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    Alfa Romeo. Services which are essential and precious because, when you purchase an Alfa Romeo you are not only acquiring a car, but the tranquillity that comes from knowing that an efficient, willing and widespread organization is at your ser- vice for any assistance problems you may have.

  • Page 3: Engine Starting, Respecting The Environment

    MUST BE READ! REFUELLING Petrol engines: only refuel with unleaded petrol with octane rating (RON) not less than 95. Diesel engines: only refuel with diesel fuel conforming to the European specification EN590. The use of other products or mixtures may irreparably damage the engine with invalidation of the warranty due to the damage caused.

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    ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES If, after buying the car, you decide to add electrical accessories (that will gradually drain the battery), contact Al- fa Romeo Authorized Services. They can calculate the overall electrical requirement and check that the car’s elec- tric system can support the required load. CODE CARD (for versions/markets, where provided) Keep the code card in a safe place, not in the car.

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    Not all the models described in this booklet are available in all countries. Only some of the fittings described in this booklet are fitted as standard to the car. The list of available accessories should be requested from the Alfa Romeo...

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    The texts, illustrations and specifications given in this booklet refer to the car at the time of going to press. As part of our ongoing striving to improve our products, Alfa Romeo may introduce technical changes during production, there- fore the specifications and fittings may be altered without prior notice.

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    DASHBOARD ............ CRUISE CONTROL ..........CEILING LIGHTS ..........INSTRUMENT PANEL ......... CONTROLS ............SYMBOLS ............INTERIOR FITTINGS..........ALFA ROMEO CODE SYSTEM ....... SUNROOF ............ELECTRONIC KEY ..........DOORS ............ALARM ............POWER WINDOWS ........... IGNITION DEVICE..........BOOT .............. 101 INSTRUMENTS..........

  • Page 8: Dashboard

    DASHBOARD fig. 1 A0E0056m 1. Adjustable swivel side air vents - 2. Front side window demisting/defrosting vents - 3. External lights control lever - 4. In- strument panel - 5. Driver’s air bag and horn - 6. Windscreen wiper control lever - 7. Upper central vent - 8. Adjustable swiv- el centre air vents - 9.

  • Page 9: Instrument Panel

    INSTRUMENT PANEL A. Speedometer (speed indicator) B. Warning lights - C. Rev counter - D. Multifunction display h c m Warning lights on diesel versions only On diesel versions the rev counter A0E0312m fig. 2 - Versions with multifunction display end scale value is at 6000 rpm.

  • Page 10

    A. Speedometer (speed indicator) B. Warning lights - C. Rev counter - D. Multifunction display A0E0870m fig. 3/a - 1750 TURBO BENZINA versions with multifunction display A. Speedometer (speed indicator) B. Warning lights - C. Rev counter - D. Reconfigurable multifunction display A0E0871m fig.

  • Page 11: Symbols, Alfa Romeo Code System

    ALFA ROMEO SYMBOLS CODE SYSTEM Special coloured labels have been at- tached near or actually on some of the To further protect you car from theft, it components of your car. These labels has been fitted with an engine immo- bear symbols that remind you of the pre- bilising system.

  • Page 12: Electronic Key

    (for example for a voltage drop). to deactivate the inhibitor. If the warning light stays on, contact The code is sent only if the Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Authorized Services. CODE system control unit has recognised If 2 seconds after fitting...

  • Page 13: Electronic Key

    ELECTRONIC KEY CODE CARD (for versions/markets, where provided) The CODE card fig. 5 delivered with the keys, contains the mechanical code A and the electronic one B. A0E0023m A0E0021m fig. 5 fig. 6 The code numbers on the CODE card Button Ë...

  • Page 14

    The electronic key fig. 7 is fitted with a metal insert A, that can be extracted by pressing button B. The metal insert operates the following: ❒ central door locking/unlocking through the driver's door lock (with run-down car battery only the driver's door will open);...

  • Page 15

    SAFE LOCK DEVICE (for versions/markets, where provided) This safety system inhibits the operation of the car door handles. The safe lock device represents top pro- tection against break in attempts. Acti- vate it each time you park the car. A0E0035m A0E0242m fig.

  • Page 16

    Device activation is signalled by three WARNING flashes of the led on the driver’s door If the car battery is panel and, only if activated by pressing down, the safe lock de- the electronic key button Á, of direction vice can be activated only us- indicators.

  • Page 17

    The main functions that can be activated with the electronic key or with the emergency metals insert are the following: Doors, Doors, Window Window Safe lock Tailgate tailgate tailgate and sunroof and sunroof (for versions/ opening and fuel cap and fuel cap opening closing markets,...

  • Page 18: Alarm

    ALARM Depending on the markets, the trigger- ing of the alarm will activate the siren (for versions/markets, and the hazard warning lights (for about where provided) 26 seconds). The methods of operation and the number of cycles may vary de- pending on the versions/markets.

  • Page 19

    Surveillance HOW TO DEACTIVATE THE ALARM When the system has been turned on, Press button Ë. The system will react as the led A-fig. 12 will flash to indicate that the system is in the surveillance follows (with the exception of certain mode.

  • Page 20: Ignition Device

    (for ex- car is facing downhill, reverse. ample during an attempted Never leave children unat- break-in) have it checked over tended in the car. by Alfa Romeo Authorized Ser- vices before travelling again.

  • Page 21

    (on certain versions to- gether with a message on the display), check whether the electronic key is the proper one and then try to refit it into the ignition device. If the problem per- sists contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Ser- vices.

  • Page 22: Instruments

    INSTRUMENTS STEERING COLUMN LOCK ed) (or as an alternative, on certain ver- sions, a symbol and a message are dis- Engaging played). In this event contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services. REV. COUNTER The steering column lock will engage 5 seconds after removing the electron- IMPORTANT If after trying to turn on Rev counter shows engine rpm.

  • Page 23

    1 - tank full (see the indications given IMPORTANT Refuelling shall always Alfa Romeo Authorized Services . in paragraph “At the filling station"). be performed with engine off. Failing to observe this precaution could cause the...

  • Page 24

    Alfa Romeo Authorized Services. IMPORTANT The pointer can reach the red area also for a sum of un- favourable conditions, i.e.: slow speed,...

  • Page 25

    MANUAL INSTRUMENT AUTOMATIC INSTRUMENT PANEL LIGHT DIMMER PANEL LIGHT DIMMER With this function it is possible to adjust To give max. visibility and comfort un- on 8 levels the light intensity of the indi- der whatever driving conditions (e.g.: cations given on the instrument panel dis- lights on in daylight, tunnels, etc…), play, sound system display (for ver- the speedometer is fitted with a sensor...

  • Page 26: Multifunction Display

    INFORMATION ABOUT CAR MULTIFUNCTION CONDITIONS (at event) DISPLAY õ ❒ Scheduled servicing (symbol (for versions/markets, D-fig. 22). where provided) ❒ Instrument panel light dimmer. The “Multifunction display” shows all ❒ Symbol of possible presence of ice on the useful information necessary when √...

  • Page 27: Setup Menu

    “SETUP MENU” Speed limit (SPEED BEEP) With this function it is possible to set the There is also a “Setup Menu” enabling to perform the adjustments and/or set- car speed limit (km/h or mph) which, tings described on the following pages if exceeded, automatically sounds a by pressing button MENU and +/–...

  • Page 28

    Clock (TIME REG) Failure/warning buzzer To set the speed limit, proceed as fol- volume (BUZZ) lows: This function enables to adjust the clock. ❒ press button MENU until selecting With this function the volume of the To adjust the clock proceed as follows: SPEED BEEP: the display will show buzzer accompanying...

  • Page 29

    “Checking levels” in section “Car km/mi to go before car servicing. Con- maintenance”). tact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services to IMPORTANT Proper engine oil level carry out any service operation provid- shall be checked with the car on level...

  • Page 30

    MESSAGES DISPLAYED ILLUMINATION OF REV Once on, the NIGHT PAN function can be deactivated as follows: AT STARTING COUNTER/INSTRUMENTS ❒ by long press on button + (also with (NIGHT PAN) After the engine oil level, the display will external lights off); show for a few seconds a message in- This function enables to turn on/off ❒...

  • Page 31: Reconfigurable Multifunction Display

    INFORMATION ABOUT CAR RECONFIGURABLE CONDITIONS (at event) MULTIFUNCTION ❒ Scheduled servicing; DISPLAY ❒ Trip computer; (for versions/markets, where provided) ❒ Instrument panel light dimmer; ❒ Engine oil level; The “Reconfigurable multifunction dis- IMPORTANT When opening one of A0E0015m fig. 24/a play”...

  • Page 32

    Selecting an option of the main CONTROL BUTTONS menu without submenu: MENU ❒ briefly press button MENU to select the main menu option to set; Short push on button: to confirm the required option and/or to go to next ❒ operate buttons + or – (by single screen;...

  • Page 33

    Selecting an option of the main Selecting “Date” and “Clock”: ENGINE OIL LEVEL menu with submenu: INDICATION ❒ briefly press button MENU to select ❒ briefly press button MENU to display the first value to change (e.g. hours/ Fitting the electronic key into the igni- the first submenu option;...

  • Page 34

    Briefly press button MENU to access navigation from the standard screen. To surf the menu press buttons + or –. For safety rea- sons, when the car is running, it is possible to access only the reduced menu (for setting “Speed limit”). When the car is stationary access to the whole menu is enabled.

  • Page 35

    IMPORTANT The possible setting is Speed limit Automatic headlight daylight between 30 and 250 km/h (or be- sensor (Light Sens.) With this function it is possible to set the tween 20 and 150 mph) depending on (for versions/markets, car speed limit (km/h or mph) which, the unit set previously (see paragraph where provided) if exceeded, automatically sounds a...

  • Page 36

    Clock mode (Mode 12/24) Setting the clock (Clock) IMPORTANT Every press (pulse) on the button +/– increases/decreases by This function is used to set the clock in This function enables to set the clock. one unit. Keeping button +/– pressed the 12h or 24h mode.

  • Page 37

    Setting the date (Date) Audio Info Repetition To activate/deactivate (ON/OFF) in- (Audio Rpt.) fo displaying proceed as follows: This function enables to update the date (for versions/markets, ❒ briefly press button MENU: the dis- (year - month - day). where provided) play will show ON or OFF (accord- Proceed as follows: This function enables to display sound...

  • Page 38

    Automatic central door locking Independent boot unlocking Driver’s door unlocking (Door lock) (Indep. Boot) (Unlock Fda) With this function it is possible to unlock With this function it is possible to unlock When activated (ON), this function the boot independently from doors. only the driver’s door by pressing the locks automatically the doors when the electronic key button Ë.

  • Page 39

    Consumption Temperature Units This function enables to set the tem- With this function it is possible to set the If the distance unit set is km (see pre- units for distance covered (km or mi), vious paragraph) the display will enable perature unit (°C or °F).

  • Page 40

    Adjusting the failure/warning Adjusting the button volume Selecting the language buzzer volume (Beep Vol.) (Keys Vol.) (Language) Display messages can be shown in the With this function the volume of the With this function the volume of the following languages: Italian, English, buzzer accompanying fail-...

  • Page 41: Night Panel

    MENU. number of km/mi to go before car ser- vicing. Contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Ser- vices to carry out any service operation provided by the Service schedule or by the Annual inspection plan, and to reset the...

  • Page 42: Trip Computer

    TRIP COMPUTER General features The “Trip computer” displays information (with electronic key fitted into ignition device) relating to the operating status of the car. This function comprises the “Trip A” concerning the “complete mission” of the car (journey) and “Trip B” concern- ing the partial mission of the car;...

  • Page 43

    The display will show “- - - -“ in the fol- The “Trip A” displays the figures relating Values displayed lowing cases: Average consumption ❒ Average consumption ❒ value lower than 50 km (30mi); Represents the indicative average of con- ❒...

  • Page 44

    New mission (reset) Reset can be: ❒ “manual” reset is performed by the driver by pressing button TRIP; ❒ “automatic” reset is performed when the trip distance reaches 9999.9 km (or mi), when travel time reaches 99.59 (99 hours and 59 minutes) A0E0076m A0E0052m fig.

  • Page 45

    Briefly press button TRIP to select the Start of journey procedure Reset Trip B two Trip computer modes; use button (reset) As concerns the Trip B values, it is pos- - to scroll the options at the top of the Trip A and Trip B reset are independent.

  • Page 46: Seats

    SEATS MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE FRONT SEATS fig. 31 WARNING A0E0053m Only make adjustments fig. 30 when the car is sta- On versions fitted with T.P.M.S. system tionary. (Tyre pressure Monitoring System) (see paragraph “T.P.M.S. system” in this sec- tion), after Trip A and Trip B info, the screen with tyre pressure condition is dis- played (see fig.

  • Page 47

    WARNING Once you have re- leased the lever, check that the seat is firmly locked in the runners by trying to move it back and forth. Failure to lock the seat in place could result in the seat moving sud- A0E0024m denly and the driver losing fig.

  • Page 48

    Seat controls are the Storing driver’s seat/door following: mirror positions Multifunction control A: Buttons C allows to store and recall three different driver’s seat and door mirror po- – front seat height adjustment; sitions. Storing and recalling are only pos- –...

  • Page 49: Head Restraints

    HEAD RESTRAINTS FRONT HEAD RESTRAINTS Head restraints are adjustable in height and they lock automatically in the re- quired position. To adjust height proceed as follows: A0E0473m A0E0479m fig. 34 fig. 35 ❒ to raise: raise the head restraint un- REAR HEAD RESTRAINTS WARNING til hearing the locking click.

  • Page 50: Steering Wheel

    STEERING WHEEL WARNING Any adjustment of the steering wheel position The steering wheel can be adjusted both must be carried out only with axially and in height. the car stationary and the en- Release the lever A-fig. 36 pushing it gine turned off.

  • Page 51: Rearview Mirrors

    REARVIEW MIRRORS DRIVING MIRROR The mirror is fitted with a safety device that causes it to be released in the event of a violent crash. A0E0135m A0E0036m fig. 37 fig. 39 Using lever A-fig. 37 the mirror can Adjusting the mirror be adjusted to two different positions: normal or antiglare.

  • Page 52

    Electrically folding of the Storing the “parking” mirror (only versions with 4 position of the door mirror power windows) on the passenger side (for versions/markets, On versions equipped with electric seats, where provided) when engaging reverse for parking to When required (for example when the improve visibility the driver can adjust mirror causes difficulty in narrow spaces) (and store) the passenger's door mirror...

  • Page 53

    Together with the passenger door mir- Recalling the passenger door Automatic door mirror ror “parking” position, also the driver mirror “parking” position realignment seat position and the driver door mirror Proceed as follows: fit the electronic key Each time the electronic key is fitted in- will be stored.

  • Page 54: Climate Control System

    CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEM A0E0220m fig. 41 1 Upper vent - 2 Adjustable and swivel central vents - 3 Adjustable and swivel side vents - 4 Lower vents for rear seats - 5 Adjustable and swivel air vents for rear seats (for versions/markets, where provided) - 6 Lower vents for front seats - 7 Windscreen and front windows demisting/defrosting vents.

  • Page 55

    A0E0014m A0E0057m A0E0067m fig. 42 fig. 44 fig. 45 UPPER VENT fig. 44 The vent has an opening/closing con- trol. O = Completely closed I = Completely open WINDSCREEN AND FRONT A0E0012m A0E0088m fig. 43 SIDE WINDOW DEMISTING/ fig. 46 DEFROSTING VENTS CENTRAL AND REAR VENTS fig.

  • Page 56: Manual Climate Control System

    MANUAL CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEM (for versions/markets, where provided) CONTROLS fig. 47 A - Air temperature knob (mixing warm and cold air); B - Air distribution knob; C - Fan speed knob; D - Heated rear window and door mir- rors defrosting on/off button; fig.

  • Page 57

    HEATED REAR WINDOW WARMING THE PASSENGER QUICK WINDSCREEN COMPARTMENT AND FRONT SIDE WINDOW AND DOOR MIRROR DEMISTING/DEFROSTING DEMISTING/DEFROSTING Proceed as follows: (MAX-DEF function) Press button ( to activate the demist- ❒ turn knob A to the required temper- ing/defrosting function: when this func- Press button -: the button leds -, ature;...

  • Page 58

    However, it is Before summer, have the system Proceed as follows: better not to use it for long periods, es- checked at Alfa Romeo Authorized Ser- ❒ turn knob A completely leftwards; pecially if there are several people in the vices.

  • Page 59

    ❒ compressor activation; AUTOMATIC TWO-/ ❒ air recirculation. THREE-ZONE The following parameters and functions CLIMATE CONTROL can be set or changed manually: SYSTEM ❒ required temperature; (for versions/markets, ❒ fan speed; where provided) ❒ air distribution on seven levels ; A0E0091m fig.

  • Page 60

    TWO-ZONE controls fig. 49 A - air distribution buttons (on driver and passenger side); B - temperature adjustment knob on dri- ver side; C - automatic operation button (AUTO); D - climate control data display; E - temperature adjustment knob on passenger side;...

  • Page 61

    THREE-ZONE controls fig. 50 Front controls A - air distribution buttons (driver and pas- senger side); B - temperature adjustment knob on driver side; C - automatic operation button (AUTO); D - climate control data display; E - temperature adjustment knob on passen- ger side;...

  • Page 62

    HI function (HIGH) SWITCHING THE CLIMATE AIR TEMPERATURE (maximum heating power) CONTROL SYSTEM ON ADJUSTMENT KNOBS It is switched on by setting a tempera- The system can be turned on by press- Turning the knob knurled rings (B/ ing any button (excluding (, v and ture of more than 32°C on the display, E/P), clockwise or counter-clockwise, and can be switched on independently...

  • Page 63

    With the function switched on, howev- This function should not be ac- LO (LOW) function er, all the manual settings can be made. tivated when the engine is cold, (highest cooling power) To switch the function off, you only need to prevent air not warm enough It is switched on by setting a tempera- to turn the ring of knob B/E/P of the...

  • Page 64: Automatic Operation

    AUTOMATIC OPERATION AUTO will also go off if the system (spe- FAN SPEED ADJUSTMENT cially when compressor is turned off (AUTO BUTTON) Press buttons +/– to increase or to de- manually) cannot reach or cannot keep crease the fan speed. Pressing button AUTO (front and rear the required temperature.

  • Page 65

    QUICK FRONT WINDOW IMPORTANT If the engine is not The MAX-DEF function activates the fol- warm enough, the function will not en- lowing operations: DEMISTING/DEFROSTING gage the predefined fan speed imme- (MAX-DEF function) ❒ rear panel turning off (for ver- diately, to limit the flow to the passen- sions/markets, where provided);...

  • Page 66

    Temperature detection (compressor off HEATED REAR WINDOW CLIMATE CONTROL and outside temperature higher than set AND DOOR MIRROR COMPRESSOR ON/OFF temperature) is activated each time the DEMISTING/DEFROSTING √ Press button to turn the compressor electronic key is fitted into the ignition Press button ( to activate the demist- on: when climate control compressor is device.

  • Page 67: Air Distribution

    A Splitting of the air flow between AIR DISTRIBUTION Rear seat Three-zone configuration controls SELECTION S windscreen and front side window Pressing buttons A/S (rear controls) demisting/defrosting vents and the Front seat Two-zone/ lower part of the passenger com- you can manually choose one of the 3 Three-zone configuration partment.

  • Page 68

    AIR RECIRCULATION AND IMPORTANT The inside air recircula- In certain weather con- tion system makes it possible to reach AQS FUNCTION (AIR ditions (e.g. outside the required heating or cooling condi- QUALITY SYSTEM) temperature around tions faster. It is however inadvisable to ON/OFF (for versions/markets, 0°C) and with automatic air re- use it on rainy/cold days as it would...

  • Page 69

    (for about 1 minute) to change air Have the conditions of the filter checked inside the passenger compartment, re- by Alfa Romeo Authorized Services at gardless of outside air pollution level. least once a year, preferably at the on- set of summer.

  • Page 70: Additional Heater

    Pressing button OFF on the rear control ADDITIONAL SWITCHING THE CLIMATE will display the wording OFF on the rear CONTROL SYSTEM OFF HEATER (diesel display and will stop air flow to rear Press OFF button. The circular led around versions only) seats.

  • Page 71: External Lights, Left-hand Stalk

    Direction indicators EXTERNAL LIGHTS Push the stalk to (stable) position: ❒ up: to turn the right-hand direction LEFT-HAND STALK fig. 51 indicator on; The left-hand stalk control almost all ex- ❒ down: to turn the left-hand direction ternal lights. indicator on. The external lights can only be switched Warning light Î...

  • Page 72: Follow Me Home

    “FOLLOW ME HOME” AUTOMATIC HEADLIGHTS Deactivation DEVICE SENSOR (daylight sensor) As a result of the sensor control, the (for versions/markets, dipped beam headlights will switch off This function allows the illumination of where provided) and, after a few seconds, sidelights will the space in front of the car for a pre- switch off too.

  • Page 73: Parking Lights

    Parking lights With instrument panel off they turn on by pressing button C. When pressing the button a buzzer will sound and the in- strument panel warning light 3 will turn on. Press the button again to turn the lights off.

  • Page 74: Window Washing

    WINDOW WASHING Never use the window wiper to remove ice or snow from the wind- RIGHT-HAND STALK screen. In these conditions, the wiper is submitted to excessive Right-hand stalk fig. 54 controls wind- effort that results in motor pro- screen washer/wiper operation. tection cutting in and wiper op- With external lights on, activating the eration inhibition for few seconds...

  • Page 75

    “Smart washing” function Turning the knurled ring A-fig. 54 it is possible to increase the sensitivity of Pulling the lever towards the steering the rain sensor, obtaining a quicker wheel (unstable position) operates the change from stationary (no wiping) windscreen washer. when the windscreen is dry, to first con- Keeping the stalk pulled with just one tinuous speed (continuous, slow).

  • Page 76

    IMPORTANT In the event of rain sen- Rain sensor shall be de- sor failure, windscreen wiper operation activated when washing with right-hand stalk at 1-fig. 54 shall the car at automatic car- be intermittent. If failure occurs during wash. automatic operation, the system will keep the last wiper operating condition.

  • Page 77: Cruise Control

    CRUISE CONTROL TO MEMORISE SPEED (for versions/markets, Proceed as follows: where provided) ❒ turn the knurled ring A-fig. 57 to Ü and press the accelerator pedal to the required speed; GENERAL ❒ push the stalk upwards (+) or down- The speed regulator (CRUISE CON- wards (–), then release it: car speed TROL), with electronic control, makes is memorised and it is therefore pos-...

  • Page 78

    Each operation of the stalk will corre- key from the ignition device. In this device; spond to a slight increase in speed event contact Alfa Romeo Authorized (about 1.5 km/h), while keeping the Services. stalk upwards will correspond to a con-...

  • Page 79: Ceiling Lights

    A-fig. 57 after a few minutes. To turn them on to O and contact Alfa Romeo Keeping pressed button B will turn off again, open another door or close and...

  • Page 80

    In the following table are summarised the causes that make front/rear ceiling lights turn on/off and their turning on/off mode: Cause Front and rear ceiling lights turning on/off mode Opening one of the front/rear doors Central front light and rear light turning on for a few minutes. This timed operation will be reactivated each time a door is opened.

  • Page 81

    DOOR PUDDLE LIGHTS The door light will turn on when open- ing the door regardless of the electron- ic key position. It will stay on for about 3 minutes when the door is open, then it will go off automatically. A0E0094m A0E0037m fig.

  • Page 82: Controls

    CONTROLS WARNING WARNING If, after a crash, you If central door locking smell fuel or see leaks has been activated POWER SUPPLY AND FUEL from the fuel system, do not from inside the car and after a CUT-OFF SWITCHES reset the switches to avoid crash the fuel cut-off switch fire risk.

  • Page 83

    A0E0221m A0E0126m A0E0071m fig. 61 fig. 62 fig. 63 Resetting the fuel cut-off Resetting the power supply The switch is located inside the fuse box switch cut-off switch at battery positive terminal. (for versions/markets, To reset the power supply cut-off switch, where provided) proceed as follows: WARNING...

  • Page 84: Interior Fittings

    INTERIOR FITTINGS CENTRAL ARMREST The central armrest is located between the front seats. Inside the armrest are housed an oddment compartment and an air-conditioned food box (where pro- vided) (see next paragraphs). A0E0039m A0E0141m fig. 64 fig. 65 On certain versions the central armrest Air-conditioned food box can be adjusted forward or backward by operating the cover B-fig.

  • Page 85

    A0E0142m A0E0146m A0E0199m fig. 67 fig. 69 fig. 70 REAR ARMREST WITH ODDMENT COMPARTMENT (for versions/markets, where provided) To use the central armrest B-fig. 69, take it from tab A and then lower it. Inside the armrest is fitted an oddment compartment fig.

  • Page 86: Cigar Lighter

    A0E0147m A0E0149m A0E0031m fig. 72 fig. 74 fig. 75 GLOVE COMPARTMENT CIGAR LIGHTER To open the glove compartment use lever Front cigar lighter A-fig. 74. When the glove compart- (for versions/markets, ment is opened, the internal courtesy light where provided) turns on.

  • Page 87

    Do not plug electric ac- cessories with absorption exceeding the max. spec- ified value. Prolonged current ab- sorption could drain the battery and impair next engine start up. A0E0152m A0E0068m fig. 76 fig. 77 Press button B-fig. 76 to switch on Rear cigar lighter IMPORTANT To safeguard the light- the cigar lighter with key fitted into ig-...

  • Page 88

    A0E0140m A0E0153m A0E0101m fig. 78 fig. 79 fig. 80 ASHTRAY Rear ashtray (for versions/markets, It is located on the central console, be- where provided) tween front seats. To use the ashtray, lift lid A-fig. 79 as shown by the ar- Front ashtray row.

  • Page 89: Oddments Compartments

    A0E0197m A0E0154m A0E0102m fig. 82 fig. 84 fig. 85 ODDMENTS COMPARTMENTS To use the mirror open cover A-fig. fig. 84 (for versions/markets, where provided) Mirror lights will turn on automatically when lifting the cover and they will turn They are located on the central console off when lowering it or few minutes af- between the front seats.

  • Page 90

    HOMELINK Proceed as follows: 1) press and keep pressed the outer but- (for versions/markets, tons (A and C): 20 seconds after led D where provided) will start flashing. Release both buttons; NOTE This operation clears the stan- DESCRIPTION dard codes programmed by the manu- The HomeLink fixed-system installed on facturer.

  • Page 91

    SYNCHRONISING The distance required between the HOW TO USE THE portable remote control and the Home- HOMELINK SYSTEM ALTERNATE CODES Link depends on the system to be pro- To ascertain whether your garage door The HomeLink remote control activates grammed (type of frequency of main motor or gate motor is provided with an the operation of the garage door mo- door, gate or other system).

  • Page 92

    RE-PROGRAMMING ONE HomeLink can only work if the pro- Proceed as follows: grammed alternate code is synchronised SINGLE BUTTON ❒ find the set-up button on the upper with the system of the device (garage side of the garage door/gate motor. It is possible to programme another orig- door, gate, etc.).

  • Page 93

    TECHNICAL DATA FOR THE The distance required between the CLEARING THE portable remote control and the Home- PROGRAMMED BUTTONS ASSISTANCE SERVICE Link depends on the system to be pro- If after following the previous instruc- You are recommended to clear the grammed (type of frequency of main tions you are still unable to set the HomeLink programming before selling...

  • Page 94: Sunroof

    SUNROOF WARNING (for versions/markets, When leaving the car, where provided) the ignition key should be removed to prevent the sunroof from being operated The sunroof consists of a moving pane inadvertently and harming sliding horizontally and retractable. anyone remaining in the car. When closed it enables sunlight to get Improper use of the sunroof into the passenger compartment, where-...

  • Page 95

    SUNROOF CLOSING Sunroof sliding by pressing the electronic key button Ë can be stopped by operat- Turn selector A-fig. 87 counter-clock- ing selector A-fig. 87 (by changing its wise. position or pressing it). The movement of the roof may be in- Changing selector position, will make terrupted and restarted by means of the sunroof slide to the new position ig-...

  • Page 96

    ANTI-CRUSHING SAFETY SUNROOF INITIALISATION SYSTEM PROCEDURE The anti-crushing safety system fitted on After disconnecting the battery or failing the front curtain outline is active during the protection fuse, the sunroof shall be horizontal closing (front edge) and ver- “initialised” again, proceed as follows: tical closing of the panel (rear edge) and ❒...

  • Page 97: Doors

    Through the “Setup menu” (or the Ra- DOORS dionavigation system for certain versions) it is possible to activate the function that CENTRAL DOOR LOCKING/ enables to unlock only the driver’s door UNLOCKING SYSTEM lock by pressing the electronic key button Ë...

  • Page 98

    Button q is disabled after door locking IMPORTANT Each device acts only carried out by operating the remote con- on the relevant door. trol, the driver's door revolving plug, or IMPORTANT Always use this device by automatic door locking after about when transporting children.

  • Page 99

    IMPORTANT As concerns rear doors, DOOR LOCKING WITH RUN with child lock device on and the previ- DOWN BATTERY ously described locking active, operat- If the car battery is run down, to lock ing the internal door handle will not the doors proceed as described in the open the door but will only realign door- following points.

  • Page 100: Power Windows

    dows and the sunroof (for versions/ POWER WINDOWS IMPORTANT In the event the anti- markets, where provided) at the crushing function is activated 5 times in same time. only 1 minute or in the event of a fail- Versions with 2 front power windows ure, the system will automatically enter ❒...

  • Page 101

    C (for versions/markets, where pro- Improper use of the vided) – rear left window open- power windows can be ing/closing; “automatic continuous” dangerous. Before and mode operation during window open- during its operation ensure that ing/closing; any passengers are not at risk from the moving glass either by D (for versions/markets, where pro- personal objects getting caught...

  • Page 102: Boot

    Tailgate opening is facilitated by the BOOT side gas shock springs. Opening the boot its internal light will The boot lock is electric and it is dis- turn on and it will turn off automati- abled when the car is running. cally when re-closing the tailgate.

  • Page 103

    IMPORTANT After disconnecting the OPENING BY REMOTE battery or failing the protection fuse, the CONTROL tailgate locking/unlocking mechanism Press the electronic key button `. shall be “initialised” again, proceed as Opening is indicated by double flashing follows: of direction indicators. ❒...

  • Page 104

    TAILGATE CLOSING WARNING Lower the tailgate pressing the lock un- When using the boot, til hearing the locking click. make sure the loads do not exceed the permitted IMPORTANT If the option for ”Indep. weight (see “Technical specifi- boot” is on, before closing the boot, cations”...

  • Page 105

    TO RETURN THE REAR SEAT WARNING BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL If you want to carry POSITION reserve fuel in a can, follow law regulations, only Move aside the seat belts, check that using a certified can, suitably they are not twisted. fastened to the load securing Raise the seat backrests and push them eyelets.

  • Page 106: Bonnet, To Close The Bonnet

    Improper bonnet closing is indicated (on BONNET certain versions) by the instrument pan- el warning light ´ (where provided), or by symbol S and a message on the TO OPEN THE BONNET display (see section “Warning lights and Proceed as follows: messages”).

  • Page 107: Headlights, Roof Rack/ski Rack, Headlight Aiming Device

    Con- tightened. tact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services to have the headlights properly adjusted. IMPORTANT Never exceed the max. Distribute the load even- permissible loads (see section “”Tech-...

  • Page 108: Headlight Adjustment Abroad

    FRONT FOG LIGHT ADJUSTMENT ❒ remove headlight cover (see para- graph “Dipped beam headlights” in Contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services section “In an emergency”); to have the headlights correctly adjusted. ❒ move lever A-fig. 102 aside;...

  • Page 109: Abs System

    ABS SYSTEM ABS SYSTEM WARNING INTERVENTION The ABS exploits the tyre-road grip at the The car is fitted with ABS braking sys- The driver can tell the ABS system has best, but it cannot improve it; tem, which prevents the wheels from come into action because the brake ped- you should therefore take locking when braking, makes the most...

  • Page 110

    Drive extremely sions equipped with VDC system in the the aid of the ABS system. carefully to the closest Alfa Romeo Au- event of VDC system failure, indicated Drive carefully to the closest Alfa Romeo thorized Services to have the system by the turning on of warning light á...

  • Page 111: Vdc System, Failure Warning Lights

    In this case con- It is signalled by the blinking of the turn on again automatically. tact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services as warning light á on the instrument pan- soon as possible. el, to inform the driver that the car is...

  • Page 112: Hill Holder System

    HILL HOLDER SYSTEM WARNING WARNING (for versions/markets, Performance of the During the use of the where provided) VDC system, in terms space-saver spare of active safety should not in- wheel for versions/markets, This system is an integral part of the VDC duce the driver to take point- (where provided), the VDC system and it is provided to facilitate...

  • Page 113: Asr System

    ASR SYSTEM This time elapsing without starting, the Failure warnings system will deactivate automatically by (AntiSlip Regulation) System failure is indicated by the turn- releasing gradually the brake force. ing on of warning light * (where pro- This system is an integral part of the VDC At releasing, the typical brake disen- vided) on the instrument panel (on cer- system, it controls car drive and cuts in...

  • Page 114

    The action of the ASR is particularly help- Switching the ASR system WARNING ful in the following circumstances: on/off The performance of the ❒ slipping of the inner wheel due to the ASR turns on automatically when turn- system, in terms of ac- effect of dynamic load changes or ex- ing the instrument panel on.

  • Page 115

    MSR system (engine braking Failure warnings WARNING torque control) In the event of malfunctioning, the ASR For correct operation of system is automatically disconnected It is an integral part of the ASR system the ASR system, the and on versions fitted with “Reconfig- that in case of sudden gear shifting, cuts tyres must absolutely be of urable multifunction display”...

  • Page 116: Eobd System

    IMPORTANT After eliminating the in- convenience, to check the system com- pletely, Alfa Romeo Authorized Services are obliged to run a bench test and, if necessary, road tests which may also call for a long journey.

  • Page 117: Sound System Presetting, Accessories Purchased By The Owner

    Alfa Romeo Authorized Ser- ment panel. battery warranty can be inval- vices, whose qualified personnel, besides idated.

  • Page 118: Installation Of Electric/electronic Devices

    INSTALLATION OF IMPORTANT Installation of devices RADIO TRANSMITTERS AND resulting in modifications of car charac- CELLULAR TELEPHONES ELECTRIC/ELECTRONIC teristics may cause driving license seiz- Radio transceiver equipment (vehicle DEVICES ing by traffic agents and also the lapse mobile phones, CB radios, amateur ra- of the warranty as concerns defects due dio and similar equipment) shall not be to the abovementioned modification or...

  • Page 119: Parking Sensors

    PARKING SENSORS Versions with 8 sensors (where provided) Front and rear sensors are automatical- ly activated with electronic key fitted in- to the ignition device when reverse gear Parking sensors inform the driver about is engaged or when pressing the front the presence of obstacles behind the car ceiling light button A-fig.

  • Page 120

    BUZZER The acoustic alarm will stop immediately as distance raises. The acoustic alarm is The presence of any obstacle and its dis- constant if the distance measured by tance from the car is indicated by the central sensors is unvaried, whereas if buzzers installed inside the passenger this situation takes place for side sen- compartment:...

  • Page 121

    SENSOR DETECTION For proper operation, RANGE the parking sensors shall always be clean from Sensors enable the system to monitor mud, dirt, snow or ice. When the front part (versions with 8 sensors) cleaning the sensors, take the and the rear part of the car. utmost care to prevent their Actually their position covers the central damaging;...

  • Page 122: General Warnings, Towing Trailers

    FAILURE INDICATIONS ure is stored in order to be then detect- The system control unit checks every ed by Alfa Romeo Authorized Services system component each time the key is at next inspection. fitted into the ignition device. Sensors...

  • Page 123: Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    If special characteristics, use only tyre re- failure persists, the control unit will send pair sealants approved by Alfa Romeo; warning indications to the instrument other sealants could cause system mal- panel only after a few seconds when the functioning.

  • Page 124

    Romeo Authorized Services. Alfa Romeo Authorized Services. fitting, contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services to have tyre and/or rim Strong radio-frequency disturbances Tyre pressure could change according to changed.

  • Page 125

    – with others of different size (*) Wheel cross switching – (front/rear) (**) (*) Given as an alternative on the owner's manual and to be found in Lineaccessori Alfa Romeo. (**) Not crossed (tyres shall remain on the same side).

  • Page 126: At The Filling Station

    DIESEL ENGINES AT THE FILLING PETROL ENGINES STATION Use only unleaded petrol. To prevent er- If the outside temperature is very low, rors, the diameter of the fuel tank filler the diesel thickens due to the formation is too small to introduce a lead petrol of paraffins and could clog the diesel fu- IMPORTANT Refuelling shall always pump filler.

  • Page 127

    FUEL FILLER CAP The car must only be filled with diesel fuel for The fuel filler cap is unlocked when cen- motor vehicles, in com- tral door locking is off and it is auto- pliance with European Standard matically locked when activating the EN590.

  • Page 128: Protecting The Environment

    PROTECTING WARNING THE ENVIRONMENT Do not put naked flames or lighted cigarettes near the fuel filler hole as there The devices for curtailing petrol engine is danger of fire. Do not bend emissions are the following: too close to the hole either so ❒...

  • Page 129

    DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER Since this filter physically traps particu- WARNING lates, it shall be cleaned (reclaimed) at (DPF) (where required) During normal service regular intervals by burning carbon par- the diesel particulate The Diesel Particulate Filter is a me- ticles. Reclaiming procedure is controlled filter (DPF) (where required) chanical filter, integral with the exhaust automatically by the engine control unit...

  • Page 130

    SEAT BELTS ............130 S.B.R. SYSTEM ..........131 PRETENSIONERS ..........132 CARRYING CHILDREN SAFELY ......135 PRESETTING FOR MOUNTING THE “UNIVERSAL ISOFIX”CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM..140 FRONT AIR BAGS..........142 SIDE AIR BAGS (Side bag - Window bag) ..... 145...

  • Page 131: Seat Belts

    SEAT BELTS USING THE SEAT BELTS The belt should be worn keeping the chest straight and rested against the seat back. To fasten seat belts, take the tongue A0E0083m A0E0055m fig. 1 fig. 2 A-fig. 1 and insert it into the buckle B, until hearing the locking click.

  • Page 132: Seat Belt Reminder

    S.B.R. SYSTEM WARNING (Seat Belt Reminder) Remember that in the event of a violent colli- sion, back seat passengers not The car is fitted with the S.B.R. system wearing seat belts also repre- (Seat Belt Reminder), consisting of a sent a serious danger for the buzzer which, together with the turning front seat passengers.

  • Page 133

    Pretensioners should which allows controlled sag in such a Front seat pretensioners activate only be replaced at Alfa Romeo Au- way as to dose the force acting on the if front seat belts are properly fitted in- thorized Services as this date chest and shoulders during the belt re- to buckles.

  • Page 134

    WARNING For maximum protec- tion keep the back of your seat upright, lean back in- to it and make sure the seat belt fits closely across your chest and hips. Make sure that the seat belts of the front and A0E0104m A0E0103m fig.

  • Page 135

    ❒ after a serious accident, replace the ified and authorised personnel. belt being worn at that time, even if A0E0105m fig. 7 Always contact Alfa Romeo it does not appear damaged. Always Authorized Services. replace the seat belts if pretensioners IMPORTANT Never travel with a child have been activated;...

  • Page 136: Carrying Children Safely

    CARRYING The results of research on the best child Lineaccessori Alfa Romeo offers seats for restraint systems are contained in the each weight group, which are the rec- CHILDREN SAFELY European Standard ECE-R44. This Stan- ommended choice, as they have been...

  • Page 137

    WARNING SERIOUS DANGER If it is absolutely necessary to carry a child on the front passenger seat with the cradle child’s seat facing backwards, the front passenger’s air bags A0E0106m A0E0106m (front air bag, knees air bag, fig. 8 fig. 9 for versions/markets, where GROUP 0 and 0+ GROUP 1...

  • Page 138

    WARNING Seats exist which are suitable for covering weight groups 0 and 1 with a rear connection to the car belts and their own belts to restrain the child. Due to their size, they can be dangerous if installed in- A0E0108m A0E0109m correctly fastened to the car...

  • Page 139

    PASSENGER SEAT COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATIONS ON CHILD’S SEAT USE Your car complies with the new European Directive 2000/3/EC regulating child’s seat assembling on the different car seats according to the following tables: Front and rear seat (fixed and double seat) SEAT Group Range...

  • Page 140

    ❒ always check the seat belt is well fas- Below is a summary of the WARNING rules of safety to be followed tened by pulling the webbing; With passenger’s air for carrying children: ❒ only one child is to be strapped to bag active, never place ❒...

  • Page 141: Restraint System

    A0E0190m fig. 13 A-fig.12, set between rear seat back and cushion. The upper belt (provided At Lineaccessori Alfa Romeo is available with the child's seat) shall be then se- WARNING the “Universal Isofix” “Duo Plus” child’s cured to fasteners B-fig.13 set behind Mount the child restraint seat shown in.

  • Page 142

    PASSENGER SEAT COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATIONS ON UNIVERSALS ISOFIX CHILD’S SEAT USE The table below, according to ECE 16 European Directive, shows the different installation possibilities of Isofix restraint sys- tems on seats fitted with Universals Isofix fasteners. Range of weight Child’s seat Isofix Isofix position...

  • Page 143: Front Air Bags

    ❒ the air bag is not triggered as it offers FRONT AIR BAGS The front air bags (driver and passen- ger) and knees air bags (driver and pas- no additional protection compared with senger) are not a replacement of but the seat belts, consequently it would The car is fitted with front multistage air complementary to the use of belts,...

  • Page 144

    WARNING On cars fitted with front passenger’s air bag deactivation (front air bag, knees air bag (for versions/markets, where provided) and side on seat), these air bags shall be deactivated when placing the A0E0077m A0E0078m fig. 14 fig. 15 child’s seat on the front pas- DRIVER’S FRONT AIR BAG PASSENGER’S FRONT senger’s seat.

  • Page 145

    A0E0079m A0E0092m A0E0062m fig. 16 fig. 17 fig. 18 DRIVER’S AND MANUAL DEACTIVATION (for versions/markets, where provided) PASSENGER’S KNEES OF PASSENGER’S FRONT AIR BAG , KNEES AIR BAG AIR BAG (for versions/markets, (for versions/markets, where provided) where provided) AND PASSENGER’S FRONT SIDE BAG Knees air bag consists of an instant-in- Should it be absolutely necessary to car- IMPORTANT Operate the switch on-...

  • Page 146: Side Air Bags

    ❒ passenger's front air bag and knees SIDE AIR BAGS air bag (for versions/markets, where (Side bag - provided) and side bag deactivated (OFF position F): warning light Window bag) F on front ceiling light panel on; it is possible to carry a child protect- The car is fitted with front side bags for ed by special restraint systems on the driver and passenger for protecting the...

  • Page 147

    20 and covered by proper finishing. flates it emits a small amount of dusts. only be carried out c/o Alfa Romeo Au- Window bags have been designed for These dusts are harmless and is not the thorized Services.

  • Page 148

    Alfa Romeo Authorized Services.

  • Page 149

    WARNING WARNING WARNING Remember that with When the key is fitted The front air bag is trig- the key fitted into the into the ignition device, gered shocks the warning light F (with pas- ignition device and engine off, greater in magnitude than the the air bags may be triggered senger’s front air bags deacti- pretensioners.

  • Page 150

    ENGINE STARTING ..........150 PARKING............155 USING THE GEARBOX......... 156 CONTAINING RUNNING COSTS......157 TOWING TRAILERS..........159 SNOW TYRES ........... 162 SNOW CHAINS ..........163 CAR INACTIVITY ..........164...

  • Page 151

    If the engine fails graph “Removing the electronic key from less current absorption from to start, see paragraph “Alfa Romeo the ignition device in an emergency”), draining the batter. CODE system” in section “Dashboard this ensures that the steering column lock and controls”.

  • Page 152

    STARTING PROCEDURE FOR The starter automatically operates until STARTING PROCEDURE FOR the engine starts. PETROL VERSIONS DIESEL VERSIONS With engine off and electronic key in- Proceed as follows: Proceed as follows: serted in the ignition device, it is possible ❒ Ensure that the handbrake is up; ❒...

  • Page 153

    START/STOP. In this case contact Alfa Romeo Autho- ble to operate the automatic ignition If after a few attempts the engine does rized Services.

  • Page 154

    Start-up failures HOW TO WARM UP THE STOPPING THE ENGINE ENGINE AFTER IT HAS The system can recognise start-up fail- With car stopped press button START/ JUST STARTED ures. STOP. When the engine is off it will be (petrol and diesel engines) possible to remove the electronic key In the event of failure, the electronic key from the ignition device.

  • Page 155

    IMPORTANT Turning the car off will REMOVING THE ELECTRONIC deactivate the electronic safety systems KEY FROM THE IGNITION and turn off the external lights. DEVICE IN AN EMERGENCY IMPORTANT In the event of engine In the event of a failure at engine switch- locking while the car is running, due to ing off system or at electronic key un- safety reasons it will not be possible to...

  • Page 156: Parking The Car

    IMPORTANT The car shall stop after a few clicks of the handbrake lever. If attended in the car. Al- this is not the case, contact Alfa Romeo ways remove the electronic key Authorized Services to have the hand- from the ignition device when brake adjusted.

  • Page 157

    USING THE WARNING GEARBOX To change gears prop- erly you must push the clutch pedal fully down. It is The car can be fitted with 6-gear or therefore essential that there 5-gear manual gearbox (1.8 140 HP is nothing under the pedals: version).

  • Page 158

    CONTAINING Unnecessary loads Climate control RUNNING COSTS Do not travel with too much luggage The air conditioner is an additional load stowed in the boot. The weight of the which greatly affects the engine leading car (especially when driving in town) to higher consumption.

  • Page 159: Driving Style

    CONDITIONS OF USE DRIVING STYLE Gear selection As soon as the conditions of the traffic Cold starting Starting and road allow, use a higher gear. Us- Do not warm the engine with the car Short journeys and frequent cold starts ing a low gear to obtain brilliant perfor- at a standstill or at idle or high speed: do not allow the engine to reach opti-...

  • Page 160

    TOWING TRAILERS Engage a low gear when driving down- WARNING hill, rather than constantly using the The ABS system with brake. which the car may be IMPORTANT NOTES The weight the trailer exerts on the car fitted does not control the tow hook reduces by the same amount trailer braking system.

  • Page 161

    Assembly diagram fig. 4 INSTALLING THE TOW HOOK For the electric connection a unified con- nector should be used which is gener- The structure of the tow-hook must be The towing device should be fastened ally placed on a special bracket normally fixed in the indicated points with Ø...

  • Page 162

    fig. 4 A0E0428m...

  • Page 163: Snow Tyres

    It is therefore necessary to limit km/h for tyres with “T” their use to the purposes for which they Alfa Romeo Authorized Services will be marking and 210 km/h for are certified. glad to provide advice concerning the tyres with H marking.

  • Page 164: Snow Chains

    SNOW CHAINS IMPORTANT Snow chains cannot be WARNING fitted to the space-saver spare wheel. Keep your speed down So, if a front (drive) wheel is punctured when snow chains are Use of snow chains should be in compli- and chains are needed, a rear wheel fitted.

  • Page 165: Car Inactivity

    ❒ clean and protect the painted parts ❒ if you don’t disconnect the battery CAR INACTIVITY using protective wax; from the electric system, check its charge every month and recharge it ❒ clean and protect the shiny metal If the car is to be left inactive for longer if the optical indicator shows a dark parts using special compounds read- than a month, the following precautions...

  • Page 166


  • Page 167: Warning Lights And Messages, General Warnings

    LOW BRAKE WARNING LIGHTS Very serious failures FLUID AND MESSAGES These failures are repeated on the display (red) indefinitely and stop any previous indi- cation on the display. These failures are HANDBRAKE ON repeated each time the key is fitted into GENERAL WARNINGS (red) the ignition device until the cause of mal-...

  • Page 168

    SEAT BELTS NOT The buzzer can be muted temporarily by BRAKE PAD WEAR < the following procedure: FASTENED (red) (amber) ❒ fasten the front seat belts; The warning light turns on The warning light (where pro- glowing steadily when: vided) turn on (on certain versions to- ❒...

  • Page 169

    (front and side). Before cases, they could trigger acci- restarting contact Alfa Romeo dentally. Before restarting con- Authorized Services immedi- tact Alfa Romeo Authorized ately to have the system Services.

  • Page 170: Engine Oil

    Alfa Romeo Authorized Ser- ing it off. If the warning light comes on, proceed vices.

  • Page 171

    Alfa Romeo On some versions the display will show Authorized Services. WARNING a message and a symbol if the engine oil...

  • Page 172

    Contact and symbol R (red) are gine. In any case, contact Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Authorized Services as soon displayed to indicate that boot is Authorized Services as soon as possible.

  • Page 173

    (on certain versions a message is dis- possible. Alarm failure played) indicates car protecting system failure: in this event contact Alfa Romeo The turning on of the warning light (where provided) (on certain versions a Authorized Services as soon as possible.

  • Page 174: Diesel Versions

    POSSIBLE PRESENCE OF ICE PRE-HEATING This cycle is performed only once when the outside temperature read is lower ON THE ROAD GLOW PLUGS than or equal to 3°C and it can be re- (diesel versions - When the outside temperature reaches peated only when outside temperature amber) exceeds...

  • Page 175

    Con- is indicated by a message + symbol tion. If the warning light c on tact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services as (amber) on the display. the dial turns on (on certain ver- soon as possible to have the failure elim- sions together with the mes- inated.

  • Page 176

    ABS system. conditions. lock before time, with the possibility of Drive carefully and contact Alfa Romeo skidding. Authorized Services as soon as possible. VDC deactivation Drive with the utmost care to the near-...

  • Page 177

    In the event of a failure the ASR system is deactivated automatically and on ver- sions fitted with “Reconfigurable multi- function display” the symbol V is dis- played. In this case contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services as soon as possible.

  • Page 178

    BRAKE LIGHTS SIDE/TAILLIGHTS MAIN BEAM FAILURE (green) HEADLIGHTS (blue) (amber) The warning light turns on FOLLOW ME HOME when the main beams are turned on. The warning light (where provided) turns (green) on (on certain versions a message is dis- played) when a failure at brake lights Sidelights LEFT-HAND...

  • Page 179

    needs to eliminate captured pollutants (par- LIGHT SENSOR FUEL RESERVE – FAILURE (amber) ticulate) by the regeneration process. The LIMITED CRUISING (for versions/markets, warning light does not come on during every RANGE (amber) DPF regeneration, but only when driving con- where provided) The warning light on the fuel level ditions require notification of the driver.

  • Page 180

    “Multifunction Display” or “Re- ommended value which ensures the Contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services. configurable Multifunction Display” in long life of the tyre and optimum fuel section “Dashboard and controls”).

  • Page 181

    (for ver- threshold. sions/markets, where provided) or re- pair the puncture tyre using the proper kit (see paragraph “If a tyre is punctured” in section “In an emergency”) and then contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services as soon as possible.

  • Page 182: Table Of Contents

    In an emergency we recommend that you call the toll-free number found on the Warranty Booklet. You can also connect to the site to search for the nearest Alfa Romeo Authorized Services point. JUMP STARTING ..........182 IF A TYRE IS PUNCTURED ........183 QUICK TYRE REPAIR KIT FIX&GO automatic ..........

  • Page 183: Jump Starting

    JUMP STARTING Under no circumstances should a battery charger be used to start the en- If the battery is flat, it is possible to start gine: it could damage the elec- the engine using an auxiliary battery tronic systems and in particular with the same capacity or a little high- the ignition and injection control er than the flat one.

  • Page 184

    IF A TYRE BUMP STARTING WARNING IS PUNCTURED Never bump start the engine (by push- Alert other drivers that ing, towing, or coasting downhill) as this the car is stationary in could cause fuel to flow into the catalytic compliance with local regula- For versions/markets, where provided exhaust system and damage it beyond tions: hazard warning lights,...

  • Page 185

    WARNING WARNING WARNING The space-saver spare When driving with a The jack shall only be wheel (for versions/ space-saver spare used changing markets, where provided) is wheel fitted, the driving per- wheels on the car with which specific to your car; do not use formance of the car changes.

  • Page 186

    WARNING Never tamper with the inflation valve. Never place tools between the rim and tyre. Check and restore, if required, the pressure of tyres and spare wheel to the values given in section “Technical A0E0132m A0E0133m Specifications”. fig. 2 fig. 3 Please note: To change a wheel proceed as follows: ❒...

  • Page 187

    A0E0134m A0E0206m A0E0195m fig. 4 fig. 5 fig. 7 ❒ Take out the tool container fig. 4; ❒ The jack shall be fitted as shown in fig. 7 (for versions fitted with ❒ Loosen the bolts of the wheel to be sideskirts, before fitting the jack, re- replaced by about one turn with the move cover A-fig.

  • Page 188

    A0E0208m A0E0049m fig. 8 fig. 9 ❒ Operate the device F-fig. 8 to ex- ❒ Fit the handle L-fig. 8 to operate ❒ Warn anybody nearby that the car is tend the jack until the top of the jack the jack and lift the car until the about to be lifted.

  • Page 189

    REFITTING A NORMAL WHEEL Following the procedure described pre- viously, raise the car and remove the spare wheel. Versions with steel rims Proceed as follows: A0E0209m A0E0210m fig. 10 fig. 11 ❒ Make sure the contact surfaces be- ❒ fit the space-saver spare wheel mak- ❒...

  • Page 190

    When you have finished: ❒ Stow the spare wheel in the space provided in the boot; ❒ Fit the jack partially open in its con- tainer forcing it lightly to prevent it from vibrating when travelling; ❒ Put the tools back into their places in the container;...

  • Page 191: Quick Tyre Repair

    QUICK TYRE REPAIR KIT FIX&GO automatic The car is provided with the quick tyre repair kit “FIX&GO automatic”, instead of the traditional tool kit and space-saver A0E0114m A0E0048m spare wheel. fig. 14 fig. 15 The kit fig. 14 is placed in the boot. In ❒...

  • Page 192

    It should be noticed that: WARNING WARNING The sealing fluid of the quick tyre re- Hand the instruction The cylinder contains pair kit is effective with external tem- brochure to the per- ethylene glycol. The peratures between –20°C and +50°C. sonnel charged with treating cylinder contains latex: it can The sealing fluid has limited life.

  • Page 193

    WARNING The compressor shall not be operated for more than 20 minutes. Risk of overheating!. Tyres repaired with the quick tyre repair kit shall be used temporarily only. A0E0212m A0E0116m fig. 16 fig. 17 INFLATING PROCEDURE WARNING Put on the protection Replace the cylinder if gloves provided to- sealer has run out.

  • Page 194

    ❒ after reaching the tyre pressure spec- ified in paragraph “Wheels” in sec- tion “Technical Specifications”, start driving immediately; WARNING Apply the sticker in a A0E0213m A0E0217m fig. 19 fig. 20 visible position for the driver to indicate that the tyre ❒...

  • Page 195

    If pressure falls below 1.8 bar, stop the car since the tyre is excessively damaged and the quick tyre repair kit Fix & Go automatic cannot guarantee suitable sealing, contact Alfa Romeo A0E0215m A0E0216m Authorized Services. fig. 21 fig. 22...

  • Page 196

    CYLINDER REPLACEMENT WARNING PROCEDURE Inform other people driving the car that the To replace the cylinder proceed as fol- tyre has been repaired using lows: the quick tyre kit. Hand the ❒ disconnect connection A-fig. 23 sticker to the personnel that and hose B;...

  • Page 197: When Needing To Change A Bulb, General Instructions

    WHEN NEEDING TO CHANGE A BULB WARNING Halogen bulbs contain pressurised gas which, GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS WARNING if broken, may cause small ❒ When a light is not working, check Halogen bulbs must be fragments of glass to be pro- that the corresponding fuse is intact handled touching only jected outwards.

  • Page 198

    fig. 24 A0E0117m TYPES OF BULBS fig. 24 Bayonet type bulbs: press the D-E Halogen bulbs: to remove the bulb, turn counter-clockwise to re- bulb, release the clip holding the Various types of bulbs are fitted to your move this type of bulb from its bulb in place.

  • Page 199

    BULBS FIGURE 24 TYPE POWER Main beam headlights Dipped beam headlights Main beams/Dipped beams (versions with Bixenon headlights) (where provided) Additional main beams (where provided) Front sidelights (1 per headlight) W5WB Taillights (1 on fixed light unit - 1 on mobile light unit) P21/5W Front fog lights Front direction indicator...

  • Page 200: If An Exterior Light Burns Out, Main Beam Headlights

    To change the bulbs, turn cap counter- On some versions a special brake ser- ried out by Alfa Romeo Authorized Ser- clockwise and then remove it. vo vacuum unit is fitted which has to be vices.

  • Page 201

    A0E0223m A0E0193m A0E0194m fig. 26 fig. 27 fig. 28 ❒ remove the bulb and replace it; Sidelights Front direction indicators ❒ fit the new bulb and refit bulb hold- To change the bulb, proceed as follows: To change the bulb, proceed as follows: er catch B-fig.

  • Page 202

    A0E0192m A0E0163m A0E0164m fig. 29 fig. 30 fig. 31 Dipped beam headlights Gas-discharge dipped Side direction indicators (halogen bulbs) beam/main beam headlights To change the bulb, proceed as follows: (Bixenon) (where provided) To change the bulb, proceed as follows: ❒ push the lens by hand in opposite run- ❒...

  • Page 203

    Rear light units contain: reversing light, rear fog light, direction indicators, tail- To replace the bulbs proceed as follows: IMPORTANT Contact Alfa Romeo Au- lights, number plate lights, brake light thorized Services to have front fog lights ❒ open the tailgate;...

  • Page 204

    A0E0167m A0E0229m A0E0170m fig. 35 fig. 36 fig. 37 ❒ remove and replace the burnt-out ❒ remove and replace the burnt-out Taillight bulb on tailgate bulb by pressing it slightly and turn- bulb by pressing it slightly and turn- To replace the bulbs proceed as follows: ing it counterclockwise fig.

  • Page 205: Number Plate Light

    A0E0040m A0E0041m A0E0168m fig. 38 fig. 39 fig. 40 ❒ remove and replace the burnt-out Direction indicators/ Number plate light Taillights/Brake lights bulb by pressing it slightly and turn- To replace the bulbs proceed as follows: ing it counter-clockwise fig. 39: To replace the bulbs proceed as follows: ❒...

  • Page 206: If An Interior Light Burns Out

    “When needing to change a bulb”. FRONT CEILING LIGHT A0E0169m A0E0183m fig. 41 fig. 42 Contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services to change the bulb. Additional brake light (third stop) REAR CEILING LIGHT Contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services Versions without sunroof to have the third brake light replaced.

  • Page 207

    A0E0098m A0E0099m A0E0118m fig. 44 fig. 45 fig. 46 ❒ replace the bulb B-fig. 45 releas- Versions with sunroof COURTESY MIRROR LIGHTS ing it from the side contacts making (where provided) To replace the bulbs proceed as follows: sure that the new bulb is correctly To change the bulb, proceed as follows: ❒...

  • Page 208

    A0E0171m A0E0172m A0E0173m fig. 47 fig. 48 fig. 49 ❒ replace the bulb C-fig. 47 releas- ❒ close protection B-fig. 49 on light GLOVEBOX LIGHT unit A-fig. 48; ing it from the side contacts making To change the bulb, proceed as follows: sure that the new bulb is correctly ❒...

  • Page 209: Puddle Light

    A0E0205m A0E0204m A0E0075m fig. 50 fig. 51 fig. 52 BOOT LIGHT PUDDLE LIGHT To change the bulb, proceed as follows: To change the bulb, proceed as follows: ❒ open the tailgate; ❒ open the door and remove lens A- fig. 52 levering in the point shown ❒...

  • Page 210: If A Fuse Blows

    WARNING A: undamaged fuse If the fuse blows again, B: fuse with damaged filament. WARNING contact Alfa Romeo Au- Never change a fuse thorized Services. To replace a fuse, use the pliers C with another with a hooked to the fusebox on the dash- higher amp rating, danger of board.

  • Page 211

    A0E0157m fig. 55 FUSE LOCATION Fuses are grouped into four fuse boxes to be found respectively on the dash- board, on the battery positive pole, near the battery and inside the boot (right- hand side). fig. 56 A0E0124m Fuse box on the dashboard To gain access to the fuses in the fuse box on the dashboard, loosen the fas- tening screw A-fig.

  • Page 212

    A0E0126m fig. 57 Fuse box on the battery positive pole To gain access to the fuses in the fuse box on the battery positive pole press the retainers A-fig. 57 and remove the protection cover B. fig. 58 A0E0125m...

  • Page 213

    A0E0128m fig. 59 Fuse box near the battery To gain access to the fuses, loosen the two fastening screws A-fig. 59 and remove the protection cover B. fig. 60 A0E0123m...

  • Page 214

    A0E0129m fig. 61 Fuse box in the boot (left-hand side) To gain access to the fuses, open the lid on the left side of the boot as shown by the arrow A-fig. 61. fig. 62 A0E0224m...

  • Page 215

    FUSE SUMMARY TABLE LIGTHS FUSE AMPERE FIGURE Right main beam headlight Left main beam headlight Right dipped beam headlight Left dipped beam headlight Front fog light Reversing light/Brake light Third brake light Front/rear ceiling light Front ceiling light Direction indicators Hazard lights USERS FUSE...

  • Page 216

    USERS FUSE AMPERE FIGURE Climate control system fan (1.8 140 HP versions) F02 (MAXI-FUSE) Climate control system fan (2.2 JTS Selespeed versions) F02 (MAXI-FUSE) Electric steering lock F03 (MAXI-FUSE) Brake branch point (pump) F04 (MAXI-FUSE) Brake branch point (solenoid valve) (ABS version) F05 (MAXI-FUSE) Brake branch point (solenoid valve) (VDC version) F05 (MAXI-FUSE)

  • Page 217

    USERS FUSE AMPERE FIGURE Fuel pump supply Sound system/radionavigation system power/Blue&Me Supply + key for relay coils of engine compartment control unit/ dashboard control unit/Body Computer Driver’s door branch point/passenger’s door branch point/ ignition device Rear left window control/boot node Rear right window control/boot node Water in diesel fuel filter sensor/flow meter/Brake light switch/ central console control panel/Cruise Control/AQS sensor...

  • Page 218

    USERS FUSE AMPERE FIGURE Heated rear window Defrosting of external mirrors/heated windshield relay coil Windshield wiper/washer Front cigar lighter on central console Supply of socket in the boot Sunroof Power supply of driver door node Power supply of passenger door nodes + Key for wheel node/Sunroof control unit/ Front and rear ceiling lights/Cvs/Blue&Me node/Volumetric/ Left and right seat...

  • Page 219

    USERS FUSE AMPERE FIGURE Rear window wiper/Rear lighter Instrument panel branch point Amplifier Bose audio system Front left seat movement control Driver’s seat warming left Front right seat movement control Amplifier Bose audio system on rear parcel shelf Front passenger’ seat warming right Free Free Free...

  • Page 220: If The Battery Is Flat

    Charge the battery as follows: IF THE BATTERY WARNING ❒ disconnect battery negative terminal IS FLAT The liquid in the battery (–); is poisonous and corro- sive. Do not let it touch the ❒ connect the charger cables to the bat- IMPORTANT The description of the skin or eyes.

  • Page 221: Jacking The Car

    Never jack the car from the front side, the car can only be jacked at the sides, jack arms or workshop lift shall be A0E0195m fig. 63 placed as shown in fig. 63. In any case, contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services.

  • Page 222: Towing The Car

    TOWING THE CAR The tow hook provided with the car is contained into the Fix&Go automatic container. PRECAUTIONS FOR TOWING THE CAR A0E0111m A0E0176m fig. 64 fig. 66 To prevent damaging the transmission TOW RING HOOKING components, tow the car only in one of following ways: Front ❒...

  • Page 223

    WARNING WARNING WARNING Before fitting the hook, Before starting to tow, The front and rear tow clean accurately its disengage the steering hooks must only be threaded seat. Before starting lock (see paragraph “Ignition de- used for emergency situations to tow, make sure to have vice”...

  • Page 224


  • Page 225

    This is why Alfa Romeo has programmed fluids, tyre pressure check, etc... a series of checks and maintenance op- IMPORTANT The Programmed Main-...

  • Page 226: Service Schedule

    SERVICE SCHEDULE Thousands of km ● ● ● ● ● Check tyre conditions/wear and adjust pressure if required Check light system operation (headlights, direction indicators, hazard lights, ● ● ● ● ● boot lights, passenger compartment lights, glovebox lights, warning lights, etc.) ●...

  • Page 227

    Thousands of km ● ● ● ● ● Check and adjust tappet clearance (1.9 JTD 8v version) ● Check and adjust tappet clearance, if required (1.8 140 HP version) ● ● ● ● ● Check exhaust emissions (petrol versions) ● ●...

  • Page 228: Periodical Checks, Use Of The Car Under Heavy

    PETRONAS LUBRICANTS prod- required on Service Schedule: ucts, designed and produced specifical- ly for Alfa Romeo cars (see table “Ca- ❒ check front disk brake pad conditions pacities” in section “Technical specifi- and wear;...

  • Page 229: Checking Fluid Levels

    CHECKING FLUID LEVELS For refilling amounts refer to Technical Specifications section. When topping up take care not to confuse the various types of fluids: they are all incompatible with one another and could serious- ly damage the car. A0E0374m fig. 1 - 1.8 140 HP version WARNING Never smoke while working in the engine...

  • Page 230

    1. Engine oil - 2. Battery 3. Brake fluid - 4. Windscreen washer fluid - 5. Engine coolant 6. Power steering fluid A0E0161m fig. 3 - 2.2 JTS Selespeed version 1. Engine oil - 2. Battery 3. Brake fluid - 4. Windscreen washer fluid - 5.

  • Page 231

    1. Engine oil - 2. Battery 3. Brake fluid - 4. Windscreen washer fluid - 5. Engine coolant 6. Power steering fluid A0E0162m fig. 4 - 1.9 JTD 8v - 1.9 JTD 16v versions 1. Engine oil - 2. Battery 3.

  • Page 232

    1. Engine oil - 2. Battery 3. Brake fluid - 4. Windscreen washer fluid - 5. Engine coolant 6. Power steering fluid A0E0203m fig. 6 - 2.4 JTD version...

  • Page 233

    A0E0400m A0E0018m A0E0855m fig. 7 fig. 8/a fig. 11 A0E0856m A0E0069m A0E0202m fig. 8 fig. 9 fig. 12 Checking engine oil ENGINE OIL Check the oil level a few minutes (about Fig. 7: 1.8 140 HP version 5) after the engine has stopped, with Fig.

  • Page 234

    IMPORTANT The oil consumption de- other loose clothing might be MAX mark, contact Alfa Romeo Au- pends on driving style and the conditions pulled by moving parts. thorized Services to have the correct lev- under which the car is used.

  • Page 235

    WARNING Do not remove the reservoir cap when the engine is hot: you risk scalding yourself. A0E0017m A0E0029m fig. 13 fig. 14 The cooling system uses ENGINE COOLANT FLUID WINDSCREEN/HEADLIGHT PARAFLU UP that shall fig. 13 be used for topping up WASHER FLUID fig.

  • Page 236

    The tact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services. ❒ start the engine and wait until the flu- engine compartment contains id level in the reservoir has stabilized;...

  • Page 237

    IMPORTANT For this operation it is WARNING however recommended to contact Alfa Brake fluid is poisonous Romeo Authorised Services. and highly corrosive. In From time to time, check the instrument the event of accidental contact, panel warning light x: pressing on cap wash the parts involved im- A (with key fitted into the ignition de- mediately with neutral soap...

  • Page 238: Air Filter, Pollen Filter

    Air cleaner or pollen filter replacement key into the ignition device in trolyte. A periodic check carried out at shall be carried out at Alfa Romeo Au- order to allow the climate con- an Alfa Romeo Authorised Services is, thorized Services.

  • Page 239

    (alarm, the Service schedule in this section will free-hand phone kit, etc.) contact no longer be valid. Alfa Romeo Authorized Services Refer therefore to the instructions pro- whose qualified personnel, in ad- WARNING vided by the battery manufacturer.

  • Page 240

    60 Ah 36 mA permanent electric supply (alarm, etc.) ❒ do not keep accessories (e.g.: sound contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services 70 Ah 42 mA system, hazard lights, etc.) switched whose qualified personnel, in addition 90 Ah...

  • Page 241: Wheels And Tyres

    For the correct tyre inflation pressure, A0E0120m fig. 18 or irregular tyre wear. If any of these oc- see “Wheels” in “Technical specifica- cur, have the car seen to at Alfa Romeo tions” section. Incorrect pressure causes abnormal tyre Authorized Services. wear fig. 18: Avoid overloading the car when travel- A normal pressure: tread evenly worn.

  • Page 242

    Tyres age even if they are not used WARNING WARNING much. Cracks in the tread rubber are a Remember that road Do not cross switch the sign of ageing. In any case, if the tyres holding depends also tyres, moving them have been on the car for over 6 years, on the correct tyre inflating from the right of the car to the...

  • Page 243

    RUBBER HOSES WINDSCREEN/REAR WARNING SCREEN WIPERS Driving with worn wiper blades is a seri- As far as the brake system and fuel rub- ous hazard, because visibility ber hoses are concerned, carefully fol- is reduced in bad weather. low the Service schedule in this section. BLADES Periodically clean the rubber part using Indeed ozone, high temperatures and...

  • Page 244

    HEADLIGHT WASHERS SPRAY NOZZLES If the jet of fluid is missing, firstly check Regularly check that the spray jets are that there is fluid in the reservoir: see intact and clean. “Checking fluid levels” in this section). The headlight washers are automatical- Then check that the nozzle holes are not ly switched on when the windscreen washer is operated and the dipped...

  • Page 245

    ❒ use of special anti-abrasion protective el raised by other cars. tapes in the most exposed areas On your car, Alfa Romeo implemented (e.g.: rear mudguard, rear door, the best manufacturing technologies to etc.).

  • Page 246

    ADVICE FOR PRESERVING To wash the car correctly proceed as fol- Detergents cause water lows: THE BODYWORK pollution. Therefore the ❒ remove the aerial from the roof to car should be washed Paint in areas equipped for collecting prevent damage to it if the car is and purifying the liquid used in washed in an automatic system;...

  • Page 247

    Windows Front headlights Engine compartment Use specific window cleaner products. Use Front headlights shall be washed with At the end of the winter the engine com- also clean cloths to avoid scratching the soft cloth moistened with water and car partment should be carefully washed, glass or damaging the transparency.

  • Page 248

    LEANING LEATHER SEATS INTERIORS Upholstery of your car (for versions/markets, has been designed to where provided) withstand wear deriv- Periodically check that water is not ing from common use of the car. Remove dried on dirt with lightly moist- trapped under the mats (due to water You are however recommended ened chamois leather or cloth without dripping off shoes, umbrellas, etc.)

  • Page 249

    INTERIOR PLASTIC PARTS STEERING WHEEL/ WARNING GEAR LEVER KNOB WITH Clean plastic parts with a cloth moist- Never use flammable GENUINE LEATHER ened with water and non-abrasive neu- products like oil ether COVERING tral detergent. To remove grease or hard or rectified petrol for cleaning (for versions/markets, stains, use appropriate products de-...

  • Page 250

    IDENTIFICATION DATA ........250 ENGINE CODES - BODYWORK VERSIONS....252 ENGINE ............253 FUEL FEED/IGNITION ........255 TRANSMISSION ..........255 BRAKES ............256 STEERING ............256 SUSPENSIONS..........256 WHEELS ............257 DIMENSIONS............ 261 PERFORMANCE ..........263 WEIGHTS............264 CAPACITIES ............266 FLUIDS AND LUBRICANTS ........

  • Page 251

    IDENTIFICATION DATA You are advised to note the identifica- tion codes. The identification data stamped and given on the plates and their position are the following fig. 1: A0A0045m A0E0013m 1 - Identification label fig. 1 fig. 2 2 - Body label IDENTIFICATION LABEL C.

  • Page 252: Bodywork Paint

    ENGINE MARKING Engine marking is stamped on the gear- box side, on the rear left side. A0A0175m A0A0222m fig. 3 fig. 4 BODYWORK LABEL BODYWORK PAINT IDENTIFICATION LABEL This is located on the passenger com- partment floor near the front passen- This is located in the inner side of the ger’s seat.

  • Page 253

    ENGINE CODES - BODYWORK VERSIONS Versions Engine code Bodywork version 1.8 140 HP 939A4000 939AXL1A 21C / 939BXL1A 22C ( ) 1750 TURBO BENZINA (***) 939B1000 939AXN1B 52 (**) / 939BXN1B 53 ( ) (**) 3.2 JTS 4x2 939A000 939AXG1B 44 / 939BXG1B 45 ( ) 3.2 JTS 4x4 939A000 939AXG2B 09B / 939BXG2B 16B ( )

  • Page 254

    FQR8 LEU2 ILKAR7D6G HR7MPP152 Fuel Unleaded petrol Unleaded petrol Unleaded petrol Unleaded petrol 95 RON 95 RON 95 RON 95 RON (Specification EN228) (Specification EN228) (Specification EN228) (Specification EN228) (*) Selespeed version To change plugs contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services.

  • Page 255

    2.0 JTD GENERAL 2.4 JTD 2.4 JTD 200 HP 210 HP (**) 939B3000 939A1000 939A7000 939A2000 939A8000 939A3000 939A9000 Engine code 844A2000 (*) Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Cycle 4 in line 4 in line 4 in line 4 in line 4 in line 5 in line...

  • Page 256

    FUEL FEED/IGNITION 1.8 140 HP 1750 TURBO BENZINA 1.9 JTD 2.2 JTS - 3.2 JTS 1.9 JTD 16v - 2.0 JTD 2.4 JTD Fuel feed Multipoint fuel injection Direct injection Direct injection, Common Rail Modifications or repairs to the fuel feed system that are not carried out properly or do not take the system’s technical specifications into account can cause malfunctions leading to the risk of fire.

  • Page 257

    BRAKES 1.8 140 HP - 1750 TURBO BENZINA - 2.2 JTS 3.2 JTS - 2.4 JTD 1.9 JTD 8v - 1.9 JTD 16v - 2.0 JTD Service brakes: – front Disc, self-ventilating Disc, self-ventilating – rear Disc Disc, self-ventilating Parking brake Controlled by hand lever, it works on rear brakes IMPORTANT Water, ice and antifreeze salt on roads may deposit on the brake discs thus reducing braking efficiency at first braking.

  • Page 258

    Load rating (capacity) WHEELS 60 = 250 kg 84 = 500 kg 61 = 257 kg 85 = 515 kg RIMS AND TYRES 62 = 265 kg 86 = 530 kg Pressed steel or alloy rims. Tubeless tyres 63 = 272 kg 87 = 545 kg with radial carcass.

  • Page 259

    Maximum speed rating UNDERSTANDING RIM MARKING fig. 5 Q = up to 160 km/h. R = up to 170 km/h. Example: 7 J x 16 H2 ET 43 S = up to 180 km/h. = rim width in inches 1. T = up to 190 km/h.

  • Page 260

    TYRES 1.8 140 HP 1.9 JTD 1750 TURBO BENZINA 1.9 JTD 1.9 JTD (**) 3.2 JTS - 2.4 JTD 200 CV Versions 1.9 JTD 2.0 JTD 2.4 JTD 210 CV 2.0 JTD 2.0 JTD (**) tyre 7Jx16” steel 7,5Jx17” (*) alloy 7Jx16”...

  • Page 261

    COLD TYRE INFLATION PRESSURE Tyres Tyres Tyres Tyres Tyres Space-saver 205/55 R16 91V 215/55 R16 93V 225/50 R17 98W 235/45 R18 98W (▼) 235/40 ZR19 96Y (▼) spare wheel front rear front rear front rear front rear front rear T125/80 R17 average load bar full load (▼) Unchainable tyres.

  • Page 262

    DIMENSIONS Dimensions are expressed in mm and refer to the car fitted with standard tyres. Min. size variations when optional tyres are fitted. The height refers to the car unladen. BOOT VOLUME Boot volume ....405 dm A0E0044m 4660 1000 2700 1422 1578...

  • Page 263

    Dimensions are expressed in mm and refer to the car fitted with standard tyres. Min. size variations when optional tyres are fitted. The height refers to the car unladen. BOOT VOLUME Boot volume ....445 dm A0E0307m 4660 1000 2700 1422 1578 1828...

  • Page 264

    PERFORMANCE SALOON VERSIONS Top speed km/h Acceleration from 0-100 km/h sec. Kilometer with standing start sec. 1.8 140 HP 10.2 31.1 1750 TURBO BENZINA 28.9 3.2 JTS 4x2 27.0 3.2 JTS 4x4 27.3 1.9 JTD 10.7 32.6 1.9 JTD 8v ECO 10.7 32.8 1.9 JTD...

  • Page 265

    WEIGHTS 1750 3.2 JTS 3.2 JTS 2.4 JTD 2.4 JTD Weights (kg) Saloon versions 140 HP TURBO BENZINA 2.0 JTD Weight empty (including fluids, 90% fuel in the tank and no optional) 1385 1430 1540 1610 1480 1490 1585 1645 Maximum admitted load (*) –...

  • Page 266

    (**) If special equipment is fitted (sunroof, tow hitch etc.) the unladen weight increases, thus reducing the payload as specified in the maximum weight allowed. (***) Lineaccessori Alfa Romeo roof rack, max capacity: 50 kg. (Õ) 2.0 JTD versions...

  • Page 267

    CAPACITIES Specified fuels and original 1750 2.0 JTD 3.2 JTS 1.9 JTD 1.9 JTD 2.4 JTD 2.4 JTD 140 HP TURBO lubricants 210 HP BENZINA 70 ❍ 70 ❍ 70 ❍ ● Unleaded petrol 70 ● 70 ● 70 ● 70 ❍...

  • Page 268: Fluids And Lubricants

    If this is the case, the best engine performance is not guaranteed. We however recommend replacing the lubricant with those recommended by Alfa Romeo Authorized Services. Use of products with low-quality properties than ACEA A3 and ACEA B4 could cause damages to the engine that are not covered by the warranty.

  • Page 269

    Fluid and lubricant specifications Original fluids Applications for correct car operation and lubricants Mechanical gearbox Synthetic-based oil, grade SAE 75W-85 TUTELA CAR and differential that passes API GL 4 specifications. MATRYX Contractual Technical Qualification FIAT 9.55550-MZ1 Reference N° F108.F02 Rear differential and Synthetic-based oil, grade SAE 75W-90 that passes TUTELA transmission unit...

  • Page 270: Fuel Consumption

    FUEL CONSUMPTION – extra-urban cycle: frequent ac- IMPORTANT The type of route, traffic situations, weather condi- celerating in all gears, simulating ex- tions, driving style, general con- traurban use of the car; the speed varies The fuel consumption figures given in between 0 and 120 km/h;...

  • Page 271

    EMISSIONS The CO emission levels given in the following tables refer to combined consumption. EMISSIONS ACCORDING TO EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE IN FORCE (g/km) Saloon versions 1750 3.2 JTS 3.2 JTS 1.9 JTD 1.9 JTD 2.0 JTD 2.4 JTD 2.4 JTD 140 HP TURBO BENZINA 157/138 (*) 142/136 (*) (*) ECO versions...

  • Page 272

    RADIO FREQUENCY REMOTE CONTROL: Ministerial Certifications Certification number T939 NTR939 European Union and Countries applying 0523 0523 EC directive Argentina ❒ ❒ Australia – N15278 Brazil ❒ ❒ HHHH-AA-FFFF HHHH-AA-FFFF Bulgaria China CMII ID : 2006DJ0351 CMII ID : 2006DJ0352 ❒...

  • Page 273

    Certification number T939 NTR939 Malaysia AA 000000 E ❒ AA 000000 E ❒ Mexico YYYYXXXX-XXX YYYYXXXX-XXX ❒ ❒ AGREE PAR L’ANRT MAROC AGREE PAR L’ANRT MAROC Morocco Numéro d’agrément : MR 2395 ANRT 2006 Numéro d’agrément : MR 2394 ANRT 2006 Date d’agrément : 13/01/2006 Date d’agrément : 13/01/2006 Complies with...

  • Page 276


  • Page 277

    Should vate with just one movement both the it be not possible to restore its windscreen wiper and the rear window operation, contact Alfa Romeo wiper; the latter comes actually into ac- Authorized Service. tion automatically when the unstable ring nut is kept at position &...

  • Page 278

    BOOT TAILGATE EMERGENCY OPENING FROM THE INSIDE To open the tailgate from the inside if the battery is flat or the electric tailgate lock is failing, proceed as follows: A0E0268m A0E0269m fig. 3 fig. 4 ❒ tilt the rear seats completely (see SPRAY NOZZLE paragraph "Extending the boot"...

  • Page 279

    EXTENDING THE BOOT IMPORTANT ❒ before performing the operation of The boot can be partially (1/3 or 2/3) folding the backrest over, make sure or totally extended splitting the rear that the rear head restraints are in seat. the “rest” position (completely low- Proceed as follows: ered).

  • Page 280

    (for versions/ ble) to prevent it moves forward in the markets, where provided where applic- WARNING event of sharp braking causing injuries able, at Alfa Romeo Authorised Ser- to passengers. If you want to carry vices). reserve fuel in a can,...

  • Page 281

    A0E0273m A0E0272m A0E0274m fig. 10 fig. 11 fig. 12 ODDMENT COMPARTMENTS CURRENT OUTLET Never use the outlet for fig. 10 - 11 (for versions/markets, accessories with power where provided) over the max. specified The boot sides are equipped with two odd- one.

  • Page 282

    A0E0281m A0E0282m A0E0476m fig. 13 fig. 14 fig. 15 LUGGAGE NET Using seats B-fig. 17 to secure the net to the rear side of the boot. (for versions/markets, where provided) To secure the net, fit hooks A-fig. 18 into seats B and press downwards. The left and right sides of the boot are quipped with a luggage retainer net.

  • Page 283: Luggage Compartment

    A0E0308m A0E0278m A0E0279m fig. 17 fig. 20 fig. 21 LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT COVER The luggage compartment cover A-fig. 20 can be rolled up and re- moved. To roll it up remove the two rear pins B-fig. 21 from their housings. A0E0276m IMPORTANT Hold the cover by han- A0E0280m fig.

  • Page 284

    Do not put objects on the cover which may damage it. WARNING The objects put on the A0E0283m A0E0287m fig. 23 fig. 24 cover may be thrown PASSENGER'S forwards and injure passen- COMPARTMENT UPPER gers should you brake sharply or in the event of an accident. SEPARATION NET Your are recommended to use (for versions/markets,...

  • Page 285

    A0E0284m A0E0291m A0E0305m fig. 26 fig. 27 fig. 28 To roll up the net, release ends B- Passenger's compartment SOUND SYSTEM fig. 25 from housings C-fig. 26 and separating net CD Changer (for versions/markets, guide it during rolling. removal/refitting where provided) To remove the net press button D- O certain versions, behind the right boot fig.

  • Page 286: Roof Rack, Ski Rack

    ROOF RACK/ SKI RACK (for versions/markets, where provided) The car can be fitted with two longitu- dinal bars fig. 30 that can be used, by adding special accessories to carry var- A0E0285m A0E0286m fig. 29 fig. 30 ious objects (e.g.: skis, windsurf, etc.) FUEL CAP EMERGENCY IMPORTANT Never exceed the max.

  • Page 287

    PRESETTING FOR MOUNTING THE "UNIVERSAL ISOFIX" CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM This car is preset for mounting the Uni- A0E0174m fig. 32 versal Isofix child restraint system, a new European standardised system for carrying children safely. fig. 31 shows an example of child restraint system. The Universal Isofix child's seat covers weight group 1.

  • Page 288

    ❒ pull up fastener A and then secure Isofix". the mounting brackets when the belt to the fastener. At Lineaccessori Alfa Romeo you can find clicks are heard. In any case, the "Universal Isofix" "Duo Plus" child's keep to the installation in- seat.

  • Page 289: Reversing Light

    IF AN EXTERIOR LIGHT BURNS OUT For the type of bulb and power rating, see paragraph “When needing to change a bulb" in section "In an emer- gency". A0E0292m A0E0294m IMPORTANT Before changing a bulb, fig. 35 fig. 37 read carefully the instructions given in ❒...

  • Page 290

    Taillight bulb on tailgate To replace the bulbs proceed as follows: ❒ open the tailgate; ❒ remove the cover A-fig. 35 work- ing in the point shown by the arrow; ❒ remove the bulb holder unit by press- ing the retaining tabs B-fig. 36; A0E0295m A0E0296m fig.

  • Page 291

    LEDs and it is built into the rear spoiler ❒ remove the light unit A-fig. 42 lev- fig. 41. ering in the point shown by the ar- Contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services row; to have the third brake light replaced.

  • Page 292

    A0E0488m A0E0301m A0E0302m fig. 43 fig. 44 fig. 45 ❒ replace the bulb B-fig. 43 releas- ❒ replace the bulb B-fig. 45 releas- TAILGATE LIGHT ing it from the side contacts mak- ing it from the side contacts mak- To change the bulb, proceed as follows: ing sure that the new bulb is cor- ing sure that the new bulb is cor- ❒...

  • Page 293

    IF A FUSE BLOWS The fuse specific for the Sportwagon ver- sion is located in the fuse box at the right side of the boot (see “In an emer- gency” chapter). IMPORTANT Before changing a bulb, read carefully the instructions given in A0E0303m A0E0304m fig.

  • Page 294: Table Of Contents

    INTRODUCTION ............295 Audio source memory function ........304 Tips ................ 295 Volume setting ............304 - Road safety ............295 Mute/Pause function ..........305 - Reception conditions ..........295 Audio settings ............305 - Care and maintenance ..........295 Tone setting .............

  • Page 295: Table Of Contents

    CD CHANGER (CDC) ..........321 CD PLAYER ............... 317 Introduction ............. 317 Introduction ............. 321 Selecting the CD player ..........317 CD Changer selection ..........321 Loading/ejecting a CD ..........317 Error messages ............321 CD selection ............. 321 Error messages ............318 Display information ...........

  • Page 296: Road Safety, Reception Conditions, Care And Maintenance

    The radio is designed for a long operational Alfa. life and does not require particular mainte- nance. Contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Ser- The instructions for use are provided below. vices in case of faults. We recommend that you read them careful- ly.

  • Page 297

    ❒ after listening to the CDs, put them back Always take the CD by holding it around its in their boxes to avoid them being marked outside circumference. Never touch the sur- Remember that dirt, scratches or distortions or scratched, which could cause them to face.

  • Page 298: Technical Specifications

    WARNING If a copy-protected CD is used, it In addition, protected disks often do not have TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS may take a few seconds before the system the audio disk identifying symbol on the disk will start to play it. In addition, since many (or on the case) itself: Car radio new and different protection methods are...

  • Page 299: Hi-fi Bose Audio System

    HI-FI BOSE AUDIO SYSTEM Technical information – 1 mid-tweeter (Centerfill) speaker, di- ameter 80 mm, max. power 50 W, posi- (for versions/markets, where provided) The system consists of: tioned in middle of dashboard; The BOSE HI-FI audio system was carefully –...

  • Page 300

    A0F0531m Button GENERAL FUNCTIONS Mode ON/OFF Brief press on knob Long press on knob Volume adjustment Turn knob leftwards/rightwards...

  • Page 301

    Button GENERAL FUNCTIONS Mode FM1, FM2, FM Autostore radio source selection Repeated brief press on button MW, MW1, MW2 radio source selection Repeated brief press on button Radio CD/CD-Changer/Media Player source selection Repeated brief press on button (with Blue&Me only) MUTE Volume on/off (MUTE/PAUSE) Brief press on button...

  • Page 302

    Button CD FUNCTIONS Mode ı Brief press on button Eject CD Brief press on buttons ÷ or ˜ Play previous/next track ÷ ˜ CD track fast forward/backward Long press on buttons ÷ or ˜ Brief press on buttons N or O Play previous/next disc (for CD-Changer) Play previous/next folder (for CD-MP3) Brief press on buttons N or O...

  • Page 303

    CONTROLS ON STEERING WHEEL (for versions/markets, where provided) A0E0532m Button FUNCTION Mode AudioMute on/off (Radio mode) Brief press on button or Pause (Media Player mode - with Blue&Me only) Volume up Press button – Volume down Press button Press button Select radio frequency range (FM1, FM2, FMT, FMA, MW) or audio source: Radio - CD - MP3 - CD Changer or Media Player (with Blue&Me only)

  • Page 304: Cd Mp3 Section, Audio Section, Media Player Section

    INTRODUCTION CD section CD MP3 section ❒ Direct disc select; ❒ MP3-Info function (ID3-TAG); The device offers the following functions: ❒ Track select (forward/backward); ❒ Select folder (previous/next); Tuner section ❒ Fast track search (forward/backward); ❒ Select track (forward/backward); ❒ PLL tuning in frequency bands FM/AM/ ❒...

  • Page 305: Audio Source Memory Function, Volume Setting, Selecting Cd/cd Changer Functions

    SWITCHING ON SELECTING THE AUDIO SOURCE MEMORY THE CAR RADIO TUNER FUNCTION FUNCTION The car radio comes on when the ON/OFF Pressing the FM button quickly and re- If another function (e.g. the radio) is se- button/knob is briefly pressed. peatedly to cyclically select the following au- lected whilst listening to a CD, playback is dio sources:...

  • Page 306: Mute/pause Function, Balance Setting, Audio Settings

    TONE SETTING (bass/treble) MUTE/PAUSE FUNCTION Press the AUDIO button briefly to change the Audio functions. After the AUDIO button is (zeroing the volume) Proceed as follows: first pressed, the display will show the bass Press the MUTE button briefly to activate the ❒...

  • Page 307: Loudness Function, Fader Setting

    LOUDNESS FUNCTION To turn the equalizer on, use the ÷ or FADER SETTING ˜ buttons to select one of the settings: (excluding versions with Bose Proceed as follows: HI-FI system) ❒ “FM/AM/CD...EQ User” (adjustment of ❒ Use the N or Obutton to set the “Fad- 7 equalizer bands that can be changed The Loudness function improves the volume er”...

  • Page 308

    *USER EQ SETTINGS function MENU The functions managed by the Menu are: (equalizer settings only if the ❒ AF SWITCHING (ON/OFF) USER settings function is MENU button functions ❒ TRAFFIC INFORMATION (ON/OFF) selected) (excluding versions Press the MENU button briefly to activate with Bose HI-FI system) ❒...

  • Page 309

    AF SWITCHING function With the function on, the radio automatically With the AF function deactivated, the re- (alternative frequency search) tunes into the station with the strongest sig- maining RDS functions, such as the display nal broadcasting the same programme. In of the station name, still remain active.

  • Page 310

    TRAFFIC INFORMATION With the TA function: The volume at which the traffic news is trans- function (traffic announcements) mitted depends on the listening volume: ❒ search only for RDS stations that trans- ❒ listening volume below 5: traffic news Some stations on the FM band (FM1, FM2 mit on the FM band, which are enabled and FMA) can transmit information about to transmit traffic information;...

  • Page 311

    If the function is deactivated and you have MP3 DISPLAY function REGIONAL MODE function (reception of regional tuned into a regional station working in a (display of MP3 Compact Disc given area and you enter a different area, information) broadcasts) then the regional station received in the new Some national broadcasters will transmit re- This function is used to select the informa-...

  • Page 312

    SPEED VOLUME function NOTES RADIO ON VOLUME function (volume setting according to speed) (radio volume maximum limit ❒ The menu can only be used to turn the (excluding versions with Bose activation/deactivation) function on/off and not to set the mini- HI-FI system) This function is used to turn the maximum mum or maximum volume.

  • Page 313

    EXTERNAL AUDIO function RADIO OFF function SYSTEM RESET function (telephone volume adjustment) (on and off mode) This function is used to restore all settings to Turn the ON/OFF button/knob or press the This function is used to select the mode for their preset factory values.

  • Page 314: Anti-theft Protection, Telephone Setup

    ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION If the four digits are not entered within 20 TELEPHONE SETUP seconds, the message “Enter code - - - ” will If a hands-free kit is installed on the car, The radio is equipped with an anti-theft pro- appear again on the display for 2 seconds, tection system based on the exchange of in- when there is an incoming phone call the...

  • Page 315: Preset Buttons, Storing The Last Station Listened To

    INTRODUCTION FREQUENCY BAND PRESET BUTTONS SELECTION When the radio is turned on the last func- The buttons numbered from 1 to 6 can used tion selected before it was switched off is to set the following presettings: With the Radio mode activated, press the activated: Radio, CD, CD MP3 or Media or AM button briefly and repeatedly to ❒...

  • Page 316: Manual Tuning, Autostore Function, Automatic Tuning

    AUTOSTORE FUNCTION The stations that have a strong signal at that AUTOMATIC TUNING moment are then automatically stored in the (automatic station storing) Briefly press the ÷ or ˜ button to start preselected band in the buttons numbered the automatic tuning search for the next sta- To activate the Autostore function, keep the 1 to 6.

  • Page 317: Emergency Alarm Reception, Eon Function, Stereo Stations

    EMERGENCY ALARM EON FUNCTION STEREO STATIONS RECEPTION (Enhanced Other Network) If the incoming signal is weak, the repro- duction is automatically switched from The radio can receive emergency alerts in In some countries, there are circuits that Stereo to Mono. RDS mode in exceptional circumstances or group multiple broadcasters that transmit when dangerous situations are threatened...

  • Page 318: Loading/ejecting A Cd, Selecting The Cd Player

    Press the ˚ button, with the device turned INTRODUCTION LOADING/EJECTING A CD on, to activate the CD motorised ejecting sys- This chapter describes the variants regard- To load the CD, insert it gently into the slot tem. After ejection, the last audio source lis- ing the operation of the CD player: as far as to activate the motorised loading system, tened to before playing the CD will be heard.

  • Page 319

    ERROR MESSAGES DISPLAY INFORMATION FAST FORWARD/BACKWARD TRACK SELECTION If the CD cannot be read (for example a CD- When the CD player is operating, the fol- ROM was loaded or a CD was loaded upside lowing information will appear on the dis- Keep the ˜...

  • Page 320: Mp3 Mode

    INTRODUCTION MP3 MODE The operating conditions and specifications for playing MP3 files are as follows: This chapter describes the operation of the In addition to playing normal audio CDs, the ❒ the CD-ROMs used must be burnt in com- CD MP3 player variants only. Refer to the car radio can also play CD-ROMs on which description in the “Functions and Settings“...

  • Page 321: Selecting Mp3 Sessions With Hybrid Discs, Structure Of The Folders

    SELECTING MP3 SESSIONS DISPLAY INFORMATION SELECT NEXT/PREVIOUS WITH HYBRID DISCS FOLDER ID3-tag information displaying Press the N button to select the next fold- If a hybrid disc is inserted (Mixed Mode, En- er or the O button to select the previous In addition to the information relating to the hanced, CD-Extra) also containing MP3 files, time elapsed, the name of the folder and...

  • Page 322: Cd Selection, Cd Changer Selection

    Press the N button to select the next CD Lineaccessori CD Changer Error messages are shown in the following or the O button to select the previous CD. contact only a Alfa Romeo cases: Dealership. ❒ no CD is inserted in the CD Changer: the If there is no disc present in the CD chang- words “NO CD”...

  • Page 323

    GENERAL SECTION CD PLAYER MP3 FILE READING Low volume The CD does not play Skips tracks whilst playing MP3 files. The Fader function should be adjusted to “F” The CD is dirty. Clean the CD. (front) values to prevent the reduction of ra- The CD is scratched.

  • Page 324: Table Of Contents

    Bodywork (cleaning) ....244 – presetting for mounting the Alarm ........17 “Universal Isofix” child Bonnet ........105 Alfa Romeo CODE system ..10 restraint system ... 140-285 Boot ....... 101-277 Alfa 159 Sportwagon ..275 Ceiling lights – light replacement ....208 Armrest –...

  • Page 325

    – control ......72 CODE card ......12 – marking ......251 Fuel Containing running costs ... 157 – technical data ....253 – consumption ...... 269 Controls ......... 81 Engine oil – fuel cut-off switch ....81 – consumption ...... 232 Correct use of the car ..

  • Page 326: Table Of Contents

    Parking lights Headlights ......65 Isofix universal – adjusting headlight beam ..106 – control ......72 (child's seat) ....140-286 Parking sensors ....... 118 – headlight adjustment abroad 107 Jacking the car ......220 Performance ......263 – headlight aiming device ..106 –...

  • Page 327

    Tyres Rear fog lights – control ......70 – bulb replacement ....202 Ski tunnel ....... 84 – changing ......183 – control ......72 Smart washing ......74 – inflation pressures ....260 Rearview mirrors ...... 50 Snow chains ......163 –...

  • Page 328

    Windscreen washer – control ......75 – fluid level ......232 Windscreen wiper – blades ......242 – control ......73 – nozzle ......243...

  • Page 329

    “End of Life Vehicles” to approved environmental standards. To find out the location of your nearest autho- rised treatment facility, offering free of charge take-back, simply contact one of our dealers or refer to the Alfa Romeo web site or call the toll free number 00800 2532 0000.

  • Page 330

    DASHBOARD fig. 1 1. Adjustable swivel side air vents - 2. Front side window demisting/defrosting vents - 3. Passenger’s air bag - 4. Fuel lev- el gauge/engine coolant temperature gauge/engine oil temperature gauge (petrol versions) or turbocharger pressure gauge (diesel versions) - 5. Adjustable swivel centre air vents - 6. Upper central vent - 7. External lights control lever - 8.

  • Page 331

    INSTRUMENT PANEL A. Speedometer (speed indicator) B. Warning lights - C. Rev counter - D. Multifunction display h c m Warning lights on diesel versions only On diesel versions the rev counter end scale value is at 6000 rpm. NOTE 1750 TURBO BENZINA versions have a rev counter with different graphic A0E0309m fig.

  • Page 336

    Oil change? The experts recommend Selenia The engine of your car is factory filled with Selenia. This is an engine oil range which satisfies the most advanced international specifications. Its superior technical characteristics allow Selenia to guarantee the highest performance and protection of your engine.

  • Page 337

    COLD TYRE INFLATION PRESSURE Tyres Tyres Tyres Tyres Tyres Space-saver 205/55 R16 91V 215/55 R16 93V 225/50 R17 98W 235/45 R18 98W (▼) 235/40 ZR19 96Y (▼) spare wheel front rear front rear front rear front rear front rear T125/80 R17 average load bar full load (▼) Unchainable tyres.

  • Page 338

    ENGLISH Alfa Services...

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