menu. Nero Express...
  • Page 17 You can pass on the relevant public key to recipients to enable them to verify the signature. Click the OK button. Click the Next button.  The SecurDisc – Protect Data dialog box opens. SecurDisc – Protect Data window Nero Express...
  • Page 18: Saving Data Tracks

    Now you can burn the CD/DVD. Savin g Data Tracks With Nero Express you can save a data disc as an image file . The image file can later be burned to a recordable disc. The result is a copy of the origin al data disc.
  • Page 19 The Progress window is opened and displays the progress made while saving. When the save process is complete, the window closes automatically.  You have successfully created an image file starting from a data disc. Now you can burn the image file to a disc. Nero Express...
  • Page 20: Music

    Music Compiling Audio CDs Using Nero Express you can create an Audio CD that contains music files. It can be played using all standard CD players. To compile an Audio CD, source files with different audio for- mats (e.g. MP4, MP3 or WMA) are automatically converted into Audio CD format before be- ing burned.
  • Page 21: Customizing Properties Of The Audio File

    My Audio CD for Audio CDs and click the Properties button. Track properties On the Track Properties tab you will find basic information on the selected file in the Sour- ce information area. Track Properties Tab Nero Express...
  • Page 22 Indexes, Limits, Split On the Indexes, Limits, Split tab you can set and delete indexes and split audio files to cre- ate two or more shorter ones. The tab consists of the Oscilloscope and Positions. areas. Indexes, Limits, Split Tab Nero Express...
  • Page 23 No additional audio data is cre- ated. The audio files are not actually changed until they are written. Nero Express...
  • Page 24 Fades out the vocals on an audio file. This is done by fading out the parts of a song that are the same in both stereo channels. Karaoke Check box Adds an echo to the audio file. Echo Nero Express...
  • Page 25: Compiling Jukebox Disc

    Compiling an audio book CD Nero Express is used to compile audio book files and burn them as an audio book CD, i.e. in the form of an Audio CD. You can then play it on any standard CD player. Since audiobooks can play for several hours, Nero Express saves the audiobook to multiple audio CDs.
  • Page 26: Automatic Music Recognition

    Gracenote Media Database and displayed in Nero Express. The identified metadata is written to the music file and is then available. Identification is possible for single audio files as well as complete original Audio CDs.
  • Page 27: Copy Audio Cds To Hard Drive

    Copy Audio CDs to Hard Drive Using Nero Express you can save audio files from an Audio CD on the hard drive. In the process, the files are encoded, i.e. converted into a format that the computer can read. The audio file is usually compressed.
  • Page 28 If several entries are found, the Matches window opens and the possible metadata re- cords are displayed. Select the metadata record that matches your Audio CD. Click the Send New Data button if none of the metadata records match your Audio CD. The Edit MetaData window opens. Nero Express...
  • Page 29 CDs to Hard Drive window. Select the tracks that you want to save on the hard drive. Click the Output tab.  The Output tab is opened. In the File Format drop-down menu, select the target file's audio format. Nero Express...
  • Page 30: Copy Audio Cds To Hard Drive

    Define the settings for audio files to be saved on the hard drive in the Copy Audio CDs to Hard Dri ve. Open the window in the extended area of the start screen by clicking Save Tracks Copy Audio CDs to Hard Drive - Source Nero Express...
  • Page 31 Audio CD exists in the Gracenote Media Database. This metadata is sent to Gracenote, and added to the Gracenote Media Database. Input fields Displays or specifies metadata for the album, artist and year. Album/Artist/Year Selection list Displays or specifies the genre. Genre Nero Express...
  • Page 32 Selects the method to be used for creating the name of the output file. Mode for creating file name Check box Creates a playlist of the saved audio files. Automatically ge- nerate a playlist of stored audio tracks Nero Express...
  • Page 33 Opens a window where you can define options such as bit rate and frequency for the output audio file. Settings Check box Makes Nero Digital Audio+ available for an iPod. Is only available if you selected the Nero Digital Audio + output Force compatibil- format. ity with iPod Nero Express...
  • Page 34: Video And Slide Show

    Video and Slide Show Compiling Video CDs/Super Video CDs Using Nero Express you can compile Video CDs (MPEG-1 format) and/or Super Video CDs (MPEG-2 format) from your video and/or picture files, which can be played on almost all VCD or SVCD and DVD players as videos or slide shows. Source files are automatically converted to the correct format during the burn process.
  • Page 35 My Video CD Menu compilation screen Customize the look of t he menu to suit your requirements. Click the Next button.  You ha ve successfully compiled a (Super) Video CD and can now burn this compilation. See also:  Compilation screen 11 Nero Express...
  • Page 36: Customizing The Menu

    Set as Default Compiling DVD-Videos Using Nero Express you can burn DVDs made up of DVD-Video files from your hard drive. You can show your burned DVDs on almost all DVD players.You can use Nero Express to burn a DVD if the DVD video title, i.e. a complete DVD folder structure, is already available.
  • Page 37 DVDs with 2 layers (DVD DL) is in stalled, you can select the DVD9 (8152 MB) option in the drop-down menu. Click the Next button.  You have su ccessfully compiled a DVD-Video and can now burn this compilation. See also:  Compilation screen 11 Nero Express...
  • Page 38: Loading A Disc Image Or Saved Project

    Loading a disc image or saved project Loading a disc image or saved project Nero Express is used to burn a CD/DVD from a disc image or compilation that you have pre- viously saved on the hard drive. To load an image file or a saved compilation for the burn process, proceed as follows: Click the Image, Project, Copy menu icon in the Nero Express start screen.
  • Page 39: Lightscribe

    LightScribe LightScribe Using Nero Express and a LightScribe recorder you can create or load labels that you can burn onto the label side of CDs/DVDs in the LightScribe recorder. The function is available as a separate Print LightScribe Label option in the start screen or can be integrated as an intermediate step into the creation and burn process of a project.
  • Page 40  The printing process begins. You can follow the process status in the status bar. As soon as printing is finished, the Nero – LightS cribe dialog appears and displays a message about the result of the printing pro cess.
  • Page 41: Lightscribe Print Properties Window

    Shuts down the computer after the label has been printed (if possible). Automatically shut down the PC when done Button Starts printing the label. Print Button Opens the LightScribe Print Preview dialog box. A print preview of the label is displayed here. Preview Nero Express...
  • Page 42: Printing Lightscribe Labels (Within The Project)

    The LightScribe Print Properties window opens and the print process starts. You can follow the process status in the status ba. As soon as the printing is finished, the Nero – LightScribe dialo g appears and displays a message about the result of the printing pro- cess.
  • Page 43 You have successfully created and printed a LightScribe label as an integral part of your CD/DVD project and can now continue by selecting another option from the final screen or by exiting Nero Express. See also:  LightScribe Print Properties window 41 ...
  • Page 44: Labelflash

    DVD. The interface in the Burn Label screen works on the same principle as Nero CoverDesigner. Basically, it is irrelevant whether you print the label on paper or directly onto an appropriate disc.
  • Page 45: Printing Labelflash Labels And Diskt@2

    It is not possible to burn data on a printed data side. When you in- sert a DVD on which data has already been burned, Nero Express automati- cally identifies the space that is still available on the data side and on which you can print.
  • Page 46 Nero CoverDesigner. The interface in the Burn Label window and creation of a label work on the same principle as Nero CoverDesigner. Please see the separate Nero CoverD- esigner manual for full instructions on how to create professional looking covers and labels.
  • Page 47 The window shows the estimated printing time and the print progress. Whe printing is complet e, a dialog box opens informing about the successful print process. Click the OK button. The dialog box is closed and the disc ejected.  You have successfully printed a label. Nero Express...
  • Page 48: Burn Compilation

    In addition to the installed recorders, Nero Image Recorder is also available in Nero Express. Nero Image Recorder can be used to create and save an image file to burn later. In order to use Nero Image Recorder, you can select the Use Nero Image Recorder check box in the extended area of the start screen.
  • Page 49: Start The Burn Process - Burning Discs With The Drive

     The Burn Process screen appears and the burn process starts. You can follow the pr ess status in the status bar. As soon as the burn process has finished, the Nero Ex- press dialog box appears and displays a message about the result of the burn process.
  • Page 50: Final Burn Settings Screen

    11.3 Final Burn Settings screen In the Final Burn Settings screen, you can define the burn settings to suit your require- ments, use Nero Image Recorder to save a project to the hard drive as an image file or start the burn process.
  • Page 51: Extended Area (Burn Settings)

    You can access additional burn settings in the extended area of the Final Burn Settings screen by clicking the button in the left margin of the window. An extended area with additional options and features is available in all Nero Express screens. The following setting options are available: Button Opens the Save As dialog box.
  • Page 52: Burning With Nero Image Recorder - Creating An Image File

    To set the burn settings according to your requirements and to save your project as an im- age file to the hard drive using Nero Image Recorder, proceed as follows: Nero Image Recorder must be activated before it appears in the drop-down menu.
  • Page 53 Print or Save but- ton. Click the Next button.  You have successfully saved a project with Nero Image Recorder and can now continue by selecting another option from the final screen or by exiting Nero Express. Nero Express...
  • Page 54: Copying Cds/Dvds

    Copying CDs/DVDs Copying CDs/DVDs 12.1 Copying methods Nero Express can be used for copying discs. There are two methods for this:  On-the-fly  Copy Over Image Each method has advantages and disadvantages which will depend on your requirements. 12.1.1 On-the-fly When using the on-the-fly method, insert the original disc into a drive and a recordable disc into the drive.
  • Page 55: Copying Cds/Dvds

    Click the Copy button.  If you are copying via the drive, the copy process starts. If you are using Nero Image Re- corder, the Save Image File dialog box opens: Enter a name for your image file in the File Name input field.
  • Page 56 Copy Process screen Click the Next button.  You have successfully copied a CD/DVD and can now continue by selecting another op- tion from the final screen or by closing Nero Express. See also:  Final screen 61 Nero Express...
  • Page 57: Copy Settings

    The option On-the-fly is only available if there are at least two drives connected (does not apply for Nero Image Recorder). If this check box is not selected, an image file will be created first, which is then burned.
  • Page 58 Check box Verifies whether the burned data is identical to the original data. Verify data on disc after Not available for Nero Image Recorder. burning Button Defines the folder where the image file is stored. You can change the name of the image file and target folder.
  • Page 59: Erase Rewritable Disc Window

    Erase Rewritable Disc window Erase Rewritable Disc window Nero Express can be used to erase rewritable discs, i.e. discs with the RW specification, as long as your recorder supports this feature. Two erase methods are available for this pur- pose: Quick erasing does not remove the data physically from the disc, but instead only makes it inaccessible by erasing the references to existing content.
  • Page 60 Erasing the disc using this method takes longer than the other method, depending on the type of disc involved. Selection list Defines the erase speed. Erase speed Button Starts the erase process. Erase Button Cancels the action and closes the window. Cancel Nero Express...
  • Page 61: Final Screen

    Final screen Final screen Once you have successfully concluded the burn or save process with Nero Express, the final screen is displayed with the options Burn same project again, New project, Cover De- signer, and Save Project. You can select one of these options to continue working with Nero Express or you can click the button to exit the program.
  • Page 62: Configuration Options

    Configuration options Configuration options You can define options for working with Nero Express in the Options window. Options Window The following tabs are available: Compilation Contains options for the compilation and the selection screen. Cache Contains options for the cache.
  • Page 63: Settings For The Compilation

    You can select a folder in which data is buffered before Browse and during the burn process. Input field Defines a storage volume that is not used by Nero Ex- press. Minimum hard disc space that should not be used by Nero...
  • Page 64: Expert Features

    15.4 Ultrabuffer settings The following configuration options are available on the Ultrabuffer tab: Selection list Defines the memory capacity that Nero Express uses as a RAM buffer. Method The ultrabuffer is a second memory that enhances the physical buffer in the recorder.
  • Page 65: Lightscribe Settings

    Current template Selection list Adjusts the desired print resolution. Default print resolution (DPI): Check box Enables the option to automatically burn a LightScribe label. Printing LightScribe labels This tab is only available if a LightScribe recorder has been installed. Nero Express...
  • Page 66: Technical Information

    Technical Information Technical Information 16.1 System requirements Nero Express is installed along with the Nero Suite. Its system requirements are the same. You can find more detailed information on the system requirements under  In addition, the following requirements apply:...
  • Page 67: Audio Formats And Codecs

    Experts Group-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3)  Moving Picture Experts Group-1 Aud io Layer 2 (MP2)  Moving Picture Experts Group-4 (MP4)  Nero Digital (MP4)  OGG Vorbis (OGG, OGM)  Recource Interchange File Form at WAVE (WAV, WAVE) ...
  • Page 68: Video Formats And Codecs

    Nero Express is available in three different versions: Nero Express, Nero Express Essentials and Nero Express Essentials SE. Nero Express and Nero Express Essentials offer the full range of features. Only Nero Express Essentials SE does not offer the following features: ...
  • Page 69 Technical Information  Linking to Nero CoverDesigner  Saving audio files  Erasing rewr itable CDs/DVDs  Retrieving disc information  Creating labels with LightScribe (not included in standard functionality)  Creating la bels with Labelflash (not included in standard functionality) ...
  • Page 70: Glossary

    Most modern recorders have a protective mechani sm against buffer underruns. Cache Cache is a faster buffer that is used in various areas of a computer to access larger data vo- lumes faster. Cache ensures a continuous flow of data. Nero Express...
  • Page 71 The MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 audio format is used to reduce the size of audio files to a frac- tion of their original size (factor 1:10) with little loss of quality. You can estimate about 1 MB per minute as opposed to 10 MB for the original files. This value and the quality can vary de Nero Express...
  • Page 72 On-the-fly refers to a method for copying to a disc. The data is transferred directly from the original storage location to the disc to be burned. To do this, Nero uses a compilation, a small file that simply refers to the transferred data.
  • Page 73 VCD is similar to a VHS video. VCDs can store up to 74 minutes of eo material including stereo sound on a 650 MB disc. Most optical PC drives and the ma- jority o f DVD players can play VCDs. Nero Express...
  • Page 74: Index

    Indexes ............22 Copy............55 Track properties ..........21 Copy image ........... 54 Cross fade with previous track....22 Nero CoverDesigner ....40, 42, 44 Nero Image Recorder burn............50, 52 Data Image File ............52 Create CD/DVD ..........13 Load image file..........
  • Page 75 ..............34 SecurDisc ..........5 Slide Show Menu ..............36 Writing Startup Burn Settings ........... 50 Program............. 7 Image File ............50 ystem requirements ......66 Nero Image Recorder ........ 50, 52 Options............. 51 Recorder ............49 Writing.............. 50 Nero Express...
  • Page 76: Contact

    Fax: (818) 956 7094 E-mail: U Nero KK Rover Center-kita 8F-B, 1-2-2 Internet: w Nakagawa-chuou Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama, Kanagawa Help: h ttp:// Japan 224-0003 Copyright © 2008 Nero AG and its licensors. All rights reserved. Nero Express...