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Canon EOS Rebel X/XS Manual

Photo printers for professionals
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  • Page 2 Canon imagePROGRAF and PIXMA Pro inkjet printers are setting new standards in professional workflows. From individual vision to print, professionals now count on Canon for the finest in image capture and presentation.
  • Page 3 I always pay the highest attention to the detail and color quality in my work. The symbiosis of my Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II camera and imagePROGRAF iPF9100 printer comes as close to painting as I could have ever imagined.
  • Page 4 ‘oneness’ with the tools we wield. For my purposes, none are finer than those offered by Canon. The iPF9100 is fast, consistent, reliable, and happily works on a seemingly limitless variety of commercial grade and fine art media.
  • Page 5 — William Neill Smooth Reproduction of Gradations Precise Color Rendition in Consistency The 12-color Canon LUCIA ink set includes Red, Blue, Green, Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta, Gray, Photo Gray, and Matte Black inks in addition to the traditional Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks. Combined with Automatic Color Stability Control, the inks assure truer colors with smoother tonal gradation—noticeable even when working with...
  • Page 6 In addition, because the export module is independent from the operating system, it uses only Canon optimized math resulting in higher quality prints. Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software offers numerous output enhancement features, such as layout templates, Soft Proof, and Real Preview.
  • Page 7 10 minutes and easily initiated from the printer’s control panel. Adjustments made with any media type are saved and automatically applied to all other supported media types and print modes. Calibrated Canon imagePROGRAF printers deliver amazing consistency not only among output images but also among all calibrated printers across a work environment.
  • Page 8 The iPF6200 creates richer blacks than any other inkjet printer I have ever used.” converted an image I shot on my EOS 5D to black-and-white using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software. What came out of the printer with incredible speed was a gorgeous, rich print with overall quality comparable to that of a traditional silver gelatin print.
  • Page 9 “ The beautiful smooth color gradations let me replicate the style of the ‘old masters’ like never before!” or the first time in my career, I can achieve the look I am after in my Canvas Digital Oils. The iPF6200 allows me to get detail, tonal precision, and color quality in my paintings that I had never imagined possible.
  • Page 10 LUCIA Pigment Ink System Improved Scratch Resistance The Canon LUCIA pigment-based ink set is better than ever. They deliver an exceptionally wide color gamut and employ an improved polymer coating. This enables the ink to bond more efficiently and effectively to the paper, providing superior scratch resistance and even better print longevity.
  • Page 11 Precision Output with Reduced Grain Smoother Skin Tone The Canon LUCIA pigment-based ink system is regarded as the most advanced, widest-gamut ink set ever developed for digital printing. The LUCIA set used in the imagePROGRAF iPF6200 and iPF6100 features reformulated Black, Matte Black, Gray and Photo Gray inks.
  • Page 12 Canon’s LUCIA Pigment Ink Set In addition to traditional Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks, the Canon LUCIA set includes Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta, Red, Blue, Green, Gray, Photo Gray and Matte Black inks. The Red, Green, and Blue inks significantly improve saturation levels for the additive...
  • Page 13 While bronzing is noticeable only at acute viewing angles, reducing the effect produces unmistakable improvement in print quality. Canon has successfully reduced bronzing in the LUCIA ink system with a proprietary binding polymer technology. Printed images are more vibrant and better reveal subtle detail.
  • Page 14 The Unparalleled Canon-to-Canon Workflow Designed to integrate effortlessly into professional workflows, the Canon total imaging solution includes powerful software tools that enhance creativity and productivity. The sophisticated imagePROGRAF print drivers fully support ICC-profile-based color management under both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Page 15 The PIXMA Pro9500 features a 10-color pigment ink system based on the LUCIA set developed for Canon imagePROGRAF professional printers. In addition to traditional Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Photo Black inks, the PIXMA Pro9500 ink set includes Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta, Red, Green, Matte Black, and Gray.
  • Page 16 More Accurate Color The Pro9500’s 10-color pigment ink system, which is based on the LUCIA set developed for Canon imagePROGRAF profes- sional printers, results in a much wider tonal range than conventional inkjet printers. With many more available hues, the Pro9500 delivers more faithful, more fully saturated color reproduction of images captured by today’s top digital cameras,...
  • Page 17 Superior Print Longevity Excellent Archival Characteristics Canon LUCIA pigment ink technology ensures long-lasting prints that are highly resistant to fading. Photos printed on the PIXMA Pro9500 maintain their vibrancy over time. The Pro9500’s pigment ink set also exhibits excellent color stability with virtually no short- or long-term color drift—an important consideration in color-managed workflows.
  • Page 18 Here, finally, is a printer that fits my demanding workflow without compromising image quality.” he speed and reliability of my Canon PIXMA Pro9000 allow me to print dozens of images for portfolios in hours instead of days, which means I can print custom books for clients on demand.
  • Page 19 Designed for Imaging Professionals 8-Color Dye-Based Wide Gamut Ink Set Canon’s advanced 8-color dye-based ink system features Red and Green inks in addition to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta and Photo Black. This unconventional ink set reproduces a much wider color gamut than any previous dye-based inkjet printer, delivering a color space that rivals positive film.
  • Page 20 The imagePROGRAF printers are pure expressions of Canon ingenuity. Combining groundbreaking with smoother tonal gradations for greater of nozzles also substantially increases print technologies with unparalleled Canon expertise in the digital imaging workflow, these innovative Exclusive L-COA Image Processor photorealism. Dynamic-range-related head life so that the printer requires less large-format printers are the new benchmarks for output quality and performance.
  • Page 21 A professional-quality printer capable of gallery-grade output up to 13 x 19 inches on a wide EPP Pro includes numerous features performance. The PIXMA Pro9000 print variety of media, the affordable Canon PIXMA Pro series printers have no peer when it comes to designed to make life easier for the hard- ©Vincent Laforet head has 6,144 nozzles capable of releasing working professional.
  • Page 22 Photographers can also choose center- they are, in fact, key elements of the Canon Total Workflow System. To ensure the highest quality print from your control mode, for example, incorporates numerous special purpose lenses such as weighted, partial, or spot metering.
  • Page 23: Specifications

    Print Head, Ink Tank * Print speed measured as soon as first page begins to feed into printer and will vary depending upon a number of factors. High mode driver setting is the default mode for photo paper. See for additional information.
  • Page 24: Media Compatibility Chart

    MEDIA COMPATIBILITY CHART imagePROGRAF iPF9100 imagePROGRAF iPF8100 imagePROGRAF iPF6200 imagePROGRAF iPF6100 imagePROGRAF iPF5100 PIXMA Pro9500 PIXMA Pro9000 • • • • • • • Plain Paper Plain Super White Paper • • • • • • • Universal Bond Paper Premium Super-Gloss •...
  • Page 25 C.P. 11000 México, D.F. México The images used throughout this brochure are photographed by “Canon PrintMasters,” a select group of photographers who shoot with Canon EOS System cameras and print exclusively with Canon Professional Printers. They are among the top photographers in the...