Capture Menu (Function); Capture Mode - Acer Digital camera 6.36 Mega pixel CCD User Manual

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Capture Menu (Function)

1. Slide the mode switch to [
2. Press the MENU button, and select the
[Function] menu with the
[Function] menu is displayed.
3. Select the desired [Function] option item with
buttons, and press the SET button
to enter its respective menu.
4. Select the desired setting with the
buttons, and press the SET button.
5. To exit from the menu, press the MENU button.

Capture Mode

This sets the recording method at the time of capturing images.
* [Blank] Single: Capture an image at a time.
* [
] Continuous: Permits continuous photography of 5 images max.
* [AEB]
AEB: Permits 3 consecutive images in the order of standard exposure,
underexposure and overexposure compensation.
In [Continuous] and [AEB] capture mode, the voice memo is automatically
fixed at [Off].
Voice Memo
Refer to section in this manual titled "Recording Voice Memos" for further details.
* On / Off
When [Voice Memo] is set to [On], the preview setting is also fixed at [On].


Table of Contents