LG Optimus L9 P769 User Manual

Lg optimus l9 has a sophisticated, slim design that easily fits in your purse or pocket, and high-end features you can take with you anywhere.. Uploaded by: Marissa Celeste  
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MFL67649601 (1.0)


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   Summary of Contents for LG Optimus L9 P769

  • Page 1: User Guide

    E N G L I S H User Guide www.lg.com MFL67649601 (1.0)

  • Page 3

    LG Optimus L9 User Guide This guide helps you get started using your phone. If you need more information, please visit www.lg.com. • Some of the contents of this manual may not apply to your phone. This depends on your phone’s software and your service provider.

  • Page 4: Service Activation, About This User Guide

    SERVICE ACTIVATION If you are a new T-Mobile® customer number (located on the box bar and your service has not been code label). activated, simply call Customer By activating service, you acknowledge Care at 1-800-937-8997 from that you have read, understand, your landline phone and a T-Mobile and agree to be bound by each of Activations representative will assist...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting to know your phone ..7 Quick Setttings ........31 Viewing the Status Bar ...... 32 Your Phone ........13 On-screen Keyboard ......34 123 Mode..........36 Getting Started ......17 Entering special characters ....36 Installing the Micro SIM card and Applications ..........37 battery .............17 Google Account Setup ....

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Call settings ......... 59 After recording a video ......77 Using the advanced settings... 78 Contacts ........60 Watching your saved videos .... 79 Searching for a contact ....60 Adjusting the volume when viewing a Adding a new contact .......60 video............

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Google Maps™ ........88 Video Player ........103 Searching For Locations and Visual Voicemail ........ 104 Places ............88 Voice Recorder ........104 Getting Directions ......89 YouTube ..........105 Clear Map ..........90 The Web ........106 Latitude ..........90 Browser ..........106 Local ............

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Date & Time ........122 Accessibility ........122 Connectivity ........122 Developer options ......122 About phone ........123 Software Update ......124 Phone Software Update ....124 LG Mobile Phone Software update via Over-the-Air (OTA) .....124 Copyrights and trademarks ..126 DivX Mobile ....126 Accessories .........127 Technical data ......128 Troubleshooting ......129...

  • Page 9: Getting To Know Your Phone

    Getting to know your phone Before you start using To stop applications: From the Home screen, tap Apps the phone, please read > Settings > Apps and select this! the Running tab. Please check to see if any Scroll to the desired application problems you have encountered and tap Stop to stop it.

  • Page 10

    Getting to know your phone 3. Installing an Open battery power to be reduced. - While using downloaded Source Operating applications, check the battery System charged level. Installing an open source To view the battery charge level operating system on your phone From the Home screen, tap the and not using the operating Menu Key...

  • Page 11: Screen Lock

    4. Using Swipe, Face Warning Unlock, Pattern, Take precautions when using PIN, or Password an Unlock Pattern, PIN, or Password. It is very important Screen Lock that you remember the screen Set Swipe, Face unlock, Pattern, unlock information you set. PIN, or Password to secure your You are allowed 5 attempts phone.

  • Page 12: Using Hard Reset, Factory Reset

    Getting to know your phone 6. Using Safe Mode If you haven’t created a Google account on the phone or you To recover your phone when forgot your PIN or Password, you malfunctioning. need to perform a hard reset. Turn off your phone and reboot. 5.

  • Page 13: Switching Applications, Computer Via Usb

    insert a microSD card. If you have connected and can see USB not inserted a microSD card, your connection type pop-up. items will be saved to internal Tap Media sync (MTP) to confirm memory. that you want to transfer files between your phone’s microSD Warning card and the computer.

  • Page 14: Unlock Screen

    Getting to know your phone 12. When the Screen Freezes To return to a recent application, press and hold If the phone does not respond to the Home Key . The user input or the screen freezes: screen then displays a list of Remove the battery, reinsert it, then applications you have recently turn the phone on.

  • Page 15: Your Phone

    Your Phone To turn on the phone, press and hold the Power/Lock Key for 3 seconds. To turn off the phone, press and hold the Power/Lock Key for 3 seconds and tap Power off and OK to confirm. Front view Power/Lock Key Earpiece - Powers your phone on/...

  • Page 16

    Your Phone NOTE: Proximity sensor When receiving and making calls, the proximity sensor automatically turns the backlight off and locks the touch screen by sensing when the phone is near your ear. This extends battery life and prevents you from unintentionally activating the touch screen during calls.

  • Page 17: Side View

    Side view Microphone(Sub) 3.5mm Headset Jack Volume Keys - Allows you to adjust the Power/Lock Key ringer and media volumes, or to adjust the in-call volume during a call. - Press and hold the Volume Down Key to switch to the silent mode.

  • Page 18: Rear View

    Your Phone Rear view SIM Card Slot Back Cover Flash Fingertip cutout Back Camera Lens Battery Internal Antenna microSD Card Slot External Speaker - Allows you to listen to sounds on your phone such as ringtones and music.

  • Page 19: Getting Started, Installing The Micro Sim Card And Battery

    Getting Started Installing the Micro Slide the Micro SIM card into the Micro SIM card slot. Make sure SIM card and battery the gold contact area on the Before you can start exploring card is facing downwards and the your new phone, you’ll need to notched side is inserted first (see set it up.

  • Page 20: Charging Your Phone

    Getting Started Charging your phone Align the back cover over the battery compartment A rechargeable Li-ion battery press it down until it clicks into is used to power your phone. A place wall charger, which is included with your phone, is be used to charge the battery.

  • Page 21

    Connect the USB adapter and NOTE USB cable (as shown on the Make sure the battery is previous page). installed before connecting Plug the USB cable (as shown the wall charger. If the battery below) into the phone’s Charger/ is not installed and the wall Accessory Port.

  • Page 22: Inserting A Microsd Card

    Getting Started Inserting a microSD NOTE card Your phone has an internal antenna(See on page 16). Insert a microSD™ card to use Be careful not to scratch or the camera and other multimedia damage this rear area, as that features. Multimedia contents can will cause loss of performance.

  • Page 23: Removing The Microsd Card

    Removing the Then insert the microSD card into the slot. Make sure the gold microSD card contact area is facing downwards. To safely remove the microSD card from your phone, first you need to unmount it. From the Home screen, tap the Menu Key and tap System settings >...

  • Page 24: Formatting The Microsd Card, Applications

    Getting Started Formatting the Switching between microSD card and exiting applications Warning Multi-tasking is easy with Android All files stored on your because open applications keep microSD card are deleted running even when you open when you format the card. another application.

  • Page 25

    Switching between applications - Press and hold the Home Key . A list of recently used applications will be displayed. Then tap the application you want to access. To stop/exit an application From the Home screen, tap the Menu Key and tap App settings and select the Running tab.

  • Page 26: Your Home Screen, Touch Screen Tips

    Your Home screen Touch screen tips Swipe or slide - To swipe or slide, quickly move your finger across With the touch of your finger, you the surface of the screen, without can access available applications, pausing when you first touch it (so make menu selections, and you don’t drag an item instead).

  • Page 27: Proximity Sensors

    Pinch in (Zoom Out) NOTE • To select an item, tap the center of the icon. • Do not to press too hard; the touch screen is sensitive enough to pick up a light, Pinch out (Zoom In) firm touch. •...

  • Page 28: Lock Your Phone, Pin, Password To Unlock Your Phone

    Your Home screen Lock your phone NOTE • The automatic screen When you are not using the LG Optimus L9 press the Power/Lock timeout can be configured manually in Settings. to lock your phone. This • If there are any programs...

  • Page 29: Quick Switch To Silent Mode, Quickmemo

    QuickMemo from the Home screen tap the Menu Key > Lock screen QuickMemo allows you to create settings > Select screen lock. Then memos and capture screen choose from Swipe, Pattern, PIN, shots. You can use QuickMemo or Password and enter the desired to practically and efficiently create information.

  • Page 30

    Your Home screen NOTE Please use a fingertip while using QuickMemo. Do not use your fingernail. Using the QuickMemo options Select the desired menu option While using QuickMemo, the from Pen type, Color, Eraser, and following options are available: create a memo. –...

  • Page 31: Home Screen, Customizing Your Home Screen

    Viewing the saved Customizing your QuickMemo Home screen From the Home screen, tap > You can customize your Home Gallery and select the screen by adding quick access QuickMemo album. elements, such as shortcuts, widgets, folders to it, or changing Home screen the wallpaper.

  • Page 32: Getting Back To A Recently Used Application

    Your Home screen Touch and hold an empty part of NOTE the Home screen. If there is no available space Tap the type of item you on a particular Home screen want to add on the screen: panel, you must delete or Apps, Downloads, Widgets, or remove an item before you Wallpapers.

  • Page 33: Notifications Panel, Quick Setttings

    Tap the desired app preview to Touch and drag the Status Bar to open its application or tap the the bottom of the screen to open Back Key to return to the the Notifications Panel. current application. Touch the desired notification to access the associated Notifications Panel application.

  • Page 34: Viewing The Status Bar

    Your Home screen Viewing the Status Icon Description Call in progress The Status Bar uses different Call on hold icons to display phone information, such as signal Missed call strength, new messages, battery Bluetooth is on life, and active Bluetooth and data connections.

  • Page 35

    Icon Description Icon Description Receiving location data SmartShare music from GPS playing More notifications available Data is synchronizing Download finished New email available New Gmail available New Google Talk message available New text/multimedia message available Song is playing Upcoming event USB tethering, Mobile Hotspot (or both) are active...

  • Page 36: On-screen Keyboard

    Next Key - Tap to move the Status Bar down and tap Select cursor to the next field. input method. Voice to Text Key - Tap to use Select the desired input method the voice input function. from Google voice typing, or LG Keyboard.

  • Page 37

    LG keyboard - QWERTY LG keyboard – Phone keypad - Numbers and Symbols Entry To switch to the phone keypad on LG keyboard, touch and hold . Tap Input language & type > > Phone keyboard. The Phone keyboard allows you to enter...

  • Page 38: Mode, Entering Special Characters

    Delete Key - Tap to delete you to enter special characters characters to the left of the (e.g., “á”). cursor. From Phone Keypad (LG T9 Key - Tap to turn on the T9 entry mode. Keyboard) Voice to Text/Settings Key - Tap Tap the key that corresponds to to use the voice input function.

  • Page 39: Applications

    Applications From the Home screen, tap Apps The Application screen enables you fast and convenient access Icon Description to the most repeatedly used 411 & More applications. This offers more than This table contains the just access to directory descriptions of each application assistance and other available via the Applications portals.

  • Page 40

    Your Home screen Icon Description Icon Description Amazon Browser Amazon is a shopping Tap to start surfing the mall site and its internet. The browser is application allows you optimized with advanced to purchase various functionality to enhance items such as MP3 the web browsing players, clothing, digital experience on your...

  • Page 41

    Icon Description Icon Description Calendar Camcorder You can view your Allows you to use the 5.0 calendar by day, week, megapixel camera. With or month. You can also this application you can create events and set record video with either an alarm to function the front or back facing as a reminder.

  • Page 42

    Your Home screen Icon Description Icon Description CMAS Email Get emergency alerts Access your email messages from the account via Outlook Commercial Mobile (Exchange Serverbased) Alert System (CMAS), and other Internet email including public safety accounts, such as Gmail alerts, AMBER Alerts, or Yahoo! mail.

  • Page 43

    Icon Description Icon Description Gallery Gmail Displays all the captured Google Mail (Gmail) is a images from your web-based email client. camera and videos This application allows stored on the microSD direct access to your card. (See on page 80) Gmail account.

  • Page 44

    Your Home screen Icon Description Icon Description Latitude Lookout Security Enables you to view your Lookout™ offers you friends’ locations and mobile device security share your locations features that have little with them. You have effect on your phone’s the option to view your overall performance.

  • Page 45

    Icon Description Icon Description Messenger Navigation Google+ Messenger lets With Google Maps you chat and coordinate Navigation and an with any of your friends, internet connection, you all at the same time. can make use of the GPS navigation system More for Me with voice guidance.

  • Page 46

    Your Home screen Icon Description Icon Description Play Books Play Movies & TV Read your favorite Watch movies and books and authors on TV shows purchased the go today. Choose on Google Play. Play from millions of titles on Movies & TV allows you Google Play including to watch movies and new releases, New York...

  • Page 47

    Icon Description Icon Description Play Music Search Shop music on Google Allows you to do a search Play and listen instantly on your phone and using the Play Music provides an on-screen app. The Google Play Internet search via the Music app lets you listen Google™...

  • Page 48

    Your Home screen Icon Description Icon Description Smartphone Mobile T-Mobile My Account HotSpot T-Mobile My Account You can access “USB allows you to view Tethering & Mobile device information and HotSpot” more provides quick access conveniently through to a summary of your “Smartphone Mobile account.

  • Page 49

    Icon Description Icon Description Task Manager Visual Voicemail Use Task Manager to Allows users to view a view what applications list of people who left are running on voicemail messages on your phone in the your phone. You can background. By ending listen to your message running applications, you without being limited by...

  • Page 50

    Your Home screen Icon Description YouTube Allows you to access the YouTube application to view videos. (See on page 105)

  • Page 51: Google Account Setup, Creating Your Google Account, Signing Into Your Google Account

    Google Account Setup Signing into your The first time you open a Google application on your phone, you will Google account be required to sign in with your Enter your email address and existing Google account. If you do password, then tap Sign in (If not have a Google account, you accessing Gmail for the first time, will be prompted to create one.

  • Page 52

    Google Account Setup IMPORTANT • Some applications, such as Calendar, work only with the first Google Account you add. If you plan to use more than one Google Account with your phone, be sure to sign into the one you want to use with such applications first.

  • Page 53: Connecting To Networks And Devices, Wi-fi

    Connecting to Networks and Devices Wi-Fi Make sure Wi-Fi is on. Your phone will begin scanning for To use Wi-Fi on your phone, you available Wi-Fi networks. need access to a wireless access - A list of available Wi-Fi point, or “hotspot. ” Some access networks will be displayed.

  • Page 54: Bluetooth

    Connecting to Networks and Devices Drag to the right to turn Bluetooth on, then tap Search for Turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not devices. using it to extend the life of Tap the name of the device you your battery. wish to pair with and connect.

  • Page 55

    * Exporting contacts: Open the devices. Find the service you Contacts application. Tap the want and connect to the FTP contact you want to share, tap server. the Menu Key and tap Share > Bluetooth. Check if Bluetooth Your phone is loaded with is turned on and tap Search for Bluetooth 3.0 and certified by devices.

  • Page 56: Tethering

    Connecting to Networks and Devices Tethering NOTE - To use your phone’s tethering You can use your phone to capability, you must have the provide a data connection to Smartphone Mobile Hotspot a computer by activating data service added to your rate tethering and connecting the plan.

  • Page 57: Smartphone Mobile Hotspots

    Smartphone Mobile NOTE Hotspots To use your phone’s Hotspot capability, you must have the You can also use your phone Smartphone Mobile Hotspot to provide a mobile broadband service added to your rate plan. connection for up to 8 other In addition, your Smartphone devices.

  • Page 58: Wi-fi Direct, Fileshare

    Connecting to Networks and Devices Wi-Fi Direct FileShare Learn to use the Wi-Fi Direct Fileshare in file sharing application feature to connect two devices via which is provided auto connection Wi-Fi without requiring an access based on Wi-Fi Direct. Choose the point.

  • Page 59: Calls, Making A Call, Calling Your Contacts, Answering And Rejecting A Call

    Calls Making a call In the list that is displayed, tap the contact you want to call. From the Home screen, tap In the Contact Info screen, tap Phone to open the keypad. the phone number you wish to Enter the number on the keypad. call.

  • Page 60: Adjusting The In-call Volume, Making A Second Call, Ending A Call

    Calls Adjusting the in-call Ending a Call volume Tap End to end a call. To adjust the in-call volume NOTE during a call, use the volume up To redial recent numbers, touch and down keys on the left side of Redial at the end of the call the phone.

  • Page 61: Ending A Call From The Status Bar, Viewing Your Call Logs, Call Settings

    Ending a Call from the Status Bar Tap any single call log entry to view the date, time, and Touch and drag the Status Bar duration of the call. down to open the Notifications Panel Tap End to end the currently Tap the Menu Key , then active call...

  • Page 62: Contacts, Searching For A Contact, Adding A New Contact, Favorite Contacts

    Contacts You can add contacts on your to select the Phone contact Phone phone and synchronize them account to save to. with the contacts in your Google Enter the details about your Account or other accounts that contact. support syncing contacts. Tap Save to save the contact entry.

  • Page 63

    Tap a contact to view its details. Tap the gold star to the right of the contact’s name. The star turns grey and the contact is removed from your Favorites.

  • Page 64: Messaging/email, Messaging

    Messaging/Email Messaging Tap the Menu Key to open the options menu. Choose from Your phone combines text and any of the available options. multimedia messages into one Tap Send to send your message. intuitive, easy-to-use menu. Threaded box Warning The 160-character limit may Messages exchanged with vary from country to country another party are displayed in...

  • Page 65: Using Smilies

    Using smilies Email Liven up your messages using You can use the Email application smilies. to read Email from providers other than Gmail. The Email application When writing a new message, tap supports the following account the Menu Key , then tap Insert types: POP3, IMAP and Microsoft smiley.

  • Page 66: Microsoft Exchange Email Account, Incoming Server Settings

    Messaging/Email Microsoft Exchange Incoming Server Settings Email Account POP3 / IMAP4 – Select protocol type, either POP3 or IMAP4. Email address – Enter the account POP/IMAP server – Enter the email address. incoming email server address. User name – Enter the account Security type –...

  • Page 67: The Accounts Screen

    The Accounts Screen To open your Combined Inbox The Accounts screen lists your Combined Inbox and each of your If you have configured email to email accounts. send and receive email from more ► From the Home screen, tap than one account, you can view all Apps >...

  • Page 68: Composing And Sending, Working With Account Folders

    Messaging/Email Composing and Sending connected to a network. If it contains any pending messages, Email the Outbox will be displayed on In the Email application, tap the Accounts screen. Compose NOTE Enter an address for the The messages sent using an message’s intended recipient.

  • Page 69: Adding And Editing Email Accounts, To Delete An Email

    Adding and Editing Email Accounts To add an email account Tap Apps Key > Email Select Microsoft Exchange or Other. If an email account is already set up, the wizard is not activated automatically. In this case, tap the Menu Key >...

  • Page 70: Social Networking, Adding An Account To Your Phone

    Social Networking Adding an account to With your phone, you can enjoy social networking and manage your phone your micro-blog in on-line From the Home screen, tap the communities. You can update your Menu Key > System settings current status, upload photos, and >...

  • Page 71: Viewing And Updating Your Status

    Tap “What’s on your mind?” NOTE field to update your status with If there is no available space comments or upload pictures. on a particular Home screen - Check all the social panel, you won’t be able to add applications you’d like to any widget;...

  • Page 72: Syncing Accounts On Your Phone, Removing Accounts On Your Phone

    Social Networking Syncing accounts on Removing accounts on your phone your phone You can sync information from From the Home screen, tap the Menu Key > System settings your social networking accounts with your Contacts and other > Accounts & sync. functions on your phone, if Tap the account(s) you want to applicable.

  • Page 73: Camera, Getting To Know The Viewfinder

    Camera To open the Camera application, tap Apps > Camera Getting to know the viewfinder Brightness – This defines and controls of the amount of sunlight entering the lens. Slide the brightness indicator along the bar, towards “-” for a lower brightness image, or towards “+”...

  • Page 74: Taking A Photo, Once You've Taken The Photo

    Camera Taking a photo Once you’ve taken the photo Open the Camera application. Hold the phone, point the lens Your captured photo will appear towards the subject you want to on the screen if Auto review is set photograph. to On. Touch the screen and a focus Share Tap to share the picture...

  • Page 75: Using The Advanced Settings

    Scene mode – Select the color Tap to view the Gallery of your and light settings appropriate for saved photos. the current environment. Using the advanced • Normal : Automatically adjusts according to the environment. settings • Portrait : Ideal to capture In the viewfinder, tap to open people.

  • Page 76

    Camera Timer – The self-timer allows you Shutter sound – Select one of the to set a delay after the shutter is four shutter sounds. pressed. Select Off, 3 sec, 5 sec Auto review – If you set Auto or 10 sec. This is ideal if you want review on, it will display the picture to be included in a photo.

  • Page 77: Viewing Your Saved Photos, Setting A Photo As Wallpaper

    Viewing your saved Setting a photo as photos wallpaper You can access your saved photos Tap the photo you want to set as from within the camera mode. wallpaper to open it. Just tap the Gallery icon Tap the screen to open the your Gallery will be displayed.

  • Page 78: Video Camera, Getting To Know The Viewfinder

    Video Camera Getting to know the viewfinder Brightness – This defines and controls of the amount of sunlight entering the lens. Slide the brightness indicator along the bar, towards “-” for a lower brightness video, or towards “+” for a higher brightness video. Zoom (or Volume Keys) –...

  • Page 79: Recording A Video, After Recording A Video

    Recording a video After recording a video From the Home screen, tap Camera and drag the Camera A still image representing your mode button down to change to video will appear on the screen if Video mode. The capture icon Auto review is set to On.

  • Page 80

    Video Camera Sunny, Fluorescent and Cloudy. Tap to view the Gallery of your Color effect – Choose a color tone saved videos. to use for your new video. Using the advanced Geotagging – Activate to use your settings phone’s location-based services. Take videos wherever you are and Using the viewfinder, tap tag them with the location.

  • Page 81: Watching Your Saved Videos, Adjusting The Volume When Viewing A Video

    Watching your saved videos In the viewfinder, tap Your Gallery will appear on the screen. Tap a video to play it automatically. Adjusting the volume when viewing a video To adjust the volume of a video while it is playing, use the Volume Keys on the left side of the phone.

  • Page 82: Multimedia, Gallery, Sending A Video

    Multimedia Sending a photo You can store multimedia files to a microSD card to have easy access To send a photo, touch the photo to all your image and video files. you want. and choose from any of Gallery the available applications. From the Home screen, tap Apps >...

  • Page 83: Caller Id, Viewing A Slideshow, View Photo Details, Sync (mtp)

    Using an image as Transferring files Wallpaper or Caller ID using USB Media sync (MTP) Choose images to use as wallpaper or identify callers. To transfer files using a USB Touch a photo then tap the Menu device: > Set image as. Connect the phone to a PC Choose from Contact photo, using a USB cable.

  • Page 84: Music Player, How To Save Music/video Files To The Phone

    Multimedia Music Player Save music or video files from the PC to Your phone has a music player that lets you play all your Favorite the phone’s removable tracks. To access the music player storage from the Home screen, tap Apps and tap Music Player - You may copy or move files from the PC to the phone’s...

  • Page 85: How To Play Video Files On The Phone, Playing A Song, Working With Playlists

    How to play video files as ringtone, Delete, Share, Search and Details. on the phone Working with Playlists Playing video files You can create playlists to Locate the file you want in the organize your music files into sets Gallery and tap it to play it. of songs, which you can play in the order you set or in a shuffle.

  • Page 86: To Remove A Song From A Playlist, To Rename Or Delete A Playlist, Using Smartshare

    Multimedia To remove a song NOTE from a playlist Music file copyrights may be protected by international Open a playlist. treaties and national copyright Touch and hold the song you laws. Therefore, it may be want to remove, then tap Remove necessary to obtain permission from playlist.

  • Page 87

    Touch the Menu Key > NOTE Settings. Make sure that the DLNA Touch Discoverable to allow your functionality of your devices is device to be detected by other properly configured (e.g., TV devices. and PC). - Touch Always accept requests if From the Home screen, tap Apps you would like to automatically >...

  • Page 88

    Multimedia To share contents from your phone NOTICE to your renderer device (e.g. TV) Check that your device is connected with your home NOTE network using Wi-Fi connection Make sure that your renderer to use this application. device is properly configured. Some DLNA enabled devices (e.g.

  • Page 89

    NOTE NOTICE A few types of contents are not Some DLNA enabled devices supported. do not support the DMS upload functionality and will To upload contents from the remote not upload files. A few types of content library contents are not supported. NOTE Make sure that the microSD card is correctly mounted and...

  • Page 90: Google Applications, About Google Applications, Google Maps, Searching For Locations And Places

    Google Applications About Google To get an address and applications additional information for a location Google applications, including mobile versions of Gmail, Google ► T ouch and hold a location on Talk, Google Calendar, and Google the map. A balloon with the Maps, are loaded on your phone.

  • Page 91: Getting Directions

    To search for a location Getting Directions While viewing a map, tap To get directions the bottom of the screen. While viewing a map, tap In the search box, enter the place Enter a starting point in the top you’re looking for. You can enter text box and your destination in an address, a city, or a type of the bottom text box.

  • Page 92: Clear Map, Latitude

    Google Applications To search for locations To clear a map While viewing a map, tap the along your route Menu Key and tap Clear Map. You can search for businesses, points of interest, and other Latitude features along your route. When Finding Your Friends with Google you search while navigating, your Latitude...

  • Page 93: Local

    Local To open Latitude After you join Latitude, you can To find venues open it to find your friends and From the Home screen, tap Apps view their updates. > Local to find different ► W hile viewing a map, tap venues, such as gas stations, and tap Latitude.

  • Page 94: Play Store

    Google Applications Play Store™ Tap an application to open its details screen. Play Store™ lets you browse Tap the application you desire to through and download thousands install. The descriptions and the of fun and useful applications prices of the application will be and games.

  • Page 95: Gmail, Talk

    to send or receive new NOTE email and to synchronize your When you want to exit a game email with your Gmail™ account or application, use the Home on the web. Tap the Menu Key or Back Key, which will return for the following additional you to the Home screen.

  • Page 96

    Google Applications Search – It searches for when you turn on your phone, and contacts to chat with or any chat you can set whether the mobile records that contain the word(s) indicator is displayed next to your you entered. name in other people’s Friends lists.

  • Page 97: Change Your Status

    Tap Vibrate in the Chat automatically be changed to notifications and Voice & Video Away when the screen is turned Chat sections to choose the off. vibration setting when you receive a notification of a new chat. To show or hide the mobile indicator to friends From the Friends list, tap the...

  • Page 98: Utilities, More, Setting The Alarm, Using The Calculator, Adding An Event To Your Calendar

    Utilities 411 & More Using the calculator From the Home screen, tap Apps This offers alot more than just and tap Calculator access to directory assistance and other portals. Available categories Tap the number keys to enter include: 411 Directory Assistance, numbers.

  • Page 99: Downloads

    Changing your calendar at the top right corner of the Calendar. view Tap the field and choose Phone From the Home screen, tap Apps the account you want to save the and tap Calendar event to. At the top left of the Calendar, Tap the Event name field and to choose from Day, enter the event name.

  • Page 100: File Manager, Lookout Security

    Utilities File Manager Read the on-screen descriptions and tap Get started to begin the Enables you to manage in one configuration process. location your sounds, images, Read the on-screen Security videos, bluetooth files, Android information and if needed, files, and other memory card tap the Enable Security box to data.

  • Page 101: Initial Setup, The More For Me Application, Polaris Office

    More for Me • What’s Hot: Provides a list of the most popular deals. This features provides you • Great Apps: Provides a list of with discounts, deals and great apps that are currently customized offers by providing available for download. some customer and location •...

  • Page 102

    Utilities View and edit a Tap My files for folders and documents on your microSD document on your device card. From the Home screen, tap Apps Tap the Menu Key > New to > Polaris Office create a new document. Tap My files for folders and Tap a document type.

  • Page 103

    ►  T o change the zoom level, tap Tap a toolbar icon and the the Menu Key > View > corresponding tool options will be Zoom, then tap the zoom level displayed in a pop-up balloon for you want or simply pinch-to you to tap and use.

  • Page 104: Slacker Radio, T-mobile Name Id, T-mobile Tv

    Utilities Slacker Radio T-Mobile TV Slacker offers Internet radio for This application lets you watch live ® mobile devices. TV and Video on Demand on your phone. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Slacker Radio From the Home screen, tap Apps >...

  • Page 105: Application Manager, Telenav® Gps Navigator, Video Player

    Application Manager Read the agreement and tap Accept to accept the terms, or You can manage your programs tap Exit to close the window. with Application Manager. Allow some time for the From the Home screen, tap Apps application to load the required >...

  • Page 106: Visual Voicemail, Voice Recorder

    Utilities Visual Voicemail Voice Recorder Allows users to view a list of people Use the voice recorder to record who left voicemail messages on voice memos or other audio files. your phone. You can listen to your Recording a sound or message without being limited by voice the date.

  • Page 107: Youtube

    YouTube YouTube is an online public communications website that allows users to upload and have available for the public their videos for viewing. From the Home screen, tap Apps > YouTube When the screen loads you can start searching and viewing posted videos.

  • Page 108: Browser, Using Options

    The Web Browser Zoom - Use to zoom in and out. To utilize this feature, The Browser gives you a fast, touch and hold the Zoom icon full-color world of games, music, and tilt the phone up to zoom news, sports, entertainment, and in or down to zoom out.

  • Page 109

    Share page - Allows you send the web address (URL) of the web page to others. Find on page - Allows you to search for text on the web page. Request desktop site - Allows you to change the current mobile page to a desktop page.

  • Page 110: Settings, Wireless & Networks, Wi-fi

    Settings The Settings application contains configure your phone in order to most of the tools for customizing connect to them. and configuring your phone. All Turn on Wi-Fi of the settings in the Settings From the Home Screen , open the application are described in this Notifications Panel and tap section.

  • Page 111

    Bluetooth - If the network is secured, you are prompted to Using Bluetooth enter a password or other credentials. (Ask your network From the WIRELESS & administrator for details). NETWORKS section, tap Bluetooth, then drag to the The Status Bar at the top of right to turn on the Bluetooth your screen will display an icon functionality.

  • Page 112

    Settings How to send data from your phone Bluetooth. Check if Bluetooth via Bluetooth is turned on and tap Search for devices. Then tap the device You can send data via Bluetooth you want to send data to from by running a corresponding the list.

  • Page 113: Data Usage, Call, More

    Call - If you want to search for this phone from other devices,from You can set Fixed dialing numbers, the Home screen, tap the Menu Voicemail and Other call settings > System settings > including Call reject, Quick Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth messages, TTY mode, Hearing aids, is turned on.

  • Page 114

    Settings Wi-Fi Direct Wi-Fi Calling minutes count the same as T-Mobile cellular calling Tap the check box to make Wi-Fi minutes on your phone bill. Direct active. Set Wi-Fi Direct - To use Wi-Fi Calling, you must device name and scan for other first turn on Wi-Fi, connect to a devices.

  • Page 115: Set Connection Preferences

    - Cellular Network Preferred: All send messages over the Wi-Fi calls are made over the cellular network. network unless the cellular If you choose to turn off Wi-Fi network is not available, then Calling, you can still stay calls are made over an available connected to Wi-Fi for data Wi-Fi network.

  • Page 116

    Settings USB Tethering & Mobile NOTE HotSpot Mobile Hotspots requires an appropriate data plan. Devices You can also use your phone connected to your Mobile to provide a mobile broadband Hotspot use data from your connection for up to 8 other plan.

  • Page 117: Device, Sound

    DEVICE NOTE - Data Tethering requires Sound an appropriate data plan. Adjust sound, notification default Devices connected by settings and vibrate mode. tethering use data from your plan. Plans are not unlimited Sound profile - Allows you to and significant charges may set the sound profile to Sound, be incurred if the included Vibrate only, or Silent.

  • Page 118: Display, Home Screen

    Settings TOUCH FEEDBACK & Front key light – Tap to set the Front key light options. SYSTEM Turn on front key light: Dial pad touch tones - Select Checkmark this to set the front whether to hear tones when you keys (Menu Key, Home Key, use the dialpad.

  • Page 119: Lock Screen

    Wallpaper - Allows you to set the Pattern - Opens a set of screens wallpaper. that guide you through drawing a screen unlock pattern. It’s Scroll wallpaper - Checkmark recommended that you enter to set whether the background backup PIN as well in case wallpaper scrolls with the screen that you might lost the pattern.

  • Page 120: Storage, Power Saver

    Settings Erase SD card - Permanently here has elapsed. But, if None is selected at Select screen lock erases everything on the microSD menu, your phone will not be card and prepares it for use with locked. your phone. Power button instantly locks Power saver - Regardless of Lock timer Turn Power saver on - Select the...

  • Page 121: Apps, Personal, Accounts & Sync, Location Services

    BATTERY INFORMATION - View user data automatically. Gmail the amount of power consumed Calendar, and other applications by your device. may also have their own settings to control how they synchronize Apps data; see the sections on those You use the Applications settings applications for details.

  • Page 122: Security

    Settings GPS satellites - Checkmark to PASSWORDS enable your phone’s standalone Password typing visible - global positioning system (GPS) Checkmark to briefly show each satellite receiver to pinpoint your character of passwords as you location to within an accuracy as enter them so that you can see close as several meters (“street what you enter.

  • Page 123: Language & Input, Backup & Reset

    Checkmark the keyboard you want Collect diagnostics - Allows you to use from Google voice typing, to select if you want to allow LG Keyboard. Tap to configure diagnostic data to be sent to each keyboard’s settings. T-Mobile.

  • Page 124: System, Date & Time, Accessibility, Connectivity, Developer Options

    Date & Time connecting your phone to a PC via USB. Choose from Charge only, Set your preferences for how the Media sync (MTP), LG software, or date and time is displayed. Camera (PTP). Accessibility Ask on connection - Checkmark to...

  • Page 125: About Phone

    Allow mock locations- Checkmark Transition animation scale - Select to allow mock locations. to set transition animation scale. Desktop backup password- Allows APPS you to set a desktop backup Don’t keep activities - Checkmark password. to quit every activity as soon as USER INTERFACE the user leaves it.

  • Page 126: Software Update, Phone Software Update, Lg Mobile Phone Software Update Via Over-the-air (ota)

    OTA without connecting the USB For more information on how to data cable. This feature is only use this function, please visit: available if and when LG makes http://www.lg.com the newer version of the firmware As the mobile phone firmware available for your device.

  • Page 127

    NOTE LG reserves the right to make firmware updates available only for selected models at its own discretion and does not guarantee the availability of the newer version of the firmware for all handset models. NOTE Your personal data—including information about your...

  • Page 128: Copyrights And Trademarks, Divx Mobile

    Copyrights and trademarks DivX VOD section in your device Notice: setup menu. Go to vod.divx. com Open Source Software for more information on how to To obtain the corresponding complete your registration. source code under GPL, LGPL, DivX Certified to play DivX video ®...

  • Page 129: Accessories

    Accessories These accessories are available for use with the LG Optimus L9. (Items described below may be optional and sold separately.) ies are available for use with the LG-P990. ed below may be optional.) Travel Data cable adapter Data cable...

  • Page 130: Technical Data

    Technical data Ambient Temperatures Max: +50°C (discharging), +45°C (charging) Min: -10°C Battery Standby and Talk Time Standby and talk times will vary depending on phone usage patterns and conditions. Battery power consumption depends on factors such as network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns.

  • Page 131: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting This chapter lists some problems you might encounter while using your phone. Some problems require you to call your service provider, but most are easy to fix yourself. Issue Possible causes Possible corrective measures There is no SIM card in the phone Make sure that the SIM card is correctly SIM error or it is inserted...

  • Page 132

    Troubleshooting Issue Possible causes Possible corrective measures Not supported by application service provider Contact your service provider. cannot be or registration required. Dialing error New network not authorised. New SIM card Check for new restrictions. Calls not inserted. Contact service provider or reset limit available Pre-paid charge with PIN2.

  • Page 133

    Plug the charger into a different socket. If the charger does not warm up, No voltage replace it. Charger defective Only use original LG accessories. Wrong charger Replace battery. Battery defective Number The Fixed dialling Check the Settings menu and turn the number function function off.

  • Page 134

    Troubleshooting Issue Possible causes Possible corrective measures Files not Unsupported file Check the file formats that can be opening format supported. SD card Check SD card file system via card FAT16, FAT32 file reader, or format SD card using the system supported working phone.

  • Page 135: For Your Safety

    • Repairs under warranty, at • Replace the battery only with LG’s option, may include another battery that has been replacement parts or boards qualified with the system per that are either new or...

  • Page 136: Battery Information And, Charger And Adapter Safety

    For Your Safety • Promptly dispose of used • Insert the battery pack charger batteries in accordance with vertically into the wall power local regulations. socket. • Battery usage by children • Unplug the power cord and should be supervised. charger during lightning storms to avoid electric shock or fire.

  • Page 137

    • Unplug the power cord prior to of recommended temperature cleaning your phone, and clean range. Charging out of the power plug pin when it’s recommended range might dirty. When using the power cause the generating heat or plug, ensure that it’s firmly serious damage of battery.

  • Page 138: Care And Maintenance

    For Your Safety the equipment and bring the • Do not place or answer calls battery to the shop which it was while charging the phone as bought. it may short-circuit the phone and/or cause electric shock or • Keep batteries away from fire.

  • Page 139

    Keep your Mobile Device Dust and dirt away from: Do not expose your mobile device to dust, dirt, or sand. Liquids of any kind Keep the mobile device dry. Sunscreen lotion Precipitation, humidity, and Do not expose or wear your device liquids contain minerals that will to any liquid like sunscreen lotion.

  • Page 140: General Notice

    General Notice damaged antenna contacts skin, it may cause a slight • An emergency call can be burn. Please contact an LG made only within a service Authorized Service Center to area. For an emergency call, replace the damaged antenna.

  • Page 141

    • Do not turn your phone on or interference received, including off when putting it to your ear. interference that causes undesired operation. • Your phone is an electronic device that generates heat Part 15.21 statement during normal operation. Any changes or modifications Extremely prolonged, direct not expressly approved by the skin contact in the absence...

  • Page 142

    For Your Safety will not occur in a particular In August 1996, the Federal installation. if this equipment Communications Commission does cause harmful interference (FCC) of the United States, with or television reception, which can its action in Report and Order be determined by turning the FCC 96-326, adopted an updated equipment off and on, the user is...

  • Page 143: Consumer Information About Radio

    Caution including the antenna, whether extended or retracted. Third-party Use only the supplied antenna. belt-clips, holsters, and similar Use of unauthorized antennas accessories containing metallic (or modifications to the antenna) components should not be used. could impair call quality, damage Avoid the use of accessories that the phone, void your warranty and/ cannot maintain 0.39 inches (1...

  • Page 144

    For Your Safety Are wireless phones safe? monitor developments in this field. You can access the joint Scientific research on the subject FDA/FCC website at http:// of wireless phones and radio www.fda.gov (under “C” in the frequency (“RF”) energy has subject index, select Cell Phones been conducted worldwide for >...

  • Page 145

    What does “SAR” mean? actual SAR value of a wireless phone while operating can be less In 1996, the FCC, working with than the reported SAR value. This the FDA, the U.S. Environmental is because the SAR value may Protection Agency, and other vary from call to call, depending agencies, established RF on factors such as proximity...

  • Page 146

    For Your Safety Can I minimize my RF While there may be differences between SAR levels of various exposure? phones and at various positions, If you are concerned about RF, they all meet the government there are several simple steps requirement for safe exposure.

  • Page 147

    used against the head or against December 2000. In this report the body. Either configuration a group of independent experts should result in compliance with noted that no evidence exists that the safety limit. ” Also, if you use using a cell phone causes brain your wireless phone while in a tumors or other ill effects.

  • Page 148: World Health Organization

    For Your Safety Where can I get further Independent Expert Group information about RF on Mobile Phones emissions? http://www.iegmp.org.uk For further information, see the Royal Society of Canada following additional resources Expert Panels on Potential (websites current as of April Health Risks of Radio 2005): Frequency Fields from...

  • Page 149

    International Commission National Council on on Non-Ionizing Radiation Radiation Protection and Protection Measurements c/o Bundesamt fur Strahlenschutz 7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite Ingolstaedter Landstr. 1 Bethesda, MD 20814-3095 85764 Oberschleissheim Telephone: (301) 657-2652 Germany http://www.ncrponline.org Telephone: 011 49 1888 333 2156 Engineering in Medicine http://www.icnirp.de and Biology Society,...

  • Page 150: Frequency Signal, Antenna Care

    For Your Safety TIA Safety on Radiation Protection and Measurements; International Information Commission on Non-Ionizing The following is the complete TIA Radiation Protection Safety Information for wireless Those standards were based handheld phones. on comprehensive and periodic evaluations of the relevant Exposure to Radio scientific literature.

  • Page 151: Phone Operation, Tips On Efficient Operation, Electronic Devices

    Phone Operation Pacemakers NORMAL POSITION: Hold the The Health Industry Manufacturers phone as you would any other Association recommends that a telephone with the antenna minimum separation of six (6) pointed up and over your inches be maintained between shoulder. a handheld wireless phone and a pacemaker to avoid potential Tips on Efficient Operation...

  • Page 152: Hearing Aids, Other Medical Devices, Posted Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Blasting Areas

    For Your Safety Hearing Aids Vehicles Some digital wireless phones may RF signals may affect improperly interfere with some hearing aids. installed or inadequately In the event of such interference, shielded electronic systems in you may want to consult your motor vehicles.

  • Page 153: For Vehicles Equipped With An Air Bag

    Immediately, take it to an even death. tucked away safely and do not in-vehicle wireless equipment is LG Authorized Service Center. improperly installed and the air touch the antenna unnecessarily. Areas with a potentially explosive bag inflates, serious injury could atmosphere are often, but not Do not paint your phone.

  • Page 154

    For Your Safety 2. What is the FDA’s role There is no proof, however, that wireless phones are absolutely concerning the safety of safe. Wireless phones emit low wireless phones? levels of Radio Frequency (RF) Under the law, the FDA does not energy in the microwave range review the safety of radiation- while being used.

  • Page 155

    • Support needed research into • National Telecommunications possible biological effects of RF and Information Administration of the type emitted by wireless The National Institutes of Health phones; participates in some interagency • Design wireless phones in a way working group activities, as well. that minimizes any RF exposure The FDA shares regulatory to the user that is not necessary...

  • Page 156

    For Your Safety 3. What kinds of phones power levels, and thus produce RF exposures far below the FCC are the subject of this safety limits. update? The term “wireless phone” refers 4. What are the results here to handheld wireless phones of the research done with built-in antennas, often already?

  • Page 157

    5. What research is needed absence of RF exposure. Other studies exposed the animals to to decide whether RF RF for up to 22 hours per day. exposure from wireless These conditions are not similar phones poses a health to the conditions under which risk? people use wireless phones, so A combination of laboratory...

  • Page 158

    For Your Safety interpretation of epidemiological detailed agenda of research needs studies is hampered by difficulties that has driven the establishment in measuring actual RF exposure of new research programs around during day-to-day use of wireless the world. The project has also phones.

  • Page 159

    7. How can I find out how phone and is set well below levels known to have effects. much Radio Frequency Manufacturers of wireless phones energy exposure I can must report the RF exposure get by using my wireless level for each model of phone phone? to the FCC.

  • Page 160: Radio Frequency Energy

    For Your Safety 9. What steps can I take to Rate (SAR) in the Human Body Due to Wireless Communications reduce my exposure to Devices: Experimental Techniques”, Radio Frequency energy sets forth the first consistent test from my wireless phone? methodology for measuring the If there is a risk from these rate at which RF is deposited...

  • Page 161: Medical Equipment

    antenna. Again, the scientific wireless phones at all. For data does not demonstrate that example, the government in wireless phones are harmful. But the United Kingdom distributed if you are concerned about the leaflets containing such a RF exposure from these products, recommendation in December you can use measures like those 2000.

  • Page 162

    For Your Safety for the Advancement of Medical medical devices. Should harmful Instrumentation (AAMI). The final interference be found to occur, draft, a joint effort by the FDA, the FDA will conduct testing to medical device manufacturers, assess the interference and work and many other groups, was to resolve the problem.

  • Page 163

    Driving It is important to try the different features of this phone thoroughly Check the laws and regulations and in different locations, using on the use of wireless phones in your hearing aid or cochlear the areas where you drive and implant, to determine if you hear always obey them.

  • Page 164

    For Your Safety interference they generate. T-Ratings: Phones rated T3 or T4 meet FCC requirements and are The wireless telephone industry likely to generate less interference has developed a rating system for to hearing devices than phones wireless phones, to assist hearing that are not labeled.

  • Page 165: Regulations For Wireless Devices

    two values equal M5. This should To enter that the Hearing Aid provide the hearing aid user with Compatibility rating for your “normal usage” while using their phone is maintained, secondary hearing aid with the particular transmitters such as Bluetooth wireless phone.

  • Page 166: Limited Warranty Statement

    FIFTEEN alteration, improper installation, or (15) MONTHS from date of manufacture other acts which are not the fault of LG, as determined by the unit’s manufac- including damage caused by shipping, ture date code.

  • Page 167

    United States: any such data or information prior to send- Tel. 1-800-793-8896 ing the unit to LG to avoid the permanent loss of such information. Or visit http://us.lgservice.com. Correspon- dence may also be mailed to: 4.

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