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Sony ERS-7M2 - Aibo Entertainment Robot User Manual

Aibo entertainment player.
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A-C1R-100-11 (1)
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 A-C1R-100-11 (1) When printing this document to legal size paper, place a check mark beside the “Auto-rotate and center pages” option of the Print dialog box. This prints the document on the center of the page.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Getting Started Using the Camera What is AIBO Entertainment Player? ....Basic camera operation ......30 Playing with Navigator .
  • Page 3 Enjoying motion patterns ......49 Playing back a motion pattern ....49 Setting your Preferences Getting the AIBO robot to dance (AutoMotion) 49 ®...
  • Page 4 Intel Corporation. Sony Corporation. Adobe and Adobe Reader are registered trademarks of Adobe • Sony Corporation assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience caused by misuse or any use not stated in this document. Systems, Inc. • The supplied software cannot be used with any device other than those This software contains sound software components licensed devices specified herein.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting Started Welcome to the wonderful world of AIBO Entertainment Player! This software package utilizes the wireless LAN capability of ® your AIBO Entertainment Robot ERS-7 to bring you a wide variety of entertaining functions that operate in conjunction with your PC. The following pages will demonstrate basic operation steps to familiarize you with what the software can do.
  • Page 6: What Is Aibo Entertainment Player

    What is AIBO Entertainment Player? ® AIBO Entertainment Player makes it possible to freely control your AIBO Entertainment Robot from your PC. Responding to your commands, the AIBO robot can perform a variety of actions. You can take a picture or shoot a movie using the AIBO robot’s built-in camera.
  • Page 7: Using The Player

    Using the Player (page 36) Start your day with the Scheduler (page 57) ® Relax in your easy chair, while the AIBO Entertainment Robot plays your favorite tunes. Enjoy music from your PC in Have the AIBO robot wake you with your favorite music in the a whole new way, and have the AIBO robot dance to it.
  • Page 8: Display Explanation

    Display explanation The software has a different display for each function, namely the Navigator screen, Player screen, and Scheduler screen. Normally, you will use your PC’s mouse to operate the software, but keyboard shortcuts are also available (page 80). In this section, some common display elements and functions are explained, using the Navigator screen as an example. Illume bar Minimize button Changes appearance...
  • Page 9: Minimize Button

    Connect button/Mode selector Windows system tray (at bottom right of Desktop) buttons Shown here. ® These buttons let you turn the AIBO Entertainment Robot connection on and off and select the operation mode for the AIBO robot. Connect/Disconnect button If the icon is not visible, click here to show Turns the wireless LAN connection between the hidden icons.
  • Page 10: The Aibo ® Entertainment Robot Operation Modes

    ® The AIBO Entertainment Robot operation modes You can connect to the AIBO robot while it is in Autonomous mode or in Station mode. While the AIBO robot is connected to AIBO Entertainment Player, the following modes are available. * For details on Autonomous mode or Station mode, see the “User’s Guide (Basic)” for the AIBO robot ERS-7. AIBO Entertainment Player •...
  • Page 11: Checking System Requirements

    *3 If your computer connects to an access point via wireless LAN, it must have a out during playback. wireless LAN function that conforms to the IEEE802.11b standard. ® *4 Only Sony brand products are guaranteed to operate correctly. *5 To listen to Internet radio, an “always-on” connection to the Internet is recommended.
  • Page 12: Preparation Steps

    Preparation steps To prepare your PC to run AIBO Entertainment Player, please proceed as follows. For details, see “Installing the software” on page 13. Install software • AIBO WLAN Manager 2 • AIBO Entertainment Player • Additional package for AIBO Entertainment Player (Windows 2000 users only) ...
  • Page 13: Installing The Software

    Installing the software This section explains how to install AIBO Entertainment Click the button corresponding to the software Player and its related software. that you would like to install. Notes • AIBO Entertainment Player runs only on Windows XP and Windows 2000.
  • Page 14: Uninstalling Aibo Entertainment Player

    Uninstalling AIBO Entertainment ® ® Install Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 Player If required, download this software from the Microsoft web site ( and install it As an example, this section explains the uninstall procedure according to the instructions on the site. If the software under Windows XP.
  • Page 15: Starting And Ending Aibo Entertainment Player

    Starting and ending AIBO Entertainment Player When you have installed AIBO Entertainment Player on your Double-click the icon on the Desktop. ® PC and the AIBO Entertainment Robot is ready to communicate via wireless LAN, you can start AIBO Alternatively, select “Start” “All Programs”...
  • Page 16 ® Select the AIBO Entertainment Robot to control. 1 Select this option. If the AIBO robot that you want to connect to has a fixed IP address, select “Manually set IP address” and enter the IP address in the “AIBO’s IP Address” field. 2 Click this button.
  • Page 17 AIBO Entertainment Player starts and the Navigator For users of Windows XP SP2 (Service Pack 2) screen appears. When the Windows firewall function of Windows XP SP2 ® (Service Pack 2) is enabled, the firewall will cause the When you connect to the AIBO Entertainment Robot, “Windows Security Alert”...
  • Page 18: Second And Subsequent Startups

    Closing down AIBO Entertainment Hint If you have inadvertently clicked “Keep Blocking” on the “Windows Player Security Alert” screen, cancel the blocked status as follows. 1Click “Start” - “Control Panel”. Click the (close) button. 2Double-click “Windows Firewall”. Click this button. 3On the “Windows Firewall”...
  • Page 19: Using Navigator

    Using Navigator ® Navigator allows you to freely control the AIBO Entertainment Robot ERS-7. Once you have mastered the technique, you can make your AIBO robot do a number of fun things.
  • Page 20: Basic Navigator Operation

    Basic Navigator operation ® The Navigator screen is comprised of various controls to operate your AIBO Entertainment Robot, and you can also use it to view on your PC what your AIBO robot is “seeing”. A general introduction to the controls and screen sections is given below. Camera view on/off button Distance indicator Switches the camera view on and off.
  • Page 21 Talk/Hear/AutoMotion/Rotate Action/Motion/Chat panel buttons and head control area Clicking these buttons displays the following panels. Action panel The function of these buttons and area is as follows. Lets you make the AIBO robot play with the AIBOne toy and Talk button When you speak into your PC’s microphone, the pink ball (page 24).
  • Page 22: Controlling The Aibo ® Entertainment Robot

    ® Controlling the AIBO Entertainment Robot Moving the head This section describes how you can use the various buttons and controls to move the AIBO robot. The head control area lets you move the AIBO robot’s head At first, you should try this out while watching the PC screen freely.
  • Page 23 Walking, turning, changing posture Hints • When you click once, the AIBO robot will continue to advance until you click Stop. ® With the walk control dial, you can make the AIBO • If no other action is carried out for a while after clicking Stop, Entertainment Robot walk exactly as you want.
  • Page 24: Playing With The Aibone Toy And The Pink Ball

    Playing with the AIBOne toy and the Click the desired button. pink ball The AIBO robot moves as follows. ® Repeatedly click the (Search) and (Approach) You can have the AIBO Entertainment Robot perform kicks buttons until the AIBO robot is close to the desired and headers with the pink ball, and have it pick up or drop the object, and then click the other buttons to play.
  • Page 25: Playing With Various Motion Patterns

    Playing with various motion Select the desired motion pattern and click the patterns (Motion playback) button. ® 1Select motion pattern. You can have the AIBO Entertainment Robot perform various motion patterns by using the Motion panel. 2 Click this button. Click the (Motion) button.
  • Page 26: Using The Chat Function

    Using the chat function ® You can chat with family members or friends via the AIBO Enter the text, and click the (Chat playback) Entertainment Robot. This is done by having the AIBO robot button. speak any text you input at the PC. Sometimes, things might be easier to say when not face-to-face.
  • Page 27: Switching The Sound

    Switching the sound You can talk into your PC’s microphone and have the sound ® reproduced by the speaker built into the AIBO Entertainment Robot. Conversely, you can reproduce the sound picked up by the AIBO robot’s microphones via the speakers of your PC. To switch between these two functions, click the (Talk) or (Hear) button.
  • Page 28: Seeing The Aibo ® Entertainment Robot's Current Status

    ® Seeing the AIBO Entertainment Robot’s current status in 3D The 3D display area shows the AIBO robot’s current posture. Changing the 3D display angle This is convenient for controlling the AIBO robot when it is Click the (Rotate) or (Move) button and drag the currently out of view.
  • Page 29: Using The Camera

    Using the Camera ® The camera built into the AIBO Entertainment Robot can take still pictures or movies (video), which is another fun thing to do with your AIBO robot.
  • Page 30: Basic Camera Operation

    Basic camera operation The Navigator screen also lets you control the camera functions to take pictures and movies. Click the Navigator button to bring up the Navigator screen. The controls and areas for camera operation are described below. Camera image area ®...
  • Page 31: Taking A Picture

    Taking a picture ® You can capture the image from the AIBO Entertainment Image quality Robot’s camera as a still picture. The picture is stored as a • Depending on the lighting, some flicker artifacts may BMP file in the album. appear in the picture or the color spectrum may be slightly shifted towards red or blue.
  • Page 32: Shooting A Movie

    Shooting a movie ® You can capture the image from the AIBO Entertainment Click the (Movie) button to start video recording with the Robot’s camera as a movie (video). The movie is stored as a AIBO robot. Windows Media Video (WMV) file or Motion JPEG (AVI) file Shows the image as seen by the AIBO robot’s camera.
  • Page 33: Interval Recording

    Recording pictures and movies tab in the “Settings” screen (page 71). ® • Sony Corporation does not accept any liability About House Sitting mode and interval recording whatsoever for any problems arising between the user and third parties with regard to pictures and movies You can set up the AIBO robot so that interval recording will taken with the AIBO robot.
  • Page 34: Viewing The Album

    Hints Pictures and movies in the album are stored in the following locations on the hard disk of the PC. Use the slider to • Pictures: Drive C: “Program Files” “Sony” “AIBO change the Entertainment Player” “Album” picture. • Movies: Folder selected under “Movie” in the “Settings” screen Lets you save the picture with a name that you specify.
  • Page 35: Viewing Movies

    Viewing movies Click the “Movie” tab. A list of stored movies appears. To play a movie, double-click on it or select it and click “Play”. The movie will be played with a suitable software on the PC. Click here. Double-clicking on the image starts Shows the date when playback of the movie.
  • Page 36: Using The Player

    Using the Player The Player function lets you enjoy music or Internet radio via ® your the AIBO Entertainment Robot ERS-7. While you listen to your favorite songs, the AIBO robot can show some cool dance moves in tune with the music.
  • Page 37: Basic Player Operation

    Basic Player operation ® Clicking the Player button displays the Player screen. From this screen, you can play music via the AIBO Entertainment Robot, and select and listen to Internet radio stations. The controls and areas for the Player function are described below. Delete contents button Edit contents button Media list...
  • Page 38: Listening To Music With The Aibo

    ® Listening to music with the AIBO Entertainment Robot Selecting music from a media list The AIBO robot can play your favorite music. There are several ways that this function can be activated: A music CD inserted in the CD-ROM drive of the PC or music •...
  • Page 39: Listening To Music Cds And Music Files

    Listening to a music CD Hint You can also play a song by double-clicking its entry in the contents list. Note Listening to music files AIBO Entertainment Player can only play music CDs in the CD-DA format. Copy-controlled CDs, CD Extra, and multi-session CDs cannot be played.
  • Page 40: Listening To Music By Giving The Aibo ® Entertainment Robot A Voice Command

    Listening to music by giving the Touching the AIBO robot to listen to ® AIBO Entertainment Robot a voice music command You can activate music playback by touching the AIBO robot. Hint Listening to a music CD This function is available only when the AIBO robot is in remote control mode.
  • Page 41: Listening To Music Files Via Drag & Drop

    Hints Select the folder containing the sample data • The maximum number of folders that can be registered is 500. (C:\Program Files\Sony\AIBO Entertainment Each folder can have up to 300 content items. Player\Sample Music), and click “OK”. • AIBO Entertainment Player can play WMA, WAV, and MP3...
  • Page 42 Directly registering a folder You can also register the music files in “My Library” by directly dragging and dropping a folder containing music files to the media list. 1Click the Drag & drop the folder containing music files to folder the media list.
  • Page 43: Listening To Music By Showing The Aibo

    ® Listening to music by showing the AIBO Entertainment Robot a registered image (VPR function) By registering an image such as a CD jacket, postcard, photo, Select the location in the “List of Registered or similar image in AIBO Entertainment Player, you can have Images”...
  • Page 44 ® While watching the AIBO Entertainment When the entire image is shown in the camera Robot camera view as shown on the “VPR view, click “Capture” and then click “Register”. Registration” screen, show the image to the Before clicking “Capture”, adjust the position of the AIBO robot as illustrated below.
  • Page 45: Listening To Music By Showing The Aibo Robot A Registered Image

    Listening to music by showing the ® Select the song that the AIBO Entertainment AIBO robot a registered image Robot should play when the registered image is identified, and click “OK”. Now you can show a registered image to the AIBO robot and have it play the music you selected.
  • Page 46: Listening To Internet Radio

    Listening to Internet radio ® Registering an Internet radio station You can listen to Internet radio stations through the AIBO Entertainment Robot. If the (AutoMotion) button is ON, the AIBO robot will move in various ways along with the Hint sound.
  • Page 47 Enter the URL or the file name (ending in .asx) Click “OK”. for the Internet radio station, and click “Search”. Enter the URL of an HTML page that contains a link to the Internet radio station, or enter the file name (ending in .asx) for the Internet radio station.
  • Page 48: Listening To Internet Radio

    Listening to Internet radio Using a voice command to listen to Internet radio Select an Internet radio station from the media list and click (Play) button. The program currently being broadcast You can also start to listen to Internet radio by saying “Play the radio”...
  • Page 49: Enjoying Motion Patterns

    Enjoying motion patterns AIBO Entertainment Player comes with various built-in Hints ® AIBO Entertainment Robot motion patterns (gestures). • The motion patterns listed in the “Station motion” category can also be used while the AIBO robot is on the Energy Station. Hint •...
  • Page 50 Hints • If music is played for more than 30 minutes continuously with AutoMotion on, AutoMotion will turn itself OFF automatically. ® • During AutoMotion, the AIBO Entertainment Robot will automatically assume a different posture at certain intervals. • If AutoMotion is on and you perform an action from the Navigator screen, AutoMotion will turn itself off automatically.
  • Page 51: Having The Aibo ® Entertainment Robot Read Words And Phrases To You

    ® Having the AIBO Entertainment robot read words and phrases to you By registering words or phrases as text in AIBO Entertainment Enter the word or phrase that you want the Player, you can have the AIBO robot read them to you. If the AIBO robot to read as text, select the voice text contains certain keywords that have been specially synthesis (text-to-speech) engine, and click...
  • Page 52: Having The Aibo Robot Read To You

    ® • Having the AIBO robot read to you Sound reproduced by the AIBO Entertainment Robot robot itself may be picked up and interpreted as a voice command. To prevent this, you should avoid speaking words that are listed in “Words ®...
  • Page 53: Playing A Recorded Sound Through The Aibo ® Entertainment Robot

    ® Playing a recorded sound through the AIBO Entertainment Robot AIBO Entertainment Player can be used to play your voice or Enter a name for the file, and click “Save”. other recorded sounds back via the AIBO robot. Recording Note To use this function, a microphone must be connected to the PC (or the PC must have a built-in microphone).
  • Page 54: Playing The Recorded Sound Via The Aibo ® Entertainment Robot

    Playing the recorded sound via the ® AIBO Entertainment Robot From the media list, select “My Voice”, select the desired file from the contents list, and click the (Play) button. The recorded sound will then be played back through the AIBO robot’s speaker.
  • Page 55: Creating A Playlist

    Creating a playlist You can freely combine music files, motion patterns, and voice Select the song to add and click “Add”. Enter a ® synthesis actions, to create your original AIBO name for the playlist and click “OK”. Entertainment Robot playlist. 3 Enter name for Creating a playlist 1 Select song...
  • Page 56: Playback With A Playlist

    Playback with a playlist From the media list, select the playlist and right- click on it. Then select “Export” from the menu From the media list, select the playlist and click the (Play) ® button. The AIBO Entertainment Robot will play the songs that appears.
  • Page 57: Using The Scheduler

    Using the Scheduler If you register schedule data in AIBO Entertainment Player, ® the AIBO Entertainment Robot ERS-7 can remind you of upcoming events in your schedule. Board meeting from ten Receive guests at three...
  • Page 58: Basic Scheduler Operation

    Basic Scheduler operation ® Clicking the Scheduler button displays the Scheduler screen. From this screen, you can make schedule entries. Later, the AIBO Entertainment Robot will playfully remind you of your entries with motion patterns and/or music. The controls and areas for the Scheduler function are described below. Previous button Go to previous Next button...
  • Page 59: Creating A Schedule

    Creating a schedule Registering a scheduled event Let’s create a schedule in AIBO Entertainment Player. ® A scheduled event can be linked to the AIBO Entertainment Here’s how you can register a scheduled event in AIBO Robot motion pattern and activity. For example, you could Entertainment Player.
  • Page 60 Make settings for the various items and click “OK”. 1 Enter the name of the event to be shown in the Scheduler. 2 Click and select an icon from the list. ® 3 If you want to have the AIBO Entertainment Robot read you the scheduled event, select this check box.
  • Page 61: Importing Schedule Data From Microsoft ® Outlook

    Importing schedule data from Editing and deleting scheduled ® ® Microsoft Outlook events By clicking (Import) button, you can use schedule You can edit the contents of registered events or delete events data from Microsoft Outlook in the AIBO Entertainment as required.
  • Page 62 Deleting a scheduled event Change the settings as required, and click “OK”. Select the month and day and select the scheduled event. Then click the (Delete schedule) button. 1Select month. 2Select day with event to delete. 3Select scheduled event. Click this button. The scheduled event is changed.
  • Page 63: Having The Aibo ® Entertainment Robot Tell You Your

    ® Having the AIBO Entertainment Robot tell you your schedule Using a voice command to have the Hints • The AIBO robot can only perform this function if the AIBO robot AIBO robot tell you your schedule and the PC are currently connected via wireless LAN, and if AIBO Entertainment Player is running on the PC.
  • Page 64: Setting Your Preferences

    Setting your Preferences This section explains how to set various options for AIBO Entertainment Player.
  • Page 65: To Change Settings

    To change settings Click the (settings) button to display the “Settings” The various tabs give access to the following settings. screen. • Network Settings ® Lets you change settings for the connection to the AIBO Entertainment Robot. • AIBO Click this button. Lets you change settings for the operation of the AIBO robot.
  • Page 66: Network Settings

    Network Settings ® You can change various settings for the connection to the AIBO Entertainment Robot. The system searches for the AIBO robots within the same network as the PC. You can then select the AIBO robot to connect to from the list.
  • Page 67: Aibo

    AIBO ® You can change various settings for the AIBO Entertainment Robot functions such as the camera picture and sound quality. Sets the picture quality for the camera. When this is selected, the AIBO robot moves its mouth according to the music. Sets the update frequency for the 3D Sets the time delay before the AIBO display of the AIBO robot’s posture.
  • Page 68: Voice Synthesis

    Voice Synthesis You can change various settings for reading of chat messages, text, and schedule entries. Selects the voice synthesis (text-to- speech) engine to be used for the chat, The voice synthesis engine selection for text, and schedule read functions. the chat panel setting in the Navigator screen and the Player screen are set to the default.
  • Page 69: Keyword

    Keyword ® You can change settings for keywords that will prompt certain motion patterns of the AIBO Entertainment Robot when reading chat messages, text, or schedule entries. List of registered keywords To delete a registered keyword, select the entry from the “Keyword” list and click this button.
  • Page 70 You can customize the 3D display. Preview the changes here. ® Change the wall type. Select the color for the AIBO Click “Browse” and select an image file Entertainment Robot. (.bmp) to use for the wall representation. Change the floor type. Click “Browse”...
  • Page 71: Movie

    Movie You can change various settings for movie recording. Select the video file format. Specify whether sound should also be recorded during continuous recording. Select this setting to record continuously from start to finish. Specify whether to display the time in the Select this setting to record recorded video.
  • Page 72: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Check these points if there seems to be a problem.
  • Page 73: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you experience any difficulties, use this guide to check for possible causes before contacting AIBO Customer Link (for customer support). Also refer to the troubleshooting sections in the “User’s Guide (Basic)” for the AIBO robot ERS-7 and the “User’s Guide (PC·Network)”...
  • Page 74 • Cause Remedy Symptom The connection between the PC and • There is interference with another access point or wireless LAN. ® the AIBO Entertainment Robot is c Try changing the wireless LAN channel used by the access point: see “User’s interrupted, or data transfer speed Guide (PC·Network)”...
  • Page 75 • Cause Remedy Symptom ® The AIBO Entertainment Robot is • The installed graphics card driver is not the latest version. ® not correctly rendered on the 3D c The 3D display of the AIBO robot is implemented using Microsoft DirectX.
  • Page 76 • Cause Remedy Symptom ® The AIBO Entertainment Robot • The AIBO robot and the PC are not linked via wireless LAN. does not perform an action at the c Check the network settings: see “User’s Guide (PC·Network)” for the AIBO time of a scheduled event.
  • Page 77 • Cause Remedy Symptom ® While the AIBO Entertainment • When the time set in “_ minutes until returning to Autonomous Mode” has elapsed, Robot robot is playing music, it the AIBO robot will switch to Autonomous Monitor mode, even if music is currently switches to Autonomous Monitor playing.
  • Page 78: Other Information

    Other Information...
  • Page 79: Words Understood By The Aibo

    ® Words understood by the AIBO Contents playback Entertainment Robot Play contents This section lists words (voice commands) that the AIBO Plays the contents previously selected at the PC (page 40). robot can understand when using AIBO Entertainment Player. For information on words the AIBO robot can understand at other times, see the “User’s Guide (Basic)”...
  • Page 80: Controlling The Aibo Entertainment Robot's Actions With The Keyboard

    ® Controlling the AIBO Entertainment Robot’s actions with the keyboard Shortcut key Action Shortcut key Action Switch wireless LAN connection between the AIBO Reduce walking speed. Ctrl + D robot and PC on and off. Set walking speed to normal. Ctrl + R Switch to Remote Control mode.
  • Page 81 Customer Support How can you contact the AIBO Customer Link (for customer service)? In the U.S.A.: Call 1-800-427-2988 E-mail address: In Europe: English line: +44(0)-20-7365-2937 German line: +49(0)-69-9508-6309 French line: +33(0)-1-5569-5117 © 2004 Sony Corporation...

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