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Acer LCD monitor Quick Setup Manual

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Acer LCD monitor Quick Setup Guide (QSG)

Important Safety Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully. This manual should be retained for future use.
1. To clean LCD Monitor screen;
-- Power off LCD Monitor and unplug the AC Cord.
-- Spray a non-solvent cleaning solution onto a rag.
-- Gently clean the screen with dampened rag.
2. Do not place the LCD Monitor near a window. Exposing the monitor to rain water, moisture or sunlight can severely damage it.
3. Do not apply pressure to the LCD screen. Excess pressure may cause permanent damage to the display.
4. Do not remove the cover or attempt to service this unit by yourself. Servicing of any nature should be performed by an
authorized technician.
5. Store LCD Monitor in a room with a room temperature of -20° ~ 60°C (or -4° ~ 140°F). Storing the LCD Monitor outside this
range could result in permanent damage.
6. If any of the following occurs, immediately unplug your monitor and call an authorized technician.
* Monitor to PC signal cable is frayed or damaged.
* Liquid spilled into LCD Monitor or the monitor has been exposed to rain.
* LCD Monitor or the case is damaged.
7. A certified line is required to connect this device to a power outlet. For a nominal current up to 6A and a device weight above 3
kg, a line not lighter than H05VV-F, 3G, 0.75 mm

Package contents

LCD Monitor
User's Manual

Connecting Your Monitor to a Computer

* Power off your computer.
* Connect one end of the signal cable to the LCD Monitor's D-SUB or DVI
(option) port.
* Connect the other end of the signal cable to the D-SUB or DVI (option) port on
your PC.
* Make sure connections are secure.
* Connect the power cord to the LCD Monitor.
* Connect the power cord to an AC power source.

Operating Your Monitor

must be used.
Quick Setup Guide
Power Cord
D-SUB Cable
Auto Adjust Key/Exit
DVI Cable
/ Power Key