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2008 coupe
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Emergency Towing

If your vehicle needs to be towed,
call a professional towing service or
organization. Never tow your vehicle
with just a rope or chain. It is very
There are two ways to tow your
The operator
Flat-bed Equipment
loads your vehicle on the back of a
This is the best way to
transport your vehicle.
Wheel-lift Equipment
truck uses two pivoting arms that go
under the front tires and lift them off
the ground. The rear tires remain on
the ground.
This is an acceptable
way to tow your vehicle.
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If, due to damage, your vehicle must
be towed with the front wheels on
the ground, do this:
Manual transmission:
Release the parking brake.
Shift the transmission to neutral.
Leave the ignition switch in the
ACCESSORY (I) position so the
steering wheel does not lock.
Automatic transmission:
Start the engine.
Press on the brake pedal. Move
The tow
the shift lever through all its
Shift to D position for 5 seconds,
then to N.
Turn off the engine.
Release the parking brake.
Leave the ignition switch in the
ACCESSORY (I) position so the
steering wheel does not lock.
2008 Civic Coupe
Improper towing preparation will
damage the transmission. Follow the
above procedure exactly. If you cannot
shif t the transmission or start the
engine (automatic transmission), your
vehicle must be transported with the
f ront wheels of f the ground.
With the front wheels on the ground,
do not tow the vehicle more than 50
miles (80 km), and keep the speed
below 35 mph (55 km/h).
Do not tie down the vehicle at an
angle that would allow the towing
cables to contact the vehicle's front
bumper. To avoid possible damage,
protect the front bumper with tape.
If your vehicle is equipped with a
front spoiler, remove it before
towing so it is not damaged.

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Table of Contents

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