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HP 6400/8400 Installation Instructions Manual

Hp storageworks eva6400/8400 m6412a disk enclosure installation instructions.
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HP EVA6400/8400 M6412A disk enclosure
installation instructions
HP Part Number: 5697-0974
Published: June 201 1
Edition: Third


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  • Page 1

    HP EVA6400/8400 M6412A disk enclosure installation instructions HP Part Number: 5697-0974 Published: June 201 1 Edition: Third...

  • Page 2

    © Copyright 2009, 201 1 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

  • Page 3: About This Document

    These instructions do not include adding an expansion rack. For expansion rack information, see the HP 6400/8400 Enterprise Virtual Array Expansion Rack Reference Guide. If you print this document, HP recommends that you print it in color, if possible. If color printing is not available, print it in grayscale.

  • Page 4

    Figure 1 Disk enclosure kit contents Disk enclosure Rails with –03 brackets Eight disk drive blanks (may come pre-installed in Two Fibre Channel copper cables enclosure) –04 brackets (not used) Two enclosure power cords Accessory kit Attaching the rails The rail kit supplied with the disk enclosure comes configured for square-hole racks. IMPORTANT: Do not remove the pins from the ends of the rails unless you are converting the rails for use in round-hole racks.

  • Page 5

    To attach the rails to the rack: NOTE: The designation of left and right rail is made when looking at the front of the rack. The rails are marked by an R (right) and L (left) stamped on the metal. Insert the rear end of the right rail into the inside back of the rack until the pins partially extend through the holes in the rack upright.

  • Page 6: Installing The Disk Enclosure

    Figure 5 Move retaining bracket to back After attaching the rail, grab and move the rail gently to be sure it is firmly engaged in the rack and that all latches are engaged in the rack holes. Repeat Step 1 through Step 5 for the left rail.

  • Page 7

    Figure 7 Slide disk enclosure onto rails Continue sliding the enclosure into the rack until the front edge is flush with the front of the rack Figure 8 (page 7)). Tighten the enclosure thumbscrews into the rack (2), taking care not to strip the thumbscrews.

  • Page 8: Cabling The Enclosure

    To install disk drives: Insert the disk drive into the drive bay (1, Figure 10 (page 8)) until it clicks, locking the drive. Push firmly on the front of the drive carrier to ensure the drive is fully seated into the enclosure. Rotate the drive lever to the right (2, Figure 10 (page 8)) until it locks.

  • Page 9

    Consider the following guidelines when connecting disk enclosures to the EVA6400/8400: One rack may contain two EVA6400 or EVA8400 controllers and a maximum of 18 disk enclosures. The EVA6400 supports a maximum of 18 disk controllers. The EVA8400 supports up to 27 disk enclosures, but adding disk enclosures 19 through 27 requires an expansion rack.

  • Page 10

    Figure 13 Cabling for an existing EVA6400 2C2D configuration I/O-A I/O-B Shelf-2 (S-2) Loop 1 Shelf-2 (S-2) P1 / P2 P1 / P2 Controller “A” Memory Card DP1-B / DP2-B DP1-A / DP2-A DP1-A DP2-A DP1-B DP2-B PS 1 PS 2 MP1 –...

  • Page 11

    1 1. In HP P6000 Command View, verify that the newly installed disk enclosure appears as part of the array hardware in the navigation pane, and that the I/O modules show a good operational status. Figure 14 Revised cabling when one disk enclosure is added to loop 1 (EVA6400) I/O-A I/O-B Shelf-3 (S-3)

  • Page 12

    Figure 16 Cabling for an existing EVA8400 2C3D configuration I/O-A I/O-B Loop 1 Shelf-3 (S-3) P1 / P2 P1 / P2 Controller “A” Memory Card DP1-A / DP2-A / DP3-A DP1-B / DP2-B / DP3-B DP1-A DP2-A DP3-A DP1-B DP2-B DP3-B PS 1 PS 2...

  • Page 13

    Power on controller A by pressing the power button on rear of the controller until the controller responds (it may take up to 10 seconds for the controller to power on). Repeat this step for controller B. Wait five minutes for the array to stabilize. 10.

  • Page 14

    Figure 18 Revised cabling for complete EVA8400 2C4D configuration I/O-A I/O-B Shelf-4 (S-4) P1 / P2 P1 / P2 Loop 1 I/O-A I/O-B Shelf-3 (S-3) P1 / P2 P1 / P2 Controller “A” Memory Card DP1-A / DP2-A / DP3-A DP1-B / DP2-B / DP3-B DP1-A DP2-A...

  • Page 15

    NOTE: With only one I/O module from the newly added enclosure cabled to the array, there will be HP P6000 Command View warnings that indicate disk drives are only connected on one of the redundant Fibre Channel loops. This is to be expected, and the warnings should clear as soon as the other I/O module is connected.

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