Lenovo ThinkPad 380 Manual

Tp 380, aptiva - real estate solution - setup and tips guide
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Real Estate Solution
Setup and Tips Guide



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  • Page 1 Real Estate Solution Setup and Tips Guide...
  • Page 2 DANGER To avoid a shock hazard, do not connect or disconnect any cables or perform installation, maintenance, or reconfiguration of this product during an electrical storm. To avoid shock hazard: • The power cord must be connected to a properly wired and earthed receptacle. •...
  • Page 3 Introduction Welcome to the IBM Real Estate Solution. The IBM Real Estate Solution is an integrated product that helps you create and advertise your real estate listings quickly and easily. You will find in this package all the necessary hardware and software to get you up and running —...
  • Page 4 In some cases, you may be referred to a product’s manufacturer for warrantee, service, and technical support. To contact other companies who may have hardware and software products offered as part of the Real Estate Solution, see the following list: Hewlett-Packard Company Hewlett Packard Assistance in warranty: 1-208-344-4131 or 1-800-999-1148.
  • Page 5 Verifying System Contents The IBM Real Estate Solution is available in two versions: a desktop solution, which contains an Aptiva computer, and a laptop solution, which contains a ThinkPad computer. Before you begin the setup process, make sure that you have the entire Real Estate Solution. Each solution should contain the following items: Desktop Solution: Aptiva Personal Computer Aptiva monitor...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Steps to Set Up Your Real Estate Solution Setting up your system consists of several steps. To ensure a fully working solution, complete the steps in the following order: Setting Up Your System Setting Up Your Aptiva System ....................... 7 Setting Up Your ThinkPad System ......................
  • Page 7: Setting Up Your System

    Setting Up Your Aptiva System This section describes how to set up your Aptiva computer and monitor. If you have a ThinkPad laptop solution, go to “Setting Up Your ThinkPad System” on page 8. To set up the Aptiva, you need to set up both the hardware and the software. Do not attach the printer or camera at this time.
  • Page 8 Follow the “Getting Started” instructions in the Read me first booklet to power on the monitor and system. When you power on the system and monitor, the PC begins a series of steps to start up the machine. Several times during the startup process, you are prompted to enter information or select actions appropriate for your setup such as the language and keyboard layout (the standard choice is United States 101) for your system, the Windows 95 Certificate of Authenticity ID number, and a user ID and password.
  • Page 9: Setting Up Your Thinkpad System

    Setting Up Your ThinkPad System To set up the ThinkPad, follow the instructions in the ThinkPad Quick Setup Guide to attach the battery, ac adapter, and power supply. If your Real Estate Solution contained a separate memory package, install it on your ThinkPad at this time, following the “Increasing the Memory Capacity”...
  • Page 10: Setting Up The Printer 1

    4. Now click Communications Port. Select the Properties button. Click in the box next to the words “Disable in this hardware profile,” remove the check to enable this port, and click OK and Close. 5. To prepare the PC for digital imaging, click Start, Settings, Control Panel, and then double-click on the Display icon, Setting tab.
  • Page 11: Setting Up The Printer

    Setting Up the Printer In order to print from your system, you must attach the printer included in the Real Estate Solution. Make sure that you have the printer’s documentation and the printer cable from the Real Estate Solution kit. Follow the steps outlined in the printer’s documentation to install your printer.
  • Page 12: Connecting The Digital Camera

    Connecting the Digital Camera Setting up the digital camera software now will allow you to transfer photos from the camera to your PC quickly and easily. Camera software consists of two portions: driver software, which allows the camera and the computer to share information, and image editing software, which helps you change the size, colors, or other details of the photos once they are in the computer.
  • Page 13: Customizing Your Real Estate Solution

    Customizing Your Real Estate Solution To install the Real Estate Solution software, simply insert the IBM Real Estate Solution Installation and Setup CD in the CDROM drive. The Real Estate Solution software is started automatically. (If the Real Estate Solution software does not start, double-click the My Computer icon and double-click the CDROM icon.
  • Page 14 6. Set your current location by clicking Dial Properties and New. Type in your city, state, and other required fields, and then click OK. Click the upper Change button and select a location you would like to call for access. It is best to select a local phone number, so you won’t be billed for long-distance charges.
  • Page 15: Using The Backup And Restore Service

    Using the Backup and Restore Service You can easily and securely back up and restore files through the Internet using a program called Connected Online Backup. You have been given a complimentary 60-day trial use of Connected Online Backup. However, before you can begin using the backup and restore program, you must register with Connected Online.
  • Page 16: Setting Up Fax Options

    Setting Up Fax Options You can set up your IBM Real Estate Solution system to send faxes. To send a fax, you must first set up the Microsoft fax options. Setting Up Microsoft Fax 1. Click Start, Programs, Accessories, Fax, Compose New Fax. Make sure that Microsoft Fax is the only item checked, and click Next to continue.
  • Page 17 Receiving a Microsoft Fax 1. Double-click the Inbox icon on your desktop to start Windows Messaging. In the lower right corner of your screen, you will see a small fax machine icon appear (near the digital clock). While you are in Inbox-Windows Messaging, click Help, Microsoft Fax Help Topics, Send and Receiving Faxes to see more topics and learn more about using MS Fax.
  • Page 18: Using The Homeseekers Web Site

    Using the HomeSeekers Web Site HomeSeekers is the Internet-based marketing tool provided by NDS Software Inc. as part of your Real Estate Solution. This Web site allows you to create or modify your agent personal profile, create or modify listing information, check on leads in the database generated from CityNet.HomeSeekers.com, and create or modify your own home page.
  • Page 19 Notes Notes...